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The Kitchens

The one where Sirius and Remus belong to different worlds, and it’s harder to find each other than expected.

part 2

Sirius was woken up the next morning - only too early - by Sam, feeling instantly groggy and disoriented by a certain smile occupying his thoughts.

“C’mon Black.”

Sirius cracked one eye open, his vision of bright green eyes and neat blonde hair only slightly obscured by his own eyelashes.

Sam raised an eyebrow, “They don’t pay me to watch you drool, you know.”

Sirius humphed, eye shutting again and words slurred with sleep, “Five more minutes. And that’s Mr. Black to you. Maybe even master for waking me up…”

Sam scoffed, “Sure it is, mate. Only in front of your mum. And not if you want breakfast.”

Sirius sighed, “Breakfast..” Then more awake, “Breakfast.”

He sat up so suddenly that Sam jolted back, “Jesus! What the hell, Sirius?”

Sirius turned frantically on Sam, hand grabbing the sleeve of his servant’s jacket, “Sam.”

“Oi, ‘m right here, y’lunatic.” Green eyes questioning, he shook off Sirius’ grasp, “What’s wrong?”

“I-“ Sirius worried his lip, “I met someone last night. One of your lot.”

Sam looked at Sirius through hooded eyes, “Well, that’s not rude at all,” he said dryly.

Sirius cursed, “That’s not what I- Sorry. I meant he works with you.”

Sam’s eyebrows pulled low, “You mean- he- he works here? At the castle?”

Sirius slid off his bed, bare feet pacing back and forth on the wooden floor, “That’s what I said isn’t it?”

“I- Wait.” Sam stood as well, hands out, “What do you mean you met him? Like you- you and him-“

“What? Oh- god no! I’ve just met him. Bella was being a bitch and so I just got into his car.”

Sam was silent for a moment, eyes squinted as he tried to work out Sirius’ words, “You- wait, what?”

Sirius sighed, pushing a hand through his hair and turning on the spot to resume his pacing in front of the fireplace, “Well, I didn’t know it was his car.”

“That’s not helping me much.”

“He almost ran me over while I was running and then I got into his car and convinced him to drive.”

Sam looked blankly at Sirius for a moment, “Okay. I’ll rephrase: What?”

Sirius groaned, “Never mind how we met! The point is- is…” Sirius groaned, “Sam-“

“Calm down!” Sam slid off the bed, “Just- just get dressed, okay? What’s his name? I probably know him.”

Sirius tugged a sweater over his body, letting his arms down with a huff when it got stuck at the top of his head.

“Remus.” He said, his voice muffled, “His name’s Remus.”

When Sam yanked the sweater over Sirius’ head, he was grinning from ear to ear, “Seriously?”

“What? What’s wrong with that?”

Sam laughed, “Nothing! Nothing, he’s just- he’s one of my best mates.”

Sirius felt his eyes go wide, “No.”

Sam shoved a pair of trousers into his hands, “Yep.”

“Well- wait, what does he do?”

“He works in-“

“The kitchens! Right, right.” Sirius attempted to balance on one foot and tie his shoe at the same time, only to have Sam have to steady him with a hand on his shoulder.

“You truly are helpless, aren’t you.”

Sirius straightened up, narrowing his eyes, “Well, that’s not rude at all.’” He mocked.

Sam smirked at him, shaking his head, “Breakfast. Now.”


Dinner was quite the occasion in the Black household. It was rarely just the family. This could have been due to the fact that, when it was, bickering was sure to break out. Guests kept things civil. Guests also meant white tie.

“What do you think would happen if I walked down there in a t-shirt?”

Sam flashed him a grin in the mirror and he held Sirius’ jacket out for him to shrug over his shoulders, “Death. Probably.”

“Probably.” Sirius agreed, smoothing down his collar, “What do you think would happen if you walked down there in a t-shirt?”

“Me? Oh, I’d get fired.”

Sirius pretended to frown deeply, accentuating his posh accent, “Well, that seems deeply unfair, I do say.”

Sam just nodded solemnly, and held open the door.

“Sirius.” His mother dragged his name out, the ‘i’s sounding thick with her slapped on smile, the one that seemed to stretch her cheeks unnaturally, “On time for once, are we?”

