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GOT7 Hogwarts Moodbard AU Introductory Post

Im Jaebum : Slytherin

Fifth Year | 11″ Hornbeam, Horned Serpent Horn, Rigid | Quidditch Beater | Black Mamba (Patronus) | Pureblood | Parseltongue | Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Herbology (best subjects) | Park Jinyoung (boyfriend) | Choi Youngjae & Jackson Wang (best friends) | Member of the Silver Spears

  • On the one hand, Jaebum is your typical Slytherin. Or at least he appears to be. He’s very aloof and standoff-ish. Jaebum is extremely independent and will not take your shit. He appears to have a perpetual bad attitude and definitely has a bad case of ‘resting bitch face’.
  • He is very cunning and very ambitious. He will do what needs to be done and he won’t think twice about it. He can manipulate people very well (and don’t think he won’t) and he isn’t exactly overly excited to be your best friend.
  • However, there’s more to JB than you might expect. Yes, he will do what needs to be done, but JB has never once done any harm in order to advance his own personal goals. The few times he has had to bring out the ‘slytherin’ side of him as been in aid of a friend. And he does not regret it and will do it again.
  • JB is about as loyal as they come. He doesn’t make friends easily but once you’re in, you’re in for life. Jaebum would kill for you.
  • He is a bit of an over achiever. Can kind of seem stiff and rigid when it comes to his academic progress, but he really just wants to do his best no matter what it is. Even something others would consider trivial. Good news is he’s not in ‘competition’ with anybody. He just wants to be the best him he can be.
  • He’s got a soft side…kind of. He likes cats. He has a cat he brought with him to Hogwarts (Nora, let’s be honest), but he always seems to attract the stray cats running around, too.
  • Also has a soft spot for Jinyoung. And kind of a hard spot for him, too…now that we’re on the subject.
  • Jinyoung does not take his shit. That sour puss attitude can be left at the dungeon door, thank you very much.
  • Don’t get it twisted, Jinyoung likes the ‘bad boy’ attitude Jaebum gives off, but he’s fully aware that most of it is for show and that Jaebum can be a fully fleshed out person rather than the Slytherin stigma. And he expect no less.
  • They’re relationship is very odd, especially to outsiders. They’re very clearly the ‘parents’ of their circle of friends. They can often be seen face palming or glaring with a twitchy eyebrow.
  • Seriously, if Bammie doesn’t shut up in the next two seconds JB is going to hex him. And Jinyoung would probably let him.
  • He’s really good at DADA and he’s leaning more towards becoming an Auror when he leaves Hogwarts.
  • He’s on the quidditch team as a beater. Go figure.
  • He has to be careful, though. One time he was playing against Gryffindor and accidentally knocked Jackson off his broom, breaking his arm.
  • JB legit thought Mark was going to kill him.
  • He wasn’t too far off because not even two hours later he was very suddenly hanging in the air by his feet and was being pelted with dungbombs and stink pellets, with a very angry looking Mark glowering up at him (using all non verbal magic, of course, little git).
  • To be honest, Jaebum was TRYING to be mad at him for it, but the last time somebody physically hurt Jinyoung he thought he was going to blow the entire school up with how angry he was. So he let it go fairly quickly and just accepted his punishment.
  • Jaebum can speak parseltongue. It was inherited from his family, don’t ask him why or how because he doesn’t know or care. He thinks it’s pretty cool.
  • He has an extremely powerful wand, coupled with an extremely powerful wandcore. JB was well aware of this when the wand chose him and he’s very careful with it. Hornbeam wood is a fantastic wood, but it bonds very quickly and takes on the moral compass of its owner. Too many dark thoughts and the wand can very easily wish to perform dark magic.
  • On the other hand, Hornbeam also has the ability to align with white magic, and not only align with it, but refuse to perform dark magic if JB doesn’t wish it, too. Jaebum likes this idea.
  • His patronus is a black mamba, kind of obvious as to why.
  • Jaebum is a member of the Silver Spears. He originally wasn’t going to join, but Jinyoung is the co-founder and kind of roped him into it. He doesn’t mind it now, It allows for him to really work on his spellwork, which isn’t so bad.
  • His best friends are Youngjae and Jackson. Yes, he is best friends with a Hufflepuff and a Griffyndor. I told you he only appeared to be a traditional Slytherin.
  • Jackson’s loud personality evens out Jaebum’s temperamental one very well. As far as Youngjae is concerned, JB is convinced that he is the sun reincarnated and he likes him and will fuck someone’s shit up if they ever try to dim that light. He loves Youngjae, OK?
  • Jaebum doesn’t care about blood status. Never has. His boyfriend might be a pureblood but one of his best friend’s is a muggle born. So stfu.
  • He likes to sing (and trust me, you like to HEAR him sing because good lord it’s like a party in your ears and it makes you feel things).
  • He’s a foodie. You can often find him in the Great Hall, stuffing his face. Also…he does not share food. Don’t touch unless you wanna lose a finger.
  • When Jaebum wants to be alone, you can usually find him somewhere near the lake, surrounded by all the stray cats. Seriously, he’d be a crazy cat lady if it weren’t for Jinyoung.
  • Jaebum is basically a soft marshmallow covered in thick scales that you can’t penetrate unless he wants you to. Don’t underestimate him and don’t take him for granted. I promise, you’ll regret it either way.
  • He COULD kill you but he CHOOSES not to, is basically what I’m saying.

