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Hogwarts Houses as Ballet Dancers


Slytherins have a precise technique and they make the audience feel all the emotion on stage. They are the most competitives in the company and every dancer knows that they kill with their technique and passion. They were just born for the big roles and they totally rock it. They don’t like to admit, but their lifes wouldn’t be as good without ballet.

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Gryffindors are more emotion than technique. Their movements aren’t 100% right, but the emotion they transmit always compensate. They are the ones who won’t be scared of getting a big role. We can’t forget that they are the ones who are always injured as they secretly never stop until get it right.

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Ravenclaws have more than a precise technique. They spend hours and hours rehearsing until every single one of their steps are in the perfect position and timing. As much as they have a perfect execution it just lacks connection with their partners and emotion. If they don’t get a big role, it’s better to stay away or they might throw a pointe shoe on you.

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Hufflepuffs are entirely passion. They are the ones who were borned to dance, as they dance on the stage the audience is crying with joy or sorrow. You can feel how much they enjoy dancing just by looking at them. They are very easily to be partners with and they have chemistry with everyone, especially slytherins.

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5 Pirouettes

5th day of Christmas…

Maybe I’ll tell him tonight, Harry thought as he found his seat in the third row. Maybe he’ll even feel the same way.

Harry and Draco had been sleeping together for three months now, and Harry was considering admitting to Draco that he was attracted to him in more than just a physical way. He hoped that his feelings weren’t entirely one-sided. He thought it was a good sign that Draco had invited him to his show tonight, and even got Harry’s ticket for him. Although the ticket was free, of course, for Draco, since he was one of the leads.

Harry sighed and tried not to think about it as he opened his program. He flipped through the pages listlessly until he found Draco’s picture and bio. It was a moving photograph, and in it Draco was taking a bow and laughing as he did so. Harry felt a surge of affection and glanced at the flowers he’d bought for Draco that were resting under his seat.

Are the flowers too much? Harry wondered.

Harry was in the middle of contemplating this when the woman in the seat next to him asked, “Have you ever been to The Nutcracker before?”

“What? Were you talking to me?”

The woman smiled and nodded. She looked to be around Harry’s age, and something about her brown ringlets and blue eyes was familiar to Harry.

“Oh. No, I’ve never been to The Nutcracker before. I know someone who’s in it this year, though.”

The woman’s smile grew. “Really? I know someone in the cast, too. The dancer who plays the Cavalier, Draco Malfoy, is an old friend of mine. He actually got my ticket for me. Anyways, who do you know in the show?”

“Uh, actually, it’s Draco. I’m Harry, by the way, Harry Potter.”

The woman’s eyes grew wide. “Oh, of course. How could I not have recognized you? I’m Astoria Greengrass.” She paused to shake Harry’s hand. She didn’t seem to notice how Harry’s expression turned somber when she said her name. Harry knew that she and Draco had been engaged a few years back, and Draco broke it off because it wasn’t fair to lead Astoria on when he knew he was gay. Still, the two had remained friends. They went to lunch together often, and Harry sometimes wondered if Astoria still had feelings for Draco. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Potter. I didn’t know that you knew Draco. Are you two friends?”
“I guess you could say that.” Harry shifted in his seat awkwardly, feeling like Draco had only given him the ticket because he knew Harry had feelings for him, just like Astoria, and felt bad for not feeling the same way. “He’s never mentioned me?” Harry asked Astoria, doing his best to ignore the sinking feeling in his gut.

“No, I don’t think so,” Astoria said. “Oh look, the show’s starting.”

As the curtains opened and the music began to play, Harry pushed the flowers farther beneath his seat with his foot and thought decidedly, I will not tell Draco tonight.

“The first half was good, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah, I didn’t see Draco though.”

“No, he won’t be in it til Act Two. He even has a solo towards the end. Have you ever seen him dance before?”

Harry gulped. Yes, he’d seen Draco dance before. In his own kitchen, in fact, wearing nothing but pants. Just last weekend Draco had been trying to teach Harry how to dance after spending the night at his flat. Draco would burst out laughing at Harry’s sorry attempts at arabesques and after a dozen failed efforts, he would eventually stop trying to turn Harry into a dancer and take him back to bed for a different kind of exercise.

