harry playing football

Lily is beyond ecstatic Harry brought someone with good taste home.
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He is so happy, its adorable 

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okay but what makes me even sadder than angry resentful harry who hated the dursleys and everything they stood for is the little boy harry must have been at the beginning of the whole thing, when he still wanted the dursley’s love and affection like

  • harry in his first days at privet drive cooing “ma” at aunt petunia only to get a sharp pinch and an angry rebuke
  • harry as a preschooler drawing three blond blobs and a little black one with “my family” scratched over the top and presenting it to uncle vernon, who ripped it up and threw it away
  • harry trying to play football with dudley and being confused when all his cousin did was kick the ball in his stomach until he fell over
  • harry picking flowers for aunt petunia in mother’s day when he was five and as a punishment being forced to work in the garden
  • harry hoping every birthday that this year, maybe this year he had behaved well enough to get a real present and waking up to yet another clothes hanger or tissue box
  • harry being kicked out of the room the first time he had tried to fit himself into the dursleys’ family photo
  • harry being the loving caring person he was naturally and getting only harsh words and abuse in return
Larry fics to cheer you up

Just some  fics with lots of humour in them to make you laugh if you’re going through stressful times:

like an animal (i wanna feel you from the inside) by grimgrace:

Summary:  Louis leans a little closer. It’s not difficult – not with the way he’s already pressed so close, straddling Harry’s hard hips with Harry’s equally hard dick nestled tightly between his cheeks. 

The paramedic clears his throat and looks away.

(Harry and Louis get a little stuck. Literally.)

The Edge of the Stars by casuallyhl:

Summary: Louis laughed. “You think you can convince some random guy to want to go out with me?”

“Oh baby,” Jay chuckled. “I can convince all of the UK to want to go out with you.”

Or, a Meet the Parents AU where Harry is the man of Louis’ dreams, and it’s up to Jay to convince him to date her son.

Into The Blue by zarah5:

Summary: AU. In which Louis is Harry’s scuba instructor and quite happy to provide the requested special treatment, pun fully intended. It can’t be all that difficult to convince Harry that they’re on the same page, right? Also, Niall and Liam may or may not be dating, and Zayn is surrounded by emotionally stunted idiots. He bears it with dignity.

nobody, baby, but you and me by imsosorry:

Summary: He’s had the ring for months now. It’s actually unbelievable that he hasn’t asked Louis yet, because the question pops into his head at least three times a day. Just last night, he’d arrived home to a sleepy Louis in bed, who’d mumbled, “fuck you you fucking wanker” after he’d made too much noise in the bathroom, and Harry’s first thought had been, Marry me.

(Or, the one where Harry’s going to propose to Louis. He really is.)

you and me were kings by ithacas:

Summary: harry plays football in a small town in west texas. louis might be the only person that doesn’t give a damn. au.

take your time rolling up your sleeves by aniloquent

Summary: “Lovely. Could you whip us up a strawberry shortcake with a message on it?” Harry nods again, drawing his notepad from one of the pockets of his apron and waits for the message. “‘We all knew the cat was going to leave you for something better.’” Harry sputters while the raven-haired boy elbows his friend harshly.

“Louis,” he chides. “You’re such an absolute dick, you know that?”

Louis shrugs as a little scowl pulls at thin lips. “What the fuck am I supposed to put on it? ‘Sorry me and Zayn threw the fucking mutt out into traffic during a trash wrestling match and it decided to take a fucking hike?’” Zayn, he presumes, hits him again. Harry blinks.


Based on the twitter prompt “I work in a bakery and you keep coming in and asking me to write you weird messages on cakes”

Song: All Over by Cruisr

Leave Before The Lights Come On by Velvetoscar:

Summary: Louis’ never had a one night stand in his entire twenty-one years of existence. Not once. That is…until now. And OF COURSE this is how it happened.

we fool ourselves so much we could do it for a living by veterization:

Summary: Louis has been King of Pranks in his dorm for two years, and a random freshman named Harry Styles isn’t going to take that title from him. It is on.

please don’t be in love with someone else by wildestdreams:

Summary: Harry ran after Niall, out the door, pausing at the doorway, realizing he was only in his boxer briefs and yelled out, “Niall! You forgot your lunch.”

Just as Niall paused from all the way down the hall, the door opposite theirs opened and the hottest boy Harry had ever seen walked out, eyes widening when he spotted a half naked Harry.

