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New Hogwarts House Covers of The Philosopher’s Stone Revealed

Available from Thursday, 1st June, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original publishing date of The Philosopher’s Stone, 26th June 1997. Hardbacks will be £14.99 each, paperbacks £7.99 each (most bookstores will offer special prices, though).

The hardbacks will be black with the house crest in a house colour and striped sprayed edges. The paperbacks will reverse the house colour theme and have single colour sprayed edges. Both editions will contain fascinating facts about the houses of Hogwarts, and three specially commissioned house illustrations from Levi Pinfold per book.

Read more about each House crest:

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Here’s a WIP of a bookmark I’m working on at the behest of @anthonysimms!

Can you guess what story it’s from?

Edit* I accidentally saved it out in CMYK, so the colors changed a bit. Now it’s back to good ol’ RGB!

Harry Potter in Concert

Okay so my city’s local symphony does this thing

Basically they play a movie without the music and the symphony plays the music live along with the movie

And the movie they’re doing now is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and I just saw it tonight and it was A W E S O M E

Like it was so good there were times where I forgot the music was live

I mean, I’ve seen this movie like a thousand times but with the live symphony, I felt like I was watching it for the first time

And there were some people that came in cosplay (there was one guy cosplaying as Quirrell)

And the lady I was sitting next to had never seen the movie and had only vaguely heard of the franchise through her grandkids (she told me all this while we got to talking during intermission) and I guess she had no idea there were seven more movies and seven books and long story short, I got a 60+ woman into HP for the first time.

Ugh guys it was SO GOOD now I want to see them do all the movies live.

(And apparently next month they’re doing Star Trek Into Darkness live so I’m gonna try to get tickets to that)

I feel Ron beating that Chess game showed potential on his character. Plus is there a real reason why Harry was bishop (the snake part in him) , Hermione the tower (the firm reliable yet non-flexible one) Ron being the horde (surprising development, such as rescuing Harry in the 7th book from the deep water). That was great in itself, it feels like Ron, while not as smart as Hermione, would have been good at strategizing like Sokka from Avatar.

why is no one talking about the nod to the philosopher’s/sorcerer’s stone in beauty and the beast?

bro, mr. potts straight up quoted neville longbottom srsly why is no one talking about this?

“i feel like i’ve forgotten something but the problem is i can’t remember what i’ve forgotten”