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Any really hot Drarry fics? Or heartwarming ones? :)

Hot/Smutty Drarry Fics

Simulacrum -  Draco sends a gift to Potter and finds himself in a difficult but erotic position.

Finders Keepers -  Sequel to Simulacrum. Draco schemes to reclaim his naughty gift to Potter, but finds himself outmaneuvered.

Dangerous -  Being trapped in a dungeon with Malfoy — who’s a werewolf, a former Death Eater, and a giant git — is definitely dangerous. Harry has no reason to be excited. None at all.

The Invisible Man -  Sometimes unforeseen side effects aren’t the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Tense -  Harry and Draco have sex. Very, very slowly. Seriously, this is, like, 3K of penetration.

Giant Squid Is a Dirty Slasher -  All Harry wanted was a peaceful midnight swim. He didn’t want to be disturbed by Malfoy. Or the squid.

The Ties That Bind Us -  An accident leaves Draco and Harry bound tightly together. Literally.

Three Potters -  Using three Patented Daydream Charms at once was either the best or the worst idea Draco has ever had. Or: Auror Potter, Dark Lord Potter and Pirate Potter walk into Draco’s bedroom.

Post-war Reconciliations -  Harry needs to make a speech about post-war reconciliations. Unfortunately, he’s a bit distracted.

Have fun! ;)

5 Harry Potter Fics to Read Before Diving Into Cursed Child

After all this time? Always.

1. DRACONIAN by hepburnettes



4. TO BE LUMINOUS by icallringbearer

5. THE HOAX by escapism-

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fic rec for fake!relationships, but bottom!draco only please bc i'm a petty b-- um anyway--! :D

Wow i really struggled to find fics exactly like this but…here you go!

Fake Relationship Drarry Fics (with bottom!draco)

Make it Good -  Harry and Draco are Auror partners who go undercover as rent-boys at a brothel. In order to get into the brothel they have to have sex in front of the owner. And they have to make it look good.

What are friends For? -  It was bad enough when Ron started mooning over Pansy Parkinson – all day, every day. But now he wants Harry to date Draco Malfoy, just so he can get in Pansy’s knickers. Harry’s a good friend usually, but is he that good a friend?

The Plan Harry and Draco are both happy with their playboy lifestyles, but their friends have other ideas.

Sorry about the shortness, most of the fake relationship fics I’ve read have either top!draco or switching

Imagine Fred and George trying to cheer you up.

Originally posted by asociallyunsocialfangirl

“Oi, what’s up with you?” Fred asked, concerned as he took in your scowl. George and him sat down on either side of you, looking at you with questioning expressions.

“I wanted to go flying today,” you mumbled, kicking at your broom forlornly. “But there just HAD to be a thunderstorm.”

“I know,” George sighed. 

“But we can always find ways to entertain ourselves,” Fred piped up. 

“Yes! We can play Exploding Snap!” George grinned.

“Or prank Ron,” Fred laughed. You chuckled at his suggestion. Poor Ron. 

“Or we can do whatever you want,” George wrapped an arm around your shoulder. “The holidays are ending and we must take advantage of that before we’re forced to go back to school.”

“You boys could do so much if only you applied yourselves,” you clicked your tongue. 

“There’s no fun in that, though,” Fred winked. “Now, let’s go have some fun.”

We’ve all searched for fanfic before. We’ve all looked through page after page of fics which aren’t our ship, or are a ship we disagree with, or which simply don’t sound interesting.

We also don’t appear to yet have a consistent tag for Potterverse fics set away from Hogwarts and Great Britain, fics which explore the magical world beyond the world it was set in. With asheathes recent series of wizarding schools posts people have begun to think more widely about about what the magical world away from Great Britain might be like.

This is an invitation! Send in the fics you know of that are set in India, Egypt, Japan, Argentina - anywhere! Ones set in Durmstrang, or a magical school entirely new and invented by you! Don’t limit yourself to the UK - send in fics you’ve read, fics you’ve loved, fics you’ve written, and help us create a cohesive list of Harry Potter Fanfiction that doesn’t even mention his name.

After all - the world is bigger than just the UK.

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Your Stars Are My Stars

Or the one where Sirius is in the marines and Remus can’t go with him and doesn’t know how to be without him.

Part i

The sun is just barely peaking into their bedroom with its early, pink-orange light when Remus wakes up. At first, he’s able to stay in that wonderful state - the one where you’re only barely awake and you know that if you don’t move too fast and keep your eyes closed, you’ll fall right back into your dreams. He’s there for a moment, blissfully heavy against the mattress, not knowing anything except the fact that its still early and he can’t feel Sirius’ body against his. Well, that’s not right. Carefully, without thinking too much, he decides one roll over to find Sirius won’t wake him up. That they can sleep a while longer until they decide to get up for breakfast - or lunch - then crawl right back into bed. So he rolls, and he reaches… and he opens his eyes.

He stares at the empty mattress, his outstretched fingers, and he remembers.

His newfound state of full awareness allows the world to slowly filter in, bringing all of reality crashing in with it. Today is the day he’s been avoiding since the moment he learned about it. The thought that it’s actually here makes his chest tighten painfully and his heart thud.

He presses himself onto one of his elbows, head turning to the side to see the bathroom light on. He can see Sirius’ shadow on the strip of tiles visible, hear him humming to himself as he prepares for the day.

Remus wishes that tooth brushing and a hot shower were enough to prepare him for today.

The floor is too cold against his feet and he pulls on socks, along with the t-shirt Sirius had discarded the night before. He bends, picking it up, and presses the fabric to his nose, inhaling.

He thinks back to the previous night, Sirius’ skin flush against his, foreheads together, tears mixing with their breath. “You’ll be okay” Sirius had said, You’ll be okay.

Remus had tried not to cry, tried to have their last night together be happy and good - something for Sirius to keep with him while he was away. But Remus had never been one for keeping in his emotions.

