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Photos and quick words on my 3/5 Cursed Child experience

Feel so blessed that I got to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and on a day in which the performance was filmed that the full cast was on (weeks before the cast change) no less. (It was worth flying more than 13 hours to do so ^^)  I think I will try to write my thoughts on the show down at some point but it would be difficult for me as there was too much to take in, not to mention I rarely watch plays and have never written review on any, and unfortunately, I did have some problem following the lines of the show despite having read the play script. I’m so glad that I went to stage door to take photos with the cast and gotten their autographs though, too bad I was too shy to say anything other than mumbling my thanks. (my first stage door experience in ANY SHOW ever!!!! I did take photo with Sam too but that photo didn’t turn out too well T.T) 

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Heyyyyy guysssss I’ve updated the quill section on my store and renewed all the listings so it you want a fancy but affordable birthday gift, larping accessory, general harry potter memorabilia, or have a nerdy niece/nephew who’s due for a bat/bar mitzvah pen cmon over!

 I ship out of Canada and do USA and International

Where The Sidewalk Ends (Pt. 3)

A Dean x Reader series

Part One | Part Two

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! Here is the third part to my new series. This is literally all I ever think about (I’m kind of obsessed) and I couldn’t wait to write another part and share it with you! You guys have been so awesome with this series and all the lovely messages and asks I get for it always make me smile! Big thanks to the amazing @manawhaat for being a kick ass beta, and filling in holes when my brain won’t​ work. Let me know what you guys think! I love hearing from you! xo

Word Count: 2,870

- language
- marijuana usage
* I think that’s it but if I missed anything, let me know!

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*I believe that’s everyone who asked. I’m so sorry if I missed anyone!

*gif is not mine.

“You didn’t give me your number.”

You stood there and stared at him, words simply unable to form in your sleep fogged brain. This beautiful green eyed creature stood in front of you, the smile that haunted your dreams just hours before spread across his freckled face. You suddenly felt like a cave troll, bringing your hand up to try and smooth down the rat’s nest that was your hair.

“I guess I forgot,” you said, looking down at your bare feet, noticing that the deep purple nail polish was starting to peel from your toes. “Weird night and all that.”

Dean rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet, his hands in his pants pockets.

“Are you gonna invite me in?”

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I finally figured out what these things are! They’re little collector stones from when the books first came out. 

Anyways, they are up for auction in my ebay. Starting bid is $0.75

That’s right, 75 cents. It’s a combination of downsizing and squeezing any last drip of $$$ out of things I can part with because I need money for my tuition. This semester is $14,000+ and I only have a little over $8,000 in loans/scholarhips. I’m gonna work my butt off to pay off the extra in payments but I’m going to need money for food and all that fun stuff since I’m living out of state. 

  • So here is the listing -> click here
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Sooo…big announcement time…after six years of dating, my first crush proposed to me on this beautiful trip to Portland. We had been marathoning all of the Harry Potter movies leading up to the trip, and I had been telling him all of my childhood memories associated with reading and the Harry Potter universe. About 2 weeks ago, the friendship bracelet I had been wearing on my ankle since high school finally broke, and I told Aaron that meant the wish I made when I put it on was going to come true… Fast forward to our trip. I knew it was coming, his hands were sweaty as we walked up to a bridge overlooking a famous waterfall. He asked somebody to take our picture, and to set it to record. He got on his knee and pulled an Ollivanders box from his bag and opened it. Inside, was Luna’s wand with the engagement ring on it and my broken friendship bracelet wrapped around it. I was crying and shaking, and didn’t even say yes at first because it was so surreal. Later that night, once I had somewhat processed everything, we had gotten back to our hotel room, and much to my surprise, all along the table was a display of all our old love letters and pictures intermingled with Harry Potter memorabilia- chocolate frogs, sherbet lemons, a bottle of Felix Felicis and Amortentia, as well as a customized Hogwarts letter with my name on it. I’m sorry this post is so long, but I’ve never been more proud in my life. I’m engaged, guys.