harry pote


  • 2x speed dance 
  • The boys hitting/ punishing each other
  • The boys blaming each other ( i feel so cruel )
  • no srsly tho my ult ship is winkdeep and it must happen
  • Woojin reenacting his old videos and pics
  • Guanlin doing his popping dance
  • and obv being a swaggy rapper 
  • Jisung’s claps ( be honest we want him to do it )
  • Jaehwan’s laugh 
  • Daehwi speaking English 
  • Jaehwan, Sungwoon & Minhyun singing downpour !!
  • Jisung’s wittiness 
  • ‘ Harry Pote’
  • Minhyun doing his butt dance (from his p101 video)
  • Jaehwan dancing to Boom Boom 
  • Jihoon’s aegyo (jeojang, kku kka, wink)
  • Doni Coni talking about jinyoung’s aju small face 

There are so many things that I want them to do if they go to weekly idol ++ feel free to add more things :)) 

But… has anyone questioned where Daniel got that name? We all thought he was a foreigner, but then *boom*, 100% Korean, 100% lived in Korea. Trying very hard to make an “english accent” (cute af, god!) and loves Harry Pote (whoever that is lol). Kang EuiGeon. Who are you? Why did you appear suddenly with pink hair, an english name, and slayed us all? Now, serious tho, enlighten me when ya’ll find out the roots and story of this precious.

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My Personal Top 11

 just realistically (as of episode 5), in no particular order

1. Park Jihoon // versatile dancer // clearly talented but his vocals could use more practice // spicy just like hot sauce // mY jiHOOnie

2. Kang Daniel // well-rounded // 60cm shouldered sorry sorry daddy // rapper but he can hit his notes  // hArrY pote yo 

3. Takada Kenta // underrated asf // be mine fancam slayed me // mnet please let him be seen more // いただきます (itadakimasu)

4. Ahn Hyeongseop // impressive stage charisma (10 out of 10) // D to A real quick // cutie pie // sees a ghost and throws a chair

5. Kim Jaehwan // i feel theres a serious lack of good vocals in this show // guitar playing genius // voice of an angel // 미칠 것만 같아 

6. Kim Samuel // i dont think hes overrated, he clearly lives up to the idol standards // dancing is amazing // vocals are pretty good // someone give him a nickname pls

7. Ong Seongwoo // dancing king (imo) // centre for sorry sorry had me ded // pop n lock the world yo // visuals undeniably on point // the scream

8. Kim Jonghyun // well rounded in every aspect // national international leader // patient and kind // wartortle 

9. Noh Taehyun // krumping god // expressions on point // decent vocals // mnet pls acknowledge his talent and give him love

10. Yoon Jisung // extremely charismatic // Ö // stable vocals // daring expressions

11. Park Woojin // because final 11 needs more rappers yo // i thought he was a quiet person // but his 10 out of 10 rap had me shOOK // dancing and choreography skills are FIRE // stan talent pls mnet

Honorable Mentions:

- Hong Eunki

- Lee Woojin

- Park Woodam

- Ha Sungwoon

- Bae Jinyoung

- Yu Seonho

this is just my personal opinion on people i stan and think are just about good enough to be in final 11. i took into account not just talent (singing, dancing, rap etc.) but also stage/real life charisma that i think is important to have as an idol. i personally feel this as an overall group would do better due to the members being more talented as compared to many leading trainees whom i feel are severely lacking and are leading only due to their good looks (eg cube kids, kwon hyunbin etc). i fear that korean fans are sadly looking more at looks than talent. 

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Pros and cons of dating Daniel?