Remus hadn’t been able to tell Sirius that it wasn’t himself he was worried about, though. He was safe in their flat and Sirius was… well, Remus never knew where Sirius was. He squeezed his eyes shut at the thought, yanking the t-shirt over his head.

Will you be okay?

The tiles of the bathroom are even chillier, and he squints against the bright light. He hears Sirius’ laugh before he sees him, most likely at the face he just pulled.

“Aren’t you beautiful this morning.” Sirius sets the iron he’d been using down, leaning over the table to press a lingering kiss to Remus’ mouth. His eyes are bright, a towel wrapped around his waist, “Sleep well?”

No “Mhm..” Remus traces his fingers down Sirius’ cheek, keeping him this close for as long as he can, “Did you…”

He means to ask how Sirius slept, but his eyes find the item on the ironing board. Sirius’ uniform, all greens and browns, lies neatly, creases just so and spotless. Remus has the sudden urge to take it outside and drag it through the mud caused by last night’s rain.

He clears his throat, eyes flicking back to Sirius’. He tries for a smile, but he knows he hesitated too long for it to be a clean cover up. He asks the question anyway, “Did you sleep okay?”

Remus hates the sadness that has appeared Sirius’ eyes now. He hates it every time.

“I always sleep well with you next to me.”

It’s suppose to be a sweet comment, but they both flinch.

But I won’t be next to you

Remus wants to scream a little bit.


At times like these, everything about the airport reminds Remus of the hospital he spent so much time in as a kid. Everything is white and loud and blinding. He feels so small, holding Sirius’ hand so tightly like this, but he’s scared that if he loosens his grip even in the slightest, Sirius might be pulled away and lost in the sea of people and he wouldn’t be able to say goodbye.

The walk to the terminal was long and by the way Sirius kept looking at his watch, Remus could tell they were tight on time. But Sirius kept their walk slow, prolonging these last moments for Remus’ sake. They were always silent. Neither of them knew what to say and Sirius knew that attempts at normal smalltalk would just make Remus shut down.

“This isn’t normal!” He had shouted one time, halting right in the middle of the airport, “This isn’t normal and it isn’t fair and I can’t pretend like it is.”

Sirius knew Remus hated crying in front of other people, but he had. Days like these always seemed to be an exception to that rule of his.

So Sirius doesn’t speak, he just squeezes Remus’ hand, letting him know he’s still there.

He feels the falter in Remus’ steps when the gate comes into view, a big, looming number ten. He feels Remus start slowing down, more and more until he’s pulling Sirius back by their laced fingers. Sirius tries to ignore it, tries to keep walking because if they stop he’s worried he’ll never be able to start again. It’s taken all his willpower to just get this far. But Remus is insistent, and when Sirius hears the slight hitch in his breathing he finally turns around, encasing Remus’ hand in both his own warmly.

“Re… Please-“

“I’m not ready yet.” Remus’ breathing is too quick to be normal, his eyes shining, “Sirius, I’m not- I can’t-“ He’s shaking his head - really his entire body is shaking, “I can’t. Not again-“

Sirius drops his pack to the ground, right there in the middle of the walkway. He doesn’t care if people have to step around them, doesn’t care who sees. He doesn’t care about anything at all except closing the distance between them.

He reaches up to cup the back of Remus’ head, pressing their foreheads together, “I know. I know, love, I know.”

It’s all Sirius can say right now because he can feel his throat closing up at the look on Remus’ face and he cannot cry right now. He needs to be strong for both of them. Because he knows if he cries, Remus will never let him go, and he would never be able to walk away.

“I just got you back, I-“ Remus hates how pathetic he sounds but he’s panicking. He thought he had prepared himself. After all he’d done this before. He’d hoped it would get easier, but how could it? How does one make bye, see you in three months, please don’t die, please come home, I need you any easier?

“I want to come with you.”

There’s a beat of silence.

“Oh, love… “ Sirius sighs, hand sliding from his hair to his cheek, thumb running over the smooth, tear-streaked skin. He didn’t say anything more but the silence said it all - at least Sirius hoped it did.

Remus blinks a few times, trying to clear his eyes, trying to focus on something else - something good. Like how beautifully tan Sirius always is when he gets home, how strong, how proud. How he follows Remus around the house like a love sick puppy for at least the first month. But it’s almost too hard and his brain keeps slipping up.

So he tries for a laugh instead, and it comes out watery but he needs to try- for Sirius, “Fuck me. I promised myself I wouldn’t freak out this time.” He glances around, watching a few prying eyes flit away as they realize he’s seen them, “‘m sorry.”

Sirius smiles a little too. Remus doesn’t miss the way his shoulders sag in relief and he instantly feels guilty. He knows he doesn’t make it easier for Sirius to leave.

“S’alright… I- I’d freak out a little bit too.”

“Knowing you, you’d cause a right scene.”

Sirius’ smile is real this time, and he hooks his finger into Remus’ belt loop, pulling them flush together, “Sod off-”

Remus jumps when the loudspeakers crackles to life and the smooth voice of a woman fills the air. Because it had almost felt like just another day - just for a second. It had almost felt like he wasn’t about to be left alone for three months.

“Flight 307 first call for boarding. Please be ready to present your ticket and passport and any luggage you wish to gate check.”

Remus bites his lip hard. He wants to squeeze his eyes shut, wants to block everything out. But he keeps them open and flitting across Sirius’ face, a face he won’t see for a very long time. The panic is threatening to surge back up in his chest but he pushes it down.

Sirius’ hands are there instantly, looping around his waist, rubbing gently at his hip bones because he knows how much Remus loves that. Remus, however, doesn’t know what to do with his hands. He wants to run them through Sirius’ newly cropped short hair, memorize the feeling because he suddenly feels like he doesn’t do it enough. He wants to press them to his warm neck run them along his jaw and that little scar on his upper lip.

He ends up just clutching onto the front of his uniform. He’s probably ruining all Sirius’ hard work with the iron that morning but he can’t bring himself to care.


