harry potter au role play

Lily Luna: So, Señor blondie, dad is using Al and James to help him move into the new flat, and dad says I have to stay for dinner here. Get to know you, bond, make an effort or whatever. 

Draco: Yes, I’m aware of what we are doing Lily.  What a charming young lady you can be. I wanted to cook us something. Any wishes?

Lily Luna: Are you bribing me with food?

Lily Luna: Good tactic. 

Draco: It’s how I lured your father in.

Draco: But really, anything in particular you like or don’t like?

Lily Luna: How about you make some shepherds pie…

Lily Luna: Some…firewhiskey? Pretty please with a cherry on top. 

Draco: Lily Luna you are much to young to be having firewhiskey at dinner. *laughs a little*  Harry wasn’t much of a good role model when it comes to that, was he? He’s always been reckless.

Lily Luna: I thought you wanted to win me over. Don’t you want to be the cool dad?

Lily Luna:  But yeah. Dad doesn’t think I know what he’s up to ever. His whole life is in History of Magic. He fought a troll at eleven, but heaven help us I go to a Weird Sisters concert alone. 

Draco: How about we start with butterbeer?

Draco: I remember, one day he was stalking me on the marauders map and he ran into one of those large suits of armor.

Lily Luna: It took him much too long to admit he had feelings for you. Just saying. 

Lily Luna: He has admitted it right? I’d hate to see you stuck wondering what this is.

Draco: We’re married. 

Lily Luna: So? Mom and dad were married to, and dad turned out hella gay. 

Draco: I think we’re going to be okay, him and I. 

Lily Luna: Yes yes that’s good, but no offense, but if I get one more chocolate frog card or you or him or someone in my family I might become a villain that rivals Voldemort himself. 

Lily Luna: I just want Merlin, but do I get Merlin? No!

Lily Luna:  Instead I get 25 pictures of the man who grounded me for sneaking out once when that was his entire career.

Draco: Yeah he got in a lot of trouble, once he got me turned into a Ferret…Then he proceeded to get his son a ferret and name is Dragon.

Lily Luna: I heard that story. You deserved it…but yeah dad can be a drama queen.

Draco: Agreed.

Harry: *walks in* Hey Lily the flat is almost…

Harry: What did I miss?

Draco: *whisper laughs* Merlin we’re caught.

Lily Luna: Nothing dad. Everythings great. We’re bonding just like you wanted us to. 

Harry: Well, if you dynamic duo won’t tell me I’ll just have to get it out of the weakest link…Draco love?

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Fourth Year RP

Why didn’t anyone believe him?! He didn’t do it!

Harry could only stare at the table in the great hall. He felt so alone…no one believed him. Even Hermione said she was disappointed that he would do something like that.

He had never felt so alone…and the first task was coming up. He was alone in this. He finished his food, which wasn’t much, and then left the great hall. He had studying to do.

He made his way to the library, and he began to think of Voldemort. Why was he after him? And after everything he has been through…why won’t Dumbledore tell him? Harry knows that the old man is aware of why Voldemort killed his parents and tried to kill him.

Doesn’t he deserve to know the answers?

Harry entered the library and took a seat. He would find a way to survive this!