MY BIAS HDWIHDOIWUD this may or may not turn out to be an essay lmao


  • his smile hiS SMILE EEE
  • his eyes will curl up whenever he smiles and its literally the most beautiful eye smile in the world i tell you 
  • whenever you say something whether its a compliment about him or something cute he’d chuckle and wow his eyesmile 
  • sexy and cute at the same time you’ve got the best of both worlds 
  • when he gazes at u intensely making u all sweaty and nervous s a v e m e
  • you supporting daniel at b-boying and dance competitions 
  • whenever he wins something in his thank you speech he’d proudly thank you and then smile real big cos he gets embarrassed but is super happy at the same time 
  • now LET ME SAY HIS SHOULDERS are as board as the pacific ocean 
  • cuddling up to him and leaning against his shoulders on the bus soooo comfy 
  • dont forget those abs guys
  • a real gentleman too and very sweet to your parents 
  • opens the door for you, pays on dates, surprises you with cat keyrings and cat plushies
  • walking ??? cats together 
  • visiting cat cafes together and staying til closing time 
  • volunteering at animal shelters together 
  • in honesty tho he’s a very caring and lovely person and will do all that he can to care for you and make sure you’re happy 
  • i feel like he would take relationships seriously and pour his all into it 
  • also very sweet and humble like hes not the type to go on blabbing about his achievements
  • puts your needs and others before his and just genuinely wants to be helpful 
  • binge watching harry pote together
  • having competitions to see who has a better british accent with ong as the judge lmao 
  • ong thirdwheeling and taking pictures for you two lovebirds 
  • omg and he would always lend you his jumpers, hoodies and plaids
  • and he loves it when you wear his clothes 
  • ok i’ll stop tho i have 2189301 more things i wanna say tbh


  • ong and woojin will probs tease u guys so much 
  • he might be a bit scary when he’s angry 
  • i honestly think he really puts others before himself so he might hide it when things get hard for him :((

other wanna one members: minhyun (x), sungwoon (x), jihoon (x)

Things that I’m looking forward to from Wanna One

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So this all started from a conversation between my friend and I, who had been following Produce 101 season 2 since the beginning because of Nu’est (but ended up adopting at least 30 sons lol)  and with the final line up of Wanna One, there has been news that they might be hosting a V Live episode next week and that they will be having their own variety show starting in August and hence, knowing how close these boys actually are, I just wanted to share with you guys some of the moments that I’m looking forward to! :)

1. Ongsung Ongsung (I mean, no one really beats them when it comes to their level of variety and extra-ness) 

2. LOTS of Bromance (and perhaps some unexpected ships??? Like I never knew how Jinyoung and Minhyun became so close, apart from the fact that they were in the same team?) 

3. Jisung’s ahjumma moments (I swear, he will be the one responsible for all the nagging and noise in the dormitory) 

4. Minhyun’s mum-like nagging, cleaning and perhaps teaching the other boys Nu’est songs and dances??? (He was the mum of Nu’est, simply because he looks after them, cleans well and always nags them to either clean up after themselves or wake up early) 

5. Jaehwan’s psychotic laugh (Curious? Check it out here!)

6. Woojin reacting to all his pre-debut pictures (trust me, just google them) 

7. Minhyun becoming Jihoon’s fashion icon (because he adores Minhyun’s visuals and just admires him from afar in general) 

8. Jaehwan and Sungwoon high note battles? 

9. Secret cameras (yes please

10. Daehwi being Jisung’s and Minhyun’s favourite because this boy apparently cooks well. 

11. Maknae line moments (there is gonna be so much of it, I can feel it) 

12. Sungwoo’s savage comments + noisiness 

13. Daniel, Minhyun and Woojin conversing in Busan Satoori (omg this is going to be my favourite if it ever happens. Who knows? Minhyun might just get his accent back) 

14. Guanlin, Daehwi and Daniel (Harry Pote?) teaching the rest English (and perhaps Minhyun can do the Japanese part) 

15. SO MUCH EXTRA-NESS (and family moments of course because the Nu’est members tend to adopt a lot of kids) 

Last and not least… 

Anybody curious who became Daniel’s roommate?? Because I sure am. 

If anything, I can just be very honest that the nightmare room would most likely contain Daniel (sleep talks), Minhyun (talks a lot before he sleeps), Jisung (for being Jisung) and Jaehwan/ Ong. 