“Yeah, I’ve seen him dance before. He’s amazing.”

Astoria nodded. “Isn’t he just? There’s something about the way he carries himself. So graceful. And his face is so into it as well. You can tell that he puts a lot of emotion into his dancing.”

“Yeah,” Harry agreed, fighting back a lovesick sigh.

“Did you see him in Giselle?”

“Um, no. Is that another ballet?”

Astoria laughed. “Yes. Draco was very good in it. My girlfriend, Audrey, was in that one as well.”

“Wait, your girlfriend?” So maybe Astoria didn’t have feelings for Draco after all.

Astoria blushed. “Yes. Audrey and I have been together for three months now. We met through Draco, actually, after Giselle. I was so nervous to tell him that I was dating Audrey, but when I did he was so happy for us. He told me that he’d started seeing someone else too.”

“Oh? Who?”

“I don’t know, he won’t tell me. All he’ll say is that he’s head over heels for this guy, but he isn’t sure if the feeling is mutual. Do you have any idea who the guy might be?”

Harry shrugged, not letting it show how fast his heart was beating now that he knew how Draco felt.

The music was slow, floaty, and enchanting when Draco started his duet with the Sugar Plum Fairy. Harry’s breath caught at how dashing and graceful Draco looked on stage.

He watched as Draco strong arms and steady hands lifted the ballerina, remembering how it felt to be wrapped in those arms and have those hands twist through his hair.

Draco and his costar pulled off a particularly difficult move, and Harry felt his chest fill with pride.

Harry clapped louder than anyone when the duet was finished.

“This is his solo,” Astoria whispered in his ear when a new song began.

Harry nodded and watched with admiration and awe as Draco danced across the stage.

One, two, three, four, five pirouettes, and Harry knew that he loved this dancer and that he was going to tell him just that after the show was finished.

Evans: Regulus Black

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Can you do a imagine with Regulus where reader is Lily’s younger sister and they fall in love? Maybe you can add the part where both Lily and Sirius find out and they’re shocked? Love your writings so much

Her body moves like the gentle trickle of a creek, flowing in graceful arcs, limbs in motion and painted a picture no artist could ever achieve. Silk gracefully twirls around her body; her eyes twinkle with mischief as her torso moves seductively. With each sway of her hips, with each alluring twist of her lean form, she told a story that was beautiful. Her movements were like ribbons swaying in the wind, elegance at its finest form. Decorated in silk and poised balance, I could read a thousand books and never take in less than when she compacts in one performance. She amazes me, living for the moments of stepping out onto a stage and performing as though her life depended on it; in some ways you could say that her life did depend on it, she had the scars and bunions as well to prove it. Her strength was the reason I fell in love with her, her grace and beauty comparing to none I’ve known before.

My hands drift down to her hips, settling there for a moment to admire her curves and then I pulled her closer. The corners of my mouth curl up into a smile when I hear her inhale sharply, her soft hands reaching up to rest against my chest. Her eyes held a sense of innocence but the smile on her face tells me something else. “Must you be so perfect?” She mumbles and my laughter booms through the empty room before dying down into a soft chuckle. Dressed in only a thin black shirt my breathing quickens when she spreads her fingers out against my chest and slowly start to descend.

I lean down and bury my face into the crook of her neck, nuzzling her neck with delicate kisses. Her body began to tremble uncontrollably in my arms and I hum before angling my head to the side, inching closer and closer to hers. I was a breath away from kissing her when I noticed that her mouth was opened, our warm breathes mingling together in the cool winter atmosphere. I don’t know if it was just me but I could feel my heart flutter inside my chest. “(Y/N)” I whisper slowly, catching her eyes before they fluttered close and our lips brushed against each other. One thing I knew about the girl standing before me was that she loved when I prolonged the syllables of her name as if I was savoring a piece of chocolate cake.

