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May 2, 1998, 19 years ago many lost their lives in the Battle of Hogwarts. From Fred Weasley to Remus Lupin these deaths had an impact on all of us as we cried along with the friends and family of all of them. They may be fictional, but they are so much more to us and have a special place in our hearts and we will never forget them. Everyone that died taught us to be brave, to always fight for what is right and to put others before yourself. They made us believe in magic and they made us have hope. Until the very end.



William and Kate are dueling in the Gryffindor common room of Hogwarts at Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden in April 2013 

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge duel on visit to Harry Potter set

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William, Kate and Harry visit Warner Bros Studios - in pictures

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STRESSED OUT pt 2 // Draco imagine
Part one :{ http://imagines-af.tumblr.com/post/103446041396/can-i-have-a-draco-imagine-where-draco-and-y-n-are }
As you both break for air you can’t help but smile
“Feeling better?” You ask.
“Not yet.” He says before he begins kissing you again. Slowly moving to your jaw while he takes off your green tie and robe.
He makes his way from your jaw to your neck sucking on your sweet spot. Making you gasp and moan.
Draco pulls away leaving a red hickey.
While straddling you he slowly unbuttons your shirt.
You could feel his hard dick through his jeans, on your thigh.
You begin to rotate your hips to rub his hard on.
“Oh my god.” He whispers quietly.
While he fumbled with your shirt you began to unbutton his shirt reveling his abs.
Soon u where in nothing but your skirt and bra. While Draco in his boxers.
Still on top of you, Draco behinds kissing you again moving his hands down your body.
You skim his abs before messing around with the elastic of his boxers.
You pull his boxers down making his huge dick hit his stomach before you begin pumping.
His hands now at your waist pull your skirt and panties off.
Pushing your hand away he places his hard cock at your opening.
“Damn y/n, you’re wet. Did I do that?” Draco smirks at you while he swears the tip around the opening but not going in.
“Stop teasing you ass.” You moan as he puts his tip in only to take it back out.
Without warning he thrusts in making you gasp.
Thrusting in and out he begins to slam into your G spot over and over. While his mouth finds another spot on your neck to mark.
Your nails now dug into his back as you feel yourself getting closer.
You could feel him twice inside you before he came. Him cumming pushed you over the edge, making you organum right after.
Rolling off you he kisses your forehead.
“So?” You ask as you cuddle into him.
“So what?” He asks.
“How you feeling?” You clarify.
“Pretty good for a mud blood” you could hear his smile in his voice.
You slap his chest, “I mean about the test you twat.” You giggle.
“Oh that.. I think I might have a before test ritual.” He smirks at you.
Omg I start a summer class tomorrow! I’m so nervous! But also so exited 😨 anyways hope you all liked it!!

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