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Mildly Human-Looking Aliens though??????

Okay but with all this humans are the weird ones, space australia and humans are space orcs stuff i’ve been reading on here, imagine a race out there that looks mildly human-like. Like, maybe they only have abnormal eye colours (like liquid gold or sunset pink) or different skin colours or tails or wings or something but other than that, they look almost exactly the same. just imagine

Their entire race is now completely used to being mistaken for a human and the once weak race is has now merged into one of power and respect. The humans have no clue because they haven’t actually reached that part of the universe yet but every other alien race thinks they have and are now terrified because holy lexim the humans got there, made a home on a new planet and have somehow not been wiped out in only ‘X amount of’ Human years it took us like 10 Brilkaks how did they do this so fast w h a t

The other aliens don’t even question the wings/tails/ears etc because most of them are actually used to a rather respected human thing called ‘cosplay’. (Most of the universe actually got a very good idea of it when one of the Telk Uuns transformed into a human called ‘Harry Potter’ and was enthusiastically congratulated on ‘such a realistic cosplay it’s like you’re actually him!’. The humans, when they learned that it wasn’t a cosplay at all but merely a simple transformation, had flipped and excitedly made a large commotion in the Telk Uun’s Hall of Ushvaac, scaring the Telk Uuns out of their disguises.)

Anyway, when the humans actually do find out, they’re actually amused and make a peace treaty with their look-a-like friends. occasionally they’ll swap and a few of the Human B’s will visit Earth and a few Humans will visit Earth 2 (Krexar’un)

Back on Earth the Human B’s (also knowns as the Krexarns) make easy friends because most of the humans think the situation is hilarious. Eventually the human’s begin to make classes for the transfer Krexarns so they can learn about Human traditions and historical moments to be more convincing when interacting with other aliens. The Krexarns absolutely falling in love with some of the apparently not-pet-able animals ‘nO ILTAR THATS A SHARK DO NOT PET IT GET BACK HERE’ *cue hyperventilation* and their human friends inevitably becoming the mum friend regardless and constantly worrying that they might get attacked every time they visit the beach. (the poor already mum friends become Mum Friends 2.0.)

Over on Krexar’un, humans are treated with a great deal of respect however because they’re Very Curious, they often have to be surrounded by guards to make sure they don’t kill them selves by wandering into any native animals. Nevertheless, the humans will often escape their guards and many of the Krexarn children begin going to the Human transfers to get lessons on it. (ehhh, basically the same thing as on Earth but including lessons on how not to die on Krexar’un)

Eventually all the other aliens learn that the Krexarns aren’t human and are pissed but that soon melts away when they learn how close the Krexarns and the humans now are and oh mirtd do not cross them the humans will find out and you will make them mad


Reading posts about Scorpius’ mannerisms in the play made me want to draw this nerd with a variety of silly expressions…!


potterstudy’s studyblr introduction post   ̖́-

– introduction

hey! i’m celine and this is my brand new studyblr account! i’ve been on tumblr for years ( @katiebells​ ) but have finally decided to join the studyblr community with starting college this fall!

– the basics

- celine
- 18 years old
- incoming college freshman
- gryffindor primary / ravenclaw secondary
- enfp
- main blog > @katiebells​ 

– lifestyle

- musical theater kid / singer
- bibliophile
- bullet journaler
- jewish n’ bisexual
- lover of the color yellow
- harry potter enthusiast ( hence the url )

– academics

- i have not signed up for classes yet, but when i do they will be here !
- in a program at my college where i create my major, my main focuses are:
— women’s, gender, & sexuality studies
— media studies
— forensic psych
— musical theater
— holocaust studies
— hebrew

– why studyblr

because i have a bullet journal and i love studying and just wanted a place to get tips on it and such ??? idk man

– my studyblr inspirations

@studyblr @academiix @studygraycee @rhubarbstudies @zeestudies @studyign @studytherin @acaedmic@flaheistudies@focusign@hufflepuffwannabe@hufflepuffsstudies@studylustre@emmastudies@bookmrk@the-girlygeek@stvdybuddies​ 

okay but how about art in the wizarding world though?

