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Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 6) SMUT

Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Smut, DRUGS, alcohol, cursing

Words: 3,492

A/N: sorry this took me forver to put out and write, i’ve been having writers block lately. ANYWAY, I just finished this about five minutes ago and haven’t read over it too thoroughly so there might be a few mistakes. Much love and keep requesting :))))


Why do I do what I do? Merlin, I fucking hate myself. One minute I am collected, and the next i’m off the chain, what the hell is going on with me?

I don’t like him, I don’t

Yet, I crave him so much

But maybe it’s not a want

It’s a need.

I bloody need him.

I want to feel him once again, but this time I want him to remember, I want him to remember.

All night these dastardly thoughts have been racing through my head, the night me and Sirius shared resides in the darkest parts of my memories, for I shouldn’t even dare to remember at all, yet I do, I keep thinking about it, and it just makes me want it more and more.

When I awoke I had a massive headache, my eyes could barely open because of the bright sunlight shining in on me. I twitched slightly, too tired to pull the covers over my head.

“Morning.” Lily said.

I peered over to her, she was sitting on her bed, a cup of tea nestled in between her hands, and a pair of sunglasses placed on her nose.

“Need some?” She questioned, referencing to her sunglasses. “S’quite bright in here.”

I sat up slowly, rubbing the bridge of my nose.

“What the hell happened last night?” I asked, looking down at a set of lingerie lying on the floor.

“Well, we got drunk, and I mean bloody drunk,” She said, getting excited. “I brought some of my favorite muggle alcohol and you and I finished them off.”

“Me and you finished off two bottles of…” I looked down at the floor reading the labels on the front of the glass. “Jack Daniels?”

Lily got quiet all of the sudden, looking down into her mug.

“Lily…” I pressed. “Who else was with us?”

She stayed quiet, still looking longingly into her mug.

“Just James, and Remus and Peter…” She said half-heartedly.

“You’re telling me Remus drank hard liquor? Because we both know good and well he doesn’t drink hard liquor.”

“…And Sirius.” She said quietly, sounding ashamed.

“And Sirius!” I laughed sarcastically, getting angry.

“Lily,” I questioned.” “What the hell happened last night?”

the night before…

“He did what!” Lily whisper yelled at me, dragging me into the corner.

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms protectively.

“How many times do I have to say it. I started freaking out, then I leant up and kissed him.”

Lily scoffed, not knowing what to say.

“What?” I yelled. “It’s not like I haven’t kissed him before!”

“Y/N…” She sighed. “This is different, you were…you were…”

“Lucid? Yeah I know.”

She eyed me up and down, flashing me a quizzical look.

“You don’t like him… do you?”

I got choked up, my air catching in my throat

“Pshh… What, me? Like Sirius? Haha, of course not!” I said, trying to play it off, but the thoughts inside my head were contradicting everything I was saying.

She raised her brow at me and shook her head as we walked into the common room, running into James and Remus.

“Oi, where are you two off to?” James asked, pulling Lily into a hug.

“Just going upstairs, a long day it’s been.” Lily replied, rummaging her head into his neck.

“What she said.” I added.

“Are you guys not going to the party tonight?” Remus asks, smiling at me.

“Party?” I asked. “What party?”

“Just a house party for Gryffindor’s, maybe a few Hufflepuff’s.” Remus added.

I scoffed, biting my lip instinctively.

“No Slytherins?” I asked.

“Merlin no, definitely not. Sirius made it very clear he didn’t want them here.”

James coughed and nudged Remus’ side, I guess that was something he wasn’t supposed to say. Me and Lily looked at each other suspiciously and waltzed up the stairs to our room.

“What are you wearing?” Lily yelled to me from the bathroom.

I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear in my wardrobe despite the countless dresses and denim I had all lined up.  

“Not sure yet.” I added.

She walked out of the bathroom, sliding in an earring, her hair freshly curled and bouncing along with each step.

“Let me look.” She said, pushing me out of the way and searching my wardrobe.

Then it caught her eye, the light pink, holographic dress. It was tight up top and flared out at the bottom, quite skimpy. If I bent over too far everyone would have quite the view of my arse.

“This,” She said. “This is what you’re going to wear.”

“That?” I yelled, a bit curious.

“Yes that! You’ll be the talk of the school, why haven’t you worn it yet?” She asked.

“Well it was more of a collective purchase, I wasn’t planning on wearing it.”

“Well you will tonight, and I bet you’ll get more than just a few cheeky glances.” She said, winking.

I rolled my eyes, but gave into her pressure, slipping up the small dress wearing nothing but dark red underwear beneath.

“We look good.” She said, I agreed, nodding along with her.

“Great, even.” I added.

My hair, once again, sat high atop my head, my makeup still natural, but with a hint of flare.

“Let’s go.”

The party music was booming, we heard the rumble from atop the stairs. Some couples were getting a head start already, pushing each other up against their bedroom doors, making out vigorously.

“Bet ten galleons you’ll fuck Sirius tonight.”

“I won’t so, you’re on.”

“You will.” Was all she said and we began to strut towards the compacted crowd.

The moment I stepped foot on the floor seemed all the attention in the room was on me. Guys were ogling over me, girls were slapping their men on the arms so they’d pay attention to them, yet I could careless. I had one person on my mind, I had one person I wanted to impress.

I saw him with James and Remus and a few other guys from our house horsing around with one another. They all had drinks in their hands and seemed a little buzzed. I looked down quickly, checking my dress to make sure I looked alright, that there were no wrinkles. Why did I care so much? Maybe Lily was right, maybe I did like him, maybe I just couldn’t accept it.

When I looked back up he was already staring at me, his mouth watering. His eyes met mine, intensely. He stared into them for a good five seconds before they started travelling down, lower and lower. The guys around him began to notice.

“Sirius?” Remus shouted to him. “Are you alrigh-”

And that’s when the others caught on, when they all got sight of me. Something about this dress was illuminating, it made me stand out against everyone in the crowd. Sirius finally took a sip of his drink, still staring at me. He chugged it all down, placing it on a table next to him, and waltzing over to me.

