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We all see a part of ourselves in that small boy, scared, alone, trying to find where he belongs.

We all see a part of ourselves in the often forgotten friend, overlooked, underestimated, trying to be noticed.

We all see a part of ourselves in the smart little girl, knowing things others don’t, trying to fit in, getting hurt for being different.

We all see a part of ourselves in the strange little girl, being interested in things that other people aren’t, not caring what they think, somehow finding our place along good people.

We all see a part of ourselves in the strong little girl, courageous till the end, persevering and caring.

We all see a part of ourselves in the sweet little boy, picked on and bullied, called out, but taking it with the patience of a saint.

We all see ourselves in the sad man, who has lost everything save two people, who pushed too far, cared not too much, but SO much.

We all see ourselves in the quiet man, dealing with an internal monster day and night, wishing he could be rid of it, wanting to run away as soon as he feels he can’t take care of someone.

We all see ourselves in the determined man, loving something he knows he has lost, years after he lost it.

We all see ourselves in the loyal man, loving his family more that anything else in the world, gone too soon.

We all see a part of us in the kind woman, who only saw the good in people, despite their backgrounds, whose love carries on through the darkest hour.

We all see a part of us in warmhearted teacher, loving students so much it pains her to let them go.

We all see ourselves in the boy who has to do something he doesn’t want to, because if he doesn’t, bad things will happen, but instead of dealing with it, he takes out his anger on others.

We all see a part of us in the lone brother, emotionally dead after losing someone so close, too close that he has lost a part of himself.

We all see a part of us in the strange man, always teaching love, always trying new things.

We all see a part of ourselves in this story, alone, forgotten, targeted, teased, singled out, underestimated, wrongly accused, a monster, secretive, loyal, kind, caring, forced, gone, loving.

We all see ourselves in this story, because at some point in our lives, we have felt just like these characters.

We are not like these characters.

They are like us.

- Finland

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Name: Satu
Age: 17
Country: Finland

Hi! I’m an art student from Finland and I’m pretty awkward and bad at talking to people irl so I decided I’d try making some friends this way! Besides my art I also love reading and photography, and some of my favourite things are Rocky Horror Picture Show, Harry Potter, drag queens, a lot of different movies & TV shows, and all kinds of music from K-pop to 90’s grunge. I speak English pretty fluently and I’m studying German and Swedish so I’d be happy if you could help me get better at those! I would also like to write some real letters because that seems exciting lmao.

Preferences: I’d like you to be about the same age as me but I don’t really care about anything else. All different kinds of people are okay with me as long as you’re nice!


I’ve had this idea of a Finnish magic school for a while, and I got inspired by asheathes’ beautiful gifsets depicting wizarding schools around the world. So I gathered some pictures (since I’m too lazy to learn gif making and finding pics is easier) and wrote up what I’ve been thinking about, mostly as a reference for myself if I ever got around actually using this idea for something. It would be amazing to organize a larp in which all the characters would get sorted without the players knowing which House they go to in advance - maybe one day…

Without further ado, let me introduce to you:

Kyöpelinvuoren Noitaopisto - Kyöpelinvuori Witch Academy 

Kyöpelinvuori Witch Academy is a very old magic school in the Finnish Lapland. It was originally for witches only since at the time it was founded, women were thought to have far greater magical abilities than men. Wizards were mostly left uneducated or sometimes home schooled. Nowadays the school accepts male students, although they are still a minority, but has kept its old name. Muggles have occasionally overheard careless witches talking about going to Kyöpelinvuori but mistakenly assumed that it was a place where Witches’ Sabbaths were held. This is why you can sometimes hear a muggle talking about witches flying on broomsticks to Kyöpelinvuori, even though witches are believed to be folklore these days. Because of the matriarchal history of the magical community in Finland, there are no mentions of wizards in Finnish muggle mythology. 

The school is located inside and on top of a nondescript fjeld in the wilderness of Lapland, near the lake Inari. It’s built in a single floor and every classroom and hallway has a glass roof to maximize the amount of natural light. Of course, artificial lighting has to be used during the long polar night when the Sun doesn’t rise at all. The fjeld is enchanted so that the glass roof can’t be seen from afar and occasional hikers planning to go over the fjeld decide to walk around it instead for some strange reason. The spell only works on humans, so sometimes reindeer and other animals will walk on the roof, much to the students’ delight. The interior of the school is very modern, mostly black and white, and geometrical, creating a stark contrast to the untouched nature outside. The school has also adopted all kinds of useful muggle inventions, since all Finnish witches and wizards live amongst muggles and interact with them a lot. 

The reason why the school can be hidden in such plain sight is that all of the traffic takes place through the floo network. Finland has never had a culture of boarding schools, so everyone goes home for the night and the school doesn’t have dormitories. To accommodate hundreds of people using the floo network at the same time every morning, there is a big, round entrance hall in the middle of the school lined with fireplaces that are labeled and assigned so that only about a dozen people use the same fireplace. The hall has four doorways, each of which is imbued with a spell similar to the ones in Gringotts that activates if someone enters with ill intent. The northern doorway leads to the library that reaches deeper in the ground in order to fit the huge bookshelves. Beyond the southern doorway lie the dining hall and the teachers’ quarters. The classrooms are through the western and eastern doorways. 

