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Zarry where Zayn and Harry have a baby girl (4 yrs old) and not much of a plot besides: "it's your turn to get her."

Aaliyah comes home on Friday like she does every Friday: full of energy and happiness because she doesn’t have to go back to school for two whole days. Zayn loves these days because the hugs are extra special. She flies through the front door and her little arms wrap around his neck as she launches herself in his arms, backpack and all. As she squeezes tight, he picks her up and wiggles her back and forth until she’s giggling in his ear. Harry is not far behind, closing the door that she left open and giving Zayn a kiss as he works the backpack and jacket off of his daughter Zayn waits until he’s done before he’s walking off with his daughter and up the stairs to her room.

Zayn can distinctly remember when they first painted Aaliyah’s room. Originally it was going to be the stereotypical color of pink for their newborn baby girl, but then Zayn concluded that gender typing wasn’t something they should be doing, therefor throwing all primary colours out the window studying all the secondary colors instead which is how Aaliyah’s room ended being a nice orange colour. Zayn puts her on the bed and smiled as she talking animatedly about what they did in class today, and about the project she was doing for the science fair. Harry walks in seconds later with apple juice and graham crackers. Zayn barely gets Aaliyah’s other shoe off before she’s moving to her daddy with grabby hands.

Harry smoothes his fingers through her black curly hair before pressing a kiss to her forehead. He watches as Zayn puts her shoes in her closet before coming back to them. “What were you and Baba talking about?”

“A science project!” Aaliyah is bouncing, physically jumping with each word. “Cousin Carlton says his project is going to be the best cause his daddy can get him cool things and his dad is really smart, but I wanna beat him because he’s mean and wasn’t a good sport when I beat him in kickball last week.” Her forehead creases with anger but a smile returns to her face as she says, “But when I win the project he’ll have to shake my hand in front of the teacher. So can we make the coolest project ever? I wanna beat him. Can we, please?”

Zayn looks up at Harry, and the man looks surprised she got that out in one breath without passing out. He crouches down to her level and kisses her forehead. “Of course, Ali, we can’t let a Tomlinson-Payne beat us, right?”

Aaliyah smiles with bright amber eyes and dimples before she’s hugging both her Baba and Daddy tightly in her little arms.


Four hours later Aaliyah had her science project set, and was currently making multiple lava lamps in various kinds of containers. She started with water bottles, and then progressed onto bigger and wider jars. They had to stop here when she tried to get the old fish tank from the basement. Zayn had then distracted her enough with showing her how to draw a nice poster for the project. Harry had cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and put all eight of the lava lamps on the living room table or now. When harry got back to them, it was to see Zayn helping Aaliyah glue the poster onto cardboard. Aaliyah had glue all over her fingertips and some dried glue on her cheek as she helped here Baba put away the markers they used. Blue glitter was everywhere including in Zayn’s hair and Aaliyah’s cheeks.

Harry looked at them in slight horror before a fond expression landed in his face, “You guys are a mess.” Within seconds he’s being tackled to the ground and being glittered down by his husband and daughter.


“Her light is on again,” Zayn grumbled against Harry’s shoulder as he blinked one eye open that night. From underneath their door he can see the light from across the hall still on. Besides, it really wasn’t hard to see since Aaliyah liked to sleep with her door wide open.

“Can we just ignore it for now?” Harry mumbled as he wrapped his arms around Zayn tighter.

“You’re just sayin’ that ‘cause It’s your turn to go check on her,” Zayn says and pushes at Harry’s shoulder even though he still lays half on top of him. “Go tell your daughter to go to sleep already?”

“Oh so she’s my daughter now because she’s messing with your sleep patterns?”

“Well now you’re messing with my sleep patterns. So unless you wanna sleep on the couch, I’d suggest you go babe,” Zayn says but they both know that he really doesn’t mean it. Neither of them really can sleep without the other anymore. Zayn smiles pleased when Harry groans but stands and goes down the hall to Aaliyah’s room. Zayn hears a whine in the background but then a small “love you daddy” before the light is being turned off and his lovely husband is coming back to him.

Minutes pass before the light down the hall is turned back on.

“It’s your turn to go check on her.”

BSM A/B/O #4 You mate with one of the boys

/N: Thank you guys for being so patient with me. I have decided that for now I’ll just focus on the A/B/O series.

So basically, mating is a two part process, at least in my universe. Part one: Have sex while the omega is I heat. Part two: The alpha gives the omega the mating bite during sex. Omega’s can get suppressants so as to not get pregnant during this process.

Request: You mate with one of the other boys and he get’s protective.

LOUIS (Zayn) Age 19: “Y/N? Is that you?” You took a deep breath, squeezing Zayn’s hand and running the free one over the mating mark on your neck. “Don’t worry;” Zayn breathed in your ear just as Louis came into view. His otherwise bright smile faltered slightly as he raised his head an inch and sniffed the air. “What’s that smell?” Before you could answer, Louis head snapped in your direction, eyes stormy as they stared Zayn down. “You didn’t.” Zayn smiled sheepishly, pushing you behind him a bit to protect you from the raging alpha. Not that Louis would hurt you, but it was an instinct embedded in him now that you mated. “Come on Lou, aren’t you glad it’s me, whom you’ve known for almost four years, instead of some random dude? You know I won’t hurt her.” Louis rubbed his scruff thoughtfully, eyes flickering over Zayn’s arm draped across your shoulders. Even though Louis didn’t seem to be as angry anymore, Zayn’s shoulders were still tense, ready to defend you in case Louis turned out to be dangerous. “Fine!” Louis surrendered, smirk back in full force when you squealed in delight and ran into his arms. Over your shoulder, Louis gave Zayn the finger with a teasing glint in his eyes, to which Zayn just chuckled.

