harry potter au!

Did this with number 1 from those post break up prompts I reblogged a few days back! 

Character A is on their way to sell the engagement ring they once bough for Character B (but the never got to propose) when they run into Character B again.

Wolfstar of course :)

Sirius wished the universe had at least had the decency to make it a cloudy, dreary, possibly miserable but that might be taking it a bit far, day. If this was what it had led him too, it was the least it could do, really.

He stared at the blue sky through the small front window of James and Lily’s flat, then back down at the small, velvet box in his hand. His thumb was poised to open it, nail in the soft crease between the top and bottom… and he couldn’t.  He couldn’t. If he saw it again he’d never get rid of it. And it was of no use to him. Not anymore. He’d spent enough hours staring at it, the gold rim, the small inside engraving. It had promised him everything and, now that everything had been lost, it was just a heart breaking reminder. It was worthless. He knew this. But he couldn’t see it. He couldn’t see it sitting there, cold in the box still. It should be with him. A sudden image of Remus kissing him, palms to his cheeks, and feeling the cool pressure of the ring on his left flooded through his mind. He pushed it away with difficulty.

He shoved the box into his pocket, grabbing a jumper from the back of the couch and pulling it roughly over his head while calling to James.

“Going out!”

“Okay!” A beat, and then, “Actually, wait, wait!”

Sirius turned from the direction of the door as James appeared in the kitchen doorway, tea in hand. His other rubbed the back of his neck.

“Are you, um…” He coughed, eyes flicking down to Sirius’ hands, searching, “Are you going…”

“Yeah.” Sirius said too quickly. He cleared his throat, “Yeah, and?”

James shook his head a little, shrugging and bringing his tea to his lips, “Nothing. Nothing, alright. Right…”

He shuffled his feet a little and Sirius rolled his eyes, “I’m fine,” He definitely wasn’t fine, “I’ll be back in a bit, yeah?”

James didn’t look any more at ease but he nodded, “Yeah.”

The day felt just as nice as it looked and Sirius scowled at the sun, defiantly putting his hood up and his head down.

The feeling of the box knocking against his thigh with every step was excruciating, a constant reminder of what he was about to do.

It should be with him.

His feet felt heavier with every step, every bump, and he found himself staring at the lump in his pocket. He clenched his fists tighter and tighter at his sides until his nails felt like pin pricks and the box felt like a scorching iron across his skin.

“Fucking hell-“ He dug it out of his pocket roughly, just as he collided with something— someone. Sirius’ head knocked right into a rather bony shoulder making his swear again, only to have the word mix with another curse.

“Shit, sorry, didn’t see.. you.. oh.”

Sirius’ heart started thrumming painfully in his chest. Remus straightened up in front of him.

Sirius went straight back to cursing the universe. Not now. God, please not today.

Sirius just stood there, unable to open his mouth. Remus looked… thin. His hair fell in messy curls over his forehead, as apposed to the usual neat swoop to the side. Really, Sirius couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. They were rimmed with soft purple, and as golden as ever. He thought he might drop to his knees, right there in the middle of the sidewalk, under the weight of the sheer longing that was coating his heart.

Remus opened and closed his mouth a few times before, “It’s a bit hot for a hood.”

Sirius blinked because what? “Wh- What?”

Remus’ cheeks flushed, “I- I don’t know why I said that. But- I- don’t you think?”

Sirius stared a moment more, then slowly raised his hand, swiping his hood from his head, “Right. The sun was just feeling a bit too…” He shook his head, still caught too off guard by how—normal—this conversation sounded.

Remus just nodded distractedly, eyes suddenly not on Sirius’, but trained on Sirius’ hand that was still resting on Sirius’ shoulder from removing his hood. He looked uneasy, panicked even.

Sirius watched as he swallowed thickly, voice coming out horse, “Meeting someone?”