Harry was so fixated upon the boy across from him, who was staring right back with his mouth now hanging open, he’d missed it when Niall bounded back towards him and grabbed the lunch before popping a kiss on his cheek and leaving again. The kiss snapped Harry out of his daze and he let out a breathy laugh as the pretty boy walked out furthermore, closing his door behind him. He gave Harry a small smile back, raising his eyebrows in amusement while looking down past Harry’s waist and then back up.


The one where Harry and Louis are neighbors and there’s a lot of overthinking, misunderstandings, Backstreet Boys sing alongs, embarrassing moments in the hallway, and pining. They somehow still make it work.

See Clearly Now by Awriterwrites:

Summary: “My eyes are up here.”

What? Was— was Louis flirting with him?

Harry looked up — much too slowly, probably — and saw Louis watching him, his mouth quirked up on one side, a grin threatening to steal the pretty curve of his mouth.

“What?” Harry squeaked.

Louis put his hands on his hips, almost challenging Harry to look again, “I said…my eyes are up here.”

Harry felt something electric pass between them. He felt the need to take a step forward, call Louis’ bluff, see if he was more bark than bite.

Biting sounded really fun right about now.****

OR a five-times fic where two guys, one college dorm room and a faulty door lead to a few embarrassing situations and finding out more about themselves and each other than they ever bargained for.

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The people that believe it's about gemma keep bringing up running around the garden must be when they were kids and I just keep thinking about how many times Louis made Harry go out and play football in the garden.

STOP they definitely play football together in their yard

that said I think this is another case of people who think that being a bit too literal and think it’s possible running around the garden is more symbolic of being young and carefree which definitely could apply to hl but yk

Capt’n Styles, are you certain of this? They be attracted to man-made light.“
"What is? Sharks?” The young blonde asks in terror.  
“Worse than sharks, lad. There’ll be flesh eating mermaids upon us in minutes, mark my words!” Paul huffs as he continues to wave the bright lantern in front of him, “And Captain Styles here, has us bait!”
Or: The Pirates of the Caribbean inspired au where Harry is a fierce pirate who holds the heart of a beautiful merman.

“You tired or you wanna watch another?”
In lieu of replying, Harry twisted around to press their lips together; slowly, lazily, and Louis responded in kind. Harry sighed quietly, no heat behind the kiss but neither of them were in a hurry to stop.
“Mm.” Louis hummed contentedly, pulling away. “I could kiss you all night.”
“Maybe you should. Love being with you.” Harry mumbled, wondering somewhere in the back of his mind if that was a bit much. “Yeah, let’s watch another film.”
Harry meets Louis while working in theatre and struggles to keep their relationship as casual as Louis would like.

  • Heart of the sea (63k, chaptered) - past relationship au, blonde!harry, surfer!louis
Crashing out in Indonesia had brought Louis back to reality with a hard and painful collision. Not only did he wipe out in the most spectacular of ways-getting caught up in an undercurrent and slammed against his board hard enough to rip his shoulder from the joint and a few tendons with it- but he’d learned in those long moments that he’d spent underwater fighting for breath and life that he’d made the biggest mistake of his life.
He’d let Harry go.Since moving out of his mum’s house with his baby daughter, it’s always been just Harry and his little Luna Flower; dad and daughter against the world. Things are just fine and Harry doesn’t think he needs anyone – and that could have had to do with the fact that he doesn’t think there’s anyone out there good enough. But, with a leap of faith and some unexpected twists and turns, maybe he might just prove himself wrong.
Or, the one where Harry is a single dad and gets more than he bargained for after a one night stand of sorts.Louis rides a BMX and works in a diner all the hours god sends to keep his little brother Alex with him. Since their parents died, Louis has become mother and father to his sibling but he’s missing out on love.
Harry is a motorcycle gang member with a mysterious past but his vulnerability soon becomes evident as the two men’s worlds collide.
Louis becomes embroiled in a more-dangerous way of living but he helps Harry finds what he’s been missing all along- a place to call home."You kind of have to be a little bit dumb to decide to climb Everest, I think,” Harry says. “Like at some point you should probably say to yourself, ‘Hey, this is really dangerous and expensive and stuff, and maybe I should just, like, become an architect or something.’”
Louis cocks an eyebrow. “An architect, Haz? Is that your secret dream? You want to build –”
“Shh,” Harry says, holding a finger up to Louis’s lips. “I’m trying to make a point. Just that, like, at some point, we all make a stupid choice to put our lives in danger, but that’s just part of why climbing this mountain is such an accomplishment, right? Because most people aren’t dumb enough to try.”

