harry potter lives on in our hearts always


Today we raise our wands to those who lost their lives in the Battle of Hogwarts. This legendary moment in our worlds history happened exactly 18 years ago today. Today we stand together and honor those who fought valiantly and risked their lives to save others. Today our hearts go out to those who cannot stand with us and do as we are. You will be in our hearts and mind forever and… Always! -The battle of Hogwarts: May 2, 1998

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Alan rickman - may be the peace be upon on your soul,the love you gave to us and to Harry Potter we will Always remember that. We will miss you but we do not pity you because someone had said:Do not pity the death,pity the living and above all those who live without love"And you Mr. Alan did not live without love , you will be always in our heart and in our minds and when we will be young enough we will tell our children that this actor not only died a heros death in the movie or book but in reality, in real life . You will be loved till the very end…. :’(

The actress who plays Hermione Granger is black and this is making the rounds, unfortunately we had to read several prejudiced comments. The reason of these reviews is not because she is a grown woman, but for being black, so that at no time these people have cited the other actors, only women, for their race.

JK Rowling always spent the best teachings in his books, always breaking prejudices, showed us how important it is we accept and get along with diversity, and how our lives can be better if we learn to share good moments with others, regardless of color, sexual orientation, beliefs or other differences. After all, “Although we come from different places, we speak different languages, our hearts beat as one.”

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J.K Rowling is our Queen 👑 and my life would be completely differently if she did not exist. Harry Potter made me who I am today and was the book that made me a true fan and made me a big reader. Rowling has changed so many people’s lives just with her words and teaches and will continue to teach so many people so many things. I will forever be indebted to this woman because she made my life so much better and her books are the fandom that started all fandoms . I hope she has a fantastic birthday and I hope she knows just how much she is loved.
And Harry Potter, created by Rowling is now 35 years old and all his school adventures are over but they will always be alive in our hearts. Harry taught me to be brave, he taught me not to back down to bullies and that life isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it. The boy who lived always is humble and kind and taught us how to be better people and I cannot picture a world without him or his mother. I hope Harry and his family and friends are celebrating his birthday well and that he has a chance to play a bit of quidditch with all of them.

Remember that Fankind stick together,

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There are no Slytherins, no Ravenclaws , no Gryffindors, and no Hufflepuffs today. Today, the four houses, usually divided my the fierce pride and loyalty the Harry Potter fandom is known for, join together to mourn the loss of a very talented man. While most, if not all of us did not know him personally, we are all saddened by his passing. While Snape wasn’t the best person, he was a great character, and Alan was an even greater man. The deeper meaning of the word “always” will forever be a mark upon our lives. It is the solemn vow that, no matter how much time passes, our love will not diminish. While he may be gone in body, he will forever live on in spirit, in the heats of his fans. Always.