  • art that uses the viewer’s personality to get its message across. artworks that incorporate a boggart show everyone their worst fear, but it’s painted in such a beautiful way that you can’t help but stare in awe. halls that feature blank canvas after blank canvas with amortentia diffusers in them so everyone leaves feeling like it’s the most amazing exhibition they’ve seen in their lives
  • art where the colors literally burst off the canvas. art where the paint is charmed to stay forever damp so it bleeds on your fingertips when you touch it. art where the model reaches an arm out to you - you grab it and it pulls you into the painting like a firecall. when you manage to wrestle yourself free of the death grip it has you in you’re covered in paint and the model looks at you wistfully from the canvas
  • art exhibitions where ghosts take your hand and lead you around silently. if you press you might be able to strike up a conversation, though you’re told to be silent. when you exchange whispers with the sad-looking ghost with long personal stories behind each painting you figure out he’s the artist
  • incredibly realistic art of places around the world that doubles as a portkey - once every few hours a lucky few get transported to the place it pictures. a little boy touches the painting of the deep sea even though his mother tells him not to and gets pulled away in a storm. he’s rescued just in time due to the museum keeping records of all portkey-coupled paintings
  • although this type of art isn’t just for museums and galleries. musicians using their art to speak for them. talk to the girl with long black hair and the guitar on the affiche pasted on the town house and she might sing a song for you. when she’s done she’ll tell you about her gig next saturday. 
  • similarly, graffiti artists using magic in their art. a spray-painted message on the inside of a tunnel that changes depending who looks at it - it’s invisible for aurors and ministry officials due to an advanced legilimency technique. graffiti messages that flicker on and off like a neon sign. tags that automatically paint themselves again over every graffiti painted over them. animated graffiti works on buildings and typography that reads itself aloud if you ask it to

just. art in the wizarding world. 

ID #27996

Name: Jasmina
Age: 18
Country: United Kingdom

 Hiya ^-^
I’m an enthusiastic person, I live off bad jokes and memes. I’m obsessed with reading (fiction, drama, fantasy… Harry Potter, TMI, and so on..) and writing (I’m going on to study journalism this year). I love DIY and crafty things, I used to make little polymer clay figurines when I had more spare time in my life, hoping to get back into that soon. In the mean time I’m journaling, writing book reviews, drinking a lot of tea, and watching YouTube or anime (or both). I’m into alternative fashion and lifestyle (my hair is constantly different colours and I’m all about standing out from the crowd, at the same time being a bit scared to. Don’t ask how that works. I have no clue). I’m looking for deep conversations and hopefully a great friendship :3

- if you support Trump then no thanks :)
- if you’re homophobic or any other type of ass then no thanks :)


Request: Hii, could do you write a theo imagine based on ‘how to be a heartbreaker’ by marina and the diamonds?? I love your imagines btw xx  

Word Count: 1.34K words

Pairing:Theo Raeken X Reader



“Are you kidding me Stiles?”I asked him.

“Please Y/N,just pretend to be interested in him and make him fall for you.”Liam said.

“Yeah,that way we can know more about him,”Stiles said hopefully.

We were currently at the hallways.Stiles,me and Liam.They were asking me to make Theo,the mysterious boy who just came to Beacon Hills,to fall in love with me.

“C’mon you’re perfect for this job,”Stiles sighed.

“Excuse me?”I asked irritated.

Liam lightly punched Stiles and said,”he meant like you know only you can help us,we saw the way he looks at you,he’s totally into you.”

“Oh wow,”I mumbled.

“Yeah,we know this will be your first time to pretend to be in love,but it’s for the sake of the pack,please Y/N,”Stiles begged.

“Okay fine,I will try.”I sighed giving up.

Liam and Stiles hugged me tightly before saying thank you several times.

I chuckled and hugged them back.I love them.

Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun,
But baby when you’re done, you gotta be the first to run

I was nervous as to how I will pull this plan off,last night I couldn’t sleep.I made scenes in my head on how to approach and how to find out his secrets.

I decided I will start off by casual flirting,so when the next day I saw him in the hallways,I walked towards him confidently.


“Yeah,hi Y/N,”he said smirking.

“So,how’s school going so far?”I started making a conversation.

“It’s going pretty well,”he said.

The school bell rang.

“My first class is English,see you later Theo,”I said beginning to walk away.

“I have English now as well,you didn’t notice?”He chuckled.

“Oh right,I forgot,let’s walk together?”I asked playing it off cool.