Sirius knit his brows, cocking his head slightly at the sudden question, and the look crossing Remus’ face. How could I be meeting someone when that look is out there somewhere needing someone to kiss it away?

“No. ‘m not, why?”

When Remus’ eyes didn’t move to his, Sirius followed his gaze. His stomach dropped at what he found on the other end. The small, velvet box was still grasped in his hand. In plain sight.

“I- Oh. Fuck, no-” He realized what this must look like to Remus and it only made his heart tighten further. The mere thought that Remus could have it in his head that Sirius would ever, ever be with anyone else right now drove a knife in and twisted it, “No, Re- Remus,” Sirius corrected himself quickly at the way Remus winced.

“It’s fine.” Remus mumbled, “I- I don’t know why I asked. I guess I just…” He trailed off, “Dunno.”

Sirius’ mind whirled, desperately trying to find some lie to tell. He definitely wasn’t about to give Remus the truth, not with the way he wouldn’t even look at him.

“I- This is- I mean, I bought this for— these.” He corrected himself as a thought formed in his head, “I’m going to sell. This is- these are… cuff links. For James’ birthday. He- He didn’t like them.”

Remus’s eyes, which had still been fixed on the box, found Sirius’, “Oh.”

Sirius, gripped the box tightly in his palms, thumb, out of habit, wedging the opening but unwilling to follow through, “Y-Yeah.”

Remus’s expression suddenly changed. His eyes shifted from glazed over, and seemed to fill with a flicker of… something.

“Sirius…” Remus took a step forward.

Sirius’ eyes nearly closed at the way Remus said his name. Like he used to.

“Yeah…” Sirius breathed.

Remus’ eyes flit over his face as he stares down at him, “James’ birthday is in March.”

“I..” Fuck. “Yeah. It is.”

“It’s July.”

Sirius closed his eyes, taking in the close proximity of Remus’ presence and being silently furious with himself at the same time, “Yeah.” He sighed, defeated, “It is.”

Remus’ voice came out soft, “Can I see?”

Sirius’ eyes flashed back to the pools of bronze, panicked, “They’re really not much. Pretty plain. I mean-“ You never saw it. You didn’t want it. “They aren’t- It doesn’t really matter. He didn’t want them.”

Remus cocked his head, “How do you know?”

“Because he kind left before I could give them to y- him.” Sirius sighed, feeling heat bubble in his chest. He wasn’t sure what emotion it was, there were too many flowing through him.

Remus’ brow furrowed, “Well if you had stopped him maybe you could have found out. Let me see.”

Sirius flushed. They definitely weren’t talking about James anymore. “How was I suppose to know he wanted to be stopped?”

“Of course I wanted to be stopped!”

The silence that followed left what little space there was between them now heavy with Remus’ words. They were both breathing hard. Remus’ hand had somehow made its way over Sirius’ on the box. Sirius was burning at the touch.

Remus closed his eyes, letting a breath out through his nose, “Of course I wanted to be stopped.” He repeated.

Sirius stared at him, the crease between his eyebrows, the frown on his mouth, the tightness of his jaw. He swallowed hard, voice coming out shaky, “You can’t expect me to know that, that’s- that isn’t fair. You were so.. You were so angry with me, I thought-”

Remus opened his eyes, fixing them on the ground. The sun cast eyelash shadows on his cheeks. He looked more tired and thin than he had when they started. He shook his head, “No, it isn’t fair.”

Sirius’ heart tugged when Remus let his hand slip away.

Remus still wouldn’t look at him, “‘m sorry, I… I don’t know.”

He turned, carefully avoiding brushing against Sirius again, and started to walk away. Sirius reeled at the loss of contact, the sudden empty space in front of him. He was thrown back in time, standing in their old flat. He was staring into Remus’ tear stricken face one moment and was hearing the door slam the next. There was a velvet box in his pocket and he was very, very alone.

Not again. He decided. Not again.


