harry potter fancy dress


“Would you like something to drink love?” Draco asked with a smile as you moved to sit down for a little bit. You had been dancing the night away with the blonde haired ‘prince’ of Slytherin and to be honest you were starting to need a break. So when he suggested drinks you instantly agreed.

His arm stayed looped around your waist, keeping your body close to him. He had been a perfect gentleman all night, romantic and sweet and caring. It was one of the only times he was like this in public. You were enjoying it, his arm keeping you close to him, the dancing, the suit.

“You look tired princess,” Draco smiled softly as you rested your head against his shoulder. It was nearly two am now, the party was finally winding down and so was everyone else. You simply nodded against his shoulder as he smiled, “Come on, we should get you to bed,” He answered.

As you began to walk out the door you felt Draco sweep you off your feet, now carrying you as you looked at him, a giggle escaping your lips, “What are you doing?” You asked as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Treating you how you should be treated,” Draco answered with a grin, “Like a princess.”

tfw you get invited to a harry potter fancy dress birthday party and you know in your heart of hearts that no-one else is going to fully commit to the theme but you don’t give a fuck because you DO own ten different kinds of green glitter and you WILL be attending as Disco Basilisk and NOBODY CAN STOP YOU