harry potter and ron weasley

Forever Together (Draco x Reader)

Requested: “Draco dating an asian girl for a while and want to marry her 😎”

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 559

A/N: I don’t exactly know how to write the reader as an asian person without sounding racist, so the reader has straight black hair instead of your own hair color.

You sat in the Quidditch stands, staring across as the sun set. The sky was painted different hues of pink and orange, with small spots of blue peeking in here and there.

You’d had the best day. Your boyfriend, Draco, had taken you on a date to Hogsmeade and bought you everything you wanted. You’ve had three cups of butterbeer, and about a dozen cookies.

You looked down at the cup of butterbeer that you were currently drinking and you sighed. It made you sad to know that you’re perfect day had to also come to such a perfect end.

You pushed your straight, black hair away from your face and looked down at the Quidditch pitch. Someone had started across the pitch and was standing down below you, waving for you to go down and meet them. It was Draco.

You got up and held your hand over the cup of butterbeer as you ran down to him, trying not to spill the drink all over yourself as you descended down the stairs.

When you got to the ground of the Quidditch pitch, you didn’t see him anymore, and decided to think that your eyes were deceiving you the whole time.

You made your way back to the (y/h) common room when you were stopped by a familiar voice.

“(Y/N)! Have you seen Hermione?” Ron asked as you turned around to face him. He was holding a bouquet of flowers with a note attached to it.

“I’m awfully sorry, Ron, but I haven’t seen her much at all today,” You responded and he pouted.

“Well, thanks anyways!” He ran off, holding the flowers in his right hand. You continued the journey to the common room in silence, holding your drink in both hands, sometimes taking sips.

You reached the (Y/H) common room and said the secret password to go inside. You went in, but the room was dark, like everyone had left and turned the lights out went they left. You stood there for a minute, searching your robes for your wand when you saw a spark of light.

“Looking for this?” A voice asked, and you were stunned. How did they get my wand? You asked yourself, knowing that the only person you had really been around that day was Draco.

“Wait, Draco? What are you doing?” You asked and the wand twirled around in the dark room.

“Incendio!” He exclaimed and the lights came on in the common room. Goyle and Crabbe were sitting on both sides of the room, each holding a bouquet of flowers to their chest.

“Draco Malfoy, what is the meaning of all this?” He pulled a (Y/H/C) box out from his robes and got down on one knee. “Draco…”

“(Y/N), I know your a muggle-born, but you were the first person to every show they cared about me. We’ve been together for as long as I can remember, and I want to stay with you for even longer. (Y/N), will you marry me?” he asked, smiling sheepishly at you.

“You silly goose! Of course I’ll marry you!” You respond. He gets up and puts the ring on your finger. He pushes your slick hair away from your shoulders and looks into your eyes in the dim light.

“Now we can be together forever.”

- Draco scrubs the skin on his arm viciously every time he showers. The skin is always red and marked by scratches. He tries so hard to get the mark off of him. He wants to feel clean again.
- George can’t look in the mirror anymore. Not without remembering Fred. He smashes all mirrors in their home. He cuts his hair, he dyes it.
- Neville sees Nagini in his dreams. But in his dreams it reaches Ron and Hermione before he does.
- Harry has multiple wands all around his house hidden in places that only he knows. Beneath his pillow, beneath his bed, under the couch. Just in case.
- Hermione’s boggart is no longer failure.
- Draco and Blaise are afraid of fire.
- Someone accidentally calls George “Fred” once. No one knows who starts crying first.
- Headmistress Miverna Mcgonagall is fierce, powerful and kind. All first years are intimidated and amazed, she seems untouchable. However some nights she roams the school hallways and remembers every student she lost, every life that got taken away too soon, every soul that left them too early.
- Harry suddenly can’t stay in very small rooms. He feels trapped, his throat starts convulsing and his eyes sting.
- Hagrid still feels the weight of what he thought was Harry’s corpse in his hands. It haunts him.
- Hermione, Ron and Harry had gotten so used to spending months having one small meal per day that sometimes they forget they’re supposed to eat.
- Harry rolls in his sleep once and hits his forehead against the night stand on accident, when he wakes up with pain on his forehead his heart sinks and his whole body freezes. It isn’t until he sees the bruise that he’s able to calm down. Because Voldemort isn’t back.
- Ron dreams that he’s back in their tent, traveling and hiding, he’s changing the radio stations and he hears Ginny’s names as one of the victims.
- Molly always has “where’s Fred?” on the tip of her tongue, at all times.
- Harry spends the year post-war discovering who he is, what he loves, other than the Boy-who-lived and the Savior-of-the-Wizarding-World. Because there are things he never had time to think about, never had time to experiment, never had time to experience. Sometimes he wonders if coming back had been the right choice, because it hurt so bad on some days that he couldn’t take it.
- When Teddy is sad or scared and he’s crying, Harry tells him stories and shows him pictures of his parents, it’s then and only then that he calms down and his hair goes back to normal.
- Harry pulls back to himself when the date of his death nears every year, his friends do everything in their power to bring him out of it.
- Draco and Harry have talks about the war some nights, both saw what Voldemort was capable of, Harry in his dreams, Draco in his home. Both understand.
- Luna is quirkier and weirder than ever before. She always does everything in her power to lighten up the mood in the room when the silence is bitter and mournful. It’s like she can’t stop shifting and smiling and nervously twitching and saying random facts about things no one has heard of before. Everyone knows it’s her way of coping, of staying positive. So no one minds. It’s comforting.
- Harry gets the sudden desire to travel all over the world. Sometimes Ron and Hermione come with him, others he goes alone, once Neville joins him. Draco does too.
- Draco starts writing, he writes thousands of words on some nights and none on others. He’s good at it, too.
- Harry always, without fail, looks for Sirius’ constellation. He visits his grave too, tells him how things are going in his life, how he’s coping, how he isn’t.
- Hermione getting a tattoo of blooming pastel flowers on top of her “mudblood” scar, because she’s alive, many her friends are alive and she wants to remember that.

And maybe not all is well, maybe they have scars time cannot erase, but they’re together, their hearts are still beating, so it’ll be okay. They’re going to be okay.