Sirius trotted down the last few steps of the main staircase, “You have Sam to thank for that.”

His mother stared blankly at him for a moment, smile widening in discomfort at suddenly not knowing what her son was talking about - not like it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. She threw her head to the left, letting out a long laugh for her guest’s sake, “Yes, of course.” She smoothed down her too revealing dress for a woman of her age, laying her hand on a rather large man’s arm, “Sirius, you remember Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson, don’t you?”

Not particularly.

Sirius slapped on a smile of his own, reaching his hand out grandly to Mr. Parkinson, “Of course. How are-“

“And their daughter, Claudia?”

Sirius’ handshake froze, his smile tightening. He suddenly felt far too much like his mother.

He hadn’t noticed the girl before, standing to the left of her parents, aside her mother. Sirius felt his throat go dry.

“Claudia.” He straightened up. Her hand was cold and small when he took it. She offered him a small, nervous smile.

He tried to offer one back, “Of course. How are you?”

“Fine, thank you-“

“We’re very pleased,” Her father’s booming voice made both Sirius and Claudia jump, “to be here, in such a noble house. What an invitation to receive.” Mr. Parkinson was taking Sirius’ hand again, clapping his other atop it as if Sirius himself had invited him. The word invitation hung in the air. Sirius had a bad feeling it was double sided.

Sirius pulled away as smoothly as he could from the red-faced man’s grasp, “We’re very pleased to have you. And I’m sure ‘we’ includes my father, who will be along shortly..” He glanced at his mother who pressed her lips together.

“Yes.” She agreed, “Shortly.” Then the smile was back up as if nothing had happened, “Shall we go in?”


The table felt too large for so few people. The food seemed to be too much. His mother had pulled all the stops: Chicken and duck, an array of sides, two waiters to a person. To his left, Claudia looked more than comfortable taking whatever she wanted without a glance at who was giving it.

“Potatoes, sir?”

Sirius looked up to his right, grinning, “You know me too well, James.”

Sirius heard a little snort from his left. Claudia was dabbing at her mouth with her napkin, and lean over a little too close for Sirius’ liking.

She scrunched her nose in what Sirius was sure she thought was an endearing way, “You know the names of them?”

He heard the tiniest of scoffs from behind him and instantly imaged James trying to casually adjust his glasses while planning how best to spit into her pudding. Sirius pushed away the thought that he could easily do it from this distance.

“Well.” He leaned back in his chair, flattening his napkin on his lap, “Only the few that annoy me most.”

A throat cleared from behind him and he suppressed a smile.

Sirius only had a moment to acknowledge that Claudia looked far too pleased with this answer, before the great double set of doors were banging open loudly. There was a scuffling of chairs scraping back as they all stood.

“Ah, dinner time. What’ve I missed?”

Orion Black sauntered into the dinning room then, impeccably dressed, smile spread wide, colorless eyes glinting, and reeking of the strong scent that usually accompanied his presence: Whiskey.

“Darling,” His mother’s act was back in place, thicker than her makeup, “I’m so glad that work finally permitted you to join us-“

“Sit.” Mr. Black commanded, as if barking at a dog, has he fell into his own chair. His eyes flicked to James who was in the process of serving Mr. Parkinson yet another serving of duck, “You.”

James’ back straightened up as all eyes turned on him. Sirius could see his mother eyeing his unruly hair out of the corner of his eye.

“Yes, sir?”

“Fetch me and my friend here,” He gestured to Mr. Parkinson, who attempted to smile through a mouthful of pork. Sirius winced, “fetch us a whiskey, would you?”

Mrs. Black let out another one of her drawn out laughs, looking to Mrs. Parkinson as if daring her not to join along, “But darling, don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

Mr. Black barely glanced at her, “Second thought, bring the bottle.”

Claudia’s eyes moved back and forth across the table, lips pursed. It was as if she was watching a rather displeasing tennis match.

Sirius’ mother dabbed at her mouth with her napkin, eyes hard and glaring on her husband.

James closed the doors behind him and all was silent for a few beats too long. Until Orion seemed to realize Sirius was there.

