harry potter animal crossing

Bored of being told to listen to classical music? Here is a list of great study music from your favorite video games, movies and more. 

aesthetics and smooth

video games

ambient sounds

from the screen

acoustics / bands (with lyrics)

* personal favorites 

This weeks Harry Potter Character Design Challenge was Hedwig the Owl.  I decided to make my Hedwig with all of Harry’s luggage.  Personally I don’t think he brought enough clothes lol

ID #99016

Name: Veronica
Age: 19 
Country: USA

I’m currently in college, intending to major in early childhood/special education with a minor in Spanish. I’ll be a sophomore in the fall. I speak fluent English and am working on learning Spanish.
I have varied interests. I play videogames, watch anime, and am a very passionate reader. I mainly play pokemon, fire emblem, legend of zelda, or animal crossing. I’m interested in various animes and am always looking for new suggestions. I’ll read just about anything although my favorite series are the Harry Potter and The Lunar Chronicles. I don’t have a preference in music, I’ll listen to just about anything really.
I love everything and anything to do with mythology or the supernatural. I love to write, it’s one of my biggest passions.
I’d love to communicate through social media or texting, but I’m not opposed to snail mail!

Preferences: 18+