Sirius turned at the same time Remus did, eyes meeting. He was sure his looked wild. Remus’ looked just as untamed. He tried to slow his breathing, fingers tightening around the box.

He took a step forward.

“It isn’t cufflinks.”

Remus let out a breath, “No?”

“No.” He took another step, slowly closing the distance between them, “It’s-“ His eyes flitted over Remus’ face, hating ever worry marked there, every frown, each tired rim around his eyes, “God. It’s what I should have stopped you with.”

“You couldn’t have known-“

“I should have known.” He took the final step, thumb finally flicking the box open, “I should have let you know how much I…” He didn’t look down at the ring. Instead, he watched Remus’ eyes widen, he watched his lips part. He watched what he had wished he had watched for months. What he could watch for years. Remus’ eyes went back to his and they were glassy. He looked so tired. Sirius needed to fix it.

“Re..” Remus’ brows knit, eyes shutting at the nickname. He let out a soft noise when he felt Sirius’ hand on his cheek, holding him together.

“Re, I should’ve know. I- I know now, okay?” He ducked his head a little, desperately needed Remus to look at him, “Please, Re-“

But Remus was kissing him, hands on Sirius’ cheeks, a few tears on his own. And Sirius was melting, nearly dropping the box, the ring, as his arms made their way around Remus’ waist.

He closed the box as he kissed Remus. He had a lifetime to give him that ring. He needed this now, they needed this now. He slipped it into Remus’ back pocket, causing him to let out a watery laugh against his lips, and smiled as he wound his fingers in Remus’ hair, pulling their mouths back together.

And with Remus against him, laughing into his kiss, Sirius thought that maybe it wasn’t so bad the sun was out today after all.

It pisses me off so much how in the books Parvati and Lavender are just pidgeon-holed as ‘fashion obsessed hair heads’ for most of the books?

I mean, they might not be, but that was the impression pre-teen!me got from reading the books?

And now I’m all … okay, okay Hermione is awesome and we all know it.

But that doesn’t mean Lavender and Parvati are stupid just because they are geared differently from Hermione.

Fashion is hella hard and it requires a lot of memorization and attention to detail? And honestly Lavender and Parvati seem to be pretty nice people, in the little glimpses we get of them?

And all I want is Harry, following the Weasley without getting noticed (because he is used to sneaking around without disturbing people or attracting their attention, owing to the Dursley for that) and getting through the barrier and on the train.

And Lavender’s father helping him out with his baggage, jokingly asking him to keep an eye on his little girl? You seem like a good lad, my Lavender is the most beautiful girl, I need a strong gentleman to keep an eye out until she gets to Hogwarts and she starts to learn magic, so are you up to it?

Which is, of course, not true. Lavender has been going to self-defense lessons for years.

But the man noticed that this was a little kid with no parents around, looking all alone.

He thought 'hey, maybe I can stick him with my kid and they’ll make friends’

(btw, as Lavender is not, as far as I know, confirmed as pureblood in canon, I am going with half-blood or muggleborn for her, I’m thinking muggleborn for this specific AU?)

And Lavender is all “Daddy!” and apologizing to Harry for her dorky dad the moment he is out of the door.

And very nicely avoiding to comment on his clothes because she knows how it feels to be conscious of how your clothes look on you and it’s clear to her eyes that the way Harry is dressed he is probably from some orphanage or something because those are huge hand me downs.

(Because fuck you 90s, being fashion conscious doesn’t mean you are an elitist bitch).

And her parents are looking at her from the Platform and instead of asking about Harry’s life, not wanting to put him on the spot, Lavender waves to them and starts talking to Harry all “Those are my parents, they are so fascinated with the idea of magic and what I will learn at Hogwarts, I can’t wait to write to them all about the castle. My dad works in an office as an accountant and my mother has a column in –” Insert popular teen magazine for 90s UK.

And Harry is a bit overwhelmed but Lavender isn’t staring at him, she is not forcing him to talk and she looks nice.