“Fancy seeing you here t’night, you look ravishing.” He said wrapping his arm around my waist pulling me into him, whispering the last part of the sentence into my ear.

“Thank you.” I gulped, barely being able to speak, my stomach erupting with butterflies.

“Well,” James said, Sirius still gazing into my eyes. “Let’s get this party started.”

One shot, lime, two shots, lime, three shots, lime. Apparently I liked tequila.

My vision began to lighten as the liquor in my stomach began to churn, cooking up a spell. Sirius stood behind me, his hand around my front, he held a  lime in his mouth and each time I downed another i’d turn around and suck the juice out of it, making sure to look him right in the eyes.

“Sirius, Y/N!” Lily slurred, her pupils insanely dilated.

“Evans!” I yelled. “What the hell are you on!”

“Molly… or maybe it was acid, either way come upstairs with us!” She yelled back, undeniably fucked up.

“Upstairs? The party is down here!” I shouted back, making sure she heard me over the music.

“Yeah but upstairs I have two bottles of Jack Daniels with our names on it.” She said with a sly smile, biting down on her tongue with her teeth.

I looked up at Sirius who was already looking down at me. We both nodded to each other and followed Lily, James, Remus, Peter and two other guys up the stairs to our dorm room.

“Whiskey for everyone!” Lily yelled, us all stumbling into the room after her, everyone giggling back and forth to one another over our drunken states.

She pulled out eight shot glasses and placed them all upside down on the floor, Remus rolled a blunt and placed it down next to them, while Peter peppered a few psychedelics here and there.

“Let’s play a game!” She squealed, pulling us all down to the floor, Sirius pulling me into his lap, he didn’t like the hungry looks every guy was giving me.

“Truth or dare,” James said. “The game for the brave and the… weak.”

He proceeded then to go over the rules of the game, saying that if you refused a truth or a dare you had one of three options; take a shot, hit the blunt, or take a psychedelic, and if you had already chose one, the next time you’d have to pick another.

We were an hour into the game, but still barely made a dent into it. Remus and Peter were stoned out of their minds, Lily and I well, let’s just say we drank a little more than anticipated, and everyone had officially taken at least one psychedelic.

“Lily, Y/N,” One of the other guys with us murmured. “Truth or dare?”

“Both of us?” I asked, slurring my words.

“Both of you.”

“Isn’t that like, against the rules?”

“Nope,” He said, popping the P. “So what’ll it be?”

I was about to speak before Lily answered for me.

“Dare.” Lily said suddenly, a devilish gleam In her eye.

The guy started laughing, and whispered something into one of the other guys ears.

“Strip.” Was all he said, leaning back on his hands.

Since I was far from sober, the phrase was almost like music to my ears, but a clarifying sobriety deep down was yelling at me, telling me not to do it.

“You’re not too pussy are you?” He asked.

Me and lily looked to one another, raising our eyebrows.

“M’not too pussy, maybe Y/N, but not me.” Lily slurred, standing up all wobbly.

“Well, I said both of you, so strip or pick.” He said, the word pick referring to the drugs.

“This isn’t fair,” I whined. “You lads will take advantage of us!”

“Advantage?” The bloke questioned. “Never in a million years.”

I looked down to Sirius who seemed rather annoyed, jealous the other boys could see me… exposed.

“Or,” The boy called. “Give me and… Remus a lap dance.”

“What?” Remus asked, the statement sending him quickly back into reality.

“You heard me Moony. I mean if you don’t want to I bet there’s someone who’s far more anxious to take your place.”

I looked to Sirius who was watching me like a hawk, he looked like he wanted to kill the guy who had dared me, his blood boiling and pumping through his veins.

“I’ll do it,” Sirius said all of the sudden, loud and stern, his jaw clenching. “Give me the lap dance.”

He stood up swiftly, his hand grasping onto my upper arm, a tight lock on it.

“And slip into something more… comfortable.”

Me and Lily disappeared into the bathroom, pulling two select pieces from our wardrobe. James was pass out drunk, he slept soundly on the wooden floor so Lily had no choice but give one of the others a lap dance. We were both still under the influence, completely hammered, so I left on my dark red underwear but slipped a bra over my breasts and a silk teddy over the top as well.  

“C’mon ladies,” He called. “Don’t keep us waiting.”

We both sauntered out, Lily’s hips swaying much more than mine. The sudden exposure of my skin making an uncomfortable feeling erupt from within me, my hands instinctively wrapping around my chest.

“C’mon, don’t be shy.”

I dropped my hands walking right towards Sirius, an angry look still plastered on his face.

“Merlin…” I heard a boy call.

I looked over to my right and Lily had already began to dance. Getting low to the ground, swaying her hips, rubbing up on all the guys around her. I saw Remus scoot backwards, undeniably uncomfortable, yet he still watched from afar, a strange sight it was indeed.

I straddled Sirius, my legs wrapping around his lap, sinking down onto his crotch. His hands never touched me, they just held him up from behind, his eyes looking into mine then down my body quizzically.

“This feels so, familiar.” He stated, trying to sound calm but still I heard the rage spitting through his teeth. He really didn’t like the looks they were all giving me.

“Familiar?” I asked, acting like I had no clue to what he was referring to, watching him try to figure out what about this was so strange.

But I knew, I knew the feeling, a feeling I’ve been trying to shake ever since it happened, no matter how badly I didn’t want to. He was remembering the time we spent together, that I prayed so dearly he’d forget.

Suddenly I was being lifted off Sirius lap and placed into someone elses, their hands gripping roughly to my hips.

“If you’re not going to do anything to her I sure as bloody hell will!” One of the boys from earlier squawked.

He looked at me with a distinct hunger in his eyes, he was devouring me with them. He started moving me up and down onto his crotch, trying to get some friction between the two of us. This is not how I wanted it, this wasn’t how I wanted any of this to be. Suddenly I heard a thud and a shuffling of feet and once again I was being yanked off someone else’s lap. Sirius threw me off to the side, and yanked up the kid who pulled me into his lap by his collar.

“Who the hell do you think you are, mate?” Sirius yelled. “You think you can bloody treat a woman like that, my woman?”

The guy was petrified, looking at Sirius then back to me.

