harry loves louis bye

I need a Larry AU where Harry is just getting over a really bad breakup so he spends like a week binging netflix (“i told you i’m fine liam…. no i don’t need you to come over….. yes i’m sure….. no nO i do not need you to call my mum…….. yes….. yes….. no…..yes….no that’s not friends in the background i have to go bye”) and at one point or another, something happens with his subscription and he has to contact technical support and so he pulls up the live chat feature where he starts talking to this guy named louis, and he gives louis the account information, right, and louis is like,

“so you’re harry styles then?” 

“yeah that’s me”

“right…so… i see you’ve watched roughly 48 hours of friends these past few days along with, what is that? six plays of grease?”

“uhhhhh …yep that sounds about right yeah”

“uh huh. i’m not really supposed to ask you this but are you alright?”

and harry tells him abt the breakup and louis is so nice and understanding and at the end of it when harry’s account is back up and running, they stay on the line talking or whatever for hours until louis absolutely has to get off. and then like a couple weeks go by and harry…he doesn’t /miss/ louis. they only had one conversation how ridiculous would that be psh. but like… he was just really nice to talk to and harry likes nice people SUE HIM. so he comes up with some Minor problem that’s wrong with his netflix just so he can talk to him it’s actually quite sad, really

“uh yeah i have a question um what’s the difference between my queue and my list

“…. are you actually serious right now”

“yes i am this is a very important question louis please help me”

“the queue is a list of things you’re gonna watch and the list is things you’ve watched and liked. since apparently you don’t know how to google it”

“well i just wanted to make sure i got the best help, /lewis/, so like….how have you been?

anyways like i said it’s quite sad, really, but they go along with it until louis is like… two seconds away from getting fired. which wouldn’t be the Worst thing since he’s got a job as a teacher lined up but still. it would look bad so he quits on a whim and gives harry his number. he has a bit of a freak out afterward, wondering if he read the signals wrong, questioning his sanity (did he really just quit his job for a boys he’s been flirting with for the past two months OH NO), and wondering how hard he’d have to beg until he gets a call from an unknown number an hour later and like. it’s all uphill from there

Louis: harry what’s that whiteboard for?

Harry: it’s for my new to do list duh

Louis: it just says ‘louis’ in big bold letters

girl direction au where harry is visiting her friends niall and liam at their beach house for the summer before she starts university.which is actually really nice because she wants to get away and this is practically her last opportunity to do so, like everything is always so stressful and overwhelming so at the point where she had broken down crying on the phone, niall hadn’t accepted no for an answer. a vacation would be good for her. so she goes to visit and while there she meets louis. and by “meets” louis, i mean she accidentally walks in on her and some random female at a party. it’s an oops/hi kind of moment with harry as red as a tomato and louis waving at her with her unoccupied hand. so there’s that. but louis catches up with her later and properly introduces herself. it’s an on again-off again thing with her friend zayn, she explains, nothing too serious, borderline platonic even. yanno, just in case harry was curious. (she was)

anyway it’s uphill from there. louis’s stepdad owns a yacht and louis makes it like her absolute Goal to woo this lovely, beautiful harry styles so she asks her out on a date and the date is on the yacht and louis takes harry out on the water and there’s candles and a nice picnic setup and honestly she was just pulling out all the stops and she kind of worries that she over did it?? but harry is blushing and shIT she’s got dimples what the FUCK and louis is halfway in love and they’ve only known each other three weeks. and the rest of the summer continues as such with no discernible amount of angst to speak of. at the end of it all, when harry goes back home to prepare for school, she’s got her girlfriend’s number in her phone and louis’s arrival date on her calendar. so like. all in all, not a bad summer

i want freedom. i want freedom for harry and louis. I want harry to express his love for louis with his meaningless and confusing  tweets. I want louis to  delete his bullshit tweets. I want them to be able to love each other without being worried if someone will see them. I want them to stop fake dating girls for the eyes of the world. Do you know how fucked up that is? They think we’re that stupid to even consider that we would accept them or anyone only if they were in a relationship with a girl. this is unacceptable. they made them stop interacting with each other for at least 2 years. Like full not mentioning each other not looking at each other because they think that money is all and we are in fucking 15th century or something. Grow the fuck up, i want them to say how in love they are to give as as much of pda they can until we’re sick of it. I dont want it for me to say oh fuck yea i was right larry was real. No i want this for their own sake. Whoever fucking thinks that I wouldnt buy their music or wouldnt accept them for being their true self or whoever  stops them from being free  is a fucking idiot the least I can say. I hate this.Tthey were in pain because of some fucktards. We’re not stupid. We’re not insupportive.  We’re not close-minded. And for fuck sakes we’re not delusional.  It’s for their own happiness not for our fucked up fantasies or something. Let them free and get over it.