harry poppins

  • slytherin 1: wow, you really do have everything in there, don't you?
  • ravenclaw: you're like Mary Poppins, if her magic purse was also filled with drugs
  • slytherin 2: "if"? Ravenclaw, the kids in that movie jumped into a painting and spend 15 minutes chasing a cartoon fox. "Spoonful os sugar"? Grow up
The Houses as Musicals

Thank you so much to @a-medley-of-memories for their comment! Here’s what they said:

“Gryffindor: Mary Poppins because it took bravery to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Slytherin: The Wizard of Oz because each character had their drive to have a heart, courage, a brain, or a home.

Ravenclaw: My Fair Lady because in the pursuit of knowledge, dedication, and your heart’s passion, you can be lovely.

Hufflepuff: Rent because the friendship is there through every season of love”


Carol Therese Potter, you were named for two of the raddest lesbians in the history of love stories

Hedwig Arol Potter, you were named for two owls. No reason behind it

Bedknob Broomstick Potter, you were named for a rad ass magical movie

Glinda Goodwitch Potter, I owed the land of Oz a favor after Dorothy lent me her shoes to fix the mess you made in your fourth year

Cursed Child Potter, you were named after one of the biggest mistakes in expanded continuity

Willy Wonka Potter, your god-uncle owns a dope-ass candy factory so it only fits I name you for him

Thranduil Galadriel Potter, you were named for two of the most fabulous characters in fantasy literature

Hagrid Minerva Potter, you were named for the two people who actually gave a damn about me as a person and not an object or a means to an end

Fabian Frank Potter, you were named for two of the bravest men who ever lived

Buckbeak Dobby Potter, you were named for two of the gnarliest magical creatures I knew

Mary Poppins Potter, you were named for the greatest witch who ever lived, and could’ve beaten Voldemort with her eyes closed but she didn’t want to embarrass me

David Cameron Potter, you were named for a pig-fucker, which is honestly less offensive than my original idea

Albus Severus Potter, you were named after two Hogwarts professors I happened to know. One was a complete douche canoe, not only to me, but also to my friends, causing trauma and strife and pain. The other used me as a tool to defeat the dark lord and never told me jack

Paperclip Rockstop Potter, you were named after two random objects

Slash Fanfiction Potter, you were named for what everyone will be doing once the Cursed Child plotline is widely known

Frodo Baggins Potter, you were named for the last ring bearer of The One Ring, to Rule Them All, One Ring to Find Them, and in the Darkness, Bind Them

Widow Tracer Potter, you were named for my favorite Overwatch ship that I fell into and is now sailing away with me at top speed to open sea. Good luck with your life or whatever

sorry guys but i’m not going to be over this for a while. Harry Fucking Styles wrote a song called “If I Could Fly” and INSISTED on this being the title and then he makes his first solo music video featuring him FLYING. i CANNOT WITH THIS BOY HE OWNS MY WHOLE HEART/SOUL/ASS

Mary Poppins/Harry Potter Theory

This is something that my sister and I came up with. We love Harry Potter and the Mary Poppins movie and while watching, we came up with this.

Mary Poppins and Harry Potter are in the same universe. They just weren’t both around at the same time. Mary Poppins was around years before Harry was but so was Hogwarts. Somewhere in the early 1900s, before Harry was even born.

We notice that Mary Poppins uses magic throughout the movie, seeming to have mastered levitation spells and several others. She keeps telling the kids that what happened didn’t really happen most likely to keep herself from getting in anymore trouble with the ministry of magic. She uses magic constantly in front of muggles(Non-magic folk) and yet you see no wand. Why is that?

Because she keeps her wand in her umbrella just like hagrid. This is how the ministry still hasn’t been able to take her wand from her. You also notice that her bag is a lot like Hermione’s in the last Harry Potter book. Dick Van Dyke’s character is most likely also a wizard or a squib, that’s how he’s able to see and understand Mary’s magic.

Mary Poppins most likely was a student at Hogwarts and, personally, I think she would’ve been in the Hufflepuff house because of her hardworking and caring nature.

Just a cute theory my sister and I came up with.