ZAYN (Harry) Age 18: “He’s going to kill us,” you and Harry muttered at the same time. Harry sighed deeply, head thrown back, sneaking a glance at you out of the corner of his eye. “But the mark suits you though. I love knowing everyone can see you belong to me now.” You laughed, voicing your agreement, before forcing Harry out of the safety of your room and down the hall to Zayn’s. You knocked, throwing a reassuring smile over your shoulder at Harry when you felt him tremble slightly. Zayn opened the door, raising an eyebrow at the two of you. He then glanced at your neck and the undeniable mating mark, and sniffed the air. “You guys mated?” he asked, voice void of emotion. Harry stepped up beside you, seemingly ready to fight Zayn off if he were to attack you. “Yes we did,” Harry answered simply, suddenly confident. Zayn glowered at him. “Don’t sass me Styles. I have the right to be pissed.” You pulled Harry behind you again, stepping up to face Zayn, sensing your mate’s distress behind you. My mate, you thought. You cleared your throat. “No you do not. My life, my choices, my mate. So suck it up pretty boy and get used to it.” Zayn seemed slightly taken aback, but seemingly decided it wasn’t worth the fight. “Fine,” he grumbled.

HARRY (Niall) Age 19: “What if he freaks out? What if he forbids us from seeing each other again? Oh god Niall, I can’t lose you now I finally got you!” you wailed miserably, tracing a finger over the brand new mating mark on your neck. “He won’t, love. Calm down. He can’t keep us apart, he knows that. It’d be futile.” You sighed, calming down at the carefree tone of your new mate. “Fine. Let’s tell him then.” You called for Harry to come to your room. As soon as he entered, he wrinkled his nose. “It smells like sex in here.” Then his eyes widened and he was by your side in a second, inspecting your mating mark. A wide smile spreads across his face, much to your confusion, and he sweeps you off the floor in a massive hug. Niall laughed behind Harry, and your heart soared at the delighted sound from your mate. “Congratulations! Oh Ni, I’m so happy it’s you!” Harry set you down, enveloping Niall in much the same hug you had just gotten. When they broke apart, Niall walked to you, and bent down to kiss your mark. “See? I told you not to worry.” Harry’s face turned into something more serious. “Don’t hurt her Horan. I’ll kick your ass.” Niall laughed again, and you smiled as you realized you would get to hear that for the rest of your eternity.

NIALL (Louis) Age 18: “God, I could look at you all day. Especially now that I’m branded into your skin,” Liam murmured behind you, watching with a smile as you gingerly touched the mating mark on your neck, radiating happiness. Because of your bond, you could feel how Liam was about to burst with happiness, and you wanted to cry. “Lovebirds! Couldn’t you at least have limited the sex to your room? The whole house reeks!” Niall screeched. He came to a halt as he noticed you and Liam standing in front of your mirror, his gaze immediately zeroing in on your mating mark. “Liam? Did you mate my sister?” Niall asked calmly after a minute full of tense silence. “Yes,” Liam spoke confidently, snaking an arm around your waist as he felt how nervous you were. Niall contemplated this for a while longer, before he shrugged. “At least it’s you. I know you’ll treat her right. ‘Cause if you don’t, I won’t hesitate to kill you, Liam!” Liam grinned, placing a kiss on your cheek before bro-hugging Niall. They whispered something you couldn’t hear, but you could feel Liam relaxing completely, letting the happiness and love flow through his veins. “I approve,” Niall exclaimed, patting Liam’s bicep. You grinned, a pleasant buzz spreading through you. Love.

LIAM (Louis) Age 20: “Louis! Not now!” Louis groaned into your neck, pulling you closer in an attempt to distract you. “How can you still be horny? Come on, we have to tell Liam.” Louis placed a last chaste kiss to the sore patch of skin where he had marked you as his, before he let you drag him to the kitchen where Liam was swallowing the last of his power shake. As he looked up, he lifted an eyebrow, nostrils flaring as he sniffed the air. “You had sex!” he suddenly bursted, immediately followed by: “and you mated! Louis!” The last part was yelled angrily, directed at the seemingly calm man who was placing himself in between you and Liam. “You think I would hurt her?” Louis shrugged at that, reaching back to take your hand. “No, but she’s in distress. I have to help to the best of my abilities. Like any good alpha would do for his mate.” You couldn’t contain your smitten smile from behind Louis, placing a kiss to his clothed shoulder. Liam sighed exasperatedly, throwing his arms in the air in surrender. “Fine. But only because I know you so well. And please, no sex in the kitchen.” Louis smiled sheepishly, and Liam jumped down from the counter with a horrified gasp. “I’m leaving.” When he was gone, you tapped Louis’ shoulder. “We didn’t have sex in the kitchen.” Louis hummed with a smirk. “But we should.”

