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do you think louis had a crush on harry first because to me it always seemed harry fell first.

honestly? i have no idea because they seemed besotted with each other from the get-go, and i’m not sure there was any point where there was an imbalance in that. like harry was lying in louis’s arms when they still had their nametags on? god they’re fucking soulmates i’m upset

THAT SAID… i do think louis seemed to initiate a lot of things? he asked harry for that pic in the bathroom, jumped into harry’s arms on stage, was TICKLING HARRY IN THE XFACTOR HOUSE AS A WAY OF FLIRTING???? playing with harry’s hair constantly? i just think they’re so in love and have always been i don’t know i’m just sad

  • [after meeting louis in the x-factor toilets]
  • harry: Truth is, actually, I'm in love.
  • anne: Aren't you a bit young to be in love?
  • harry: No.
  • anne: Well, okay, I'm a little relieved.
  • harry: Why?
  • anne: Because I thought it would be something worse.
  • harry: Worse than the total agony of being in love?!

So now everything makes sense, they knew each other prior to filming X factor OH and get this… something we seemed to have looked over is that they’re wearing the SAME shirt for their auditions, maybe it was a good luck charm?? Simon wanted to make sure he got credit for putting 5 strangers together even though Harry and Louis probably arrived in the SAME car funny how that worked out. Which explains the HUGE embracing hug Larry shared on stage after becoming a group, it explains WHY Harry’s original twitter handle was “Harry Tomlinson” because that’s a very adolescent thing to do when you’re young and in love, it explains how Harry saying Louis was his first real crush (we now know in highschool.) this explains everything from why they had to keep it a secret to why they’re bond was so special. Simon created a band of 3 strangers and 2 friends/lovers. I rest my fucking case.

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She stayed the night before his audition because he asked her to. Because Anne gave her the all clear to spend the night and travel with them into Manchester the following day. Because Gemma wanted her to stay for dinner and it worked out. Because he needed her there to get his nerves to settle. Because he needed her there to give him his honest opinion on whether the song he was singing was the right song. Because he couldn’t sleep knowing his fate was in the hands of three people he’d seen on telly before. Tucked up in his bed, wearing one of his old sweatshirts, holding him as he sprawled himself out on the bed beside her and promising him that everything was going to be fine; that he had the best singing voice she’d ever heard, and that wasn’t being biased because he was her boyfriend and she was his girlfriend. That she was still going to love him, regardless, because she’s stuck by him until now and she’ll stick by him until the end.

They speak and stay up until the late hours of the night, when the clock struck midnight, because neither of them could sleep - well, it was more or less Harry that couldn’t sleep with the nerves bubbling around his belly as he tried to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in. Conversations rising about how glad they were to be on the verge of finishing school and how stress-free they were going to be during the summer, making plans to start driving lessons so they could drive anywhere they wanted to go rather than catching the bus or a train to a desired destination, making a plan that, if all things went wrong with his audition, that they would take a trip to the beach with a group of their friends and stay in a hotel room that was on the front to spend time with one another, post-exam season, before college began in the September. But by the time the time ticked past midnight, conversations about his audition and his future struck up; if he was to get big and famous, would he ditch her for another woman or would he have her by his side when he goes off to play songs all over the world? Would he forget all about his home life and up and leave to another city to live and spend the rest of days? But he was adament that she was in his future. Where he gave her the best life he could - “when m’big and famous and I have wads of cash in my wallet, m’going to give yeh the best life I can. It’ll be for you. I’ll do everything for you. And we’ll live in the best house we can find. In the best city we come across. I’m going to marry yeh and we’re going to have the best wedding that everyone wants an invite to, but, we’ll just make it close friends and family members. We’re going to have kids together to fill up our big house. A nice big family with about 4 or 5 kids. And we’re going to by a cat because I’ll be lonely without Dusty around.” - and where they were together to the end of time.

When they arrive at the arena where he’s carrying out his audition, he can feel the butterflies flutter around his belly. Hand slotted into his girlfriend’s where she can feel how sweaty his palm is getting, the closer and closer they got to the desk where he was given his number. His mother and his aunt and Robin following close behind with Gemma and his cousins drifting back a while but still following on course to queuing with the rest of them. He’s humming the song beneath his breath and grinning down at her with the number in his hand; a silent invitation for her to stick it on him, anywhere she fancied, as long as it wasn’t in an area that resided at his behind or his front. Between the waiting time and getting inside to finally do his audition, he’s standing with her and holding her from behind and taking silly photos with her because they need something to remember this day with, chatting with his mum about how nervous he was and how he was gutted his dad couldn’t be there to see him but how excited he was to see where this could take him, blushing shyly when they all complimented him and hiding his face into his missus’ neck when his cheeks became really heated.

When he’s pulled away for a quick televised interview that will air alongside his audition, his girlfriend chooses to bolt off with Gemma to grab a quick coffee and a little something eat before sliding back into the queue and waiting for him as he came back. A tea in her hand that she passed towards him when she saw him scuff his way back across the concrete. 

It’s when Dermot O’Leary comes over that excitement bubbles more. The nerves slightly disappearing when he sees the camera crew following in his path. His palm getting more sweaty as he clenched his fingers around hers in a tighter fashion. Hello’s and greetings being exchanged with hugs and handshakes happening before the formalities begin; questions over experience flooding in, chat about White Eskimo popping up whilst his girlfriend brought up how he’d won Battle Of The Bands at school - which was something he was extremely proud of achieving - and how he wanted to go forward from there. How he wanted to continue the feeling of being thrilled in front of people, by doing what he loved to do. By doing what he was good at, which was something his mother never fell short of telling him. Day in and day out, whenever she heard him humming along to a tune on the radio or when he’d popped in from a White Eskimo rehearsal that took place in the garage and she’d heard the song he was belting out.