I couldn’t bare not to be with her and I could barely breathe when she was around. I lived for those moments when we would sneak off to a secluded area and indulge in pure human nature, those were the days I would someday die with imprinted into my memory and lingering on my lips. When her soft pink lips brushed against mine warmth spread throughout my enter body and the world slowly fell away. I would climb mountains and swim across oceans if it was to get a simple kiss from her, I knew that if I lost her I would lose myself, she was the half that made my soul whole.

When she pulls away from the kiss, her eyes danced with the flame of lust and desire. She yanks me forward once again and her mouth covers mine in a hungry kiss. Our lips crushed together, her mouth so warm and the caresses of her lips softer than I could imagined, I allowed her entrance with a low throaty moan. In the back of my mind I could register the feeling of her hands on my body but I was drunken by her kiss that I would walk blindly into war for her. I truly knew the meaning of blind for love, it was the moment when no matter if the world was against you, you knew that the one person would stand by your side. Time seem to go in scenes and when I open my eyes again I’m sitting on the edge of my bed in nothing but my boxers and (Y/N) is standing before me. Red hair wild and bright underneath the lights of the lanterns, freckles decorating her face like tiny brown stars and my school shirt hanging on her body loosely.

Her presences stole the words I didn’t need to say. The silence that hung around the world bare all our secret midnight kisses and the love that existed between us. In these moments her love was what gave me strength, one kiss and I had the courage of twenty men. When she manages to sleep at night it is as though the world has stopped for a few hours, there’s no war or death or suffering, just us. I don’t care about the people around us, in fact when she’s in the same room I hardly notice anyone else. It would sometimes feel as though I was living in one of those cheesy muggle movies, living out my days with a happy ending.

“Why do you always seem so deep in thought?” She questions and I couldn’t help but kiss her once more. I couldn’t help it she tasted like November, hot chocolate on stormy mornings and the crisp autumn air. Whenever she asked me this question I would smile and reply that she was so beautiful she plagued my mind, and she would laugh and then playfully kiss the tip of my nose. Most nights I would spill my heart out to her and tell her all my secrets and fears but we were interrupted by the sound of my room door slamming open. The ancient woods creaked underneath the force of the impact and (Y/N) whimpers in my arms before burying herself into my side, I would be her knight against the dark dragon any day.

I carefully look up from the mountain of blankets that covered us and saw Sirius casually leaning against the door with Lily gaping at the scene before her. For a moment my eyes catch those of my brother and there is an unspoken understanding between the two of us, one that I had promised the moment my eyes landed on the girl laying in my bed:

Don’t hurt her


Ginny was amazed to discover that Luna is a really good dancer, despite not liking dancing much. During their wedding reception, Luna swept her off her feet and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Ginny turned so red that her face matched her flaming hair.