Nevertheless, I cannot wait for more news from the Wanna One boys and let us support them till then as they prepare for their debut stage, finale concert and the many CFs they have in store for us! All the best boys and may you continue walking the path of flowers! (same goes for Samuel, Yuehua boys, HF Music Company boys, RBW boys, JBJ etc.) ^^

That Sounds A Lot Better - Lee Daehwi Requested Scenario


Summary: in which you are still offended because your brother like friend, Kang Daniel, did a very bad English accent, when suddenly heavenly Daehwi comes down from heaven with a perfect accented English, even more perfect when he confesses with it

Genre: fluff

Message?: i live for Daehwi’s english


“Wait!” Seongwoo exclaimed as I sat in a circle with Lee Woojin, Bae Jinyoung, Daehwi, Seongwoo and Seonho, “your not from Korea?!”

I laughed, “no English is my first language.”

Little Woojin gasped, “say something in English.”

I chuckled slightly before speaking in my mother language, “hey guys, what’s up. My name’s Y/N nice to meet you.”

Woojin looked at me impressed.

“Oh! And Daniel is just offensive with that accent!” I exclaimed, “Harry Pote.”

I imitated Daniel until he came over, laughing, “what’s this about.”

“Your bad English accent,” I said, “it’s just offensive!”

“What about mine?” Daehwi asked from behind me in perfect accented English.

I gasped, “what the fuck?!”

He laughed at my expression.

“You know Englih?!” I exclaimed, confusing all the little ones who don’t speak English.

Daehwi laughed, nodding, “I lived in America for 6 years.”

“Oh my god,” I said, “I never knew this. Daniel! Did you know that Daehwi can speak English?!”

Daniel laughed, nodded, “didn’t everyone.”

I scratched the back of my head awkwardly, chuckling, “yeah..?”

Daniel laughed, scuffing up my hair as he walked past.

I pouted, sorting out my hair. I looked over at Daehwi who was staring at me as I played with my hair.

“You alright?” I asked in English.

“Just great,” he replied in Korean, looking slightly dazed.

Seonho laughed, “Daehwi looks hypnotised.”

Daehwi laughed too, looking at Seonho with a loving expression.

“Guys!” Jonghyun exclaimed, getting everyones attention, “break is over, practise needs to start again.”

“That’s my queue to leave,” I said, standing up.

“No!” Daehwi pouted cutely, grabbing my hand.

“Why not?! I’m hungry!” I pouted.

Daehwi laughed as he got up.

“I’ll get you food after practise, yeah?” he said, “please just stay!”

I laughed, “okay Daehwi!”

He smiled as Daniel slung an arm around my shoulders.

“You stealing away my sister, Daehwi?” Daniel asked, trying to look threatening but just making me and Daehwi laugh.

“Yah! I’m not even your sister!” I exclaimed, slapping his chest.

“You are my baby sister,” Daniel said, cooing at me as I tried to swipe him away.

Daehwi laughed.

“Come on you pre-pubescent men,” Seongwoo said, walking past us, “or women.”

I nodded at him, smirking as I sat down by the mirror.

“3.. 2.. 1!” Seongwoo shouted before clapping the slate.

“Practise starts now!” Jonghyun shouted, “places!”

Through the whole practise, the person in the centre started winking, motioning to me or trying to speak English, making me need to pee with laughter and forget about my hunger.

“And practise is officially over!” Jonghyun shouted as everyone clapped and I jumped up.

Daehwi walked over to me and did finger guns while laughing, “food?”

I nodded laughing as I gently pushed him towards the door, making him shout.

“Couple goals!” Daniel shouted after us in English.

“Your English is shit!” I shouted back, making Daehwi laugh.

“How’s mine?” he asked in English as we walked towards the canteen.

“It’s actually really good! I’m so surprised!” I exclaimed.

“Did you really not know?” he asked, laughing.

I shook my head, laughing.

“Do you think I sound better in English than Korean?” he asked, switching between the two languages.

I hummed, “probably English. Your American accent is really cool.”