“D-didn’t know she was yours, mate!” He squealed while falling back down onto the floor with a thud.  

And for the last time Sirius yanked me up, throwing me over his shoulder, and pulled me into the bathroom. I was pushed harshly against the door, smacking my head a tad on the wood. I felt Sirius’ hands wrap around my waist, one of them also holding me up under my bum. He rested his head on my chest and stayed quiet, my hand landed in his hair, playing with it.

“Sirius?” I asked looking down at him sleepily, watching his chest heave up and down.

“Hmm?” He asked.

“Didn’t know I was yours…” I said playfully, biting my lip, a small smile sweeping up onto my face.

He smiled into my skin, I felt the stretching of his lips against my chest,a low rumble escaping them.

“You aren’t really… s’just like you is all… got a tad jealous.”

“A tad?” I asked, pulling his chin up so he looked at me, he tried to hold back a smile on his face.

We were startled by Lily’s playful squealing coming from my room, and the sound of pounding music being turned up. We looked back to one another and began to laugh and he set me back down on my feet.

“You’re drunk.” He said laughing.

“So are you!” I yelled back, poking his chest.

“Yeah but I wasn’t the one who almost gave four different guys a lapdance.”

“You’re just jealous.” I said, sticking my nose up in the air, walking away from him.

“Oi!” He yelled. “Of what?”

“You wanted one, a lap dance.”

“Did I now?” He asked, testing me. “How are you so sure?”

“Well for starters I saw your dick jump out of your pants when I walked out of the bathro-” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before he cut me off, tackling me to the ground.

“We won speak of this!” He yelled playfully, pushing his hand over my mouth.

And suddenly we were in the position again, me straddling him, my crotch coming close and closer to his. He looked down at me on his lap, one of his eyebrows raising, then looked back up at my outfit. I kept my eyes on his, watching him as I lowered myself a top his pants, pressing down hard.

“Y/N,” He moaned, his head falling back. “You’re drunk.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want.” I said back.

And with that sentence he latched on tightly to my hips as I began to grind harder and harder onto his erection. My hands flying back into his hair, my fingers tangling themselves within the strands.

I turned around swiftly, trying to synchronize my moves to the beat of the music. I began to pull my teddy down, strap by strap, making sure to give him a show. He sat there, leant back, watching me with a glaze over his eyes. I dropped the pink silk to the floor, becoming exposed to him like I was that one time.

I bent over infront of his face, then sat down on him backwards, his hands massaging hard into the skin of my ass. I moved my bum into the crotch of his jeans again, enjoying the sound of his breathless moans escaping from his lips.

I pushed him down on his back sitting down on his stomach and leant down to kiss him. Our lips pushing into each other roughly. There was a definite need there. I heard him whimper as I bit down on his bottom lip, pulling on the now pinkened skin.

I began to scooch my crotch lower and lower until I was perched on his cock again, grinding hard down onto it. I began to dry hump him, suddenly feeling the pleasure from my side. To make the friction much greater, Sirius pushed himself up on his hand, rubbing himself into as I was to him.

His mouth was wide open, attaching to my neck from time to time. I rubbed vigorously into him, the material of my panties beginning to bunch up onto one side. I could tell he was getting close, the sound of my moans filling his ears and a sudden wetness now covering his clothed cock. Then I watched as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he let out a throaty district  moan, saying my name softly as he came. I too, trying my hardest still to reach my desired place, and within no time I was there, a moaning mess just like him.

He fell back onto the floor and I feel on top of his, my ear to his chest listening to the pounding of his heart and the shortness in his breath.

“Hot damn,” He said. “I don’t think I’ve ever came so hard in my life.”

The room was now empty, no sounds of music, no more squealing. Lily had finally laid her head to rest that night, Remus tucking her in after she got a little too crazy with that one boy from their house. Her soft snores were the only thing filling the room, well, that and the sound of Sirius whispering to Y/N, goodnight.

She slipped into bed as well, looking up to him as he placed a chaste kiss to her forehead, praising her once again for the beautiful work she had done that night. He walked out of the room, a small smiled placed across his face as he hopped quietly back to his dorm.

When he entered he sat down on his bed, laughing at James sprawled out on the floor, Peter looking practically dead, and Remus asleep as snug as a bug under his covers. Sirius peered over to his bedside table, looking at the family photo which sat gloomily next to him. Not a hint of a smile coming from any of their faces in the picture. He picked it up, getting a closer look at his brother whom he envied so deeply, but wanted to love so bad. The green surrounding the picture frame seemed to look so obscure next to the red lace panties that were sitting behind it.

Red lace panties.

Only then was it when Sirius realized everything he seemed to forget.

Dating Harry would include - 09

Midnight cuddles:

- Feeling His hand grabbing you by your waist to bring you closer to him
- His arm keeping you tight close to his chest
- Him smelling your hair with a satisfied sigh
- His lips brushing the edge of your ear, his breath tickling you
- His low and raspy voice asking if you’re asleep because he needs you
- Brushing the tip of his nose on your shoulder blade before biting you gently
- Him laughing slightly when you squeal and his slow kisses on your red skin
- Feeling his smile against the skin of your neck when he gets your total attention to his carresses
- His tongue sliding along your neck to kiss your jawline
- His lips nibbling your earlobe before bitting on it, a light moan escaping your mouth
- Him asking in a whisper if you gonna let him take care of his girl tonight
- Him kissing you tantalising slow, his tongue following the lines of your lips
- Taking your tongue between his lips, sucking sensually on it
- Him smiling  in your kiss when you try to bite his lower lip
- Feeling his palm passing on your collarbones, carressing the upper part of your breasts
- The back of his fingers teasing the side of your breast
- The fingertip of his index along your tummy to draw slow motions around your bellybutton
- His lips kissing the skin of your collarbone covered of goosebumps
- His smile in looking at your face when you feel his fingers falling to your core
- Him kissing your temple to shush you when you squeal and your hips jerks under his fingers
- His forehead resting on yours when he makes his body glides between your legs, his chest rubbing agaisnt yours
- His eyes tight closed when he makes his hard one grinding to your core
- His hand following the lenght of your leg to make you hold his waist
- The way your name escapes from his mouth in a moan
- Taking your chin in his fingers to kiss you deeply, his breath becoming heavier
- His hands running along your sides while he bites on your neck to mark you
- The feeling of his hair tickling your chest when he kiss the place between your breasts
- His burning breath on the skin of your tummy each times he’s about to kiss your body
- His mouth kissing hungrily a last timpe your bellybutton in looking up at your face his eyes full of desire
- His hair teasing your inner thighs before the feeling of his lips and tongue finally on you …

I let your imagination doing the rest …

How much the One Direction fandom has changed

Imagines / Preferences

- an imagine was a short piece of writing on a coloured background with a gif
- preferences were quite light and fluffy, cute
- imagines are really rare
- preferences are dark, heavy, can be quite intense


- the boys’ management that no one really cared about
- evil demonic people controlling the boys like little puppets


- the boys tweeted a whole load of sense that sometimes didn’t make much sense
- promo.