On either side of the library there is a common room of a House, and similarly there are two common rooms next to the dining hall. Many students like to do their homework or just spend time in their common room before going home after school. There are four Houses: Kontioiset, Sudentassut, Lumisulat, and Viikaniinit. Their symbols are a copper bear on forest green, a silver wolf on black, a golden swan on white, and a tin rabbit on purpure, respectively. The students wear a badge with their House sigil and often have accessories in their House colours, but the school doesn’t have a dress code. The symbol of the school is a white reindeer on blue, which can be seen in the form of reindeer head and antler motifs scattered around to bring life to the otherwise simple and angular interior design.  

In addition to the subjects taught in Hogwarts (except for DADA that’s integrated to Charms, Divination, and Muggle Studies), the school teaches ancient Finnish singing and ritual based wandless magic, traditional Saami magic and culture, and shamanism. Students learn how to carve and enchant powerful amulets from reindeer bone, how to construct and use a witch’s drum, how to heal wounds by mixing herbs and chanting, and even how to enter the spiritual realm and communicate with animals. There are many native spells that are in Saami languages or ancient Finnish. However, new spells and forms of magic are developed all the time, as the Finnish magical community doesn’t want to get stuck in the past, even if it values traditional magic and strives to preserve it. 

Does anyone else ever wonder how the wizarding world in Eastern Europe, the Stans, and the rest of the former USSR was impacted by muggle communism and the fall of the Soviet Union?

Like, did the wizarding world also have a block of communist states? Were they all one state? If they were, is it still one big central government? Did they bring kids with Quidditch skills in young like the USSR and Yugoslavia did with gymnasts and figure skaters? 

Doesn’t that last one give new thoughts on Viktor Krum he would have been 14 in 1991, so perhaps he was put in intense Quidditch training soon after starting at Durmstrang. 

Speaking of Durmstrang, where is it; we don’t even know the country. Al we know is that it’s in the North, near mountain and lakes, and presumably by open water. So, Norway, Finland, Estonia, some part of Siberia? But, the name sounds like the German Sturm und Drang, which means storm and stress (and was a 18th century literary movement). 

Do wizards have translation spells, because Beauxbatons and Durmstrang have students from multiple countries who don’t speak the same language natively. Or, do they have to know French or whatever the language is for Durmstarang’s country to attend the school? Come to that, do they have English classes at school, or did the Triwizard candidates have to learn on their own? 

All the ramblings…. This is what happens when you’re a political science and language major who’s reading Krumione fanfiction while watching Hunt for Red October. 

Okay, so guys I had sudden realization… So let me explain this:

Norway - Slytherin

Why this house fits Norway the best is that I know they have to be up to something. Otherwise why would they be doing so well and does anyone really know what’s going on there?

Denmark - Ravenclaw

They have always been more clever than rest of us… you need to admit on that one.

Finland - Hufflepuff

As a finn myself I can guarantee that we are always high on something and with little bit alcohol you know we are going to be everyones best friends.

Sweden - Gryffindor

They always think they are better than others and that’s why every other country hates them and makes fun of them.

Harry Potter AU things
  • Hufflepuff- Finland, Sweden   Gryffindor- Denmark   Slytherin- Norway, Iceland
  • Finland and Sweden are the couple that the professors secretly ship.
  • Denmark’s boggart is the other Nordics yelling at him about how much they hate him. When he was faced with it, he was unable to move; Norway had to shove him out of the way and get rid of the boggart himself.
  • Iceland is one hell of a Beater.
  • Finland was the first of the Nordics to discover the Room of Requirement, when he was craving a sauna and alcoholic sweets. 
  • During a Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin, Denmark accidentally knocked Iceland off his broom. He faced the wrath of an angry big brother soon afterwards, and both ended up in the hospital wing.
  • Sweden is muggle-born, and is somewhat uncomfortable when Norway or Iceland bring it up.
  • Denmark has his own fan club, consisting of mostly younger Hufflepuff girls.
  • Iceland’s favorite insult is: “If I looked into the mirror of Erised, you wouldn’t exist.”
  • Denmark and Norway are the “odd couple”; nobody knows how or why they got together. The professors ship the hell out of the, though.
  • Finland can’t fly a broom to save his life. He broke his arm in his first year trying to do so.
  • Sweden is amazing at herbology.
  • “…It’s looking at me funny…”- Norway on hippogriffs. They creep him out.


Tracon 9, Tampere Finland

Pictures: babycosplayer a.k.a Vilma

If you found yourself or your friend and that amazing person has a Tumblr tell me so I can put their names here! :) I just love these so much!