He smiled, getting both his food and mine.

“Thank you!” I said as he sat it down in front of me, “I was about to say ‘I will enjoy it’ but it sounds weird in English.”

Daehwi laughed as he tour apart his chopsticks.

“Hey, why don’t we go on a walk after eating?” Daehwi asked.

I nodded, “I feel like I’ve never really spoken to you 1 to 1.”

He nodded, “I mean since we met theres been about 96 boys always running around.”

I laughed, “that’s very true.”

“Speaking of,” Daehwi muttered as we watched Jonghyun, Daniel and Seongwoo walk into the canteen.

“Hello!” Seongwoo shouted, waving over-dramatically.

I laughed, waving back, “hello Seongwoo.”

They got their food and sat down around us, making me and Daehwi give each other a look.

“Guys, we’re going on a walk,” I said, standing up.

“Where?” Seongwoo asked, “why?”

Daehwi laughed, “hyung! Why do you need to know?”

I laughed as me and Daehwi cleaned up before heading out.

“We probably shouldn’t do this,” I said as I shivered, “what if you get recognised?”

“Ah, it’s not that bad,” he said, giving me his jacket.

“Thank you!” I said, slipping it on.

We walked in silence for the rest of the way.

“Umm.. Y/N,” Daehwi started, “I need to tell you- or ask you something but I was wondering… should I do it in Korean or English?”

I laughed, “English! It sounds great!”

He laughed, “you’ve chosen the hardest one. Well, I guess, what I wanted to say- or ask, well—”

“Daehwi what is it?” I asked, stopping and looking him in the eyes.

“Y/N, I- I…”


“Daehwi!” I exclaimed, stopping him, “what are you trying to say?!”

He sighed, reverting back to Korean, “I’m trying to tell you I like you a lot. And I’m trying to ask you to be my girlfriend.”

I grinned the biggest grin I ever have, Daehwi looking the most handsome he ever had as I said, “now. English.”

He smiled, shaking his head but continuing, “I like you a lot Y/N. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Well,” I said, trailing off, “yes. And that sounded a lot better the second time. Well third.”

Daehwi laughed, “I’m so relieved. And I’ll try English from now on. Just for you.”

Wanna One Hogwarts Houses

N O T E   F R O M   A L I S H A!

The house placings are due to my own personal opinion.

If you see anyone copying this please tell me.

If you want to use this as a guide to write a Hogwarts!Wanna One AU please ask me and then link me your AU, I’d love to read it!

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My Top 11 (again)

after i’ve gotten to know the trainees and because after the third elimination my heart has shattered and I can only hope to painfully piece together the people whom I hope will debut

(kind of in an order but at this point how picky can we be)

1. Park Jihoon // 박지훈 // ‘99 // poppin dancer // level headed and calm // decent rapper // visuals // jEOjang and neon shoelaces

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2. Kang Daniel //강다니엘 // ‘96 // excellent dancing and rapping // able to take care of his dongsaengs // cute laugh // charismatic // not over harry pote yet

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3. Ong Seongwoo // 옹성우 // ‘95 // dancing mAniac // meme // strong vocals especially for someone who specialises in dance // unique voice // clap the SLATE

4. Kim Jaehwan // 김재환 // ‘96 // knetz do you want your main vocal?? // selfie king // individual trainee like hOw //  mature yet funny // how can he not debut tbh

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5. Park Woojin // 박우진 // ‘99 // dude this dancing MACHINE // suWEg and unique rapping // off stage charisma tbh // on stage charisma tbh // that serious member that judges the rest but then joins in on the stupidity

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6. Kim Jonghyun // 김종현 // ‘95 // national universal leader // patient and caring // looks like a pure bean // but then he raps // a true gentleman // rapping so good im sh00k // ur not balding jonghyun dont worry

7. Ha Sungwoon // 하성운 // ‘94 // a strong vocal this group needs // give him some justice this guy is so talented // a strong dancer too // well rounded overall