- Mr X
- Zux fanfic
- Niall & Louis need more solos
- the rise and fall of Zaughty
- Louis being a dad
- Zerrie shade
- Zquad vs Everyone
- Larry Shippers vs Everyone
- Everyone vs Everyone

The boys

- there were five
- there are four


Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 7) The Morning After

Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Mentions of drugs, alcohol, and sex. 

Words: 1,288

A/N: THIS PART IS SHORT BUT IT NEEDED TO BE ADDED FOR CLARIFICATION. Sorry it has taken me so long to upload, I should be posting parts of this once or twice a week. This part might not make sense, but the next will. Love all of u, xx. 


Originally posted by sirius-and-remus-texting

It came back in whispers, the memories of that night. It flooded into his dreams and wreaked havoc on his insides while he slept. How did he know it was her you may ask, and my answer is as simple as; he knows her underwear. He knows the blood red lace, how it grips her hips, and he remembers the same lace from that night. It all seemed to fit together now, how everything about him and her together felt so familiar.

He wasn’t mad at her,

He was confused,

And mad at himself.

But the one thing he couldn’t seem to escape was the fact that she left them there, she wanted him to find out, and he didn’t know why.

When he awoke he had a massive headache, his eyes could barely open because of the bright sunlight shining in on him. He twitched slightly, too tired to pull the covers over his head.

“Morning.” Remus said.

Sirius peered over to him, he was sitting on his bed, a cup of tea nestled in between his hands, and a pair of readers placed on his nose.

“Need some?” he questioned, referencing to the bottle of pills next to him. “Seems we both have quite the headache.”

Sirius sat up slowly, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“What the hell happened to you last night?” he asked, looking down at a sleeping James still passed out on the floor.

“Well, we got drunk, and I mean bloody drunk,” He said, laughing. “Lily brought some of her favorite muggle alcohol and James and Peter, I and the others finished them off.”

“You drank…” Sirius looked down at the floor reading the labels on the front of the glass. “Jack Daniels? You’re telling me you drank hard liquor?”

“Last night was different, you know that.” Remus added.

Sirius stayed quiet, looking back to the table next to him, still not forgetting the red underwear sitting next to him.

“Who’s are those?” Remus asked, looking at the underwear.

After a moment of Sirius not answering, and Remus watching him swallow his response, “Oh.” Was the only sound that left his lips.

“What the hell happened with you two last night?” He questioned unknowingly.

“Guess we just had a good time,” He huffed. “Didn’t we all?”

She stood in the shower, letting the steaming hot water cascade down her body, washing her curves with lavender soap, rubbing every nook and cranny. For some reason she felt dirty, she didn’t like the fact that so many people saw her exposed, she didn’t like the distant feeling of someone else’s hands on her hips.

She felt a few tears drip down her blushed cheeks, watching them fall down the drain, they stood out against the water, fragile droplets that could paint the ground. She heard a distant knock at the door.

“Y/N,” Lily whispered. “I’m sorry, but classes are starting soon, just thought I’d tell you.”

She was quiet because she knew how Y/N was feeling, she knew she was having a hard time.

“Alright.” She choked, her voice cracking, she didn’t want to face anyone.

Students began to fill the hallways and slowly enter into the great hall. Lily sprayed a little perfume on herself and slipped on her shoes waiting for Y/N, she didn’t want her to have to walk alone.

“You can leave you know, i’m not incompetent.”

“Yes, but I care, don’t want you to walk alone is all.” Lily added.

“I’m fine, I’m not ashamed. I’ll be down in a minute, go on.” She said with a weak smile, her towel wrapped around her soaking body.

Lily smiled back and opened the door to their dorm room, and soon she was on her way with the rest of the students.

Y/N was dressed in her usual attire, just a little less put together. She left her hair natural, no makeup, just purple splotches resting under her eyes. She slipped on her shoes and rested her Gryffindor cloak along her forearm. She placed her brown, marbled glasses on her nose and went on her way.

The halls were emptier than usual since she was late. She was left alone with her thoughts. She listened to the click of her heels as she walked quickly down the cold halls. She heard the distant rumble of students laughter coming from the great hall and her chest began to get tight. Even with her anxiety she continued walking. She was hungry, and although she was ashamed, she still wanted to see him.

The doors were wide open as various teens skipped around the large hall. Students were bickering back and forth, not paying any attention to her, that was a good thing.

Remus sat at their usual table, glasses still perched on his nose, Sirius sat by his side, slumped, completely trashed from last night. James wasn’t any better, he looked half dead. Lily sat next to him, rubbing a calming hand up his back, she felt sorry for getting a little wild too.

She got to the table and sat down right next to James and Lily, Sirius hadn’t noticed.

“Morning.” She said.

He noticed.

“Morning.” Remus and Lily chirped in reply.

Y/N stared right down at Sirius, who seemed to have not noticed her presence, but deep down, the moment he heard her voice, his whole being tightened.

She stared at James next.

“Morning, James.” She said with a devilish smile, chuckling a little at his current being.

“Morning.” He said muffled, his words flowing into his shirt.

Everyone at the table laughed, except Sirius, who kept his head down.

The rest of breakfast was cheery, despite the obvious tension radiating off Sirius towards Y/N. Everyone was cracking jokes and reminiscing about the night prior, and so were the two boys from last night who had quickly joined.