Or: An Everest AU where Louis sets out to climb the tallest mountain on the world and meets a curly-haired guy named Harry who worms his way into Louis’s life. It’s not long before reaching the summit becomes the least of Louis’s worries.When Harry moved out of Doncaster at the age of 18, he left behind way more than a box of memories buried in his backyard. Fast-forward many years and he’s happy again in Los Angeles. And he’s got things figured out. And his life is complete. And then he sees Louis again, which may change things a little bit.
This is not a story about not getting over your high-school boyfriend. This is a story about moving on, about knowing that your first love can be just that- your first love. But it’s also a story about falling for the same person again - at a different age, at a different time, in a different circumstance. Simply because it’s meant to be.harry plays football in a small town in west texas. louis might be the only person that doesn’t give a damn. au.The long-haired man grips his arm tightly. “You’re not going to say anything.” It’s not a question.
Louis shakes his head, his body twitching. It hurts.
“Fine.” Large eyes survey him before letting go. “It’s cold. Take this. Wear it.”
Louis can’t help another flinch as the man’s long scarf is wrapped round his tender neck. It’s still warm. Louis touches the soft material. “Thank you.”
The man bears his teeth. “Don’t thank me. Don’t ever thank me.”

Dystopian AU. Louis has been alone for too long to remember how not to be, and Harry has too much to worry about to deal with a scrawny, wild, stranger.“If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat.
Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.”
1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.
Pregnant Harry Fics

All fics are completed and on AO3

All In 3k Harry/Louis

Climbing onto the bed and wrapping his arms around Harry, he couldn’t stop smiling while thinking about the next chapter in their lives that was about to be written.

And resigned himself to the fact that his band mates were probably never going to leave his house now.


always be my baby 3k Harry/Louis

Harry is Louis’ baby.

Harry also wants Louis’ babies.


And all you wanted was somebody who cares 62k (warning: also contains pregnant Louis) Harry/Louis

Harry is pregnant and alone until he finds a flyer advertising a home for pregnant teens.


can’t be what you need if he’s seventeen 41k Harry/Nick Grimshaw

harry is 17 and nick is 21. nick moves away, but not before giving harry a going away present.

au where harry niall louis zayn and liam all grew up in holmes chapel, and nick just sort of turned up.


Didn’t He Blow My Mind? 3k Harry/Louis

Louis and Harry are in love, Harry’s pregnant. So very pregnant that he’s grown a really nice pair of tits, and when they start leaking milk Louis loses all self-restraint.


Family Ties 4k Harry/Louis

“We have the perfect family don’t we?”

“Yes, yes we do.”

Harry gets pregnant for the second time and this is the story of his pregnancy through the ups and downs.


Forever and Always 6k Harry/Louis

“I want a lot of kids,” Harry slurs. He’s sitting on Louis’s dick right now, riding Louis slowly and at his own pace.

“Okay, baby,” Louis says, petting his hip.

Harry pouts. “I mean it – I want, want so many baby Tommos running around the house, wrecking havoc just like their Daddy.”

Or the one where Harry meets the love of his life at 16. This follows the years following their meet.


goodness gracious (i can’t seem to stop) 9k Harry/Louis

“What – Oh.” Louis’ cold hand touch the warm skin of Harry’s stomach and his eyes flew open. He stared at his hand, his fingers splayed out over the skin of the small bump forming. His hands looked tiny in comparison with the pale skin and Harry’s massive body. He felt nothing but warmth, knowing the baby was still too small to move, but Louis’ heart almost leapt out of his throat, then Harry’s hand covered his and slipped his fingers between Louis’.


or; harry’s pregnant, that’s it.


honey and i 5k Harry/Louis

AU very loosely based on Marley and Me, Louis takes his friends advice and buys Harry a puppy to quell his desires to start a family. However the puppy turns them into a family with out them really knowing.


I could take the back road but your eyes would straight lead me back home 18k Harry/Louis

Indie duo Harry Styles and Niall Horan meet premier league football player Louis Tomlinson in a bar one night. Niall is starstruck and Harry is lovestruck.

Harry and Louis are just friends until they’re forced to admit they’re not - they’re actually quite in love.