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Headcanon: Dancer!Lily
•Lily had been taking dance classes since she was three
•Instead of dance, Petunia had taken piano so it was one of few things that Lily did without her big sister when she was younger, and therefore, one of few things untouched when Lily went to Hogwarts and Petunia stopped speaking with her
•Lily started out doing ballet and tap, did a few years of lyrical but quit the year she turned ten and did pointe instead
•In ballet and pointe she was a turner, like it was amazing she could do like quadruple pirouettes and not even be dizzy
•But she liked tap the most cause she could just zone out and let her feet do whatever step she was practicing at the moment
•When she went to Hogwarts she obviously couldn’t attend class every week but she went in the summer and practiced in abandoned classrooms at school
•James was absolutely amazed by this this redhead who could put her hair in a bun in fifteen seconds flat and cracked her neck like every five minutes
•"I don’t know how she does it Moony, and it’s always so perfect! Do you think Pads would let me try on him?“
•Sirius actually did let him try, cause Sirius loved getting his hair touched, but that’s a whole nother headcanon
•When she’d get up after a particularly long study session she’s lean back and her whole spine would crack at once
•And James always thought cracking knuckles was disgusting but somehow when she stretched like that it was mesmerizing
•She and Remus were friends and she tolerated the other Marauders but Remus was the only one of the group that knew she danced
•Cause he liked the music she used and sometimes when she practiced he’d sit in the classroom and study because it was quiet and Sirius wasn’t around to MUDDY UP HIS NOTES SERIOUSLY HOW DID YOU DO THAT WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A DROUGHT
•And he’d get her books about technique and different styles for Christmas and her birthday because three books on ballet history is not enough for Lily and that’s all that was in the school library
•Sixth year after the Big Fight when James and Lily were starting to make up and even make friends James asked Remus what to get her for Christmas
•And Remus suggested tickets to The Nutcracker cause he knew she loved it
•And James was confused cause he always thought ballets were boring so he asked Remus why she would want that
•"I mean seriously Moony ballets are so mind numbing wouldn’t she rather have some jewelry or something?”
•So Remus told him where she liked to practice and when to go
•But he didn’t say why
•So James shows up at this random classroom right before curfew on a Thursday night and she’s there
•She was in the middle of a tap routine to some kind of jazz music James recognizes from Remus and she doesn’t notice him until she’s done
•His mouth is just wide open like he’s completely shocked that he missed this all these years
•Like srsly the clues were all there she’d practice combinations in Charms sometimes keep up James
•And she’s kind of embarrassed cause she knows she did one too many ball changes right there at the end
•Also how did he find her? Like wtf was he stalking her or something?
•James explains himself over her usual after dance snack of chocolate chip cookies
•And she realizes he has no idea she made a mistake and he probably wouldn’t care anyways
•And then he asks if she’d like to see The Nutcracker with him over break
•And obviously she says yes that’s like her favorite Christmas anything
•Including her mom’s sugar cookies so that’s saying something
•So they go together and James picks her up and her mom is charmed
with this boy that Lily’s been complaining about for years but is now kinda sorta friends with
•And she’s so completely enraptured she doesn’t notice James watching her, equally enraptured
•And he buys one of those signed pointe shoes they sell that have already been worn
•She hangs it in her dorm next to her other shoes and pats it for good luck every morning
•And when they get back from break James Transfigures her a ballet barre because she had had to make do with a stick Remus found in the woods and she charmed up to stay for years because neither she nor Remus could Transfigure for shit
•And he starts giving her foot rubs after she practices
•And she starts to fall in love with this boy who delivers her chocolate chip cookies to her after practice and then talks while massaging her sore feet
•And he’s been in love since the first time she tossed her hair in a bun halfway through brewing a potion in class
•So it’s not that hard for her, after he carries a mirror into her practice room and sheepishly tells her he thought she might like to watch herself practice, to absolutely throw herself at him
•So what her tap shoes gave him bruises up and down his legs, so what she’s covered in sweat, they’re kissing, and it’s better than any dance she’s ever done
•and they all live Happily Ever After with No Betrayal and No Ridiculously Premature Deaths The End

Dance!AU where klance/laith gets paired up on a competition and it’s a mess

“Welcome to the top twenty, dancers!” the tall blonde hostess said with a blindingly white grin. The audience erupted into deafening applause. Lance smiled at the camera, hoping it wasn’t as shaky as his hands. The other contestants high-fived around him.

“For your first exciting week as Altea’s top dancers, we will be pairing you so that no two partners dance the same style!”

There was a chorus of ‘ooh’s from the audience. Lance clenched his hands into tight fists to keep them from trembling.

It felt like the Sorting Hat scene from Harry Potter, each dancer awaiting the drop of the guillotine of fate (and reality TV).

“–McClain, who will be partnered with contemporary dancer Keith Kogane!”

Oh shit!

Lance searched the clump of bodies on stage as he stepped forward, seeking out his new partner for the week–and hopefully the week after, and the week after that, if they could keep their asses in the competition.

The guy that stepped up too was slim and a few inches shorter than Lance.

The crowd was stunned into silence.

“I know it’s a little different from what our viewers are used to,” the hostess explained smoothly, “but this year, we decided not to let genders determine our top twenty. Hence, we ended up having some uneven numbers. Besides, partnerships aren’t meant to be dictated by genders!”

Lance and Keith, his partner, made eye contact over the stage apron. Lance could almost taste the electric antagonism that crackled through the air; this was going to be the hardest week of his life.

Fuck it, this would be the hardest week of anyone’s life.