“Oi, you all were trashed.” One of them called out.

“Not as trashed as Y/N.” One added.

“Hey,” Y/N yelled, “At least I remember last night.”

A few people at the tabled ‘oohed’ which caught Sirius’ attention.

“Hey, I may have forgotten most of the night but theres one thing I cant forget,”

Everyone cocked an eyebrow, waiting for what the boy was about to say.

“Y/N’s brilliant ass.” He finished, everyone bursting into a fit of laughter, expect Lily and Y/N, they stayed quiet, and Sirius, well, he shot right up.

Everyone at the table went quiet and stared bug-eyed up at him.

“You know you always ask me why women never like you, and that’s why.” Sirius stormed, glaring at the boy, then walking away from the table huffing.

“Someone’s jealous.” The other boy replied, rolling his eyes at his friend, then watching an angry Sirius as he walked away.

The bell rang a few minutes later, students began filing out of their seats, headed back towards their dormitories.  Y/N needed to walk, so, she made her way in the opposite direction down the hall.

Her shoes tapped against the cold, hard floors. The crisp, chilly air beginning to fill the space around her, she was getting close to being outside.

“Y/L/N!” A familiar voice yelled.

She turned around swiftly, happy to greet the boy calling her name.

“Lucius!” She yelled, he, pulling her into a hug.

“Y’know I was meaning to speak with you.” She continued as the two walked out of the school, his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

They walked off into the chilly, bright day, Sirius watching angrily from behind. He had followed her, he wanted to speak to her outside, but, someone beat him to it.

Sirius Black was never jealous, excluding when he was drunk or high, and at this moment, he was neither.

Black Scarf ...

The whole bedroom was plunged into darkness, the only source of light coming from the lamp on his bedside table. Her calm breathing and the sounds of the pages turning from the book she was reading was the only noises in the quiet house. she sank her body a little bit more into the big pillows supporting her back against the headboard of the bed. Her feets rubbing to each other to warm her up, the big fluffy blanket as mellow as it was, couldn’t warm her body as he could when they were in this bed together.

She looked one more time at her phone for the hour. It was late, way more late than she was used to be awake. She was now sleepy and her eyes were a bit painful but she couldn’t sleep yet. She didn’t want to fall asleep before he could come home. She didn’t came with him at the “Another Man” dinner because she had her personal reasons and even with his repeated requests he didn’t managed to make her come.

The lignes from the page she was reading started to lost their meaning when the imagine of Harry in his black suit popped in her mind,  reminding all the details she was looking at.  The way the elegant black fabric suited so well his shoulders. His waist tightened by this only button she was playing with when he asked her a last time to change her mind. The way the simple black scarf added to his personal touch. Even the choice she thought improbable of wearing black nail polish looked good with the whole outfit. She remembered the way he pressed a soft kiss on her forehead when she brushed her fingertips on the shiny black lapels of his suit the second before he left the house.

She was taken out of her musings as heard the sound of familiar footsteps coming from the corridor. She came up with A light smile on the side of her mouth when the door opened with a Harry standing in the doorway a slightly drunk smile over his face, his head tilted to the side as soon as he saw her

“Still awake my Little Queen? Waiting for me maybe?” Unbuttoning his jacket, he let the fabric fall on the ground as he  slowly walked to the bed. He leaned forward ,walking on all fours to join her. His arms and legs came above her body who was still hidden under the big blanket. Closer to her face, his eyes sparkling when she gave him back his smile. Leaning his face to plent a soft kiss on her cheek, the cold tip of his nose caused her body to sightly shiver. His lips followed the line of her jaw to find her earlobe,where he pressed a kiss ; the vibrations of his low voice against her ear tickling her.

“Did you missed me in this bed all by yourself tonight? Is it as comfy as me holding you at night?” Caressing the edge of her ear with his nose, he smiled when he could heard her retain a whimper down her throat.

With a slow move he removes the duvet covering her upper body. It was His lips kissing the base of her neck who were now causing her skin to get covered by goosebumps more than by the loss of warmth from the duvet. His kisses slowly going down her chest, and his lips pressing kisses above the fabric of her t-shirt. She lay her hand over his cheek and caressed the side of his neck. Harry turned his face toward her hand and kissed her palm, closing his eyes.

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Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 5) SIRIUS’ POV

Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Mentions of sex, fluff, mild language

Words: 1,947

A/N: I feel like at this point this is really becoming a series because if you haven’t read any of the other parts you won’t understand this one at all.


[Italics indicate dreaming]

“Sirius!” She moaned as I relentlessly pounded into her.

Her head, face first into the sheets, I was hitting it from behind. In the room all I heard were her moans and the intense sound of skin slapping. She began to tremble from under me, her legs shaking, the sound of my heart racing swelled in my ears. And suddenly I felt it, the burning sensation in my stomach, the tingle of my nose, I was about to… I reached my hand infront of her, beginning to rub  so she could get on sooner.

“Sirius!” She yelled, her voice deepening, sounding a little different.

I began to shake.

“Sirius, wake up!” She moaned again, catching me off guard, her voice sounding completely diff-

“Sirius, bloody hell, wake up already!” James yelled, shaking me vigorously.  

“What time is it?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.

“Half past seven.”

“Shit.” I said, “Why didn’t you bloody wake me up!”

James rolled his eyes, walking away from me and grabbing his tie off my bedside table.

“I’ve been trying to,” He smirked. “But you wouldn’t stop moaning Y/N’s name.”

“Oi!” I yelled back at him, a smile plastered on my face now.

James pointed down to my now noticeable erection, “Better take care of that,” he said, and walked out of the room.

I sit in my bed staring at the ceiling for a second, trying to figure out how i’m going to take care of the growing problem in my pants.

“Fuck it.” I say, running off into the bathroom, headed for the shower.

The great hall was loud, so loud, much too loud for someone who had just woken up. I walked down the long aisleways toward my Gryffindor table, spotting Remus, Peter, and James.

“Morning,” I said, brushing my hair back. “Do I look okay?”

“Morning,” Remus said, “When do you not look okay?”