Help Part 2

Prompt: Part 2 of Help????

Part 1: http://teamziallhorlik.tumblr.com/post/87352875083/help

His eyes softened slightly as he took in the nervous behavior of the young boy. “Niall, what’s going on?”

Niall stepped backward again, his eyes filling up with tears. He didn’t want to tell Louis the truth; he could send him back to the orphanage or worse, back to his father. But with his serious look, he knew that he wasn’t going to escape.

Even though he knew that Louis wouldn’t hurt him, he couldn’t help but feel scared.

Niall shook his head, staring at the ground. “I…I can’t. Please don’t make me tell you.” Louis stared at the young boy with confusion in his eyes, stepping forwards and staring at the young boy with intuitive eyes. “You’re trembling.”

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41. “You did all of this for me?”

Harry glanced at his watch and winced, hurrying out of the tube station on his way home from work. It was already after five o’clock, his father and his step-mother were coming at six, and he still had to clean the absolute mess of a flat, shower, and get a start on making dinner. If he thought about it too hard, Harry might start to cry.  

It was a horrible time of year for his dad to visit — right at the end of the semester, when Harry had what felt like hundreds of papers to write and hours and hours of revising to do.  Harry had tried to say as much, explain that in addition to all his schoolwork, he was also working way too many hours at the coffeeshop and volunteering at an animal shelter, and a visit before break would only be stressful for him.  Des had refused to hear it.

Harry rolled his eyes as he finally made the turn onto his own street, walking so quickly he was almost running. It felt like lately he interpreted everything Harry did as a slight against his new wife, Sharon.        

Fuck.  Harry fished the key to the building out of his pocket.  Zayn’s art.

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Preference #10: Making Up

PART 1: http://slice-of-horan.tumblr.com/post/140207122319/preference-8-storming-out

Harry: Your mother had always said the best way to cure heartbreak is to not acknowledge it. So that’s what you had been doing. For the past week you had been doing the usual routine. Going to work, catching up with friends, posting stuff on social media and ignoring the phone calls and text messages Harry was constantly sending you. Of course you, being 100% stubborn, refused to respond to them. If he really wanted to fix things he could try and see you in person. Until then you were good at pretending that everything was normal. You had forced your best friend to take you somewhere fun, somewhere you could easily distract yourself from your thoughts. Retail therapy was the obvious answer, so currently you were wandering the mall for cute outfits.

“Y/N I’ve found the hottest dress ever, try it on.” Your best friend shoved you into a dressing room and handed you the silky white material. You didn’t have time to protest so you gave up and slid the dress on. It was beautiful and somehow managed to hug your curves and leave something to the imagination.

“Can you zip me up?” You walked out of the dressing room and angled yourself so your friend could zip the back up. You weren’t prepared for the masculine and familiar hands to graze your skin, causing you to shiver.

“You look beautiful.” You felt every part of your body freeze as you heard Harry’s deep voice. You had no idea the level of impact hearing his voice would have on you. You could practically feel your heart soar. His hands slid down your back and landed on your hips as he turned you around to face him. As soon as you saw his face the pain and humiliation all flooded back. So he thought you looked beautiful but he didn’t care enough to make love to you?

“What are you doing here Harry?” Your voice was monotone, uncaring even. Even if you were dying on the inside, your composure remained intact. You still had your dignity even if you didn’t have him.

“I was a jerk, I treated you horribly. I have no excuses I can give for why I acted like I did.” He cupped your face in his hands and pulled you closer, whispering in your ear “but I can tell you one thing.” Your heart was racing, as angry as you had been, being with Harry always felt amazing.

“I can take you back home, where you belong, and prove to you just how much I’ve missed you.” He leant down and placed a tender kiss right on the nape of your neck, your weak spot. As mad as you were, you knew you had the rest of your lives to sort out the problem. But right now, you were going to get what you had been waiting for.

Liam: “Fuckity, fuckity, fuckity fuck.” You muttered, pacing up and down the sidewalk outside Liam’s house. You had been staying with your best friend for a couple days ever since Liam had stood you up. However, you’d just realised that you had left your purse there, which had everything you needed on a daily basis. You took a few deep breaths. Surely it wasn’t going to be a big deal, maybe he wasn’t even home. You silently prayed that he wasn’t going to be home, you didn’t even know how you would react if he was. Digging your nails into the palm of your hand, you scurried down the footpath and opened the door with your key. You tiptoed into the foyer, making sure not to make any sounds. The last thing you needed was a confrontation. Your purse was on the nightstand in the main bedroom, meaning that if Liam was anywhere, it would be there. Closing the door gently behind you, you clambered up the stairs and snuck into the bedroom. You heard the shower going and cursed to yourself, the purse was so close but to get it you had to walk straight past the bathroom.

“Okay Y/N, you can do this.” You whispered, reassuring yourself. You lowered your body down to the floor and shuffled along the carpet in an army crawl. Your purse was nearly within reach now, if you just stretched your arm out…

“Y/N?” You jumped as Liam’s voice rung out behind you, causing the purse to slip off the nightstand, bringing down several other items with it.  Your cheeks burned as you scooped the purse up and turned to face a shirtless and dripping Liam. Your already tomato looking cheeks were probably a shade darker at this.