They say it at the same time. They just stare at each other, because what is there to say? And Remus hates this part. He hates goodbyes because what if-

“I love you.” Sirius is glancing up as the speaker announces a last call for passengers. His grip is tighter now and his eyes are burning into Remus, locking him into their gaze like they always do,

“I love you and I have to- fuck- Re, I love you, I have-“ His eyes are pleading almost.
I have to go
“I need to kiss you-“

Remus barely lets him get the words out before he’s surging forward, letting Sirius immediately open his mouth with his tongue, letting him hold the bruising grip on his hips because at least he’d have something then, a purplish, bluish reminder…

Remus can’t help the soft noise that escapes when Sirius pulls back, burrowing his head into the nook of Remus’ neck. They just hold each other, swaying on the spot, feeling the pounding of each other’s hearts.

“You have to stay safe.” Remus murmurs, shakily into Sirius’ ear. He presses his nose into his hair, inhaling deeply, desperate to surround himself with Sirius as much as he can, “Pads, you have to come home.”

“I always come home.”

And Remus knows what’s coming next.

He feels Sirius’ lips press once to his neck, like always.

And then, like always, Sirius is tearing himself away in one swift motion, dipping slightly to swing his pack onto his back, and sprinting to the gate. He doesn’t turn around for a last look - he can’t.

Because if he does, they both know he’d come running back.

three months

Remus watches until Sirius disappears around the corner.

I always come home

He stays until the plane is just a dot in the sky.

91 days

He locks himself in one of the family bathrooms and lets the panic in.

A/N: WOW. The start of my first chaptered fic. Hope you guys like :)

Imagine being Sirius’ little sister and telling him you’re dating Remus.

Originally posted by muffilato

“Y/N,” Sirius looked up from the parchment he was reading from. Remus glanced u as well and your eyes met his. He winked at you. You grinned and looked back at your older brother. 

“I need to talk to you,” you said.

“Sure, sure,” he said, putting aside the paper and folding his hands over the table. “You have my undivided attention.”

“You love me, right?” you started. Sirius’ shoulders stiffened and his eyes narrowed.

“What did you do?” he cautiously asked.

“Nothing bad,” you rolled your eyes. “Just a little nervous you won’t approve.”

“Tell me.”

“Remus and I are dating,” you blurted. “We’ve been seeing each other for over five months already. And we wanted to wait for the right time to tell you, but between this and that, we never do. So, I’m telling you now.”


“Yes,” you nodded. Sirius whooped and hugged a surprised Remus, before embracing you, congratulating the both of you. 

I Don’t Want To Be Like Him    Draco x reader

“Hi there, love! Would it be possible to get a Draco x reader, please? One where Draco has a slight panic attack when he comes to the conclusion that he’s turning into his father. (Y/N) is there and she promises Draco that he’s nothing like his father and that she would make sure he would never become like his father either.” ~Anon

Hi! Thank you so much for the request! I was absolutely thrilled to write this! I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately (due to these horrible temperature and weather changes), so I had a bit of an excuse to sit inside on my laptop all day😂.

Anyway, I loved writing this. I hope you enjoy😊😘


“Hey.” y/n said, standing in the doorway of Draco’s dormitory. “Ready to head to dinner?”

Draco was laying on his bed. He looked at his girlfriend with a smile. “Of course I am, love.”

She giggled. “Well, let’s go!”

They headed to the Great Hall together, hand in hand. It was a lovely Sunday evening. Y/n sat down next to Draco at the Slytherin house table.

“I’m so not ready for class tomorrow.”

“No one is, Zambini.” she stated.

Draco was really quiet all throughout dinner, which was very unlike him. Y/n noticed, but didn’t say anything. After they ate, they got up and left the table, heading back to the common room.

“Are you alright?”

Draco nodded with a smile as he sat down on the sofa. “I’m fine.”

She smiled back at him. “You’ve just been really quiet and distant today.”

He didn’t reply.

Y/n yawned. “I think I’m gonna try and get some sleep.”


“Goodnight, Sweetheart.”

Y/n didn’t sleep well that night.  She never did on Sunday nights. There was something different about this one though. Something she couldn’t quite grasp. She got out of bed and headed to the common room. Maybe the giant squid would be visible.

She leaned on the railing of the balcony over looking the common room. The giant squid wasn’t around, but something else caught her attention. She ran down the stairs with worry.

She slowly sat down on the couch. “It’s 2AM. What are you doing down here?”

No reply.

“Draco, Love.”

His breathing intensified, getting faster and heavier by each breath. Tears started to fill his silver eyes. Soon, his cheeks were reflecting the firelight from the torches on the walls.

Sitting up a little straighter, y/n put a hand on his arm and rubbed it gently. “Shh… breathe.” He was scaring her. “Breathe.”

He took a deep breath, but it only seemed to make matters worse. Y/n had never seen him like this before. “What’s wrong?”

“Idon’twanttobelikehimandI’mturningintohimandI—” he sobbed uncontrollably.

She slipped her free hand into his. “Slow down. Take a deep breath.” Her eyes were starting to water a bit.

“I-I’m t-t-turning in-to my fath-ther.”

“Sweetheart.” She shook her head slightly.

“Yo-you-you…” He continued to hyperventilate. “you said I wa-as b-b-eing qui-et and di-stan-t. Ever s-ince I-I’ve be-en Head of th-the Man-or, I ju-jus-t—” His breaths quickened again.

Y/n wrapped her arms around him tightly. “Draco…” She rubbed his back in different patterns.

He laid his head on her shoulder, still breathing harshly. “I do-on’t want to-o b-be like h-h-him. He’s c-cold. He-e’s dist-ant. And, now I-I am.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am.”

“If you were, you would have pushed me away by now.” She sighed.

He finally could complete full words. “I didn’t because I love you, and you make me feel better.”

“Then why didn’t you come get me?”

“Because I didn’t want to wake you up.”

She let go of him and looked into those silver eyes of his. She gazed at him for a moment, unsure of what to say.