“He’s right mate, you could be beaten to a pulp and still look good.” He said, patting me on my shoulder, sitting down on the bench.

I looked around for her, she wasn’t in her usual place in front of, or next to me. My eyes wandered, until I spotted her clearly, she was sporting her red uniform which seemed oddly obscure next to the green one. The green one. He was tall and blonde, hovered over her tremendously. She had her hair wrapped around her finger, and him as well, twirling the long strand. She looked up at him intensely, and he stared right back, a slight flush coated his cheeks. A girl of that caliber is not meant to flirt with someone like him.

[This is what I picture young Lucius to look like]

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My heart sank deeply, it yearned for her. It was practically trying to break out of my chest and wrap itself around her. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight, her giggling at his jokes that probably weren’t funny, him leaning closer and closer to her as people busily walked around them. She always got along well with slytherins because her father was one and she grew up with them her whole life. I’m not surprised they aren’t prejudiced towards her because she wasn’t sorted along with them.

“You can tell just how much of a slytherin she is when she’s around them, can’t you?” Remus asked.

“True, she basically is one, just in a red uniform.” Added James.

“Who is that?” I asked, looking at the tall blonde boy.

“Who?” James replied.

“The one she’s talking to.” I said.

“Oh, that’s Lucius, Lucius Malfoy.”

I stared him down, the bloke wasn’t any better then me. Maybe she didn’t like him, maybe he liked her and she was just being nice. Then again, she wouldn’t waste her time with someone she didn’t like. She smiled goodbye, then went on her way, swaying her hips on the way back, making sure he saw. He sure did, his mouth practically watering, it made my blood boil.

“Morning!” She said cheerily, sitting down across from me and grabbing an apple from the center of the table, taking a big bite out of it.

“Morning.” We all said in unisense, me a little more monotone then the others.

“Thanks for the warm welcome.” She said jokingly, rolling her eyes, watching me with intent.

“How’d you sleep last night, Y/N/N?” Remus asked, looking up from his newspaper.

“Peachy,” She replied, taking another big bite. “What about you Sirius, how’d you sleep.”

James laughed loudly along with Remus and I stomped on their feet wildly, she stared at me with wide eyes.

“Swell.” I said, grabbing the apple from her hands, and biting into it.

“Hey, give me my apple!” She yelled, trying to rip it from my hands.

“What were you talking to Lucius about?” I asked, holding the apple behind my head.

“Bloody hell Sirius, give me my damn apple!” She yelled at me, her tiny fists grabbing at my forearms.

“Not until you tell me what you were talking about!” I retaliated.

“Jealous?” She asked smiling, cocking an eyebrow at me.

“Me jealous? No way…” I said, handing the apple back to her. “Just curious.”

She winked at me, then took another bite out of her apple.

She looked ethereal sitting there. Her skin was glistening, her cheeks had a hint of flush, her hair hung loosely in a ponytail, the ends upturned reflecting the sun off them, she always had a gleam in her eye, even if there wasn’t anything gleaming in the first place. She could be sitting in a pitch black room in the dead of night and still through all the darkness I could see the little gleam of light in her eyes.

“Sirius?” She said to me.

“Hm?” I asked, still entranced.

“This staring problem of yours has really gotten out of hand.”

It was halfway through the day and I still kept catching Y/N and Malfoy talking to each other during class and in between them. It was half past noon, just after lunch, and everyone loaded into our defense of the dark arts class. Luckily, it was all of us together, Me, Y/N, Remus, James, Peter and Lily, so we all had a relatively good time.

This year’s teacher was different than the last, and the last different from the one prior. Seemed each year someone new had to fill the position of the old, I assume teaching the class was much too tiring.

Y/N stood next to me, her arm brushing mine gently.

“Here,” She said. “You have something on your lip.” And wiped it off with her thumb, smiling.

I uncontrollably smiled back and blushed, then got angry at myself because I was supposed to be mad at her.

“The Boggart,” The teacher said suddenly, interrupting everyone’s conversations. “Is a truly, wondrous creature. Can anyone explain to me exactly what it does?”

Remus clears his throat.

“Shocker.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“A Boggart is a shapeshifter, and it shifts into a thing the witch or wizard threatening it is most afraid of.”

“Good, Remus.” The teacher says.

“The way you defeat it is by casting a spell upon it, which ultimately changes it into something humorous, taking the fear out of it completely.” Remus adds.

“Does anyone know what the spell is in which you use against it?”

Remus began to open his mouth.

“Other than Mr. Lupin.” The teacher said, casting him a glare.

Y/N suddenly speaks out from next to me.

“Riddikulus.” She croaks.

“Yes, Miss Y/N. Riddikulus.”

And one by one each person went up to cast the spell on the boggart which was hiding restlessly inside an old cupboard in the back of the classroom. Interestingly enough, our teacher made us all go up in groups depending on our houses, trying to see the distinct difference between everyone’s fears.

The slytherins were up first. Severus’ boggart shifted into james, and Malfoy’s shifted into himself, but lifeless, he pictured himself dead. After all the slytherins went it was our turn.

“Potter,” The teacher said. “You’re up.”

And from there James’ had shifted into a winning quidditch cup but for another house, Remus’ has shifted into a moon and clouds, Lily’s shifted into a spider, and then it was my turn.

I stepped up slowly. My wand shook in my hands because I already knew what mine was going to be, and how weak it would make me look.

“Maybe I should do this some other time.” I said to the teacher. They in return, just shooting me back a glare.

And suddenly it shifted, dust flying up around it, contorting into its desired shape.

Suddenly, there it was, my mother, looking at me with disgust. I rolled my eyes at the snickers I heard around me and held my wand up in front of her face.

“Riddikulus.” I muttered, yet she still stepped closer, unphased.

“Louder.” The teacher called.

“Riddikulus!” I shouted, and suddenly she stood before me with rat ears and a tail.

It was her turn, Y/N’s. I was actually quite anxious to see what hers was going to be, even though I’m almost certain it’s going to be her father.

She stepped up slowly, looking at the Boggart with fear in her eyes. Once again, it contorted, and flipped, and dust flew out from all sides, but suddenly there was… nothing. Where once my mother stood now was nothing, the boggart had disappeared. The whole room went silent. She looked at the emptiness, shocked.