So he kind of starts to tell her about the Dursely y'know, not like he did with Ron about how terrible they are, but about Vernon working for Grunnings (Lavender giggles and says 'Oh I am so sorry but it just sounds like a really silly name? Grunnings.’ and she tries to stretch the word a bit and Harry laughs a little and says yes, because it does sound silly the way she’s saying it, he just had never thought about it. 'I think it’s Swedish or something’ he offers and Lavenders nods sagely because yes, that makes sense) and how Petunia lives at home and reads all sort of gossipy papers, but not teen ones so sorry, he has never seen Lavender’s mom’s column.

And then the door to their compartment open and Parvati and Padma’s mother (I don’t know if they are pureblood but I’m headcanoning them as pureblood for this one) politely asks if there’s space for two more girls and when Lavender and Harry, after looking at each other, agree, Madam Patil levitates their trunks in (much to the amazement of Harry and Lavender) and settles them above and then guides her daughters in.

She introduces them, putting her hands on her shoulders, cautions her girls to not get wand-happy and wishes everyone a happy Hogwarts year and then leaves them there, going back to the Platform to join her husband and tell him how she left their daughters in the presence of Harry Potter.

“He looked dreadful. Hard up at the very least. I think you should look into his family situation. His clothes, at the very least, were terrible.” She murmurs, softly. “I am sure our girls will adopt him before the ride is over, so you should look forward to hearing about him in their letters.”

Her husband, who knows all about his beloved’s wife tendency to take people under her wing and adopt dangerous animals and fell in love with her for it (as well as for other qualities she has) because he’s very much the same, smiles fondly at her for the last bit and nods seriously at the first one.

It doesn’t matter who the boy is. Well it does, because Harry Potter of course, but it also doesn’t matter because no child should be mistreated.

Also it’s kind of strange that Harry Potter would look hard up, considering it’s common knowledge his parents left him handsomely provided for, full tuition to Hogwarts already paid.

Lavender gushes about how beautiful the Patil twins are, which immediately conquers Parvati, who gushes right back at Lavender’s sparkly accessories.

(Look, I might be wrong because this was the UK and not Italy, and if I am please let me know, but I was a child in the 90s, I bought italian teen magazines, sparkly shit taped to the cover under a plastic sleeve was the shit with fashionable people.)

Of course the moment Harry introduces himself, the Parvati twins try really hard not to goggle, though they do look at his scar, and then Parvati starts asking a storm of questions about where he grew up, whether the Harry Potter adventure books right about all he did since he was a child, if not that what did he do since beating You-Know-Who.

Harry 'Do you mean Voldemort?’ is greeted by soft gasps, right until Lavender asks 'Who?’ and then Parvati starts telling her all about the horrible Voldemort and how Harry and his parents saved them all from that monster.

Padma’s brain on the other hand is whirring and she is the one who reassures Harry that he will do just as fine as everybody else, when he says that.

Lavender and Parvati interrupt their convo because Lavender needs to assure to Harry that she’s muggleborn too, so they will have to learn together and he will be just on par with her, while Parvati explains that magical kids do get a leg up because some of them are allowed to practice at home but that really, she will make sure Harry is up to date with everything that is 'stupefy’ about the magical world.

At which point, Lavender asks what 'stupefy’ means and Padma explains that it’s the stunning spell, so don’t say it while pointing your wand at anyone and Parvati adds that it means, well, the most stunning things around.

(What? Wizarding children should have their own slang).

So by the point Hermione and Neville come by, the group as already made the first basic ties and while Neville is greeted and introduced by Padma and Parvati to the rest of the group, Hermione goes on fine right until she hears Harry’s name.

Padma and Parvati thinks it’s … whatever wizarding equivalent is there of gauche, that Hermione would throw that torrent of words at Harry and just … presume to know about him.

Lavender is just hella protective of her new friend.

Tightly knit protective of Harry formation is achieved in 0.2 seconds.