“It’s more nerve-wrackin’ now m’inside,” he murmurs, settled in a seat, that had been sat on by many people throughout the day, that was set at a random angle in the space where people were waiting to be called in, “I feel like I’m about to poo my pants.”

“I don’t have a spare change of clothes,” his girlfriend teases, “you can slip on my jeans, if you want?”

“And have you walking ‘round with no trousers on? No way,” he smiles, nudging her arm with his elbow, “I’ll be fine. Just, incredibly nervous. There are so many people out there in that audience who have come to laugh at those who can’t sing and have come to compliment those who can. What if m’neither? What if they never boo and what if they never clap? What if it’s dead air? Silence? No cheers whatsoever? I’ll look like a bloody fool.” 

“Then we’ll all jump on stage and cheer. Get them all started,” Ben grins, punching his knee softly, “they’ll be able to her (YN) and your mum and Gem from behind the scenes anyway. You’ll be the loudest of all of them in there,” he adds, as Anne nods in agreement. 

“Regardless of what happens, we’ll support you no matter what,” Anne smiles, pulling him into her side and kissing his forehead, despite his whines, “you’ll be wanting plenty of kisses one day and I won’t be here to give you any.” 

“You’ll be around for ages, mum,” he smiles, pressing his lips to her cheek, “love you.”

“I love you too,” she coos, pinching his cheek softly, “you’ll be going in soon, I’m sure. Are you getting excited? Nervous? Worried?” 

“All of the above and so much more,” he admits.

When his number and his name is called out, he’s taking slow steps to the scenes behind the stage. Camera crew following his every move until he’s greeted by Dermot at the bottom of the steps, tellies all around that are focused in on different areas of the inside arena; one focused on the judges, one focused on the arena as a whole, one focused in on a specific section and a couple focused on the stage. After more greetings, and more hands being shaken, he’s clapped on the back.

“Listen, good luck out there,” Dermot grins, pointing back to his family, “wish him luck.”

And before Harry can twirl around, his girlfriend plants a good smack on his lips. Pulling away with a cheeky grin and whispering a good luck to him as his cheeks flush pink, his mother coming in for a kiss on his cheek and Ben pulling him back to press a kiss to the crown of his head. Playfully and dramatically trying to pull away before Gemma can get her hands on him to plant a smacker somewhere on his face.

And he struts out on the stage, leaving her view and leaving her behind with worry in her stomach but a smile on her face as she nuzzles into Robin’s arm and lets him cuddle her to his side. A soft “he’ll be great” leaving his lips as his audition begins and the cheers of the audience die down.

With introductions over, and a little talk over his girlfriend being backstage and over his job at the bakery and how popular specific pies were for the customer he has come in regularly for a lunch deal and how he’d just done his GCSEs and worked there as a Saturday job to earn a little money to buy his girlfriend and his family all the presents he could afford, he’s onto singing. With no melody or backing track playing in the background and no instruments assisting him; he goes acapella. How he sings around the house or in the shower or even when he’s at work and the bakery is empty after the lunch rush that came through when everyone took a break from work.

Behind the scenes, his mother is swaying from side to side and his sister is standing there, facing the cameras with a smile on her face. Ella standing beside her as she sings beneath her breath and Ben standing beside his own mother as they clap along to the gentle voice he had playing and echoing around the silent and anticipating crowd in the stalls. Robin standing with (YN) as they watch in awe of just how wonderful he was doing; all of them praying that the judges heard the right thing and agreed to send him through to the next stage, towards Bootcamp.

“You’re 16 years old and you have a beautiful voice,” Nicole smiles, nodding towards him as he blushes rosy red and thanks her softly, a smile on his lips.

But as the negativity came rolling off of Louis Walsh’s tongue, it set (YN)’s heart racing. He wanted a full house of yeses, but, she had a feeling he was coming off of the stage with two yeses and a no that would sit heavy on his heart and push him back a step in feeling confident with himself. Knowing he was feeling bad by the way his face dropped, regardless of the thank you that he gave towards him for the criticism that would help him in the long run. 

And from backstage, his girlfriend can’t help but yell out. 


Which is something that Simon picks up on as something coming from the audience. But, Harry knows… He can tell from the sound of the voice that it’s his girlfriend yelling out in disagreement, how she was dumbfounded by how Louis considered her boyfriend too young and inexperienced. Continuing on with a praise and how, with a bit of vocal coaching, he could sound with some help coming his way with the help of the show. Because he was really good and just needed an extra push in the right direction.

With two yeses and a no, he’s off the stage in a hurry and in the arms of his mother before he could even express how he felt. Her arms winding around his neck as he squeezed her tightly and let her babble excitedly over how proud she was and how good he did up there in front of everyone. How he deserved three yeses from all of them but was even happier with the two he got from those who could tell how much he wanted it and how good he truly was; who saw a future for him, even if he was a bit patchy with his presence. 

“So, how did I do? Did I do good?” He grins, hands cupping his girlfriend’s hips as she rests her arms on his shoulders and runs her fingers through his hair, “think m’gon’a be famous?”

“I know so,” she whispers, leaning up on her toes and pressing a kiss to his lips, “I’m so proud of you. I love you. You did so good.”

“Think we can head off for some early dinner? I’m starving,” he chuckles, cupping her face in his hands, “I fancy a juicy burger. With everything in it. Chips on the side. A nice, big coke to wash it down with. What do you think?” 

“Whatever you fancy, Superstar.” xx