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Hey! Can I request an imagine about how Sirius never lets anyone touch his hair, but one time the reader brushed a strand of his hair out of his face and that’s how everyone found out about their “secret” relationship?

“Lily, you are stunning,” You gush, walking into the bathroom and looking at the overly pregnant witch in her dark blue evening gown. Quickly you gave her a gentle hug before pulling away. 

“You don’t understand how difficult it was to squeeze my sausage body into this dress.” She grumbled, fixing her hair. You laughed quietly and gently touched her belly. 

“Well, I’m sure that James is loving the low cut,” You smirked, sliding a hand around your waist and pulling her out of the bathroom and into the mirror. You round the corner into the Potter’s living room and smile at the four young men in front of you, waiting quietly for the two of you to join them. 

Your eyes fall on the oldest of the group, Sirius Black, who was sitting in a very large and heavily cushioned arm chair reading what looked like the muggle book ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’ You tried to hide the smile as you cleared your throat. “Well, if everyone is ready let’s get going!”

Your friends all smiled and got to their feet, heading for the door. Well, almost all of your friends. Still, Sirius Black was sitting in the corner, his eyes glued to what you could only imagine was a list of horrifying diseases a baby could be born with. You called out to your group that you would catch up in a moment before crossing the room and gently carding your hand through his hair. 

“Love, you can’t be late to a party in your honor,” You murmured, resting your finger tips against the nape of his neck. He looked up at you and smiled slightly. Just then you heard the loud, irritating creak of the front door. 

The two of you turned your heads just in time to see James enter the room.

“Just looking for Lily’s ba-…” His eyes went wide and suddenly a grin split his face from ear to ear. Before you could even protest he was gone and you could hear him screaming some… rather inappropriate terms to describe the two of you. 

Speachless, you looked down at Sirius and then back at the door.

“Well. I guess that’s that then,” He muttered, throwing the book onto the nearest table and standing. “Let’s go celebrate.” Sirius took your hand and lead you out, giving you just enough time to snag Lily’s purse as you passed it.



David Tennant and Billie Piper discussing David’s favorite Halloween costume at the Tampa Bay MegaCon convention

(and David Tennant in his Gru costume, sans mask, with Gracepoint co-star Kevin Zegers at a Halloween party in 2014)

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