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Carol Therese Potter, you were named for two of the raddest lesbians in the history of love stories

Hedwig Arol Potter, you were named for two owls. No reason behind it

Bedknob Broomstick Potter, you were named for a rad ass magical movie

Glinda Goodwitch Potter, I owed the land of Oz a favor after Dorothy lent me her shoes to fix the mess you made in your fourth year

Cursed Child Potter, you were named after one of the biggest mistakes in expanded continuity

Willy Wonka Potter, your god-uncle owns a dope-ass candy factory so it only fits I name you for him

Thranduil Galadriel Potter, you were named for two of the most fabulous characters in fantasy literature

Hagrid Minerva Potter, you were named for the two people who actually gave a damn about me as a person and not an object or a means to an end

Fabian Frank Potter, you were named for two of the bravest men who ever lived

Buckbeak Dobby Potter, you were named for two of the gnarliest magical creatures I knew

Mary Poppins Potter, you were named for the greatest witch who ever lived, and could’ve beaten Voldemort with her eyes closed but she didn’t want to embarrass me

David Cameron Potter, you were named for a pig-fucker, which is honestly less offensive than my original idea

Albus Severus Potter, you were named after two Hogwarts professors I happened to know. One was a complete douche canoe, not only to me, but also to my friends, causing trauma and strife and pain. The other used me as a tool to defeat the dark lord and never told me jack

Paperclip Rockstop Potter, you were named after two random objects

Slash Fanfiction Potter, you were named for what everyone will be doing once the Cursed Child plotline is widely known

Frodo Baggins Potter, you were named for the last ring bearer of The One Ring, to Rule Them All, One Ring to Find Them, and in the Darkness, Bind Them

Widow Tracer Potter, you were named for my favorite Overwatch ship that I fell into and is now sailing away with me at top speed to open sea. Good luck with your life or whatever

Mary Poppins/Harry Potter Theory

This is something that my sister and I came up with. We love Harry Potter and the Mary Poppins movie and while watching, we came up with this.

Mary Poppins and Harry Potter are in the same universe. They just weren’t both around at the same time. Mary Poppins was around years before Harry was but so was Hogwarts. Somewhere in the early 1900s, before Harry was even born.

We notice that Mary Poppins uses magic throughout the movie, seeming to have mastered levitation spells and several others. She keeps telling the kids that what happened didn’t really happen most likely to keep herself from getting in anymore trouble with the ministry of magic. She uses magic constantly in front of muggles(Non-magic folk) and yet you see no wand. Why is that?

Because she keeps her wand in her umbrella just like hagrid. This is how the ministry still hasn’t been able to take her wand from her. You also notice that her bag is a lot like Hermione’s in the last Harry Potter book. Dick Van Dyke’s character is most likely also a wizard or a squib, that’s how he’s able to see and understand Mary’s magic.

Mary Poppins most likely was a student at Hogwarts and, personally, I think she would’ve been in the Hufflepuff house because of her hardworking and caring nature.

Just a cute theory my sister and I came up with.

Mary Poppins Wixen World Headcanon

So panpolymommy and I were talking about the various “Mary Poppins is a witch (something something something Ministry of Magic/Hogwarts)” headcanons and we came up with our own, detailed version of this.

Mary Poppins is a nanny born sometime around the 1880s whose lifelong quest is to open the minds of the parents of Muggleborns in preparation for their Hogwarts letters. She was inspired to this calling by the experiences of her childhood friend, Bert, who was the child of a wealthy, artistocratic family who refuses to allow him to go to Hogwarts because he was to take on the family business (during the walk in the chalk park, Mary sings to him “though you’re just a diamond in the rough, Bert, underneath your blood is blue.” to which Bert responds “common knowledge.”) In fact, Bert is actually Bert Dawes, grandson of Mister Dawes the elder (also played by Van Dyke), chairman of the bank. Bert’s upper class upbringing also could explain why his Cockney accent sounds put on - it is.

If you watch through the film, you can begin to piece together the story. Bert and Mary grow up together, or have known each other for a very long time. Bert is no Squib, but neither is he trained. Perhaps Mary tutors him from time to time, but Bert has integrated fairly well into the early 20th century Muggle lower class of London and is bound by guilt over a falling out with his father, the junior Mister Dawes, to Muggle society. Bert does, however, have a wand, which he stashes in his cane/chalk stick. His skill is magical art, allowing him to do things like impart life to chalk drawings.

Mary Poppins is likely a Half-Blood with a Muggle parent or Muggleborn who specialized in Muggle Studies at Hogwarts. Her talents are wandless magic (though she also can be observed using her wand, which is stashed in her umbrella), speaking with dogs (Andrew tells her about her Uncle Albert up on the ceiling), and jumping into Bert’s magical drawings (a skill she attempted to teach him, but sadly it is far too advanced for him). In Howarts she was likely sorted into (good) Slytherin (she is cunning, resourceful, and has the ambition to never let any Muggleborn child be left behind). Her bag is enchanted with a spell to conceal the contents from all but her, and also with an Enlargement Charm (à la Hermoine’s bag in Deathly Hallows), her mirror is actually a magical portrait of herself set on a reflective surface so that when she walks out of the frame, it’s just a mirror (that’s why her “cheeky” reflection sings back to her and is still in the frame to wink after Mary walks away). She also enchanted her umbrella to approximate Bert’s personality so she wouldn’t miss him as much when she was out of London.

As for the Dawes family, Dawes the Elder was a Muggleborn like Bert whose family objected to sending their only heir away to be apart of a world where humans can’t even run the banks. They didn’t even let him see his letter. Dawes the Younger was a Squib born to his magically-ignorant father and a Muggle woman, and he married a Muggle as well. It was to everyone’s surprise that Bert was born with magical abilities and they squashed his dream of attending Hogwarts with Mary, tearing up his letter before his eyes. Bert, who says he was afraid to speak when he was a lad, was actually afraid of both upsetting his father and grandfather, but also of screwing things up with bursts of untrained magic. That is until Mary teaches him a nonsense word that helps him calm down enough to tame the magic. Bert and his father eventually have a falling out over Bert going to Diagon Alley with Mary when he was 17 to purchase a wand, and the Dawes kick him out. This was the last time Bert ever spoke to his father or grandfather, though as stated earlier, it’s his guilt over this exchange that keeps one foot in the Muggle world.

As for Mary’s Uncle Albert (I’m assuming here, though clearly he’s known Bert and Mary for a long time), he has a wziarding disease which causes uncontrollable levitation upon bouts of laughter, and it is highly contagious among wizards. Mary is somehow immune, but Bert, Jane, and Michael all have become carriers as well. Michael inadvertantly passes it on to the elder Mister Dawes (an untrained Wizard) in the bank, which contributes to his death. Because Bert stays in the area, Mary has asked him to help take care of Uncle Albert.

At the end, Bert’s father has calmed somewhat down by his father’s death by laughter, Mr. Banks has become a better father and husband and has had his eyes opened to the idea of magic, and the elder Mr. Dawes finally gets a chance to be himself before he dies.

So yeah, that’s about it. Well, there is the part where it all ties into Blue’s Clues. But I’ll make another post about that. ;)


Prince Harry is tonight attending his first ever Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London’s Kensington.