Keith was incredibly talented and somehow just naturally picked up everything the choreographer threw at them, but his patience lasted all of negative ten seconds before he was storming off into a corner because okay, Lance hadn’t quite gotten the footwork down.

“Focus!” the choreographer, who introduced himself as Shiro, yelled for the umpteenth time. “Patience yields focus. Let’s go again from the top. And 5, 6, 7, 8!”

Lance gritted his teeth and tried to breathe through the rapidfire choreography. He was actually doing okay, but then he stumbled for the millionth time and Keith let out a growl.

“How the hell did you make it here if you can’t learn something this simple?!”

Lance tried to put on an indignant front, but internally, he was crushed.

“Wow, asshole, you need to step the fuck off,” Lance bit out. Keith did the exact opposite and got a little closer.

“I am not going to let your failure send me home,” Keith hissed between clenched teeth. Lance rose to the bait.

“Because you’re afraid you can’t pull your own damn weight in the solo elimination round?”

“You’re the one who should be afraid, dumbass. You can’t even get this tango down.”

“Boys!” Shiro finally shouted over them, bodily coming between them to push them away from each other. Lance had been so close to Keith he could feel the heated rage rolling off the other dancer in waves.

Shiro stared them down sternly. Both Keith and Lance relented.

“Let’s call it a day. Go cool off for the night. I’ll see you both here bright and early tomorrow, and you’d better have your shit together!”

Keith breezed right out. Lance was too angry to do anything else but trail after him out of the studio.

“Seriously, what is your fucking problem?!” Keith griped.

“Clearly, it’s you! What the hell did I do wrong this time? I’ve got the steps down, you need to actually listen to the damn music instead of rushing through it!”

“You’re always a count behind!”

“No, you’re a count ahead!”

“Do you guys ever stop fighting?” Shiro muttered, massaging his temples.

Lance rubbed at his eyes. He’d come back to the studio to rehearse on his own for a few hours last night, and was too stressed to sleep. They only had a few more days before they had to put this piece on stage, and they weren’t even close to ready. Add that to the fact that any kind of ballroom or Latin dance was maybe a bajillion lightyears away from Lance’s comfort zone of popping, locking, and breaking, and… well, this was a royal shit show.

“Listen, you are literally the worst and I hate working with you as much as you clearly hate me, so–”

“I don’t hate you,” Keith mumbled.

Lance did a double-take.

“I’m sorry, come again?”

“I said, I don’t hate you.” Keith shifted slightly and his eyes dropped to his sneaker-covered feet as he wiped a trickle of sweat from his forehead.

“Oh, well, you could’ve fooled me.”

“Listen,” Keith said softly, and Lance almost wanted to leave just to spite him. Fortunately, he was too much of a wuss to do so. “I… yesterday, I was out of line. You clearly just needed some time for the choreo to sink in. That was unfair of me. I just… I can’t go home on this, okay?”

Lance swallowed. “Okay. Okay, I can get behind that. Let’s… let’s stick it out?”

Keith offered a tiny smile.


Showtime passed in a blur of lights and an adrenaline rush. The swell of music propelled Lance through the routine, legs basically moving on their own and muscles burning, screaming with the exertion.

The final move was coming up–it was a risky lift that ended in him catching Keith only inches from the ground, and it was kinda sultry and sexy and shit. Or at least, that was what Shiro wanted, and they hadn’t been able to really get it, even backstage. Lance could feel the nervous tingles rising higher and higher up his spine.

This was it–there was no turning back.

Keith threw himself into the lift with complete blind trust that Lance was gonna catch him. Lance smoothly slid his arm between Keith’s thighs (damn those plies did amazing things) and caught him around the back of his neck with the other. As Keith’s body succumbed to gravity, Lance tried to absorb the acceleration and for one heart-stopping moment, he didn’t think he’d be able to stop Keith’s descent before the floor did.

Somehow, Keith got his arms securely around Lance’s neck and he pulled himself closer. Next thing Lance knew, the music had just ended and Keith’s lips were sealed over his own. He almost wondered if it was intentional or not, but there was the slightest whisper of the tip of Keith’s tongue over his bottom lip and he really hoped the sequined pants would be distracting enough that the entire country of Altea would not be able to see his boner.

