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MORE amazing & hilarious stories you helped make!! Bloopers, Harry Potter fanfic, and… one of our cast leaves the video series for good. Hope you enjoy!! https://youtu.be/zeZwTQ8m5Dg


“- You turn away from me in bed at night. You’re distant. You’re distant and it hurts me! It hurts me like you cannot believe, Katherine!”

You whipped your head around. “I’ve been distant?! Well, there’s obviously a reason for it. Me being distant is not the problem here, Ben. The problem is…”

You trailed off. You tried to think of the next line in the script but your mind kept coming up blank.

“The problem is… I can’t remember the next line.” You put your head in your hands meekly as you heard Eddie chuckle next to you, breaking character.

“Oh, I love it.” Eddie breathed, his hands clapping with his enthusiastic laughter.

“Shut up, Ed.” You hit his shoulder, trying to act angry but your mouth broke out into a smile.

You looked at the assistant director. “I’m so sorry, what’s the line again?”

The a.d came over to you, script draft in hand and you glanced over the scene once more. You thanked her and regained your position.

You could almost feel Eddie’s grin beside you. “Don’t.” You warned him, in fear of corpsing again.

“Can’t help it, (Y/N).”


Three days of shooting for 1977. Hogsmeade. of course left us with many many hours of retakes and silliness. Here are some of the best outtakes from the blooper-reel!

Click here to see the finished product!

Harry Bloopers:

((OOC: I left my camera on a lot more than usual tonight guys so I caught a lot more (and messed up a lot more) so if anyones having a shitty day then please have a laugh at my expense *gross sobbing*)) 

*Someone nocks on the door*

*Lost a follower for the first time* 

*generally forgot how to act* 

*Danced… a lot* (This is just Harry in his office and we all know it)


Viktuuri Bloopers! 

I couldn’t add every blooper because I swear a lil too much but these little clips really made me laugh (Meaning Lucy made me laugh because she's definitely funnier than me) 

Also I apologise for the god awful Russian accent that seeps out a couple of times here… its really difficult not to when the grey wig is on XD