8. Kim Samuel // 김사무엘 // ’02 //  perfect expressions // english speaker (for intl fans) // an amazing young dancer // a voice that catches attention // stage charisma on point // oH My GOD

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9. Bae Jinyoung // 배진영 // ‘00 // cute and dorky // unique yet strong voice // hard working // reverse charms on stage // VISUALS MAN // stable vocals // the deep in winkdeep

10. Hwang Minhyun // 황민현 // ‘95 // talented vocalists // calm and quiet // yet a beast on stage // centre for never i ded // seems to be knowledgable on where talent lies and can help the other members // truly CEO hwang

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11. Ahn Hyeongseop // 안형섭 // ‘99 // one of the best stage expressions imo // not given enough credit for his dancing skills // charismatic // would do well on variety shows // fan service galor // roses4u

Honorable Mentions (aka the gems knetz missed that im salty af were eliminated):

Takada Kenta

can i just emphasize how devastated i am that he’s out

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Hong Eunki

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Yeo Hwanwoong

Originally posted by fyyeohwanung

Kim Donghyun

Originally posted by ong-seungwoo

Kim Yongguk

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Noh Taehyun

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Lee Woojin

he’s tbh too young but i would have liked to heard more of his angelic voice

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MNET: Yo Daniel tell us an English word which sounds like your group name or sth

Daniel: Eh…in his head flashback of him trying to speak in British accent Harry Pote™ … How about… Wannable?



Seongwoo: Daniel…no offense but is this even a word?

Daniel: Bro…idek tbh? I FELT PRESSURED?

Broduce 101 Prompts Masterpost


Person A and Person B:

Meringue, Princess CarryLongtime Fan, Language Woe, Borrowing ClothesHigh Heels, Church, Birthday, Shipping, Pizza, Pretend Couple, Broken Promise, Childhood Friends, Sweater Swap, Fanboy AU, HateBed, Amnesia 


Time Travel, MCM Teddy Bear Part 1, Part 2: Dance Battle, (Fake) Animal Documentary, Watching Anime, Spin-The-Bottle, Second Elimination, Rainy Day, Snowball FightPre-PD101 Videos, Handcuffs, “Mom“, Yongguk, Girls’ Uniform, Egg, Lipstick, Finals Week, Online GamingBaby, Sleepover, Beach, Privacy, Twin, Beach, Hang Out, Makeup


Vampire, TeacherABO, School, Guardian Angel, Spy, Magical, Soulmate, Superhuman School, Special OPs, Daycare, Merman, Street Racing, Disney, Produce 101 S1, AKB48Office

Person specific:

Sewoon: ABO AU, Kingdom AU, Ponyo Loves, Entertainment Company AU, Pizza Delivery Guy

Seonho: Ouran High School Host Club AU, High School Musical AU, Hyung Timesheet, Chick

Kenta: Yakuza, Cafe AU

Jaehwan: Serenade, Opposite AU

Jihoon: Winking Booth, Flawless Photos, Special Agent

Dongho: Gender Bender, Kitty Savior

Daehwi: English

Daniel: Human Peach

Jinyoung: Soulmate AUAngelic Smile

Lee Woojin: Family AU

Park Woojin: Screentime

Seongwoo: Superhero AU

Hyungseob: Egg Nightmare, Bunny

Hyunbin: Thanks To

Gunhee: Frog

Taehyun: Tutor AU

Pair specific:

Donghyun and Sewoon: Something

Sewoon and Jaehwan: The Little Mermaid AU

Sewoon and Jonghyun: Digimon

Jonghyun and Jihoon: Anime Convention

Jihoon and Samuel: Pokemon AU

Samuel and Daehwi: Scary Movie

Daehwi and Dongho: Flowers and Tattoos

Daehwi and Seonho: Costco

Seonho and Minhyun: Neighbor AU

Daniel and Woojin: Cat/Shelter AU

Daniel and Seongwoo: Movie AU

Eunki and Jung Jung: Rival Dance Studio AU

Hyungseob and Woojin: Amusement Park AU

Group specific:

Justice League: Wizarding World of Harry Pote, Model AU

119/Playing with Fire: Dress Up

Masculine Beauty BOOM BOOM/Get Ugly: Hospital AU

Knock and Slate: Swapping Songs

Knock and Nation’s Son: Mafia AU

BNM: Teddy Bears 


Cube: Cube, Espionage AU, Family AU with Dongho

NU’EST: Trainers AU

Wanna One reaction to liking a girl who can't speak korean,only english.


