harry osborn peter parker

ohbthr  asked:

Harry Osborn/Peter Parker 💛💟💝

💛: who believes in soulmates?

Peter; he’s seen some weird stuff in his superhero days and literal, fanfic style soulmates wouldn’t even break the top 10.

💟: who spends time reading their zodiac compatibilities?

Hahaha Harry. look, it’s not like he’s got much else to pin his hopes on.

💝: who spends more time (possibly overthinking) what presents to get the other?

HARRY. Will Peter be offended if Harry gives him expensive stuff? PROBABLY. Will Peter be offended if Harry tries to get him science stuff and gets it wrong? THIS DOES NOT EVEN BEAR CONTEMPLATION. But isn’t it rude to get Peter something super cheap? Does it count if he tracks down, like, a super rare cereal box prize and buys it for $1000 on ebay but pretends he just got it by chance?

(One year he gave Peter a Rolex and Peter was like, “…cool? I mean, thanks for thinking of me Harry, but I already have a watch that plays the Avengers theme song as an alarm so I’m pretttttyyyy set.” Harry’s never recovered that lost confidence.)