“I know you don’t sleep well on Sunday nights, and I didn’t want to wake you up and make you even more tired in the morning.”

She stroked his cheek with her thumb. “You’re nothing like your father.” Her voice was breaking a bit.

“Yes I—”

“No you’re not!” She sniffled. “If you were, you wouldn’t be awake right now. You wouldn’t be overthinking everything that came to your mind. You wouldn’t care about anything.”

“But I don’t!”

“Draco…” A tear rolled down her cheek. “But you do. You care so much. You didn’t even wake me up because you were afraid I’d be mad at you for making me more tired.” She sniffled again. “You know I’m always tired.” she giggled, still crying a bit.

He did the same. “Yeah.”

“What brought on all this?”

“Well,” he began, “I had a dream the other night that I became Head of the Manor, and you broke up with me because I was turning into my father. I didn’t want to talk about it, because I didn’t know how to explain it, but it’s all I could think about. So, I just stayed quiet, and then you said I was being distant, and I thought everything was really happening.” He looked into her y/e/c eyes. “I just didn’t want to lose you.”

Y/n stayed silent.

“I love you.” he said, just before placing his lips on hers. He pulled her closer with each movement. His cheeks were sticky from the tears that had not yet dried.

“You need sleep.” y/n whispered after pulling away slightly.

“I don’t know if I can.”

She slowly moved out of Draco’s grip and stood up. “Come on.” She reached for his hand and waited for him to get up.

They walked up the stairs and into y/n’s room. Y/n went to her dresser and pulled out one of Draco’s sweatshirts along with an oversized pair of pink fleece pajama pants. “Here.” she smiled, handing it to him. “I’m pretty sure sleeping in your uniform would be uncomfortable.”

Draco didn’t mind changing in front of her. All the other girls were asleep, so they wouldn’t know. He really didn’t want to leave her room anyway. “I like these pants.” he joked quietly.

“That’s the only pair I could find.”

He slid into her bed. “They’re really comfy.”

Y/n giggled. “They are.” She neatly folded his clothes and set them on her desk, getting into bed just after.

Draco held her close. “Sorry for keeping you up all night.”

She rubbed the back of his shoulder. “Don’t be.”

“If I ever start to act like my father, will you let me know?”

“If that ever happens, I will.” She nuzzled her head against his chest. “But, I highly doubt that you’ll ever have to worry about that.”

Dramione - Yule Ball

‘Come on!’ Ron said. ‘Just tell us who you’re goin’ with.’ 
Hermione shook her head. ‘No. You’ll laugh at me.’
‘Just tell us.’ 
‘Is it that bad? Or is he just bad.’ Dean said who overheard them.
‘Neither. He’s great.’
‘Well I wanna hear about this great boy..’ Ron said.
‘Well you will just have to wait and see.’ And she walked away.
‘Where are you going?’ Asked Harry and looked at his watch. ‘The ball doesn’t start in 3 hours..’
‘I need to do stuff.’
‘Do what?’ Ron asked and gave a weird face. ‘Reread all the library books and put on all the dresses that fit with each book?’
Hermione just waved and walked to the girls dormitory. 
‘Is she kidding?’
Harry just shrugged.

Harry, Ron and their dates (who they didn’t want) and looked around. ‘Hermione still isn’t here.’ Noticed Ron.
A few minutes later Slytherin arrived. 
‘I wonder who Malfoy has as a date.’ Harry thought out loud.
‘Or who he payed..’ Ron said annoyed.
They saw a beautiful girl walking towards Draco and he put his hand out, like a real gentleman.
Harry took a closer look and his jaw dropped. He poked Ron (’Auw- what?’),’are you seeing this?’ Harry pointed towards Draco and the pretty girl.
Draco was taking his hand out to….
‘Is that……’ 
Harry and Ron looked at each other. ‘Hermione?!’

‘Are you kidding me!’ Ron walked toward the two and Harry hurried after them.
‘Hermione.’ Ron said with a fake smile.
Hermione and Draco looked up. ‘Jealous Weasley?’ 
‘Nice date..’ Ron said ignoring Draco. ‘What happened? He put a spell on you? Did he threat your family? What. Did. He. Do?’
‘He..’ Draco said impatiently. ‘used his charms.’ 
‘And his nice personality? Sure.’ Ron said. 
‘Ron! What’s gotten into you? He asked me and I said yes. Simple as that. No charms or whatsoever.’ 
Ron opened his mouth but Harry stopped him. ‘Have fun you - er - two. I have a dance to open.’ He dragged Ron with him. ‘Come on.’

After the first dance Harry and Ron sat behind a table watching everyone else dancing. Harry saw his date dancing with one of the Beauxbatons boys, her sister was dancing with his friend. 
Ron on the other hand, was glaring at Drao and Hermione. Who were dancing elegantly. Draco was looked really focused on their dance, trying not to mess up. Hermione looked like she had the time of her life.

 ‘If she wants to..’ Harry said, and he didn’t have to explain who he meant.
‘He is always so rude towards her. He even gave her larger teeth that she already had.’
‘Yea and what did that give her? Better and nicer teeth.’
‘Yea.. That’s what he was aiming for.’ Ron said sarcastically. 
‘Why do you care anyway?’ 
‘Because!….’ Ron was looking for words. ‘Because you shouldn’t go to a ball with someone who bullies you since day one, or even put a spell on you few days ago, or hates you simply because of your parents, or-’
‘Yea got it.’ Sighed Harry. Though he heard a bit of jealousy in his voice. Like how he talked about Cedric, because his date was Cho… not Harry’s. 

The ball ended with a verbally fight between Ron and Hermione, who claims he should’ve asked he first instead as a last resort. She then stormed off with Draco behind her, looked very angry at Ron. 
‘I’m guessing his father will hear about this.’ Muttered Ron. ‘Oh well maybe not, because she’s not a pureblood it doesn’t matter as much.’
‘Hey his words not mine.’
They just went to bed and didn’t speak of it.. until breakfast. 