*after few weeks*

“Your place tonight?”Theo asked while walking towards the school’s exit door.

“Yeah,we will have another Harry Potter marathon!”I said enthusiastically.

“Okay,or we could Netflix and chill,you know.”He winked.

I blushed and slapped his shoulder playfully.

These past few weeks I got Theo to like me more and things got a little intimate between us as well.He was amazing.

Rule number two, just don’t get attached to,
Somebody you could lose

Every passing day I felt guiltier to have to pretend with Theo.Now the situation have gone so far out of my hand that I actually started falling for him.

I tried,I tried so much not to feel attached but I couldn’t stop myself.

“Hey you okay there?”Theo’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Hmm,”I replied.

“You look distracted my love,you okay?”He asked concerned.

“No it’s nothing,”I said cuddling more to his side and trying to watch the movie,even though I paid no attention.

This is how to be a heartbreaker
Boys they like a little danger
We’ll get him falling for a stranger, a player

Currently we were baking cupcakes together at his place.He was so concentrated making the batter.I just admired him.Once he was done and put the batter in the oven I decided to talk to him.

“Theo?”I asked.

“Yes?”He smiled.

“Why do you love me?”I blurted out.

“Because you make amazing lasagna,”he joked.

“Oh shut up,like for real?”

“I love you because out of everything in my life you’re the only one who makes sense,who cares for me and god I don’t know but you’re just so perfect,beautiful and mine.”He started.

”Also,you’re the only girl I’ve seen who’s so strong,who wouldn’t settle for unfair business and is so smart.”He concluded.

I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks,this is not fair,he didn’t deserve me.

“Baby,why are you crying?”He asked coming closer to me and cupping my face.

“Nothing,I love you Theo,”I replied kissing him.

Cause I lo-lo-lo-love you. 

Rule number three, wear your heart on your cheek
But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat

Each passing day,I fall for him more.I lost,I lost when the first day he said he loved me,and I genuinely loved him,cared for him.

After the second week,I didn’t even pretend to be honest.It was genuine. 

Rule number four, gotta be looking pure
Kiss him goodbye at the door and leave him wanting more-more

Tonight was great,”Theo said walking me to my doorstep.

“It was,baby.”I kissed him,which soon turned into a makeout session.

“Okay,okay stop.”I laughed pulling off.

“Why so soon?I love you,kiss me.”He pouted.

“No,go home,I’ll see you at school.”I laughed.

“Fine,”he whined.

“Love you,”I called back.

“Love you more.”He yelled back.

Girls, we do, whatever it will take
Cause girls don’t want, we don’t want our hearts to break
In two, so it’s better to be fake
Can’t risk losing in love again babe.

I was tired to be fake around Theo,although I genuinely love him.I thought he didn’t deserve me,and this relationship started out as a lie.I decided to tell Stiles,now I don’t even pretend and I’m with him fully and deeply and madly.

I can’t risk him finding out from someone else,it’s time I inform Liam and Stiles to never mention it infront of him.

I walked towards the hallway and saw Stiles and Liam along with Hayden and Mason.

“Hi Y/N,”Hayden said smiling.

“Hey guys.”I smiled weakly.

“You look sad,what happened?”Mason asked concerned.

“I’m fine,just a bit tired,”I shrugged.

“Okay.”Stiles said smiling.

“Hayden,Mase?Can I talk with Liam and Stiles alone?If you don’t mind?”I asked.

“Sure Y/N,but you kids better not be plotting my murder.”Mason joked.

“Can’t make promises.”I chuckled lowly.

“Hahaha,okay gotta go,bye Liam,bye guys.”Hayden said kissing Liam briefly.

After they left Liam asked,”what is it Y/N?”

“I want you guys to know that,now I don’t even pretend.I fell for him,for real.”I sighed.

“No Y/N,he’s dangerous.”Stiles began.

“Oh how so?”I questioned.

“I don’t know,but I do know he’ll break your heart.”

“If he does break my heart,I deserve it since I started talking with him just because you guys said so,I was not even interested in him.”As I finished,I saw Liam and Stiles looking nervous.

I turned around to see what they were so nervous about and the colour of my face drained as I spotted Theo,who listened to only the last part of the conversation probably.

“Theo…”I said slowly.