Neville, who has been around other pureblood children but has been condescended upon by most of them (not Padma and Parvati, given that Parvati will stick up for him later on, but still, it was a general tendency towards a potential squib) has found in Hermione one person who has been nice to him to the point of going out of her way to help him look for his embarrassing toad, so he gets protective of Hermione right back.

So basically, Parvati tells Hermione that she should not barrage people with informations like that, Neville replies timidly that Hermione didn’t mean anything bad, she just like quoting sources, Lavender tells Harry that he doesn’t have to worry, they’ll look up all that stuff when they get to Hogwarts, Hermione gets huffy because of course she didn’t mean anything bad, she just thought Harry would know about that stuff, Padma asks why Hermione would think that when Harry has been raised in the muggle world, Neville goggles at the news that Harry was raised in the muggle world.

It’s a mess.

And then Draco Malfoy arrives, because he’s been making the rounds of the train to look for Harry Potter (saying hi to family allies on the way).

I am not sure who says what to whom for most of the ‘chat’ but what I am sure of is that by the end of it, Neville and Hermione are going to be best friends forever and an united front against snobby purebloods, Padma has icily informed 'Mister Malfoy’ that she will be writing to her father about how low the raising standards of the Malfoy have fallen to produce Draco as a result, in response to a snipe Draco made about telling his father about the Patil twins and the rabble they are sticking with, Parvati has informed Crabbe and Goyle that she had not thought they were better than this but they definitely need to find themselves friends who don’t just treat them like dumb muscle and Lavender has vowed to herself that it doesn’t matter to her how cute Draco Malfoy is or how attractive his silver hair are she will spell his hair and robes to look like something an 80s hairband groupie would wear, just as soon as she learns the necessary spells.

To make it simple, battle lines have been drawn, metaphorical blood has been spilled on all sides and the Harry-Lavender-Parvati-Padma friendship has been set in stone.

Ron, if you are curious about him, found a compartment that had Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas in it and spent a really amazing first ride to Hogwarts.

They both made sure Dean knew how Gryffindor was the best house there ever is and then they explained Quidditch to him and became fascinated when Dean explained football (to americans: soccer) to them, especially once Dean started sketching out schemes and stuff.

There are too many players, but it looks like exactly the kind of team effort chasers have to put together only spread through eleven people and that’s just wow.


Doctor Who/Harry Potter/Star Wars Crossover AU

On her journey through parallel universes in search of the Doctor, Rose Tyler picks up some unlikely companions.

(Or: What if all your faves traveled through space and time together?)

A gift for @venusmelody based on a ridiculously detailed brainstorming conversation. I blame whatever this is on you. :)

anonymous asked:

can you do one where killua is the one who drank the truth potion

Well, the thing with Killua is that…like…hm. Okay. You’ll see, I guess.

Harry potter au, continuation of this

The truth potion Gon handed over was pretty much the least impressive thing Killua had ever seen.

“This is it?” he asked, just to make sure, because the infamous potion was a simple see-through kind of liquid in an equally simple and see-through flask.

How boring. Weren’t truth potions supposed to be really powerful?

“Mhm, that’s it,” Gon said and Killua popped the cover off. His boyfriend jolted up straight as Killua brought the flask to his lips. “AH, KILLUA- DON’T!!!!”

Killua grunted as Gon threw himself on top of him. “Get off!” He shoved Gon’s heavy weight away and took a large swig of the truth potion before Gon could tackle him again.

Gon was gaping wordlessly at him when he finished swallowing.

“Huh.” Killua frowned at the bottle, tilting it to one side so sunlight could filter into the glass. “It doesn’t taste like anything. I mean, I don’t know what I was really expecting, but-”

“Killua!!!! What were you thinking?!” Gon wailed. “That was really dangerous! Do you feel anything?!”  

Killua thought about it for a few seconds. Then he shrugged. “Nope. Did you?”

