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And loving her is still so new
that I do not even want to call it like that
but her laugh makes my heart flutter
and her eyes hold a universe,
while I cannot stop thinking
about how her lips would taste on mine
or the way she moves her hips.
—  // we could make a pair

Requests are OPEN!! 😊😊

“Isn’t it freezing?” You asked still standing the deck, the boys already jumping in before you.

“Come on Y/N! It’s not that bad.”

(Not my gifs.)

As the year comes to an end, I’d just like to say a quick thank you to all of you! You guys are all part of the better portion of my 2016 and I’m so thankful you guys helped me make it through!

I’ve met so many good friends this year and I love you guys so, so much. You have absolutely no idea. With that said, I hope 2017 starts out wonderfully for you and continues to be fantastic! Happy New Year!

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Guess who read Cursed Child??

What a gourgeous book. Wish it was bigger but it did fill a bit the space reading Harry Potter leaves.

For today have a quick Scorpius Malfoy (new passion s2 ).
Still getting the gang of drawing fully digital. Miss the pencil mess :/

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Quick question for the Harry Potter fandom (I'm still quite new).

Does Hogwarts have a sex ed class? Bc like…they are a bunch of magical teens…???in a large magical castle…???where magical things can happen in the magically deserted hallways….???And somehow in every fic I read, they know protection spells and for some reason I keep picturing an awkward Snape teaching the kids protection potions/ spells…???

Anyone need a Beta?

Yo, I’m, uh, Robin, and I’m a beta reader. I’m kinda inexperienced, I mean, I’ve beta’d a few fics before, only a chapter or so for the Project: ML fan-project, but I’m bored and want something to beta. So, uh, message me (is that how it works?) on tumblr. Note that I can only Beta things that I’m caught up on, just to make sure I get character personality and stuff right. I’ll leave a list of things I’m free to beta: 

-RWBY (especially WhiteRose fics)

-anything Pokemon 

-Kingdom Hearts (if my icon didn’t make it obvious (give me AkuRoku or Sokai trashhhhh)

-Miraculous Ladybug 

-Naruto(?) (okay, I’ve been out of the fandom for a few months, but I can still Beta)

-Harry Potter (relatively new to the fandom) 

-Marvel and DC fics (not sure of these are still popular)

-Star Wars



-Oh! And anything that’s completely original, like things published for fiction press or short stories