He laced his fingers across his stomach, “So they’ve told you, have they?”

The throat-drying feeling crept up again almost immediately. Sirius set his fork down, “Told me?” He croaked.

“Orion.. Darling-“

“Well, the marriage, what else!”

Sirius swallowed hard. He felt his breath rattling in his chest. he looked dead on at his mother, “Yes, mother. What else could we have been talking about?”

Mrs. Black’s eyes flashed, “It was right to wait for your father to be present.”

Like he’s even really present anymore

Sirius bit his tongue.

His mother pulled her lips back in a smile, “Isn’t it excellent news?”

“Yes, excellent news.” Mr. Parkinson piped up, hand patting his great stomach. Sirius’ father smirked at him. Sirius didn’t look at Claudia.

“Yes.” He choked out. He picked up his fork again, squaring his shoulders, “Yes, excellent.”

James came back in with his father’s whiskey.

(I know there’s no Remus action in this part (don’t hate me, he’ll be back very very soon i promise!) but I just wanted you all to meet some other characters, including some of my own :) hope you enjoy!)


It was a one shot/head canon thing about teen!Remus.

It was near a full moon, and Remus is stuck sitting next to a Slytherin in a class(McG’s?) and the Slytherin makes a comment and Remus just smashes the kid’s face into a desk nbd

Anyone know it???? 

I need to read this every day for the rest of my life

Harry Potter Fan Fic where the morning after her attempt to arrest Hagrid, Umbridge cheerily enters her office only to find FUCKING ARAGOG. The elephant sized blind acromantula perched over half her office as if patiently waiting for an appointment.

He looks at her with eight blind eyes.


Teddy Lupin arrives at Hogwarts with a mop of untidy black hair and bright brown eyes. When he’s sorted into Hufflepuff and the hat is plucked from his head the Great Hall gasps collectively because his hair has turned canary yellow in recognition of his house colours. He keeps it this way for a week before it returns to messy black for the remainder of the year.

In second year he favours hair that is the exact same shade of pale blonde as Victoire Weasley. Only Minerva McGonagall notices that the first moment his hair involuntarily takes shade is when the hat atop Victoire’s head calls Gryffindor.

Third year is the year of bubblegum pink hair. This brings a sad smile to some of the older professors who remember that shade of pink sported frequently by vivacious young girl many years ago.

Fourth year and he resumes the Weasley shade of red because it’s shy little Molly Weasley’s first year and there’s a distinct lack of red heads around.

Fifth year is when Dominique is sorted into Ravenclaw, and his little adoptive family is spread over three Hogwarts houses now, so he spends the first few months with varying colours of scarlet, royal blue and bright, sunshine yellow. Sometimes it’s a multi-hued mix of all three but then he develops an annoying habit of changing his hair to the vibrant house colour of whoever he’s talking to and forest green makes it into the mix.

In sixth year there’s an incident that leaves him unconscious in the hospital wing and his altered features slowly fade to reveal what he would look like without the ability to change his appearance. McGonagall stops dead in the doorway when she finds the spitting image of a young Remus Lupin laying passed out in the bed. Teddy cries when she tells him this, unable to consciously stop any alterations to see for himself. She promises to take a picture if it happens again and Teddy spends the rest of the year with sandy brown hair and amber eyes borrowed from the creased photo he keeps by his bedside.

Seventh year he settles on a particular shade of turquoise blue. It’s vivid and different and entirely of his own design for no other reason than he thinks it suits his personality. Victoire agrees that it does and it stays that way for the entire year, marking the first time he keeps a colour that he hasn’t borrowed from family, friends, houses or old photos for more than a week.

5 Harry Potter Fics to Read Before Diving Into Cursed Child

After all this time? Always.

1. DRACONIAN by hepburnettes



4. TO BE LUMINOUS by icallringbearer

5. THE HOAX by escapism-


Here’s the final hp tryptic, Harry and Draco’s portrait where commissioned by raitala who was super patient and lovely to work for! she’s done a fic based on these that you can read here (it’s beast honestly, go read it now!) there’s also some more fics by the folks at lj that you can find at hd-remix

THANK YOU GUYS! i have no words to express how much i love that i could inspire you a bit to be this creative you are awesome <3


Imagine what would have happened if Draco introduced himself differently. Imagine Harry becoming acquaintances with Draco. Imagine them sitting together in a compartment because seeing as Harry was new to the Wizarding World, Draco decided to stick around as a guide. Imagine throwing Hermione into that mix and BAM new Golden Trio.