Harry and Ron were sitting in the Great Hall, waiting for their food to come. Hermione wasn’t there yet. 
‘Maybe she’s still angry at you and decided to come not or later.’ Harry suggested.
‘Or she’s coming with Malfoy….’ Neville said who looked over their shoulders. 
The rest looked too, with shocked faces.
Draco gave her a kiss on the cheek and while he did that he looked directly at Ron, smiled at Hermione and walked to his table, grinning.
Hermione sat next to Harry and ignored all the stares. 
After a while she got annoyed. ‘If you’re looking at me, you’ll miss your mouth with eating. Neville you’re poking your eye.’ 
Neville jumped and almost still poked himself but recovered himself just in time. 
‘So.. What happened?’ Asked Dean.
‘We just had a great time. End of discussion.’

Your Stars Are My Stars

Or the one where Sirius is in the marines and Remus can’t go with him and doesn’t know how to be without him.

Part iii



Remus had finally slept in his own flat that night. He’d been at Lily’s, making the most of his boss’s “sympathy time off” by watching movies, and eating shit food, and maybe getting a little tipsy once or twice. But he couldn’t last night. He had to come home, he had to be here. Because he couldn’t miss it.

He couldn’t miss the call.

Because Sunday was the day Sirius was allowed phone privileges. Sunday was practically the only thing that ever kept Remus going when Sirius was away. He lived for Sundays.

He had woken up on the couch and started biting his nails before he even had breakfast. He’d picked up the socks from the floor, folded them carefully and tucked them in Sirius’ drawers. He’d made the bed, pausing only an hour to lie on Sirius’ side, phone clutched in his hand - waiting. 

He’d done as much cleaning as he could - at least the aspects that didn’t make too much noise (no vacuum cleaner), Because if he missed this call he thinks he might just die. He couldn’t wait another week to hear Sirius’ voice.

Remus fell down onto the couch. There was only so many times you can clean a house, only so many spots you can claim you left on the dishes. He ran a hand over his face, falling sideways. His cheek hit softly against the cushions, his phone bouncing a little in front of his face. He stared at it.

He’d forgotten how hard this part was.

He must’ve fallen asleep, dozed off or something because he nearly jumped out of his skin when ‘Marimba’ started blasting right in front of his face. His heart was instantly in his throat. When he’d sat up he’d caused the phone to go clattering to the floor, still ringing.

“Fuck. fuck-” He fumbled with it, snatching it up and sliding his thumb across the screen.


A beat.

You are receiving a call from,” the posh, automatic voice cuts off with another, “Royal Marines Base Camp Bastion.” The women’s voice is back, “To reject this call, please hang up now. To accept, please press-“

“Jesus fucking…“ Remus grumbled and jammed his thumb onto the 1 and pressed the receiver back to his hear.

There’s static for a few moments, a few beeps. Remus holds his breath, fingernails digging into his thigh. He’s just starting to worry he didn’t press 1 when-

There’s a crackle,


All the air leaves Remus’ lungs at once.

Pads.” Remus says breathlessly, “Jesus… Hi.”

His heart starts beating faster and faster as seconds tick by and Sirius doesn’t say anything. He just breathes on the other line. It sounds far away and broken up but still, if Remus closes eyes eyes tight enough, he can pretend he’s right there on the sofa with him, throwing his feet in his lap and flicking the tv on.

“Hi… Fuck, hi.” Remus can picture him pushing his hand through his hair the way he does when he’s flustered or nervous.

Remus is practically cradling the receiver as he lets out a laugh - the first real one in days, “You alright, love?”

“I- Yeah. Yeah, I am now. You alright?”

Not really. You’re thousands of miles away. “‘m okay.”

“You liar.”

Remus held the phone tighter, leaning back into the couch and curling his feet under him, “Well, it was a stupid question.”

He could hear the smile, “Yeah, I guess it was.” He’s quiet for a moment, probably tugging at the silver tags around his neck, before, “Miss you.”

Remus wants to curse the fucking satellite phones because it choses that exact moment to make an awful, squeaking sound and Remus has to pull the phone away from his ear a little. Sirius’ words get faded out.

“Shit, sorry. I don’t know what that was.” Sirius laughs.

“Try the miles of ocean stretching between us.”

Sirius laughs again but Remus can hear how tight it sounds. He wants to blink his eyes and fly across the land and sea to reach him and make it better.

“How is it? You met up with James and everything?”

“Yeah,” Sirius sighs, “It’s hot. It’s so fucking hot I mean, so hot.”

“Well, you are in…” Remus trails off, realizing he doesn’t know exactly where Sirius is, “…a desert?” He tries.

Sirius laughs, really laughs this time, and Remus wants to melt through the phone and pop out on his side, “That’s an understatement.”

They’re laughing and smiling and Remus swears Sirius could almost be next to him. Almost.

“Tell me about home.”

And Remus’ smile widens because this is Sirius’ favorite question. The one he asks every time. At first, he hadn’t known what to say. In the beginning all he had ever been able to do on these phone calls was tell Sirius how much he missed him and loved him. All he could do was worry about how that call might be the last.

But he’d gotten a grip - sort of - since then. Well, at least he’d gotten to the point where he could hold a conversation without a lump rising in his throat.

So he just talks. He talks about how he and Lily had managed to get to season four of Game of Thrones in just four days. He tells him about the new Mission Impossible movie and the motorbike racing scene that he just knew Sirius would adore. He tells him about singer who was supposably dating two of the Kardashians - the story had been splashed all over the trashy tabloid magazines that Lily had gotten out of sheer boredom.

When he runs out of the big stuff, he talks about what he had for dinner, how his book had finally come from Amazon, about anything and everything his mind could grasp because if he stopped talking he was worried the lump in his throat would come back, until-

“Re.” It was a soft sound, but Remus knew exactly what it meant.

The lump was back.