“I was just leaving.” You turned away, trying to muster up your last shred of dignity. The angry tears were stinging your eyes and you blinked rapidly, trying to stop them from falling.

“No, wait.” He grabbed your wrist gently, and pulled you towards him. You kept your eyes averted away from him, knowing that him being shirtless would give you heart palpitations. “I’m sorry Y/N. I’ve been a complete asshole and you didn’t deserve that. I’ve missed you so much-”, he was cut off as he saw a tear trail down your cheek. He tenderly lifted his thumb and wiped it away, looking at you with a pain-filled expression.

“It was our anniversary Liam, I don’t want to be over-dramatic but to me that means something.”

“I know baby, I know. I’m a jerk, a douchebag, an idiot and every other insult I can think of. You’re the most important thing in my life and I promise I won’t ever forget that again.” He hugged you, kissing the top of your forehead and pressing you against his shirtless body. It was too hard to resist and you knew he wouldn’t do it again. You melted into his arms and let all your anger fade away.

Zayn: The sadness had turned into anger about five minutes after he had slammed the door. Clingy? Wanting to spend time with your boyfriend wasn’t a fucking crime but apparently it seemed to win you award of the worst girlfriend ever. You could hardly wait until he got home so you could let loose and give him a piece of your mind. Even if that meant waiting up all night, you would do it. You sat on the sofa, trying to distract yourself with a movie. You had gone through two movies and a whole jug of coffee and it was only 2 in the morning.

“Clingy, god, I’m the least clingy girlfriend ever.” You angrily muttered to yourself, pausing the movie and going to fill up your mug again. A car door slam made you jump and you heard murmuring voices. Sighing you walked over to the door and opened it, seeing Louis and Harry supporting Zayn as he wandered drunkenly over to the house.

“Sorry Y/N, he seemed to be drinking a lot tonight and he said he needed to see you.” Harry smiled sheepishly as the intoxicated Zayn finally realised you were there.

“Babeeeeeeeeeee, I missed you.” His slurred words made it difficult to comprehend what he was saying. You’d never seen Zayn this drunk and you realised his eyes were bloodshot. You quickly ushered him inside and sat him down on the couch before walking back over to the other guys.

“Why are his eyes so red? Please don’t tell me he’s been smoking pot.” Harry and Louis quickly shook their head.

“He was crying at one point and muttering something, and then he asked for you. I have no clue what he did Y/N, but he seems pretty beat up about it.” You could feel an ongoing headache coming on but you thanked the boys and walked back over to Zayn. His black hair was dishevelled and his appearance was sloppy, you could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“I’m s-s-sorry Y/N.” His brown eyes filled with tears again and you felt your heart clench. You had never seen Zayn cry before, and it was heartbreaking.

“I’m not clingy and it really hurt when you said I was…” You picked at a loose thread on the sleeve of your sweater and avoided eye contact.

“C-c-can we talk about this t-t-tomorrow? I l-l-love you-u-” He slurred, the same pained look on his face. You smiled slightly and nodded, forcing him to lay down as you covered him with a blanket. You could deal with the mess tomorrow, but it was obvious Zayn was sorry and you couldn’t help but forgive him.

Niall: He had left you seven voicemails, all of which you had deleted. You knew the media sometimes twisted things, but this was obvious and clear. Niall had a girlfriend, a fact he ‘forgotten’ to tell you. However, you were ready to confront him and tell him to leave you alone. The more he called and tried to get in contact with you, the more you were reminded of the pain. You pulled up outside his house, a stone-cold look plastered on your face. You weren’t going down without a fight. The door was unlocked and you walked straight in, not bothering to knock.

“Y/N, I’m so glad you’re here, we need to ta-” Niall got up from the couch, a pleading look on his face. You swallowed the lump in your throat.

“No, we don’t. I’ve come here to tell you to leave me alone.” You could physically feel your heart break all over again as the words left your mouth. Niall’s face fell, making you feel even worse, but you had to stand your ground.

“I can’t do that Y/N, you don’t under-” He began to speak but again you cut him off. You couldn’t handle the excuses he was going to throw at you.

“Understand? I understand perfectly well, you never cared about me. It’s fucking simple.” Your voice was steadily rising and you were getting angrier by the second. By the look on Niall’s face, he was as well.

“Let me speak for fuck’s sake. I’m. not. dating. that. girl.” He yelled, his teeth gritted. “And don’t fucking say I don’t care, because I do care. A lot.”

“Okay then prove it huh? If you care about me so much, then do something about it.” You asked, challenging him. He could say whatever he wanted, but words didn’t prove it, you needed evidence.

“Fine, I’ll prove it.” He yelled, lifting you up and pressing you against the wall. His lips connected with your collarbone and you let out a moan, running your hands through his shaggy hair. You wrapped your legs around his waist and his hands travelled to your thighs, gripping them tightly. He pressed his lips against yours and moved you to the kitchen counter, his lips never once leaving yours.

“I love you.” He moaned, his deep voice echoing in the kitchen. As he lifted your shirt over your head, his mouth travelled down your chest. This was the most passionate you guys had ever been, so you knew he meant every word.