Imagine Harry not having stereotypes placed into his head. Imagine him allowing the hat to put him in Slytherin. Imagine Draco carefully guiding him through everything.

Imagine Harry slowly developing feelings for his best friend and house mate. Imagine him just gazing longingly when Draco’s back was turned and scowling because of the sheer stupidity of all the blood purity drama that surrounded said boy. Imagine Harry luring Draco out of that mindset.

Imagine Draco silently harbouring feelings for Harry. Imagine them just rough housing in their dorm room and they suddenly stop and their gazes lock and they lean in for a kiss. Imagine Draco defying his father because he finally found acceptance and happiness in Harry.

Now, I will stop imagining and just throw myself off of a cliff because tHINGS COULD HAVE GONE SO DIFFERENTLY.

Somebody pleeease write or rec me a fic where Harry and Narcissa become pen pals after the war because Harry wants to thank her for saving his life and is surprised when she writes back so he writes back to her and then they just keep going until they are friends and Narcissa is just like “wow this child needs a mom. Maybe two. I volunteer.” And Draco finds out and is like “mother, what the fuck” and Narcissa just ignores him until finally she starts inviting Harry over for dinner and Draco is just like “oh no he’s still hot”

Hogwarts!AU where Harry and Louis are enemies who have potions class together and one day theyre brewing Amortentia but Louis doesnt know bc he gets to class late so when he does arrive he starts laughing because “oi styles! youre brewing your own cologne thats so lame ahaahaa” and the whole class is like “what” and harry is like “what”

What I really want right now is a long, well-written fic where James Potter either somehow survives the third encounter with Voldemort that night, or wasn’t there to buy Lily and Harry time. Lily still died for her son, Harry was still left with a scar, and Voldemort was still reduced to something barely alive, therefore ending the first war with one backfired curse.

The only difference is that James Potter was still alive to raise his son.

I want a fic with James struggling to be a good parent despite becoming a 21-year-old widower and a single father in one fell swoop, and dealing with the fallout of the wizarding war at the same time.

I want a fic where James is a complete wreck after losing the love of his life after only being together for four years, and after hearing about Frank and Alice Longbottom, and everything else that happened during the war, while also trying to keep it together enough to take care of a one-year-old infant.

I want a fic where Harry essentially has 3 very young, very clueless dads who love him dearly and spoil him rotten despite not having any idea what they’re doing.

I want a fic where Harry grows up in a loving household knowing who and what he is and being able to use that knowledge (and his family) to help him along the way.

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Me in the shower: *Thinks up extremely complicated and amazing personality for character*

Me in math class: *Comes up with unique yet not too outlandish names for characters*

Me at cram school: *Comes up with tragic backstory for characters*

Me when I’m supposed to be sleeping: *Comes up with plot twists, complicated relationship problems and fun and awesome scenes/dialogue*

Me in front of the computer: wut r wurds

  • Me when I'm not home:omfg I have so much to do when I get home, and so many essays to write not to mention all the studying I have
  • Me when I get home:oh cool 115k word fic, lets read it all in one sitting
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best hp tropes
  • veritaserum is involved and one of them accidentally admits their feelings/attraction
  • when a spell/potion goes wrong and forces them together
  • when they’re forced to spend time together like in detention or dorm sharing
  • auror partners
  • common room party games
  • 8th year and one big house in one dorm
  • accidental bonding
  • one of them has to pretend to be the others partner
  • weasley christmas’s
  • room of requirement shenanigans
  • they smell each other in amortentia
  • hex fights that become fist fights that become kiss fights
  • charmed mistletoe
  • teaching each other spells or hexes
  • accidental or not legilimency/telepathy
  • they have to be potions partners
  • magical soulmates/soulmarks
  • quidditch rivalries