harry potter and hedwig

you can rest easy knowing hedwig was well looked after in the afterlife; it was confusing and terrifying and sad at first but a little while after arriving she felt a light weight on her head and looked up to find her boy, harry potter, staring warmly down at her and smoothing out her feathers, just like he always did

except… he had hazel eyes? and he looked a bit older than hedwig remembered, and who was that red-haired woman with him?

hedwig is confused again. but harry is here, and all is well, so she tucks her head under her wing and falls fast asleep.

Better names than Albus Severus Potter

Rubeus Regulus

Alastor Kingsley

Neville Cedric

Elphias Nicholas

Gideon Fabian

Colin Montgomery

Florean Broderick

Hedwig Dobby Kreacher


seriously though the Harry Potter universe is so beautiful because it is probably the only fictional world where I care with all my heart and soul for so many characters that aren’t just the protagonist and his or her sidekick like I can think of 20 characters off the bat that I would fight u over just to defend their honour


Here’s a WIP of a bookmark I’m working on at the behest of @anthonysimms!

Can you guess what story it’s from?

Edit* I accidentally saved it out in CMYK, so the colors changed a bit. Now it’s back to good ol’ RGB!