“I love you too.”

Louis: You couldn’t help but curl up in your bed and refuse to move after you had that fight with Louis. You guys hardly every fought, you were the ‘perfect’ couple. Recently, when your best guy friend had come to visit, Louis had become insanely jealous and possessive. You sighed and cuddled into your pillow. Part of you knew he couldn’t help it, I mean god know’s how many times you had been jealous of the girls he hangs with. The rest of you was just upset, it was almost like he had zero trust in you, and that hurt. Your phone buzzed and you glanced at it. It was your best friend, the cause of all your problems right now.

Y/N, come to the balcony. - Y/BFF/N

You groaned as you left the comfort and reassurance of your warm and cosy bed. As you walked onto the balcony you felt the cold air engulf you.

“This better be worth it.” You muttered as you shuffled over to the edge of the balcony and looked around. Down below you saw a dark figure, in his hand a bouquet of roses in his arms.

“I’m sorry.” A sheepish voice muttered as Louis stepped out of the darkness. He was dressed in a black suit, extremely stylish considering you were dressed in your PJ’s. The bright red roses shone and you smiled to yourself, of course Louis remembered your favourite. But you weren’t going to give in that easily.

“For what exactly?” You crossed your arms, fighting the smile working it’s way onto your face. You had already forgiven Louis as soon as you saw him, but you wanted to make him squirm.

“For being a jealous boyfriend. I do trust you, completely, but I just felt insecure and stupid and I’m sorry.” He trailed off, extending his arms and lifting the flowers up to you.  

“I forgive you Tomlinson, now come up here and hug me because I’m freezing.” You laughed as Louis climbed up onto the balcony with ease, and wrapped his arms around you. His arms had never felt so good.


We Asked Twenty Strangers To Kiss For The First Time xx

AU/one shot inspired by this manip x by gaylinsonstyles.tumblr.com x

Harry is asked by his exes friend, and film student Zayn, to help him with his final exam project. 

Or the one where Harry meets Louis and they’re both asked to kiss for the first time when they’ve never met each other before. 

word count: 7711                 pairings: HS/LT

warnings: language, lots of fluff, there’s kissing in it. (self explanatory.)

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17, zarry

17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped here for a while…”

“Let us out!” Zayn yells at the door, smashing his fist into it. “Stop being an asshole, Louis–”

“Nope!” Louis’s voice comes back, from the other side of the door. There are giggles there too, which means it’s more than just Louis. Of fucking course. “You’re staying in there until you kiss and make up.”

“Or work out whatever has had you fighting,” Liam adds. “We need to be able to hang out together. So work it out.”

Zayn spares one glance over his shoulder, at where Harry’s taken a seat on the bed, his long legs kicked out in front of him. He seems utterly unconcerned by what’s happening. He probably is. He probably doesn’t give a fuck that he’s locked in with Zayn.

Zayn channels every bit of anger into making his voice as dangerous as he can. “Let me out.”

“Not until you two can talk again. We’ll check back in in a little while.” There are the sounds of footsteps, and they really are walking away. Leaving Zayn here. Leaving him locked in this room with Harry.

“Well. Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” It’s the first thing Harry’s said since they were shoved in here.

“Brilliant observation,” Zayn retorts. Harry, of course, has claimed the most comfortable seat, so he sits at his desk chair. “Thanks for the help, by the way.”

Harry shrugs. “I know a lost cause when I see one.”

Zayn winces. Harry always had been a vicious little prick when he wanted to be.

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i know you did something similar but can you do a zarry where zayn is really sad and moping about harrys hair so harry starts feeling self conscious?

It’s instinctive, the way Harry reaches a sleepy hand to push the hair out of his face. Except his hand hits his face and he lets out a strangled oomph as he rolls onto his back. It’s still very new to him. He goes to run a hand through it and almost jumps in alarm when his fingers glide free into thin air. He fiddles with the hair tie that still sits snug around his wrist even though he’d be lucky to get more than a tuft wrapped up in it now.

And every morning, without fail, he continues to wake up in the middle of trying to push his long curls out of his face and finds that the only thing stuffed into his dry mouth is the pillowcase.

Harry smacks his lips together and opens his eyes. There are perks, too. It’s about a hundred times faster to wash it and get it dry than it had been when it was long. He’s rediscovered the joy of styling it, too; something he’d more or less given up on by the end there, content just to let the curls fall naturally over his shoulders rather than to try and tame it into anything else. He hasn’t had to pick a long strand of hair out of any of his food in over a week and the shower drain doesn’t clog up like it used to do.

But, yeah. He misses it. A little.

It’s just hair.

The same thing he keeps telling Zayn every time he kicks up a fuss with a petulant scowl on his face, as though Harry’s haircut is a personal attack on him.

