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Boyfriend headcanons for Switzerland, Romano and England?? ( ^ω^)

Switzerland (Vasch Zwingli)

Italy Romano (Lovino Vargas)
- It is said that he greets people with coffee, believe it or not! Now imagine it with his crush of all people. He tends to ask them if the coffee is okay and if they need anything added to it.
- Despite his warm greetings, he may tend to distance himself a little bit more around his crush. He believes he isn’t worthy of love.
- Once it comes down to it, he’ll reluctantly confess to his feelings.
- Happiest baby in a relationship, “They… they love me…”
- Never leaves them on read, doesn’t hit them with that ‘K’ stuff, always texts back
- Actually wakes up earlier in the morning. He has his S/O and he looks forward to life now
- Spoils his S/O with kisses, flowers and hugs
- Suuuuper romantic date nights– they’re usually in, however
- Very protective
- 15/10 good boy

England (Arthur Kirkland)
- Like Lovino he tends to prepare the finest of teas for his crush
- Instead of distancing himself however he tries to get a bit closer to them
- Super easily flustered
- When he confesses chances are he’ll just blurt it out
- Days in with them where he just watches movies nd shit (probably Harry Potter)
- Custom cross stitches for them
- He’s shit at texting back because he’s the ‘old man’ and doesn’t understand much about technology
- Eh I’d give him a 7/10. Okay boy