i just love how you can tell the people who lived through the Bad Harry Potter Fanfic Years from about 2002-2007

these are the warriors who read my immortal when it first came out. they should be saluted

How the Houses would react to:


Hi guys! We’re trying out a new series, so send in requests for what you want the houses to react to next.


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Honestly, the biggest plot hole in the entire Harry Potter franchise doesn’t have anything to do with temporal shenanigans or magical mechanics or even basic plotting. The biggest hole is this: how the hell did Dumbledore talk McGonagall into going along with his plans for Harry?

I mean, it’s such an obvious Needlessly Complex Supervillain Scheme if you’re reasonably in the know - which she was - and she’s not just smart, but genre-savvy, so there’s no way she could have failed to piece it together. And we know enough of her personality to know that she would have found the whole idea abhorrent even in principle, let alone once the casualties started piling up.

So what could he possibly have said to her to convince her that letting him play Risk with children’s lives beat every possible alternative?