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Fighting While Pregnant #23
  • Zayn: "Maybe if you stopped overreacting about every single damn thing, we could communicate like a normal couple!" I never thought I would hear those words coming out of Zayn's mouth, especially while pregnant. "Well, excuse me, Zayn, for being emotional while being pregnant with your baby," I emphasized the your, "and only wanting what's best for the three of us!" He narrowed his eyes at me, "Fine, maybe I'll leave until you stop being so fucking emotional." After saying those words, the tears came like a waterfall. I couldn't see anything, but I heard him opening the door and forcibly closing it. As the door closed, I felt some sort of warm liquid traveling down my leg. Opening the door, I screamed, "Zayn! My water broke!"
  • Harry: "I'm just so done with everything right now, Harry. This isn't healthy!" He rolled his eyes, "I know it's not, but you need to stop yelling at me and arguing over every single thing." I cried out, "I'm not the only one fighting, you know. It takes two. Stop fucking blaming me for everything." He ran both hands furiously through his hair, "But I'm not blaming you!" I took a deep breath, this wasn't heathy for our unborn baby girl. "Stop lying," I chuckled humorlessly. "I'm out. I'm fucking out. Call me when the baby comes. We need to stop this fighting one way or another." My eyes widened as I felt an unusual feeling and grabbed the phone. "I'm doing what you told me to do. She's coming."
  • Liam: "Liam," you shook him, "I'm hungry." He groaned out loud, "It's 4am. Make something yourself." You were dumbfounded. Never in your life would you have thought that your husband would tell you anything like that. "What's wrong with you? Why are you so pissy?" He groaned again, "Because." I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, because that's an excuse." He rolled out of bed, "I'm going to Zayn's house. I'm not in the mood. Don't give birth." He closed the door and I yelled, "Yeah, I'll just tell him to stay in there until you decide to get your shit together." An hour later, after huge discomfort, I called Zayn (not Liam, knowing he wouldn't pick up.) "Hey, Z. Please meet me at the hospital with Liam. I'm going into labor."
  • Niall: Coming home from a baby shower was exhausting. Both you and Niall were in a bad mood because you were both dreadfully
  • exhausted. Your 3-year-old daughter was asleep on Niall's shoulder and he was walking to her room to put her to bed. He walked back downstairs only to tell you that he was going to bed. You stopped him, "Hold on! You mean to tell me that you're leaving me alone? It's not enough for you to be gone for months?" "Apparently, it's not," he yelled back, going back downstairs and walking towards the front door.
  • "Don't you dare fucking walk out that door Niall James Horan because my water just broke!"
  • Louis: In any other occasion, for example when you weren't pregnant, you would have been all over drunk Louis. But when the sake of your babies depended on it, you'd obviously confront him about it. "I can't believe you," you shook your head. "Can't believe what baby?" he asked, wrapping his hands around your very, very pregnant waist. "You have come home drunk almost every single night for the past month," you argued. "Yeah because God forbid I have a little bit of fun after long days." You gasped, "Your behavior is not appropriate for our babies. Get out." He turned around and opened the door, "Gladly." Realizing what was happening to your body as you felt a liquid run down your leg, you ran out the door, getting in your car. On your way to the hospital, you called Louis, "Go to the hospital when you're sober. My water broke."
  • a/n: requested, "Hey I was wondering if you could please do one where you're pregnant, you fight, he storms off and you go into labor?" :D i may write a second part for this, you know, the reconciliation. request away, lovelies!

Someone make a 1 year az (after zayn) Zarry fic where Harry calls Zayn out of the blue and tells him he bought a cabin in Washington and was wondering if Zayn would come up with him for two weeks to catch up (but like some really fake deep, partially distracted, prolonged explanation to convey that he would really like it if Zayn came up with him) and Zayn thinks about it for a while and after realizing how bored he is, he shows up without even telling Harry and Harry opens the door when he knocks (Zayn couldn’t text him. There’s absolutely no fucking signal out here.) with a huge grin on his face and hugs him and it feels a little awkward for Zayn but it feels like something he’s been missing, like something clicks back into place when he hugs Harry back. And he decides he’s kinda in love with Harry when Harry whispers “I miss you” into his shoulder.

One Direction BSM : One Of The Other Boys Finds You Alone And Stays With You

Niall: The empty park welcomed you and you swung on the swing by yourself, your eyes closed, completely ignoring the world around you, no one seemed to care anyways so why bother giving them the opportunity to care. “Why are you alone? Your brother has been trying to call you and look for you, i just messaged him to tell him i found you but to stay where he was cause it looked like you needed some time alone.” It was Louis. “So why are you talking to me?” you asked, casually opening one eye to make sure it was him before you closed it again. “I hate it when you’re alone, makes me feel like i’m not doing everything i should.” “Explain.” “I like hanging out with you and seeing you happy, seeing you upset and alone makes me upset.” He joined you on the swing next to you and begun to swing himself. “Mind if i swing here?” You waved your arm before nearly falling off your swing and opening your eyes in a hurry to regain yourself and both you and Louis laughed. “Next time you need to be alone, (YN), call me, i’ll be here.”

Zayn: “(YN)?” The voice yelled and echoed off the walls and you shot out of bed, wiping at your eyes. “Who is it?” you yelled back just as loud and you heard laughter before your door opened and Harry revealed himself. “Me. Zayn told me you were alone, so i decided to come for a visit as i haven’t seen you in forever.” You fall back into your pillows as Harry sits next to you on the bed. “He’s going to kill you when he finds out you’re here, as he says no guys should be allowed in any of his sisters rooms unless it’s him or our dad, any other guy, not allowed.” Harry chuckled before resting his legs on your bed, right next to yours .“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” “He’ll hurt you when he finds out.” You propped yourself on an elbow and sighed. “You just didn’t want me alone in this house, didn’t you.” He still had a smile but it was now a caring smile. “Sorry i care for you and worry for you. I just feel like i have to with you, i’m not sure why, but i just look out for you, like it’s my job.”

