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Imagine: Being a Weasley and Draco stays.

(Part 1) (Part 2)

“Harry Potter is dead!” Voldemort shouted causing all of the dead eaters to laugh. You held your twin back as you tried not to cry yourself. Ginny screamed in anguish Voldemort firing a spell towards us to make her cease. 

 “Stupid girl.” He spat. “From this day forth, you put your faith… in me. And now is the time to declare yourself. Come forward and join us… or die.” Silent tears spilled down your cheeks as Ron hugged you and your despair filled sister. 

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Fugientibus-Part 16

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Characters: Y/n, Professor Snape, Harry, Draco, Lucius, Narcissa, Lord Voldemort, OC Cassandra

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL), ??? x Y/n…

Warnings: Angst, sadness, fighting, crazy ass Cassandra arriving, murdering, fluff at the end!!

Word Count: 1849

Summary: The final battle arrives.

A/N: Ok, sixteenth part!! Only one more part left!! The next part is gonna be a flash-forward thingy!! But yea, hope u like it!!

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Fugientibus Masterlist

Harry left you in the office, at your insistence.

He had more important things to do. He had Voldemort to destroy.

So you made him leave, even if you felt broken inside. Completely broken.

Never before had you felt this type of pain.

You’d never even experienced having a relative die.

But this? Losing the Professor?

It was worse than the torture you felt at the hands of Cassandra. It was worse than the betrayal of Draco.

It was the worst pain you’d ever felt.

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“the death eaters are dead now, and harry potter was hungrier than he had ever been” is the greatest phrase in the english language because there is no way you could ever have fucking expected the ending

Love and War

Title: Love and War
Ship: Draco x Reader
Summary: Draco and (Y/N) have been together for two years. After Harry has been brought back to Hogwarts dead and Voldemort is asking for more followers, (Y/N) Tries to convince Draco to stay.
Notes: (Y/N) - Your Name
Requested: No

(Y/N) was with Draco in the Great Hall when the shouting began.

“Who’s that?”

“Guys look!“

The students and teachers were guided to the front gates of the castle. Though they did not look like the gates anymore. They had fallen over and shattered into a million pieces as the building around them were piles of rubble. (Y/N) held on to Draco’s hand so they would not get lost in the crowd. Everyone had gathered at the gates and stared at the people before them.

(Y/N) tried to get a glimpse of who was arriving. She noticed Death Eaters. And tons of them. She could not bring herself to look at Draco, but she squeezed his hand as reassurance that he was okay… Well, as much as he could be.

He squeezed back weakly as they anxiously watched the group approach. They seemed to walk as slow as possible, causing the tension to burn in the air. As they got closer, (Y/N) noticed Hagrid, ropes around his arms and was being guided by some of the Death Eaters. But she looked closer and noticed someone in his arms. No. It could not be.

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