I saw his face wore a hurt expression,he looked disappointed,he started walking outside the school.

“THEO,WAIT!”I yelled running after him.

“PLEASE THEO,STOP.”I stopped him as he was beginning to open his car door.

“Please let me explain baby,”I said my voice cracking.

“Don’t you dare baby me.”He said through gritted teeth.

“I swear after two weeks,I felt genuinely adoration towards you,please believe me.”I begged.

“You played with my heart,do you even love me?”He asked looking completely broken.

“I do!”I insisted cupping his face.

“Really Y/N?You sure you weren’t playing around?”He asked furiously.

“Please Theo believe me,if you listened to the conversation from the start you would’ve known I actually fell for you.”

“I don’t believe you,you’re a liar,a player.I trusted you so much,I spent nights showing you how much I loved you,and all these time you were just faking it.”He said shakily.

“Loved?”I said slowly.

“Yeah loved,because now I don’t think I will ever be able to love you again.”He said turning the other way.

“Please Theo,don’t let us end,give me a second chance,please Theo.”I said hugging him from behind.He tensed up.

“There was no us,it was only one sided,I can’t risk it.”

“Please Theo..”

“Stop it Y/N,you’ve done enough damage.”His voice cracked.

He got in his car and drove away,leaving me heartbroken.I deserved it.

How Darwinian - vague_enthusiast - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
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Bonding 6

Warnings: None other than fluffiness
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Charlie Bradbury, Castiel (mentioned) Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: You and Charlie spend a day bonding.
Readers Age: 6 years old
Word Count: 975

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: This turned out a little longer than expected but I DON’T CARE BECAUSE I MISS CHARLIE AND SHE NEEDS TO COME BACK! This is a series I’m doing where the spn characters bond with a 6 years old Winchester sister! Enjoy!

“Hey, Charlie, I really need you to come take care of Y/N today. Dean, Cas and I have a ‘special job’ to do and no one can take care of Y/N. Call me back when you can.” Sam hung up the phone, you were sitting on Sam’s hip as he walked around the bunker getting things ready for today. Sam only told you that they had to leave for their ‘special job’ so Charlie was going to come watch you until they get back.

You’ve met Charlie a few times and you really like her. It’s refreshing having a girl around even though you like having the guys around because it makes you feel safe. Charlie is a good change of pace, and she’s just a blast to be around.

“Dean! Where’s my laptop?” Sam yelled as he searched around the library for his laptop, you still attached to his side. 

“It’s where you last put it!” you heard the echo of Dean’s voice. Sam sighed and rolled his eyes which made you giggle, and Sam smiled at the sound you made.

You heard Sam’s phone ring, he reached into his pocket and got it out, and answered it, “Hey, Charlie,” Sam greeted. You couldn’t hear her on the other end, but Sam seemed relieved. Sam hung up the phone, “Alright, Y/N/N. Charlie’s gonna come over for a little while.” Sam said. 

“Yay!” you cheered and hugged Sam, he chuckled and hugged you back.

…Hour Later…

You heard a knock at the bunker door and you got excited, “CHARLIE’S HERE!” you screamed as you got up and ran up the stairs.

“No, Y/N, wait!” Dean yelled as he chased after you, wanting to make sure it was Charlie and not a monster.

You got to the door and tried getting it open, but it was too heavy. Dean got up the stairs and picked you up, “We’ve told you not to open the door without us,” Dean reminded you. 

You looked down at the ground and mumbled, “Sorry,” Dean kissed your head and opened the door.

There stood a semi-short, red-headed woman, your eyes lit up and you leaped into her arms, she made a huff but nonetheless picked you up and sat you on her hip. “Hey, there Lil’ Chewbacca!” Charlie greeted. 

“Hi!” you responded cheerfully. Dean stepped to the side and Charlie made her way down the stairs along with you.

“Hey, Charlie. Thanks for coming on such short notice,” Sam thanked as he hugged her.

“Ah, no problem. I love spending time with this little monster,” Charlie said as she tickled you, earning a few giggles from you.

“Okay, well, we gotta get going,” Dean said as he kissed the top of your head, Sam did the same and they both waved bye. You and Charlie waved back. 

“Alright, Munchkin, what do you wanna do?” Charlie asked you. You thought for a minute before scrambling out of her arms and running to your room.