Harry and Louis get married, have two daughters, and now Harry is pregnant with their third child. A road trip is planned…

Louis is just trying to keep Harry’s mood swings at bay for another couple of weeks, Niall is trying to keep his best friend’s daughters entertained and out of mischief, Liam is trying to convince Louis that picking up a hitchhiker isn’t a bad idea, and Harry just wants to figure out what to name their baby boy before he’s born.


I Met You in the Toystore 37k Harry/Louis

Louis works in Toys'R'Us and finds Harry studying two kinds of baby formulas like it’s the most important decision in the world. How can he resist?


i’ll put my future in you 2k Harry/Louis

Male pregnancy is supposed to, like, not be a thing. It’s a universal truth. Men don’t get pregnant. But there he is, at the doctor’s office with a troubling ultrasound and a nervous boyfriend clutching his hand.

or, the one where Harry defies all the laws of nature and gets pregnant.


If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity? 8k Harry/Louis

Louis had always meant the world to Harry. But to Louis, he was just a “huge, drunken mistake”.


Light Up The Room 21k Harry/Nick Grimshaw

Harry Styles. Nineteen, single, pop star and … pregnant?

Or the one where I wanted a realistic view on what pregnancy would really be like for a world famous male pop star balancing recording, a world tour, and romantic dramas with morning sickness and back pains.

my little bird 25k Harry/Nick Grimshaw

harry likes nick a whole load, and he gets a whole load in him.

or: the one where nick knocks harry up, with some very questionable character timelines.


Not Part of the Plan 12k Harry/Louis

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby and a baby carriage. That rhyme was a total lie. Sometimes things don’t happen in order. Sometimes things aren’t planned. And getting knocked up by his teacher who was also his boyfriend was definitely not on the list of things Harry had planned for his junior year of high school.


Nothing I’m Running From 12k Harry/Louis

The odds are one in five million. Chances are it’s not going to happen to them.


It does happen to them and Harry Styles is pregnant.


oh baby baby, the reason i breathe is you 9k Harry/Louis

He wants to kiss Louis. Kiss him on his forehead, smoothing the tight lines of stress that have formed over the years. Kiss his perfectly arched eyebrow, where Louis used to have a piercing Harry mercilessly teased him about (Secretly he loved it – maybe even wanted to lick it a little.). Kiss his button nose, making it scrunch up in that cute way it does when Harry makes a dumb joke. Kiss his collar bones, maybe nip them a little and soothe them with his tongue. But really, he wants to finally kiss his pretty pink lips he’s dreamed about for too long. He wants it more than anything.


Oh Baby, It’s you 7k Harry/Louis

Harry wants a baby, and he intends on having one.


So Baby Say You’ll Always Keep Me 7k Harry/Louis

Harry feels more tears form in his eyes at that. He laughs, shaky but genuine, and he wraps his arms around Louis’ waist, moves closer to bury his face against Louis’ shoulder. “We’re going to be dads.”


Thirty-Nine Weeks 18k Harry/Louis

The one where Harry gets pregnant.


What a Lovely Way of Saying How Much You Love Me 2k Harry/Louis

harry’s insecure; louis doesn’t know what for.

aka harry is pregnant and louis still thinks he’s the most beautiful boy. like, ever.


We’re Having a Baby, My Baby and Me 20k Harry/Louis

Harry cries when he sees the pretty pink plus sign on the test. It hits him in a way it hadn’t before. He really is pregnant. He’s going to be a dad. He and Louis are going to have a baby. And that only brings on more happy tears.

Or, the one where Harry really wants a baby.

Where We Begin 53k Harry/Louis

Harry and Louis were band mates and best mates. Their relationship crossed many lines, sure, but after one night they may have to deal with something much bigger and grow to learn that somewhere along the way they formed a family – just the two of them, and a baby.


With Child(ren) 11k Harry/Louis

Harry and Louis have a baby (or two).


wrap your fingers around my thumb 12k Harry/Louis (trigger warning for miscarriages)

Harry hides out in Brighton. Louis finds him. Together they figure out how to grieve. And how to come home.


yes, you make my life worthwhile 9k Harry/Louis

Harry whispers to him that this feels like every dream he’s had for the last three years and Louis kisses his temple, behind his ear, across his cheeks and by the edge of his jaw. He runs the back of his finger across Winnie’s sleep-warm cheeks and sighs, the weight of the world finally off his shoulder.