His eyes found the clock, “No. No, I-“ He’d been talking for the good part of their hour. They barely had five minutes left, “No… Shit, Pads why didn’t you- Why didn’t you stop me?”

“I wanted to hear your voice, love.”

“And I wanted to hear yours-“ Remus cut himself off, his forehead dropping against his knees. He couldn’t wait another week, not when Sirius had barely spoken five words.

“Talk to me.” He said desperately.

“I love you.” There was a rustling sound that Remus somehow knew to be Sirius pressing the phone harder against his cheek, “I love you.”

No, Remus wanted to yell, talk more I need to hear your voice I can’t go another week I need to hear your voice now, please…

Remus squeezed his eyes shut against the threatening burn of tears, “I miss you so much.”

Sirius let out a breath, “I miss you, too. Fuck, I miss you too.” There was a beat of silence, “Re?”

“Yeah?” Anything. You can say anything, just keep talking.

“You’ll…” Sirius’ voice was shaking slightly. It triggered the first of Remus’ tears to slide down his cheek, He wiped it away in annoyance.

Sirius cleared his throat, “Promise me you’re okay.”

Remus nearly scoffed. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, laugh or cry or scream. The sound that came out was a very watery laugh-sob, “You’re asking me to promise that?”

Sirius let out an equally sob-like laugh and sniffed, “Promise me and I’ll promise you.”

Remus tried to squeeze his eyes shut against the tears but they fell anyway. He tried to stop them still, pressing the heal of his palm to his eye, and gripped the phone. Another sob ripped its way up his throat - there was no laughter in it this time.

“Just promise me you’ll come home.” His voice nearly gave out at the end. He wanted to chant it, scream at him to promise because this was fucking hard. It was hard and horrible and he just needed Sirius to come home.

“Re… Of course I promise that. You know I promise that.” Sirius was breathing hard on the other line. It occurred to Remus that he wasn’t fully alone and was trying to look strong. It occurred to him that he wasn’t helping the situation by breaking down.

“I know… I know…” He sniffed, “Fuck, I’ve gone and done it again, haven’t I?”

“No, Moons. You’re perfect, you know that.”

Remus sniffed again, taking a deep breath and pulling up his sweatshirt to wipe at his sticky face, “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

Sirius made a breathy, laughing sound and Remus heard him sniff too.

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

“So much.”


There was a final, long beep and the line went dead.

(Wow, I didn’t think I’d have another chapter up yet but I just was on a roll and I love these two so much. Hope you guys like!)

Imagine Draco taking you to Malfoy Mansion.

Draco smiled as he saw you fidget in your seat. He reached over and took your hand, intertwining your fingers and sending you a reassuring look. Despite his parents seeming intimidating, he knew that his mother was taking a quick liking to you, and that Lucius Malfoy also deemed you ‘worthy’ of his son.

Gulping down your bite of food, you met his loving grey eyes and smiled back, albeit nervous even though Draco seemed relaxed in front of his parents. The fact that was he so laid back had to mean something.

When dinner was finally over, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy excused themselves and invited you back to the manor soon. Narcissa kissed both your cheeks and expressed her delight in meeting the girl that had her dear Draco smiling so much these days. Draco went pink at the cheeks when she said that and you visibly relaxed, laughing at his expense.

Soon, it was only you and your boyfriend, who looped your arm through his and took you wandering through the manor’s halls.

You ended up in a vast room, the only furniture inside was a beautiful piano and you felt your fingers itch with the desire to play it. Draco knew you played piano, yet he didn’t know that it was one of your favorite hobbies and you had grown up playing it whenever you had free time. Hogwarts didn’t exactly give you time to play being that you were preparing for exams.

“Would you like to play?” he asked.

“Yes,” you beamed up at his inquiry. He laughed and led you to the instrument, opening it up and dusting off the bench. He took a seat right next to you and gestured for you to begin. You winked conspiratorially at him before for fingers pressed down on the ivory keys.

Playing was second nature to you and soon, the notes to Swan Lake Suite were emanating from the piano as your hands flew over the keyboard. Draco gaped as you lost yourself in the music, your eyes closing as you played solely from your memory.

Draco marveled at how you submerged yourself in the notes, your passion seeping through every note played and he felt himself leaning over to you. He didn’t let you finish the piece, his hands cupping your face and lips claiming your own in a searing, passionate kiss.

At The Burrow - Fred Weasley Imagine

Anonymous said:Fred weasley imagine of the two of you making out in the Ford Anglia <3 - AN: Sorry it’s not really long, but I wasn’t sure how I could lengthen it out..Hopefully this is short and sweet and you like it. Thanks so much for requesting anon.

 You chuckle and shake your head at a joke George has made, Fred’s hand placed gently on your knee as he whispers in your ear.

‘Come on there’s something I want to show you.’ You smile and follow him from the dinner table. You and Fred had only been on a few dates, when he’d asked you out in the Great Hall you couldn’t help but smile at the memory of how much he blushed after you agreed, it still filled you with warmth.

Now here you were at The Burrow, meeting his mum and dad for the first time. You felt so welcomed and warm straightaway, Molly pulling you into a hug and Arthur shaking your hand a friendly smile on his face. Fred guides you to the side of the house, his hand in yours and opens the passenger door to the blue Ford Anglia, you climb in and smile as Fred shuts the door making his way round to the driver’s seat. You watch him climb in and smile at him.

‘So..A Ford Anglia?’ He smiles at you and lifts his finger in the air.

‘Yes..But not just any Ford Anglia.’ You watch as he starts the engine, the radio starting to play your favourite Weird Sister’s track. You smile and shake your head as Fred explains the modifications his dad made to the car.

‘Well I’m impressed!’ you say laughing. You smile at Fred who smiles back at you, and suddenly feel shy. You lower your eyes to your lap, where your hands are folded awkwardly, risking a glance at Fred through your lashes, who is watching you with softened eyes.

‘You’re really pretty you know?’ You smile and lick your lips, thankful that it’s dark and he can’t see the blush forming on your cheeks.