Louis: Another argument with Louis had you out on a walk with no destination in mind, you just walked without looking back. No one was following you, not that you could see anyways, but soon enough you saw Niall walking towards you from the other side. Stopping in your tracks you were about to turn around when Niall raced towards you and put a hand on your arm, preventing you from going anywhere. “Let go of me Niall.” “No. Louis told me what happened, told me the direction you went in and i told him i was over that way, so i walked towards your place and well, here i am. I’m not letting you walk by yourself anymore, we can continue to walk away from your place, but you’re walking with me. It’s getting dark and i don’t want you out here alone, you never know what could happen to you.” “Like you’d care.” you scoff and walk and Niall kept up with you. “I would care, also Louis would kill me now that i’m with you and something had happened to you.” “Why do you care, just because you’re afraid of Louis?” “No, because i care about everyone, you, maybe just a bit more then others, but i’ll explain later. If you want me to that is.”

Harry: “Oh hey, (YN)!” Liam smiled when he walked into a restaurant with a couple friends but stopped when he saw the sad look on your face and noticed you were alone. He told his friends to go and that he was going to sit with you and have a meal. “What’s going on, you’re alone.” “My boyfriend dumped me.” you said blandly and Liam sighed before ordering a drink for the both of you. “Sorry to hear that, i know you liked him.” “He was a great guy, or so i thought. Why do all guys have to be idiots, Liam, i mean, not you, or the other guys, but why does every guy i ever think loves me for me and captures my heart, turn out to be idiots who break my heart and stomp on it and leave me shattered?” Liam put a hand out and let it fall on top of your shaking one. “How about you give it a go with me, i’m not an idiot, and well, i was raised to be a gentleman, i don’t break hearts.” You wipe at your eye with your free hand. “They all say they’re gentleman, but they end up lying.” Liam smiled. “That’s one difference though, between them and me.” “What’s that?” “I don’t lie, it’s not in my nature.”

Liam: “Get in the car, (YN)!” you heard through the drizzling rain and turned to see Zayn with the passenger window down and his waving hand, urging you to get in the vehicle and you did without a second thought. Once you were in, he began to drive away. “Thought Liam was supposed to pick you up.” “I thought so too!” you say and shiver to which seeing that Zayn turned up the heat. “Thanks.” “No problem. Look, do you want to do something before you go home? Like lunch, a movie or something? Something to get your mind off exams? Liam told me you were having exams this week and i thought why not try and help get your mind off it for a bit.” You smile at him. “Movie sounds good, you don’t have to though.” He shook his head as he continued the drive. “No big deal, saw you alone in the rain, recognized you and thought why not take her to relax for a while, let her get a breath in.” You smiled at him as he pulled into the theatre parking lot. “Thank you again Zayn, you’re amazing.” He grinned and shut the car off. “Have you seen yourself lately? You’re pretty amazing as well!”

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Harry Imagine - Welcome to my world (Part 2)

Seconds after Harry slams the door, I slide down to the floor thinking about what I should do now.

I decide that I should probably go to Zayn’s and then get Harry so we can go out.

After all, I did promise him.

I drag my tired feet up to bedroom, deciding on an outfit before I take a quick shower.

Every step I take only makes my feet ache more.

After my shower, I get dressed in a comfortable black dress, and flat pumps.

I swiftly do my makeup and my hair before I get in the car.

I decide on calling Harry, to tell him that I am on my way and to check if he is at Zayn’s.

The phone rings twice before he ignores the call.

I swallow back another wave of tears before starting the car and driving to Zayn’s.

I notice the lights in his living room are on which means Harry is most likely there.

I take a really deep breath before getting out to knock on the door.

As I lift my tired arm to knock, the door swings open to reveal Harry and Zayn, and it looks like they are on their way to somewhere.

“I think I forgot something.” Zayn says, obviously leaving us alone.

“I’m sorry.” I say and Harry shakes his head.

“Why are you here? I thought you were too tired to do anything?” He snaps.

“I am tired but I know you are upset and I want to make it up to you.” I explain.

“And you think dinner will make everything okay again?” He asks and it feels as if something is pressing on my chest.

“I- uh-” I stutter before Harry speaks again.

“We were supposed to spend the day together but you chose you’re job over me. I am not sure if I want to be in a relationship where I take a backseat to your job.” Harry says and my mouth drops open.

“I cannot believe you said that. If you feel that way then we’re over. There is no need for you to think about it because I am telling you were done. For the past year and a half, I have been taking a backseat to your job and if you feel that my job is too much, then we’re over.” I say and turn around, walking to my car.

“Wait!” I hear him yell but I shake my head.

“No. I am tired of always waiting. I finally got the job I dreamt about and I will not sacrifice my future to fit in with your selfish, work-centred life. I knew when we started dating that you have little control over your work but the way you just blamed everything on me is not fair. We are over.” I say and climb in my car.