You came back with a bucket-load of action figures Charlie gave you, “We can play Star Wars with Harry Potter!” you said enthusiastically. 

“Hmm, Star Wars, Harry Potter mash-up? I’m in.” Charlie responded, you smiled and began setting up the toys.

You dropped the toys you had in your hands and sighed, “I’m bored.” you spoke, crossing your arms while making a pouting face. 

Charlie thought for a moment, “Y'know what I think would be fun?” Charlie asked as she got up, you followed. 


Charlie got out her iPod and plugged it into a speaker, “Dancing,” she pushed play and 'I’m Walking On Sunshine’ started blasting through the speakers. She turned around and started throwing her arms up into the air while bouncing up, down, back and forth. You laughed but joined her.

…Two Hours Later…

'Time flies by when you’re having fun.’ your brothers always said that and indeed it does. You danced and sung with Charlie until you both lost your voices, and collapsed from exhaustion. 

“I’m hungry,” you huffed as you both lied on the floor, looking up at the ceiling. 

Charlie turned her head towards you, “I am, too. Let’s get some food!” She said as she got up and helped you up.

…Half Hour Later…

You both arrived at a diner since it was the closest to the bunker, the waitress that works there knows you and your brothers, so you always get a discount. You both took a seat at a booth, Charlie on one side, you on the other. You didn’t bother looking at the menu because you already knew what you wanted.

Your regular waitress came over, Danielle, but she told you to call her Danny, “Well, hello there, Cupcake.” She greeted, “Hey, Charlie. What can I get ya?” Danny asked. 

“I’ll have the cheeseburger, please,” Charlie responded, folding her menu.

“And Mac 'N Cheese for you, Sweetie?” Danny asked and you nodded. Danny took your menus and left.

You both ate and went back to the bunker, you were exhausted at this point, it was a big day for a little one like you. You both entered the bunker and walked down the stairs.

You turned to Charlie and made a grabbing motion with your hands, Charlie smiled and pick you up, you laid your head on her shoulder.

Charlie carried you to your room, she laid you down gently on your bed. She pulled the covers on top of you and was about to leave when she saw a stuffed animal, a squirrel to be exact. She chuckled and grabbed the squirrel, setting it down right next to you, Charlie smiled and kissed your head. She went to your doorway, shut the light off and left the door cracked open.

You love having one on one girl time, and who better to spend it with than Charlie?

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Have you ever thought about how Cisco “Harry Potter Enthusiast” Ramon reacted to seeing Julian for the first time? I can totally imagine him grinning and then giving him his most serious stare and shaking Julian’s hand. On the inside, he’s totally freaking about how this stranger looks exactly like a character from one of his favorite series.

Can you just imagine Cisco being so shook by Julian’s appearance? Him just trying to keep his calm as he shakes Julian’s hand.

“Cisco Ramon,” Cisco introduced himself.

“Julian Albert,” The blonde nodded curtly and extended his hand.

“Draco Malfoy,” Cisco murmured as he shook Julian’s hand.

“Pardon?” Julian let go of Cisco’s hand and stared at him quizzically.

“You’re a long way from home,” Cisco countered eyeing Julian unnervingly.

“Ah, yes, Epsom–”

“Hogwarts,” Cisco cracked a smile. “I think you mean Hogwarts.”

“Oh no, please don’t–”

“Wow, you really look exactly like him!” Cisco beamed. “You’re just less pale and your hair is darker. Can you do a line from the movie?”

Julian rolled his eyes, “I am not going to do a line.”

Cisco pouted and Julain cracked.

“Fine!” Julian snapped.

The young blonde composed his face to of arrogance and regal. His eyes were cold and still as he glared at a quivering and positively buzzing Cisco Ramon.

“Scared, Potter?”



“Please!” Cisco’s eyes grew wide and he twisted his lips to his best pout yet.

Julian sighed and slowly and angrily said, “My father will hear about this.”

Cisco clapped excitedly, “I can die happy now.”

“Good, satisfied then?” Julian said. “I thought moving elsewhere would help with all the comparisons. Honestly, I think it’s total rubbish. We look nothing alike.”

“Sure, sure. Can I ask you something else?”

“I suppose so. You’ll ask me anyway.”

“How exactly does one pass the anti-Muggle wards to get to Hogwarts?”