‘Thank you, you’re really cute.’ Fred smiles at this, all his teeth on show, the car going silent for a moment, the music from the radio filling the air. You feel your stomach pull at his smile, instantly wanting to say something to make him smile like that again.

‘I’ve had a really good time tonight. Your mum and dad are really nice.’ Fred nods his head and turns in the seat reaching out a hand and brushing a stray piece of hair from your face. Your eyes catch his and you lick your lips as your faces pull together through some unspoken force. You move your hand around his neck, your fingers gently stroking the soft skin and close your eyes as his lips gently land onto yours, the butterflies dancing merrily in your stomach. The kiss is soft and tentative at first; unsure of one another but knowing it is what you both want. Adjusting yourself slightly you move closer to Fred, whose hand strokes gently down your back, resting on your hip and gripping you. The kiss becomes more heated, your tongues exploring one another’s mouths and savoring the taste.

A few minutes later you pull apart, breathless and smiling. Fred raising his eyebrow and smiling at you with a lopsided grin.

‘So erm…How do you feel about being my girlfriend then?’ You laugh and nod your head as you pull his face towards yours and kiss him once more, as the fireflies and the crickets dance outside the car, nature orchestrating yours and Fred’s first magical kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Concrete Angel

Lily had always seen James Potter exactly for who he was. Something tragic happens over the summer and suddenly she can’t seem him at all. Heavily inspired by the acoustic version of “Concrete Angel” by Christina Novelli. J/L One-Shot, Marauders Era.

Seriously, I don’t care if you listen to that song before, during or after you read this, but please do. | ff.net

It had happened during the summer.

James had gone out to Diagon Alley with Sirius. The plan was to have some ice cream, maybe get started on back to school shopping. It was supposed to be a quick visit, a one hour ordeal.

Mr. and Mrs. Potter trusted their sons but the wizarding world was more dangerous than ever. It wasn’t safe for two blood traitor teenagers to wander around by themselves.

For the first time since what felt like forever, James had actually decided to listen to his parents and do as he was told.

The plan was to: get in, buy whatever it was that he wanted to buy, then get out. Simple, easy, quick, safe.

She wasn’t supposed to be there. Such was the case, she wasn’t usually where she ought to be.

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Imagine Draco crushing on you, but still treat you badly because you’re a Gryffindor.

Draco swallowed thickly as he spotted you across the Great Hall. He had been trying to think of a way to ask you, but the animosity between his Hogwarts house and yours stopped him. He gripped his fork tightly as frustration rippled inside him. 

At times, he wanted to throw prejudice and other people’s judgement to the wind, ask you out, and declare to you that he had fallen in love with you. But then his friends would make comments about Gryffindors and Potter would do things to irritate Draco, and he’d hold himself back from telling you anything.

Suddenly, your eyes met his through the Great Hall and he saw your shoulders visibly stiffen. Your mouth was a harsh line as you maintained your eyes on him. Draco realized he probably looked confused and immediately changed his expression to that of disdain, smirking malevolently at you. Scoffing, you rolled your eyes and broke eye contact, looking back to the conversation happening at your table.

Draco gulped down the bite of toast he had been chewing on and got on his feet, walking out of the Hall without so much as a word to anyone. Your eyes never left his stooped frame, wondering what the hell had gotten into him. 

“I Triple Dog Dare You”   Draco x reader

This was requested by @blue-little-circle.

Thank you so much for the request!! I am so happy to finally be posting it! I’ve been (and still am) very busy, so it’s been hard to type and post requests. Thank you for being to kind and patient! I loved writing this, and I hope you like it!😘💕


“I triple dog dare you to ask her out on a fake date.”

Draco smirked. “You don’t even have to dare me, Pansy.”

Y/n sprinted down the stairs to Potions. After taking a seat, she got out her notebook and looked over her notes.

Draco sat down beside her. “Hey.” he said, flirting a bit.

Her heart paced with surprise. She’d always had a tiny crush on him. “Hi.” she replied.

“So,” he continued, “I was wondering if you’d like to go to Hogsmeade with me. Like, on a date.”

She stared at him, eyes wide, eyebrows raised. She never thought this day would come. “O-Okay!”

“Great! I’ll see you later then.”

With that, he left, heading to the back of the room to sit with his friends. Y/n didn’t quite understand what was happening, but she didn’t care. Draco had really asked her out.

Saturday came, and y/n woke up early to get ready. She found a cute outfit, threw it on, and quickly applied some lipgloss after brushing her teeth.

She ran through the double door entrance of the school and boarded the train in a haste. Finally finding an empty compartment, she took a seat and opened the book she brought with her.

“Is this seat taken?”

Y/n looked up to see Draco. “No.” she said, shaking head.

He sat down beside her with a smile. “Good!”

She smiled back.

“So, where would you like to go?” he asked

Y/n shrugged. “I don’t know.” She closed her book and set it aside. “I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Well,” Draco chuckled, “what’s your favorite place in Hogsmeade.”

“That’d be Honeydukes and Zonko’s.”

“Then that’s where we’ll go.”

The train finally arrived in Hogsmeade. Y/n exited, followed by Draco. They made their way to Zonko’s just after, watching Fred and George cause a scene in the middle of the store.

“They’re hilarious!” y/n laughed.

“Sometimes those Weasels can be.”

Afterwards, they headed to Honeydukes. Y/n took in the scent of candy and sugar with a grin. Draco noticed how pretty her smile was. Something felt right about hanging out with her. Slowly, he slipped his hand into hers, intertwining his fingers with her soft ones. Y/n’s heart fluttered as she bit her lip, looking away to hide her nervousness.

They walked around for a while, grabbing their favorite types of candy.

“I’m a bit hungry.” y/n stated, getting into the line of paying students.

Draco smiled. “Shall we go to the Three Broomsticks, then?”