All hope I had that he will fight for our relationship is shattered when he turns around and walks back in to the house.

*** ***

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. - Carmi x


Another member catches you two in an intimate moment 

 Harry ; you’re sitting on the counter, your legs wrapped around your waist. Harry was standing between your legs. His massive hands traveled up your legs. He grabbed the hem of your shirt yanking it above your head and you did the same to his so your shirtless bodies were touching. He sucked on the skin on your color bone; you could already feel the bruises that would show up in a matter of hours. You went to unbuckle his pants when you heard an open and close of the door. “Ay, Harry.” Zayn walked into the kitchen. “Your door was open.” It took Zayn a minute to realize what he walked in on. “Oh gosh.” Your hands covered your chest as Harry bent down and grabbed his shirt off the floor. “I’ll give you a minute.” You two ran upstairs laughing. “We need to make sure to lock the door from now on." 

 Niall ; You were in Niall’s bunk; the light sheets the only thing covering your body. Niall’s arm around your waist, his head resting on your shoulder. It amazed you how you two managed to fit into the small bunk. Niall never complained though; he liked sleeping right on top of you. You ran your fingers up and down his arm, his mouth formed into a smile against your skin. Seconds later he was over you, his lips less then an inch away from yours, you could feel his breath on you and it gave you goose bumps. "Morning.” His lips brushed against yours. You moaned into his lips and his hands ran down your legs. You were interrupted when the curtain opened. Louis stood there with a grin on his face. “Niall we need you in the studio.” He walked away, leaving you and Niall laughing as he climbed down. 

Liam ; You and Liam barricaded yourselves in his hotel room. You’ve been apart for a month because one directions on tour. When you finally arrived Liam didn’t want to let you out of the bed. And you weren’t going to complain, it was nice being here with Liam. You’ve missed him. You missed his morning kisses and how he would massage your stomach. “I’ve missed you so much.” He kissed your jaw then moved to that spot behind your ear that drives you nuts. His arms that were resting on your stomach tightened, pulling you on top of him. You took over leaving kisses all over. You two were in your own little world that you didn’t notice Niall walk in. “Whoa, whoa.” He threw Liam’s shirt at him as you fell off of Liam and against the bed, hiding under the blanket. “Liam we need to leave in 5 and hi Y/N, nice to see you again." 

Louis ; "He’s finally asleep.” You collapsed onto the sofa, your legs falling on top of Louis. Your one year old son is sick and has slept all of seven hours over the last two days, meaning you and Louis have had to stay up with him. You wanted to sleep, really wanted to sleep but you also wanted to spend this alone time with Louis. You could tell Louis wanted to also because seconds after falling onto the sofa he pulled you onto his lap and connected his lips with yours. It got heated, you pulled Louis shirt off exposing his perfectly tattooed chest. He was about to take your shirt off when someone spoke. “You trying to make another baby?” You didn’t answer, you simply buried your head in the crook of Louis neck. How embarrassing you thought. “Sophia and I were going to offer to watch the baby so you could get some alone time but obviously you don’t need us to.” You blushed as Sophia and Liam stood there, smiling at you two. 

Zayn ; Your feet hit the hardwood flooring as you ran from Zayn. As you passed the sofa you had to grab a hold of it so you wouldn’t slip and fall. “Can’t run forever babe.” Zayn called from another room. You managed to lock him in the study and you went to hide. You don’t know how cuddling turned into a game of hide and seek but you didn’t mind. He emerged from the study and you ducked behind the island in the kitchen hoping he wouldn’t find you. Two minutes later he came up to you, you looked up his shirtless body, he was grinning at you. He swooped you up and carried you around the house, leaving kisses down your neck then he traveled to your lips, adjusting the way he held you so your legs were wrapped around his waist. “Okay then, just came over to see if you wanted to go to dinner with El and I.” Louis voice came from behind you. “Maybe another night.” You laughed into Zayns chest as Louis walked out of the house. 

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Hi Izzy! I saw this prompt and I thought of Zarry right awayy "i always thought you were weird for carrying an umbrella in the snow, but now it’s snowing REALLY hard and we’re going the same way"

The snow’s coming down hard. Zayn glances out the windows of the library, at the nearly pure white obscuring the paths outside, then down at his bag. His leather bag. With his computer inside of it. He’s so screwed. It wasn’t even supposed to snow today; Liam definitely would have told him if it was, made him bundle up more.

He glances at his watch next, but it tells him the same thing it told him five minutes ago, when he’d packed up from his desk in the stacks and made his way back to the doorway—he has to get home in time for dinner, and he has no way of knowing when this will stop. Fucking hell, but it’s going to be a miserable walk.

A familiar snort makes him look away from contemplating his misery. A few feet away, clearly not having noticed him yet, are a recognizable pair of gold snow boots and massive down coat, the curls peeking out around the hood. He’s digging in his bag for something, and Zayn hates himself a little, but beggars can’t be choosers, and he doesn’t want to risk his computer.

“Harry!” he grins, and sidles over. Harry jumps, nearly trips; Zayn reaches out to steady him instinctively. Through the jacket, he can’t even feel the warmth of Harry’s skin, and it’s probably best that way.

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