“She broke it.” Someone muttered.

Yet she still stood staring at it. Suddenly, she began to walk backwards, slow at first, then ran out of the classroom in a flash.

I looked to Remus and he looked at me and suddenly I was right behind her, on her way down the hallway.

“Y/N!” I called, yelling to her as she walked into a supply closet.

“Y/N.” I said sadly, leaning in on the door, resting my ear on it.

“Go away, Sirius.” She sniffled.

“I’m not leaving until you open the door.”

And with that I heard a small popping noise, and I quickly pushed open the knob. She was sitting on the floor her knees to her chest.

“I don’t get it,” I said, crouching down in front of her.

She sat there quietly and stiff, I rested my hand on her head to comfort her. She relaxed into my touch.

“I’m fine.” She said.

I tilted my head and looked at her longingly, she definitely wasn’t fine.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, I have known you long enough to know when you’re fine and when you’re definitely not.”

She giggled a little and look up at me, her face slightly coated with tears.

“Don’t look at me,” she said. “I’m hideous!”

I laughed slightly and sat down right beside her, taking her head into my hands, wiping away the wetness with my thumbs.

“You’re much too pretty to cry.” I say.

She looks at me with big eyes, they swelled with tears. She leant up slowly and pressed her lips on mine, they were soft and swollen against my rough ones. I leant in a little, swiping my tongue against her bottom lip and she quickly welcomed me in. We pulled apart after a few seconds and she laid into me.

“This,” She said. “This is the exact opposite of what I was afraid of.”

She stayed quiet for a minute afterwards and rested her head into my chest, I drew circles slowly into her lower back, her legs draped over my lap.

I thought of it suddenly, and tightened my grip around her with my arms.

Her biggest fear is simply no one being there for her.

Unexpected surprise ...

Coming home from work early today to surprise you. Harry enters the silent house, trying his best to not get caught.

Looking for you thought the house and finally finding you laying on bed, caressing your bare legs. Eyes tight closed in licking your lips. Your breath  being the only noise in the room.

Harry looks at you with a light smirk, observing your the moves your hands make over your body, mesmerised by your lips barely open who let escape those little muffled moans he likes to hear from you when he take care of your lady part.

His glare sliding slowly along your body, a strangled heavy breath in his throat when he locks his eyes on your hand between your legs. Biting his lower lip when he hears you moaning louder. His hand palming over his already hard erection. Feeling the fabric  his jeans painfully containing him.

His eyes becoming dark of desire when his name escapes your lips. Sending a shiver along his spine. His hips pushing against his palm for some friction. When he can hear one more time his name coming from your mouth like a plaintive moan, he can’t take it any longer and decide to join you.

Walking carefully to the bed where you are. Observing you for a second before laying his hand on the wall above your hear, leaning towards you and murmur raspy in your ear:
“ Did you called me my Queen?” His face looking at you with a light smile on his lips.

Sitting next to you when you close your legs quickly, surprised and a bit shameful for been caught by him. Burying his face in the crook of your neck while his right hand find your knee, his thumb carressing slowly your skin.

“Why stopping now? Because I’m with you?” His voice asks you in a whisper against the skin of your neck. His hand sliding from your knee to your inner thigh. The feeling of his soft skin mixed with the hard but warm sensation of his rings, giving goosebumps to your legs.

The tip of his nose brushing your cheek, making you close your eyes. His mouth giving open mouth kisses to your jaw. His large hand leaving your thigh making your frown a bit for the lost of contact. Laying his palm over your cheek to make your turn your head toward him.   

Kissing you first softly before deepening the kiss when you kiss him back. Playing with your lips, the tip of his tongue teasing the edge of your upper lip. A pleased smile appearing on his lips against yours when he feels your fingers around his wrist to make his hand on your thigh again.

Sliding between your thigh, his index brushing tantalizing slowly. Biting on your lower lip when you moan in his mouth. His fingers following along your lips to reach your entrance. Biting a bit harder when he feels your wetness on his fingers. Going up spreading it on your clit. Carressing it tenderly  till you let him hear your moans.

Applying a second finger on your clit, doing circular motions with time to time more pressure, making your hips bucks. Teasing you just enought to make you wanting more and call his name when he doens’t give you what you need.
“I’m here Little Queen, why calling me this way?” Pushing on your cheek with his nose to have your attention on him.
“ Tell me what you want…” Sliding his tongue along your jaw to take your earlobe in his mouth.

Shushing you slowly when you throw your head back, your body shivering when he caresses more vigorously your clit. His hand holding your leg open when you try to close them on his wrist. Laying your shaking leg over his. Tracing your inner thigh with his wet fingers to get them back to you, having now a better acces to your core.

His middle finger teasing your entrance without entering you, waiting for your reaction.
“ Do you want it? Don’t be shy say it …” Kissing the corner of your mouth when you push on his hand to make him stop his tease.

Biting your lower lip when you feel his middle long finger filling you slowly. Deeply, until you can feel his ring brushing against your entrance. A strangled moan escaping your throat when he starts to move just the tip of his finger inside you. His palm still glued to your clit, applying pressure on it.

Caressing your G spot while his mouth catch the skin of your neck between his teeth. His hot breath falling on your skin, him working on a love bite under your jaw. Lost in the pleasure that his mouth give you, you jump surprised when he pushes a second finger in you. Letting go your skin before blowing on the wet and red mark to make you shiver.

Reaching your lips when he starts to stimulate again your G spot with his two middle fingers this time. His palm stroking against your clit adding more pleasure. You don’t need a lot of time under his caressesses to feel your tummy tense. Squeezing around his fingers letting him knows how close of your orgasme you are.

Kissing your ear, whispering to you.
“ Will you cum for me Little Queen?” His fingers increassing their caresseses inside you until he feels you squeeze hard around his fingers, your body tensed against him when you finally arch your back and cum. Hiding your face in his neck in moaning his name weakly, gripping the edge of the collar of his shirt, Your breath heavy in his neck.

Letting his soaking wet hand against your core for some second before pulling out his fingers  and putting them on your clit to massage it slowly to make your orgasm as long as possible.