“Um. I felt…tingling in my stomach, and when it went down my throat. And every time I talked I could feel it, too.”

Killua let out a huff. “Figures.”

“What is it?” Gon asked, worry knotting his brow. It was almost cute how anxious Gon was for his safety, Killua thought with a slight smile. But there was no need to freak out over something as trivial as this.

“My family tested all sorts of potions out on me and my siblings when we were younger,” Killua said. “I’m pretty sure I’ve told you that before. So, it figures that a truth potion would be one of the things they made sure I was immune towards.”

Gon frowned. “How do you know you’re immune though?”

“My name is Evans,” Killua said bluntly. “I have black hair like every other member of my family. I hate chocolate frogs. I-”

“Okay, I get it!” Gon yelped, waving his hands in front of Killua’s face.

Killua grabbed Gons’ wrists, pulled them down and grinned evilly. That grin morphed into a smirk when he saw Gon gulp in fear.


“I’m dating Zushi,” he said plainly and nearly laughed out loud at the pure and absolute horror that flared in Gon’s gold-brown eyes.

“Don’t joke about stuff like that,” Gon said weakly. He actually looked sick at the thought, something that only made it harder for Killua to hold back his snort of amusement.

“Stupid,” he said fondly. “Are you ready to hear the truth, now?”

Gon grimaced. “Am I?”

Killua let go of Gon’s wrists and slowly slid his hands up to grip Gon’s arms. He let his expression soften and he knew Gon could feel the difference this time in the way he relaxed in Killua’s embrace.

“I’ve never been interested in anyone but you, Gon,” he said, ignoring the ugly blush that was rising to his cheeks. “And that’s the truth.”

Gon’s answering beam was blinding.

if draco malfoy had a youtube channel it’d be full of story times and the titles would all be like “HARRY POTTER HARASSED ME?? *NOT CLICKBAIT*” but it’d totally be clickbait and he’d just go on and on about PERFECT SAINT POTTER and how he thinks he’s BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE and he sashays around with his PERFECT GREEN EYES and his MESSY BLACK HAIR and he was harassed because it’s not fair that potter LOOKS THAT GOOD IN THE MORNING

Murphy’s Law | Kyungsoo Hogwarts AU

Summary: Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Especially when Kyungsoo’s best friend is part veela and everyone keeps trying to slip him a love potion. (Or: the one where Kyungsoo gets knocked out by an angel after trying to save Sehun from himself.)

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Harry Potter AU idea - Muggleborn Victor loves ice skating. Pureblood Yuuri has never been ice skating, as it's not a wizard hobby. At Christmas, when most of the students have gone home, Victor freezes the lake over using magic and teaches Yuuri how to skate.

this…. is adorable.

victor’s a good, pure skater with all the skating skills of someone who’s been doing this for most of his life. he’s captivating to watch. but as yuuri starts to learn and become more confident, he just… naturally, absentmindedly, without much thought, starts to incorporate magic into it. he leaves little lights and color on the ice where he skates, drawing pictures beneath his feet. he plays with shapes in the falling snow and the drifts around the lake, holding the magic, holding the shine and glitter of winter. 

victor can’t look away. this is so beautiful???? yuuri is so beautiful??? and talented?? what the fuck yuuri. what the fu

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yay, new prompt post! #6 for dm, please and thank you. the one with glasses, phone, and a dog.:) and thank you so much for your last story, it's wonderful.

A Source of Magic - Bal3xicon

Snow rested on the boughs of trees along the driveway of the grand home. Its weight imposed, enough to snap the branches if it were earlier in the season. Instead they bowed, accustomed to the mass, enough moisture inside them to bend. There was reluctance there. Survival mode. Each branch waited out the darkness and hoped that morning would bring a fraction of warmth, a few degrees to lighten the load.

