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Imagine having Halloween with the family of SuperWhoPotterLock. Could you imagine having to deal with Supernatural eating all of the candy, Doctor Who screaming at everything, Sherlock Holmes becoming extremely hipster about fall, and Harry Potter(any generation) becoming festive and over-excessively using their magic?

Hogwarts Robe and Wand Set [MADE TO ORDER]
Every Witch and Wizard needs a robe if they are going to attend Hogwarts! Look no further! This Hogwarts Costume Set comes with everything you will need to look fabulous at school! (Or your next costume event) Each set includes A custom made robe with embroidered patch and a custom wand. Robes are made of high quality suiting and non-static lining in your specified house colors. Wands are a combination of wood, beads, clay and paint. They are full size wands made for adults. (Child sizes available upon request) Please allow 2 months for production as I will not be starting on these orders until June 1st. This ad will only be available for a short time so order while you can! In the notes section please include your height and size (S, M, L, XL)! Notice: No refunds will be accepted. You have until June 1st to order and select your size. The Deluxe includes a custom made robe, custom wand, Gilderoy Lockheart storage book and the Monster Book of Monsters

Deadline to order is JUNE 1st, 2017!