Louis’ a pediatrician, Harry’s a preschooler teacher, and they’re having a baby.


your laughter tastes so sweet 3k Harry/Louis

Anna said “GIVE HIM TOMLINSON JERSEY AND A BUNCH OF BABIES ON HIS HIPS” and you don’t say no to Anna. So this is a future!fic where Harry and Louis are married, they have kids, Louis plays football, Harry is his biggest cheerleader and the whole world is envious of the awesomeness that is Tomlinson family.

lirry fic rec post

i’ve had the pleasure of reading a whole lotta lirry fic over the past few months, so i thought i’d make a post reccing my favorites so far, in no particular order (and asking for recs for more that i missed!). if u read, pls rmr to leave comments/kudos/good vibes. thank u fic writers for doing u!

[updated 9/4, new fics are marked with an *!]

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mahptitfleury-deactivated201703  asked:

Okay "hi i found your child and they keep telling me that i should date you and dang is your kid right" with Jegulily! And you are the best and thank you.

Yay! Thank you and you’re awesome! 


“You’re going to love my dad,” the kid said, dragging Regulus behind him. Regulus blinked a few times and wondered how the hell this had happened to him.

He’d been by the cereal at Tesco, wondering what he was in the mood for. Regulus wasn’t much of a cook, so his meal mostly consisted of eggs, toast, cereal and spaghetti. It wasn’t very exciting but he’d learned to live with it. 

Scratching at his head, he was torn between something more on the healthy, fiber filled side of the spectrum and one of the chocolatey-sugary ones. He was about to be a responsible adult and get the one that advertised “calcium! Vitamin B!” when a small child appeared in the aisle. Regulus did a double take and then walked over.

“Hey kid, where are your parents?” he asked, concerned that no one seemed to be around.

“They’re with the veggies,” the kid said, making a face.

Regulus couldn’t help laughing. “So you thought you’d sneak away for some cereal?”

The kid gave him a bashful grin like he was getting away with something he shouldn’t. “If I start eating it then my parents have to buy it.”

Regulus shook his head. “You remind me of my brother. He’s a troublemaker too.”

The kid grinned. “I’m Harry,” he said, holding out his tiny little hand. 

“Regulus,” he responded, shaking the hand. “We should probably get you back to your parents.”

Harry frowned and took his hand away as if he had been betrayed. “I hate grownups,” he mumbled, kicking at the ground. 

“Oh come on now,” Reg said, bending down so he was eye-level with Harry. “We’re not all bad.” 

Harry looked at him for a moment and then seemed to decide something. “Do you like men?” 

Reg was so taken aback by the question that he nearly fell over. “I’m sorry?”

“You know, do you like men?” Harry asked as innocently as if he were asking the time.

Reg shook his head. “I like both, actually,” he admitted, unable to believe he was having this conversation with a seven-year-old. “Had boyfriends and girlfriends. How about you?”

Harry crinkled his nose at Regulus. “I don’t know that yet! I’ve got to wait until I’m older.” 

“Fair enough,” Regulus said, standing up and scanning around for the kid’s parents. “Come on, let’s make our way back to the fruit and veg section.”

Harry suddenly seemed much more excited to find his parents. “My mum’s great! You’re really going to like her. She has red hair and green eyes. My dad has brown hair and brown skin like me! We look a lot alike!”

They got to the fruit and veg section but Regulus didn’t see anyone matching the description Harry had given. Sighing, he tugged Harry towards the costumer service desk in hopes they could find his parents. They called for Mr. and Mrs. Potter over the tannoy and Reg waited with Harry just to make sure he got to his parents safe.

“Do you like footie?” Harry asked. 

“It’s alright,” Reg answered with a shrug.

“What about dogs?” 

“Love ‘em.” 


“Never tried it.”


“Best things ever.”

Harry seemed to be satisfied with his answers because he stopped the interrogation and sat patiently on the bench waiting for his parents. A few moments later two people that looked exactly how Harry had described came barreling over in their haste to get to their son.

“Harry! Oh my god!” Mrs. Potter said, picking Harry up and hugging him tightly.

“We were so worried!” Mr. Potter said, gently caressing Harry’s hair. “Are you the one who found him?”

All three were now looking over at Reg and he felt slightly uncomfortable. He hadn’t been prepared for just how good-looking the Potters would be. They were the hottest couple Regulus had seen in real life. “He was in the cereal aisle,” he explained, running his fingers through his hair. 