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Connected part 7 [tom riddle x reader]

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5* | Part 6 | Part 7

  • Warnings: dark, angst! Don’t read if you’re highly sensitive!!!
  • Word count: 1900

The remaining days you spent at home, before returning to Hogwarts, for the second week of your Christmas holidays, passed not as cozy and comfortable as they have been the years before. 

After getting to know the truth about your Mother, you felt empty. It was a lot to deal with, especially because you had trusted your Father blindly until you found out, what he had hidden from you, for all your life.

He promised you, to never keep secrets again and was willing to answer all the questions you had, so he told you, that your Mother has been a classmate and later a colleague at St. Mungos. 

Ivor had liked her, as a friend, but never in a romantic way. After pointing this out for several times to her, she apparently decided to just make him love her.

He guesses that she had put the potion into his coffee, one morning, at healing-school. On that day, he realized that he needed her, or he thought he would.

She continued to drug him for years, until she had given birth to you. That’s when she thought she could release him, thinking he would have grown to love her anyway. But as soon as the brew’s effect was gone, his feelings for her faded as well. 

He told her to get lost and took their baby with him. To make sure she wouldn’t ever seek for him again, he threatened to go to court, which would have ended with her in Azkaban.

Raising you has been his mission ever since and he told you that he didn’t regret one second.

Although you felt a little bit reserved, you could understand his actions and why he didn’t want to tell you, after some days of processing.
You still loved him, of course, but also looked forward to return to your school to get some distance.

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Concept: every room in hogwarts was once a room of requirement but slowly the rooms that were needed over and over again began to take form, like the dormitories and the classrooms. The magic that runs the hallways hides doors is much of the same magic, but run by what the castle wants.

The Room of Requirement is not the only remnant left from this- the place where the Philosophers Stone was hidden, and the various classrooms that are always empty when you need them, those are almost the same. The Room is the only one left that transforms into Anything though, and as time goes on it will just become the storage room where lost things go.

Today is the day

Today is the day… that the trio broke into Gringotts….. 
Today is the day… that trio stole a dragon and the last ‘fetch’ Horcrux
Today is the day… that they went into the heavily armoured (????) Hogsmead with only their wits, wand and invisibility cloak. 
Today is the day… that Aberforth Dumbledore saved them form the double death inducers (death munchers and dementors). 
Today is the day… they found out another snippet of the truth about Albus Dumbledore and Arianna Dumbledore. 
Today is the day… that they snuck into Hogwarts as opposed to out. 
Today is the day… that they were welcomed back as heroes. 
Today is the day… that they were shown the blind trust others have for them. 
Today is the day that Harry used an unforgivable and meant it. 
Today is the day… that Professor McGonnagall was both shown and showed how much she cared for the students and they cared back. 
Today is the day… that Ginny got jealous.
Today is the day… that McGonnagall attacked Snape.
Today is the day… that Snape only defended and did not attack.
Today is the day… that McGonnagall wrongly perceived Snape as a coward.
Today is the day… Hogwarts is woken up for the first time in Harrys occupation of the school.
Today is the day… students where given the go ahead to fight if they were old enough and wanted too. 
Today is the day… when the secret passage ways out of the school where no longer secret and used for more than mischief making. 
Today is the day… the professors show their skills in more than one subject. 
Today is the day… Percy the Prat swallowed his Malfoy Manor sized ego and apologised. 
Today is the day… Hogwarts statues stood to attention before their school. 
Today is the day… battle plans where decided upon.
Today is the day… Voldemorts voice rang through the hall for the first time in 6 years. 
Today is the day… Hogwarts united as one from within. 
Today is the day… that Harry forgot his mission in favour of watching those who defend him.
Today is the day… Hogwarts prepares to fight in the most unusual but effective way. 
Today is the day… Hogwarts used its assets.
Today is the day… The wooden bridge exploded and we saw the use of a moat with no water.
Today is the day… Hogwarts first saw battle.
Today is the day… Harry showed his intelligence. 
Today is the day… the grey lady is revealed.
Today is the day… Romione finally becomes an item.
Today is the day… Draco side is completely revealed.
Today is the day… Harry’s Quidditch prowess comes into light.
Today is the day… Crabbe dies via his own curse. 
Today is the day… The diadem was destroyed. 

Tomorrow is the day it all ends….

because the Battle of Hogwarts started before midnight.

The First Year at Hogwarts

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1942

Summary: It is official- Dean and the Reader’s first year at Hogwarts has begun.

Part 7 in Magic Series (Harry Potter AU). Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, and Part 6 here.

Hogwarts has started!! You all get to finally see how I will be mixing this series and the books! :D Enjoy!

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