He would get so annoyed when he doesn’t understands all you say.He would talk with you in his broken english or bring Daniel as an translator.

“Daniel,tell her that she looks cute today.”(in korean)

“He said that you are ugly today.”

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He would be a little confused with what are you saying,but he’ll work hard to learn the language.He would ask the others for help sometimes.

“I don’t know how you say ‘i like you’ in english,but I really want to tell you now.”

“You just told me.”

“Oh really?That simple?”

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I’m pretty sure that he understands and knows to talk in english good enough.He would be a little cautions not to say something wrong,but it will not be that hard to talk with you.

You look sweaty today.”

“Ugh?I just took a shower.”

“Sweet as candies.”


Originally posted by minhyuun


I’m not sure about him,but he probably knows a little.He would be able to understand you,but talking with you would be a little hard.He would do weird signals if he doesn’t knows how to say something.

“Do you think I am handsome?”

“Did you really wanted to ask me that?”

“Yeah. Do you think I am handsome?”

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He would probably laugh his ass off when he makes a mistake.He would try his hardest but some words would be  too difficult for him.He would search quickly what that word means,but since the translation is not always right he would get so confused.

“Do you want want to come with me at the pool,Jaehwan?”

“Why would I want grass?”

“No no.Water slpash splash.”

“Ah yes yes.”

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Daniel will use his amazing english skills.He would try to impress you by using his british accent.He would talk with you with so much confidence,Daehwi and Guanlin would be laughing at his ‘’accent’’ all the time and Daniel would be still confident with his skills.

“Do you like Harry Pote?”

“I do like Harry Potter,never heard of Harry Pote.”

“Are you laughing at me?”


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He would first try to look cool and impress you but when you start talking more and confusing him,he would carry Guanlin with him.You would want to tell him that you want to go on a date,but Guanlin will stare into your soul while Jihoon would look clueless.

“Guanlin,can you give us a little privacy?I can try to talk in korean.”

“Guanlin,what did she said?”

“That she loves my presence more than yours.”

Originally posted by woojinsus


He would manage to understand you,but talking with you would be way too hard.He would take advices from the 3 masters of english known by the public by the names Daniel,Daehwi and Guanlin.He would be so hard working to learn your language and to finally be able to talk with you.

“I’ve always wanted to talk with you.”

“Woah,you talk english so well.”

“Ah,thank you.Thank you.”

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He would be as clueless as Jihoon.He would try hard to talk with you because you are the only girl who caught his attention until now,but he would be struggling a lot.He would ask Daehwi to teach him or translate some words for him because he wouldn’t trust Daniel’s advices.

“How can I say that she looks like my mom?”

“You don’t.Why would you even tell her that?”

“I tought it will be cute.”

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He is fluent in english so it won’t be a problem for him.He would talk cassualy with you,sometimes changing from english to korean just to annoy you.He would enjoy to talk with you like this cause the other won’t understand what are you two talking about.

“David,stop it boy.”

“The first person to call me David in Korea.You deserve an award.”

“Shut up,Daehwi.”

“Who is Daehwi?I’m David now.”

Originally posted by hitoritabi


Guanlin is fluent in english too so it won’t be a problem for him either.Sometimes it would take him longer to say something because it would be a mess in his head,thinking of an word who knows it in mandarin and korean,but doesn’t remember the english form.

“How do you say when you like an person?”

“You just say I like you,what are you thinking about?”

“Can you repeat please?I didn’t hear you.”

“I like you,stupid.”

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Please request 💕