harry potter gender swap

I think that, if Harry had been a girl, (s)he would have had a much better relationship with Snape. Snape would have looked at “Harriet” and seen Lily, not James. He wouldn’t have crushed on her (don’t be gross, people!), but instead he would have seen someone he wanted to take under his wing and protect - even if it meant dropping his double-agent role and directly confronting Voldemort. He could’ve been a real hero, instead of an antihero - if only that one detail in the plot was different.

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So, I’m a fanfiction writer (and a reader too) over at ff dot net. While I’ve never posted my fanfics here at tumblr before (maybe I did, I don’t remember), I think it’s time.

Chronicles of Narnia

The colour of our lullaby 

The four Pevensie children want to fight in the war, each in their own way, but instead they are sent away. Neither of them expected to fall into a world that needed their help more than the place they came from ever did. :: Gender–swapped!universe.

Harry Potter 

A train to board. (Tom Riddle, Harry Potter)

They were nowhere, but they had a destination to reach.

Mamma’s always right  (Blaise Zabini, Mrs Zabini)

After his final year at Hogwarts, Blaise is worried about his future. His friends seem to have already found their calling, even if unhappiness clings to them. Blaise is different from them and all he wants is to enjoy the little things in life.

We’ll turn this life into something good (Tom Riddle, Merope Gaunt)

Merope didn’t plan to survive. She thought she would only get to be the woman who named him. Yet, she lived to love her little snake.

The brook and breeze were singing  (Tomarry)

The creature’s dragon-like wings were not the only feature that caught him. As soon as he saw his eyes, he froze and stared openly at the creature who had followed him for years. AU!

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