harry opening door for zayn

Someone make a 1 year az (after zayn) Zarry fic where Harry calls Zayn out of the blue and tells him he bought a cabin in Washington and was wondering if Zayn would come up with him for two weeks to catch up (but like some really fake deep, partially distracted, prolonged explanation to convey that he would really like it if Zayn came up with him) and Zayn thinks about it for a while and after realizing how bored he is, he shows up without even telling Harry and Harry opens the door when he knocks (Zayn couldn’t text him. There’s absolutely no fucking signal out here.) with a huge grin on his face and hugs him and it feels a little awkward for Zayn but it feels like something he’s been missing, like something clicks back into place when he hugs Harry back. And he decides he’s kinda in love with Harry when Harry whispers “I miss you” into his shoulder.