The winter evening bit at Abby’s nose and fingertips and legs as she stepped out of her vehicle and handed her keys to one of the well-dressed women who stood at the base of the stairs leading to the home’s striking entrance. Stone creatures stood guard, a mirror image of each other as Abby passed between them, taking the stairs too fast for the ice which lingered there, but desperate to be inside.

Her robe streamed out behind her. The breeze and momentum caused the fabric to pull against her skin where it was fastened at the base of her throat and, as she made her way inside the giant doors, she adjusted it and smoothed a hand down her skirt.

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honestly your hp au is so??? GOOD??? i love it. i. yeah. love it so much. ❤️ and i was wondering, could you explain why you chose gon was more suitable as slytherin and killua as ravenclaw? if this hasn't been already asked, of course! have a good day/night lovely! ❤

skl;afjdlkjldjjs;alkjfsdkljfddssjfldfjks;lfakjsd thank you so much ;;__;; that’s so kind of you to say that!!!

Honestly the main reason I put them in those houses is because of olivemeister’s incredible hp hxh crossover fic, You’re A Wizard, Killua. If you haven’t read it please do its absolutely amazing and wonderful and everything anyone could ever want for a harry potter au fic!!! (and then go read the rest of his fics bc holy shit they’re the best things in existence)

But basically Killua is an incredibly smart kid, and that shows through his ability to analyze a situation pretty much immediately and how he’s the one who comes up with plans to defeat enemies. So that puts him in Ravenclaw. He’s not a Slytherin in my opinion bc…well, he’s not ambitious?At all? He’s traveling with Gon in the first place bc he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. I can’t see him in Gryffindor, and he could technically be a Hufflepuff but the only two pple he’s super loyal to his Gon and Alluka.

Gon, on the other hand, leaves Whale Island with a goal to find Ging and nothing can get in his way from doing just that. Same thing with Kite- Gon was determined to bring Pitou to save Kite and he did. He is extremely ambitious. You could put him in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor bc he’s brave and loyal, but his Slytherin traits stand out more. Like his desire to save Kite caused him to overlook everything else that was going on around him, in a way…and Gon is not a Ravenclaw haha XD I think he likes to learn but not nearly enough to put him in that House. 

I hope that helped! Here’s my reasoning for the other characters’ Houses if you’re interested

(wow take a look at this terrible moodboard i tried to do omg i’m so sorry) (it was suppose to be an extra present for being so late ugh) (hopefully the story makes up for this trash)

anyway, my valentine is @redvelvet-cupcake123 i love you so much and you are the most beautiful angel in the world omg and thank you for waiting forever for this!! i really hope you like it :)

Bully (Harry Potter AU)

(i hope you like Harry Potter oh my gosh)

{lots of fluff at the end, some bad words but only a couple, angry! Oswald, (kind of) innocent! Ed}

Oswald despised Edward.
Edward despised Oswald.
Or, at least that’s what they thought.

The Slytherin and the Ravenclaw just never got along. Yet, there was always a secret desire there. Each felt like there could be something more, something that resembles love that blossomed beneath that hatred…


Edward doesn’t actually despise Oswald. He would never admit it, though. Ed was so sure that Oswald absolutely hated him. Oswald never failed to always try to upstage Ed, tease Ed, or outsmart Ed. Ed SHOULD hate him, but Oswald gave him attention. Granted, it wasn’t GOOD attention, but it was attention nonetheless. And attention is something that Edward craves. See, Ed isn’t exactly popular. Being from Ravenclaw, he is mostly seen as a typical nerd and while also being socially inept, Edward is definitely a target for bullies.

Oswald knew about the bullies, too. And he was NOT happy about it.


Oswald and Edward were in Potions class.

Oswald was admiring Ed. He did this a lot. Ed was just too beautiful and interesting to not admire. Today, though, Oswald knew something was wrong. Ed’s usual, alluring smile was turned downwards into a frown. Oswald had to figure out what was making his sunshine so sad.