One of the judges screamed. Honestly, Lance couldn’t even hear what the critiques were over the pounding of blood in his ears and the way his entire body seemed to ignite from the point of contact where Keith was holding his hand.

“We make a good team,” he breathed as they stepped off the stage. Keith turned back to look at him, eyes bright with exhilaration and mouth quirked into a little smile.

They still ended up in the bottom three pairs. Lance did what he did best and freestyled, throwing in as many elaborate flourishes as he could. Just as he finished a round of air flares that he transitioned to a one-handed spin, the countdown began. Time to throw in the big guns.

3: he took a few steps to gain momentum–

2: threw his weight onto his hands–

1: vaulted off his hands into a double front tuck–

Bam! The music ended with a gong-like sound on which Lance stuck his landing into a smooth roll over his head and onto his feet.

The crowd went wild.

Next, it was Keith’s turn. The hostess introduced him, and when the music started, Lance was caught off-guard. It was a snippet of piano music, so deceptively simple… yet somehow, it felt like it was filling the very air they breathed.

The auditorium was pin-drop silent save for the music and the mesmerizing movement of Keith’s body through air like he was simultaneously weightless and more massive than anything else in the world. He effortlessly pirouetted eight consecutive times in a row before pulling a dead stop in a breathtaking layout, back bowed so far he was a hairsbreadth from catching the ankle of his supporting leg and his opposite leg stretched perfectly straight toward the ceiling. He recovered by counterbalancing his torso with his leg, reversing his body’s trajectory so he was sailing through the air in a front aerial onto his knees, bones hitting the stage with the lightest tap-tap as if he had just stepped down from standing.

Keith moved through an intricate sequence of choreography that put most of Lance’s best locking skills to shame. Then he did some crazy floorwork that Lance couldn’t describe even if he wanted to.

Shit. Keith was fucking incredible.

Somehow they both made it out safe for the week. It was stressful, and Lance was sore, and he never, ever wanted to be in the bottom tier ever again.

Their first rehearsal for the second round went a lot more smoothly than last week’s had, but Keith’s performance was flat. Subdued. Eerily focused to the point of coldness–none of that fiery passion from before.

Lance approached him after their choreographer called it a day. He strolled up to where Keith was sitting with his back against the cool mirror, a spectre of condensation forming behind him on the glass. Lance held out a cold water bottle.

Keith took it and unscrewed the cap. He gulped down half the bottle before his eyes flickered up to Lance’s face.


Lance shrugged it off in a companionable way and slid down the mirror so they were sitting close enough that their knees could touch, if they let them. Lance held his distance carefully.

“Everything okay, man?”

Keith’s mouth thinned into a hard line. He didn’t say anything for a long time. Lance let the silence linger for a few moments.

“Hey man–”

“I can’t lose this,” Keith interrupted. His voice was quiet but choked up. Lance’s mouth clicked shut.

“I can’t go back empty-handed, not after everything… dance is all I’ve got left, I have to do this.”

“You’re not going home this wee–”

“That place was not home,” Keith spat, staring off into space. He seemed to be seeing something Lance couldn’t.

“Okay, alright. Wherever it was, you’re not going back there this week. We’re not gonna be in the bottom. We’re gonna do this.”

Keith finally looked–as in really, actually looked–at Lance.

Another few seconds passed.

“You’re a much better dancer than I gave you credit for,” Keith said.

Lance snorted. “Oh, wow, gee, tha–”

“–but even if… even if you weren’t, I’d still be really thankful that I got you as a partner.”


Lance tried not to think about how warm he felt all over.

“Uh, right back at’cha, buddy.”

They lapsed into another silence, but this one was considerably less strained than its predecessors. Eventually, Keith’s head fell onto Lance’s shoulder. Lance just shuffled in a bit closer so he’d be more comfortable.

Happy Lance Month! Yeah, there was some serious sappiness in there. I love dance!AUs since I spent my whole life dancing and I figured I could use all that comp knowledge for good and not evil, but alas…