“How can we ever thank you?” Mr. Potter asked, shaking Regulus’ hand. 

“Dad,” Harry whined, pulling on his dad’s sleeve. “Invite him over for dinner.” 

“Of course,” Mr. Potter said, smiling. “You should join us for dinner.”

“I’d hate to impose…”

“Don’t be silly!” Mrs. Potter said, putting Harry down in favor of hugging Regulus. “It’s the least we can do.”

Regulus was startled for a moment and then awkwardly hugged Mrs. Potter back. She smelled like lavender and she hugged with such veracity that Regulus could barely breathe. When she pulled away, she was smiling warmly up at him. 

“I guess I could do dinner,” Regulus said, wondering if he was about to make a very big mistake. 


The Potters’ house became like his second home. It was so much brighter and more inviting than his third floor walkup that was the size of a closet. He knew he was getting into trouble when it came to James and Lily. They were just so amazing that Regulus couldn’t help falling in love with them. He’d cried with Lily as he told her about his fucked up family. He’d laughed with James as they tried to help Harry learn to play football out in the yard. He’d sat between them on the sofa as they watched The Force Awakens for the twentieth time because Harry was obsessed with it, Lily falling asleep on his shoulder as James shouted for Rey to kick Kylo’s ass. 

Regulus decided that he needed some distance from them. He needed to get his head on straight before he did something stupid and ruined the best thing that had ever happened to him. 

He had been invited over for dinner for what was the third time that week. It was getting to be almost a routine and honestly Reg was happy to be eating home cooked meals. It turned out James was an expert cook in the kitchen, having learned how to cook from his parents. 

Regulus stood in the kitchen and watched James cook Chicken Tikka. It smelled delicious and Reg couldn’t wait to try it. He stepped a little bit closer to watch over James shoulder as he added spices. James turned his head and smiled at him. “We really like having you over, Reg.”

Regulus smiled back. “I like being here.”

Lily walked into the kitchen and tucked her hair behind her ear. “Have you told him yet?” 

“I was just about to.”

“Told me what?” Reg asked as James and Lily shared a look.

“We…well…We’d really like to date you,” James said, an adorable blush rising onto his cheeks. 

“That is if you’d be interested in dating us,” Lily clarified, placing her hand on Reg’s arm. “We’ve tried before but no one ever quite fit with us.” 

“Harry’s been telling us to date you ever since we met,” James said, chuckling, leaning back against the counter. “And well…we agree with him.”

“Really?” Reg asked, looking between them. 

“We know it’s a hard sell for some,” Lily said softly, rubbing her thumb over Reg’s skin, causing gooseflesh to form. “From the outside we look like we’ve already got everything we need. Perfect little family. But James and I, we love each other, but sometimes we’re just not enough, you know?”

Regulus swallowed hard. “Could you please pinch me?” he whispered, certain that he must have fallen asleep at some point.

Lily laughed and shook her head. “James, get over here.”

James turned down the heat on the stove and walked over. He brought his hand up and cupped the nape of Reg’s neck, making him shiver and his eyelids flutter closed. James gently tugged on Regulus, bringing their lips together in a gentle kiss. Regulus groaned and James took the opportunity to slip his tongue into Reg’s mouth. 

Regulus pulled back, panting slightly, only to be pulled the other way and his lips captured by Lily. He keened and clung to her desperately, afraid of waking up and letting the best dream he’d ever had end. She was so soft as she pressed against him.

Regulus had to break the kiss. He had to take a moment for himself. His head slammed back against the cupboard but he didn’t even care. James and Lily were both smiling at him, gorgeous and wonderful and his for the taking. “Are you two mad?” Regulus asked, slightly breathless.

James and Lily’s smiles immediately fell from their face. 

“Did you really think there was a chance I was going to say no to you two?” he asked before they got the wrong idea.

James chuckled and put his arm around his wife. “There was always a chance.”

Regulus surged forward and put his arms around James and Lily, hugging them tightly. “No, there wasn’t,” he assured them. He was so absorbed in the embrace that he didn’t hear Harry walk in. There was a tug on his shirt and Reg pulled back and looked down. 

“Are you dating my parents?” Harry asked.

Regulus grinned. “Yeah, I am.”

“Good,” Harry said, climbing up onto his chair and waiting for his food. Regulus helped set the table and then sat in what had become his chair. As Lily and James joined them at the table, Regulus looked around at the family he’d been invited to be a part of and felt unequivocally like he was home.