Oswald doesn’t hate Ed, either. Oswald would even go as far as to say he was in love with him. Maybe, Oswald always teasing Ed was his way of showing how much he liked him? Or maybe it was to hide his disappointment that Ed would never love him because of that cursed Kristen Kringle, the girl Ed had always had a crush on. Therefore, Oswald had to keep his love secret.

Oswald would NEVER bully Ed, though. No, each just LOVED to make the other one mad whether it be Ed receiving an Outstanding on every homework assignment and gloating about it to Oswald, Oswald’s house, Slytherin, always beating the Ravenclaws at every Quidditch game, or each trying to outdo each other at perfecting spells. Each just wanted to prove they were better than the other. It had just always been that way. And Oswald hated it.


It was the end of class, and Ed had just bolted out of the room. He had to get away; He just could not take the constant taunting anymore!

Edward was almost to the Ravenclaw common room! Just a couple more steps-

“Hey, freak; Wait up!”

Harvey Bullock, the meanest kid in Gryffindor.
Also, Ed’s bully.

“Where’s my fucking homework you were suppose to do, huh?” Harvey spat at Ed.

“Umm, I-I was v-very busy yesterday.” Ed stuttered.

“That’s not a good enough excuse, Nygma,” Harvey warned, “I expect it by tonight or I will break your skull, got it?” Edward nodded frantically.

What Edward didn’t know was that someone was watching this ordeal happen, and he was going to do something about it.



“Stop, please!” Harvey screamed, “I won’t bother him anymore, I promise, just make it stop!”

“No, no, Harvey,” Oswald taunted, “You deserve worse for everything you have put him through!”

“Avada Kedav-”

“Stop!” Edward exclaimed, bursting into the room, “Oswald, that is enough!”

Harvey stood up, groaning in pain. “Get out, Harvey,” Ed sneered, “And if you tell anyone what happened here, I’ll tell the headmaster about all the times you’ve hurt me.”

“Whatever, you fucking psychos.” Harvey jeered while leaving the room.


“Ed,” Oswald started, “I had everything under control.”

“Yes, of course, Oswald,” Ed replied, “Because torturing and almost killing another student was "under control.”





“I don’t admit my true feelings because I know you like someone else.” Oswald muttered.

“Ozzie, what are you talking about?” Ed questioned.

“I like you, okay?” Oswald blurted.

“Y-you do?”

“Yes, but I know you like Kristen-”

“No, I don’t!” Ed interrupted, “I…I might possibly like you, too.”

Oswald and Ed shared a glance and shyly laughed at their stupidity.

“Thank you,” Ed said, “For stopping Harvey. I could never be that brave.”

“He had to be put in his place,” Oswald replied, “Although, I would have loved to kill him.”

“That’s why I stopped you,” Ed stated, “You would have been sent to Azkaban, and I would never see you again.”

Oswald blushed. “Well, then, I’m glad you stopped me.”

Edward smiled softly. He walked over to Oswald, pulled him into an embrace, and kissed him tenderly on the forehead.

“Maybe we could try being boyfriends?” Ed suggested, “How about we go to Hogsmeade together this weekend?”

If you ever feel sad just imagine that there’s an alternate universe where you are a fictional character and everyone absolutely loves you and your flaws. People make blogs and lovely edits of you and probably ship you with your best friend. They have your funny one-liners you thought nobody heard as their bios. Even better, people make fanart of you. They pretend you’re a chief, or a scuba diver in some alternate universe of their own. Some people attempt to replicate your personality because they love it so much. Others dress as you for Halloween. Imagine an alternate universe where you are so unbelievably loved from people you don’t know exist.


part 2/? of our med au!!!

also pls check out citras art for this too!! its in her twitter moments here!! :))

idk about them but the way i memorize it is repeatedly banging my head against the wall until it retains in my mind


so my best friend and I were joking around and were like: what if students at Hogwarts had a youtube channel?

and then things went downhill.

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