Kissing all over the side of your hidden face. Leaving pepper kisses on your ear. His lips brushing your shivering skin. Waiting for you to calm down, his fingers leaving your core to caress your thigh with his palm.

Looking up at him with a tired smile on your lips before giving him a kiss on his chin. Him leading his hand to his mouth tasting you on his fingertips  a moan mixed with a sight vibrating in his throat. Kissing your temple in making you taste his finger too murmuring on your temple
“ Always better when we do that together huh?”

Thank to @nutellaxwifix for been my beta reader!


Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 1)


Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Extreme flirtation? Other than that, none… yet. 

Words: 1,110

Originally posted by nellaey

Contentment, I believe, is one of the hardest things to accept. After a 6 long years of sadness and a never ending sorrow which has occupied my life immensely, I have finally seemed to have reached a peak of happiness. Sadness, I assume, can only last so long, but I believe it’s only a matter of time, a matter of seconds where anyone is truly happy, and right now i’m am caught in those few seconds, I better make sure not to blink.

I have reached my last year of schooling with nothing too eventful to fall under my name. My summertime is coming to an end and i’m willing to accept the fact by this time next year, I will by no means have to attend Hogwarts anymore.

I’m a pureblood, in Gryffindor house, but not a pure-blooded Gryffindor. My mother, Y/M/N, is a ravenclaw, my father is nothing more than a Slytherin, and frankly he was ashamed that I wasn’t sorted into either. My best friend is called Lily Evans. She has bright red hair and beautiful blue eyes, she’s been the only thing to keep me sane during my time here. Mainly, my focus has been strictly on schooling, maybe I’d have a little fling here and there but nothing too spontaneous. This year, I expect that to change.

I would like to put in a effort of making myself more appealing, more noticeable. Not that no one didn’t notice me, because Merlin knows they did, I have a handful of admirers but none of them I admire back equally. This time, maybe if I tried, the ones I’d like to get to know would take a liking to me as well.

Me and her sat on the train, gossiping, going on and on about our summertime. She had been writing letters to the Potter boy all summer, and I had been working on myself.

“You look stunning Y/N!” She continued to say, and I smiled my cheeky smile, looking off into the gray distance.

We continued talking, blabbing on and on, until a loud knock pounded onto the window of our train box. The boy behind it mouthing, “Open up”

She obliged, picking up her wand and unlocking the door, Potter and three others piled into the car.

“Lily!” James yelled, his eyes suddenly landing on you.

“I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m James.” He said, fixated on you. You smirked slightly, reaching your hand out to meet his.

“Y/N.” You reply, gazing into his eyes, trying your hardest to seem mysterious, flirtatious.

“James, Y/N’s a gryffindor, like us.” Lily said, smiling at you.

“That so?” Another husky voice said, your eyes wandering to the source.

“Sirius.” He continued, holding out his hand.

“Hello Sirius, to what do I owe the pleasure?” You said back.

“The pleasure is all mine,” He smiled cheekily, then continued. “I thought girls like you turn up in slytherin–no offense Lily.”

“None taken.” She said, smirking at you, knowing your plan.

“Girls like me do, and I would be, my father’s a slytherin, yet they put me here.” You sighed dramatically, the other chuckling. 

“He must not be too happy then.” Sirius added back, cocking an eyebrow at you.

“He isn’t happy at t’all.”

“Were one in the same.” He finished, smiling at you flirtatiously.

“Remus.” One said, nodding at you, smiling brightly.

“Y/N.” You added again, reaching your hand out once more.

“How have I never seen you before?” Remus asked.

“I’m asking myself the same.” Sirius added, looking at you up and down, you could tell he wanted to devour you.

“Well, y’know I tend to hide myself in the shadows within my textbooks.”

“First time I met her she was talking to herself.” Lily added, giggling.

“Pretty and crazy, I like it” Sirius said, leaning back in his seat.

“I’m not crazy.” You said back, smiling, poking your tongue into your cheek.

“I find that hard to believe.” He countered, crossing his legs.

“I second that.” Remus agreed, laughing.

All you did was smile and look back over to the gray sky outside the window, you knew this was going to be a good year.

Everyone continued talking, Remus, Sirius, and Potter and exchanging looks with you from time to time. You also introduced yourself to Peter but he seemed a little distant, yet he watched you intently as well.

The train whistle screeched as the machine stopped abruptly on the tracks, all of us plopping into one another, Sirius holding me steady with his hand around my waist.

“Easy, Love.” He said to me winking, I began to roll my eyes, scoffing at him. I bet he does every girl this way, tries to lure them in at least. We all quickly piled out of the car, still joking around with one another, bumping into other students on the train.

“Oi, look.” Potter says, bumping Sirius in the ribs, catching Remus’ and Peter’s attention as well.

“What is it?” I asked, searching the snug train isle way.

“Severus.” Sirius said, his attention now fully on him.

He had greasy black hair down to his shoulders, and deep purple bags resting under the crinkles of his eyes. He seemed sullen, as if he never smiled once in his life, he seemed almost content with his sorrow.

“What about him?” I asked, genuinely interested.

“He has a mad crush on Lily, and I mean mad.” Sirius says.

“Thinks he’s in love with the girl.” Remus Adds. 

“Oi, let the boy like who he wants, not my fault I have admirers.” Lily said playfully, winking at James.

“I should toy with him, have a little fun.” I said daringly, Sirius giving me a mischievous smile.

“I like where this is going.” He said.

“I could be a little flirtatious with him, see how he reacts. Seems like he’s never had a woman before in his life.”

We all continued walking, all the way up to Hogwarts. Foolishly, and mercilessly playing around with one another. I made sure to sway my hips each time Sirius walked behind me, making sure he saw the curvatures and how the plateaus of my body danced. He was hypnotized, I could tell, his mouth practically watering at the sight of me. Yet, each time one of his fellow whores walked passed him he made sure to say hi, and they did the same back, then giggling away with one of their friends. I laughed to myself, twirling my hair around my finger. I could put a spell on him, I just had to play him right. I had to play them all right.

[Note: If you have a request for an event you would like to happen in this series just message me, and yes, there will be smut. ;)]