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oh-little-sleepy-boy  asked:

I would love a Harry Potter au list please and thanks you xx

I’ve waited for this question for so long!! Thanks so much!! :D

You Are The Blood

What Good Are The Stars Above

Follow Me Down This Time

your certain charms

where we go, nobody knows (in progress)

if you’ll be my star, i’ll be your sky

Magical Soup

We found love (right where we are)

i’ll be yours to keep

L’Été en Azur

Hello Sunshine

The Art of Reading Tea Leaves

Any other Harry Potter enthusiasts around here? :)

WHAT IF: We live in the world full of our favorite fictional characters. And in your street: 

Percy heads to the swimming pool and passes Peeta in the bakery with Katniss and Gale. Tris and Tobias jumps off building and trains, and Harry , Hermoine and Ron will use a spell to make sure they lands safely. Clary and Jace use a rune to cure Augustus’ cancer, Alaska Young offering him a pack of Marlboro and Charlie, Sam and Patrick all cheer him on when he walks out of the hospital with Hazel Grace by his side. 


The Proposal

“Could you do an imagine with the reader dating Fred Weasley and he proposes in a typical Weasley twin way? Good luck with your new blog!!”

My first imagine, and it’s such a good request! Enjoy :)

(Y/N): Your Name

(Y/E/C): Your Eye Colour

Students began to flow into the Great Hall in steady streams as dinner approached, within minutes the tables were filled and the buzz of conversations and laughter bounced around the stone walls. The food appeared as it always did, filling the tables with different aromas and colours, and everyone began to tuck in.

(Y/N) began to shuffle in her seat impatiently, craning her neck around her friends to periodically peer at the grand doors of the hall. Growing evermore impatient and occasionally huffing. After the fifth or so huff, Hermione felt it appropriate to ask what was troubling her.

“Fred.” (Y/N) stated simply, leaning forwards onto the table, palm of her hand squashed against her cheek. “He told me that I had to be at dinner right on time because he desperately needed to talk to me, and he’s not even here! Such a Fred-thing to do.”

The others nodded in agreement, many of them now also peering curiously across at the entrance. George was absent too, of course, the twins never seemed to be apart from each other.

“He probably just hasn’t realised the time” Hermione offered.

“Or forgot.” Ron interjected.

(Y/N) frowned, about to respond when the doors flung open with a deafening crash, causing many to either yelp out in fear, drop their food, or both. There was a split second of silence, then suddenly two blurs of bright colour whizzed between the tables, giving off small sparks and filling the hall with heat. The teachers were now on their feet at the head table, along with a few scared students. There was another chorus of startled yelps as bursts of colour began to explode vibrantly in the ceiling of the hall.

“Your boyfriend’s here” Ginny leant across to (Y/N) and whispered, a grin on her face.

The lightshow went on for a short while, the teachers continued to look less than impressed but the students were certainly enjoying it. (Y/N) smiled down into her plate and shook her head, those two always required such a grand entrance, but what was so important about fireworks that Fred had so urgently required her there? As she pondered, she was aware that the pops and bangs had stopped, and instead the hall gasped collectively. Then she was being elbowed sharply in the side by Hermione, “(Y/N), look up!”

She turned around in her seat and looked up at the ceiling, before gasping loudly in shock and covering her mouth with both hands. The ceiling was still lit up, but now the small sparks had formed a sentence across the air, it read;

‘(Y/N), will you marry me?’

As (Y/N) stared up at in in disbelief, she barely registered her fiery-haired boyfriend floating down in front of her on his broom. As she continued to stare up the ceiling, wide eyed and in a mild state of shock, Fred dismounted down onto one knee and pulled a small red trinket box from his pocket. Her (Y/E/C) eyes snapped back down at him as he spoke her name. He opened his mouth to ask the question that was already sparkling above them, but (Y/N) cut him off before he even could.

“Yes! Of course yes!” She stammered out, moving her hands away from her mouth. She didn’t even wait for Fred to slip the ring onto her finger, instead she jumped to her feet and pulled him up into an embrace, her legs shaking.

The Gryffindors around them began to cheer and bellow loudly, and soon applause and yells filled the hall. The Slytherin table was quiet of course, along with a few professors who were still recovering from the shock of the fireworks. Even McGonagall was on her feet clapping enthusiastically.