Quickly purchasing their sugary goods, they headed to the Three Broomsticks. It wasn’t too crowded, but it was still hard to find a seat. After searching for a few minutes, they found one. Draco went to get butterbeers for the two of them, coming back in time to order some food. Surprisingly, it didn’t take that long for their food to arrive. It didn’t take that long for it to vanish, either. Y/n was starving.

They paid and left, making their way to the fence around the Shrieking Shack. It was silent for quite some time. No words were needed. Suddenly, Draco pulled his hand away from hers.

“Hey y/n?”

She put her fork down on her plate. “Yes, Draco?”

Draco’s expression was filled with sorrow. He bit his lip before he spoke. “I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

He breathed in deeply. He didn’t want to say it. “I’ve had a really great time with you today, but…”

Y/n’s smile faded.

“But, it wasn’t intended to be that way.”

She furrowed her brow. “What do you mean?”

He sighed with regret. “I was dared to ask you on a date. Like, as a prank.”


“But,” he went on, “I just realize-”

Y/n’s temper took over. “I don’t want to hear it. I thought you were a decent person. I guess I was wrong.”

And, with that, she turned on her heel and hurried back to the train. She didn’t feel like speaking to anyone now. She just wanted to get into her bed and cry.

Draco stood still for a moment, thinking of how certain words affect each situation. He was determined to make this one better.

Students boarded the train to head back to Hogwarts. Y/n sat alone in the same compartment as before. Tears slowly rolled down her cheeks, making their way to her jaw and down her neck. She wiped them away with her sleeve and stared out the window.

The compartment door opened. She turned to see who had walked in just to roll her eyes and stare back out the window.

“Is this seat taken?”

No response.

The blonde boy sat down beside her after closing the door. “Y/n, listen…”
She faced him with anger. “Why I should I?” she questioned.

“I don’t know.”

“Well, what is it?”

He looked into her eyes. “I wasn’t lying when I said that I had a great time. I really did.”

She listened.

“I know you’re upset that I went through with that dare to ask you on a fake date, but…” He took a deep breath. “Somehow, it became real for me. It just felt right to be hanging out with you. You’re lovely. I’m sorry I ruined your day.”

She smiled slightly as she looked at the floor.

“I understand if you can’t forgive me. I wouldn’t.”

“You really mean that?”

“All of it.”

Silence took over as they continued their journey back to school.

“Truth or dare?” Draco asked, breaking that silence.


He bit his lip with a smile. “I triple dog dare you to go on a real date with me.”

“You don’t even have to dare me, Draco.”


Paring: Draco MalfoyxFem!Reader

Request: #2 w draco x gryffindor reader pls?

Number 2: “Is that Y/N? Has she always been this hot?”

Author’s Notes: So I am not as proud of this one as I would like to be, and it is not as long as the previous imagine I posted, but I really did try! Please send in requests. I’m currently working on the ones I have in my inbox now.

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Draco was sat alongside his friends at the table. It was the first dinner of his fifth year at Hogwarts. He began to tune out the conversation between Goyle and Blaise and ignored the fact that Pansy constantly touched his arm or hand and looked around the Great Hall. Everyone in his year seemed to have changed drastically over the summer. Even the Hufflepuffs had began to look decent. None of them were what Draco found attractive though. He hadn’t been able to fall for anyone at Hogwarts so far, and honestly he wishes he could. He, although it doesn’t seem like it, has a whole lot of love in his heart and he really wants to share that love with someone. His grey eyes scanned over the Ravenclaw table and moved onto the table where the boy who lived sat. Draco rolled his eyes as he skipped completely over Harry and his friends but then something, or someone, caught his eye and he could not stop himself from staring. 

You and all of your friends laughed wholeheartedly when Neville told you all a story of something that happened to him over the summer break. Suddenly you stopped laughing, it felt as though someone was staring at you. You always felt uncomfortable when people stared at you, as you aren’t the most confident person in the world. One of your best friends, Seamus, hit your arm softly. “Oi, Y/N, why is Malfoy staring at you?” You looked at your friend in disbelief before scanning the Slytherin table trying to find the boy with the platinum blonde hair. He was sat next to Crabbe and Goyle and when your eyes found him, you discovered that your best friend was right. Draco was staring at you, and had been for a while. In that moment the two of you seemed to be the only people in the Great Hall and you didn’t want to break the eye contact, but were forced to once Dumbledore started to speak. 

“Blaise,” Draco whispered trying to get the attention of his friend. “Hey Zabini!” he tossed a piece of bread at the boy seated across from him. Blaise groaned and picked up the bread, throwing it back. “What do you want mate? I’m trying to see the fresh meat.” Draco rolled his eyes and pointed in your direction. “Who is that?” he questioned Blaise. Blaise followed Draco’s finger to the Gryffindor table. “Oh,” he began. “That’s Y/N Y/LN.” he stated simply, turning his attention back to the sorting hat in the front of the room. “Is that really Y/N? Has she always been this hot?" Draco was in disbelief. Sure he had seen you before, the Gryffindors and Slytherins had plenty of classes together. He never payed much attention to you, as you were a Gryffindor. But he didn’t have the same disdain towards you that he did to the other people in your house. He couldn’t tell what was different about you at all. Something changed about you over the summer and now he cannot stop looking at you. You’re the most beautiful person that he has ever seen and he needs to speak with you. He didn’t even look away when you returned his gaze for a second time. He just used his head to gesture into the hallway, hoping that you would understand. Smiling after you stood up and walked into the hallway, Draco excused himself, saying something along the lines of "I’m bored, I am going to go to my room.”

kissed you once, now i can’t leave (everything you do is magic) by harrytomlinsonwhoops for the hlyearlyficfest (girl!larry, 20k+)

There’s a war going on right outside Hogwarts walls, there are people that want to kill her friends for what runs through their veins, but right now, all Harry can think about is the warmth of Louis’ fingers tangled with hers, and nothing else really matters much (or, the fem!larry hogwarts AU that nobody actually asked for, but you’re all getting anyway).