harry killed me


Harry Styles + Cocky/Smug Moments


D: …are you wooing me, Potter?

H: is it working?

well Sirius’ bike had to end up somewhere and I think Harry would gladly take that burden, especially if he can pick up his boyfriend from work or sth so they can be 100 % ostentatious 

besides, Harry still hates flooing imo.

the leather jacket was somehow a success so I thought why not go all the way but I was so wrong omgggg sorry for the extremely oversimplified bike but I had no patience with it. also, I figured it would have to be a bit bigger if Hagrid could comfortably ride it? idk

I’m never doing this again I’m not even joking lmao 

Types of Ships in a fandom
  • (Can you identify these ships in your favorite fandom?)
  • The Main Ship: This ship is the primary focus in the fandom. There is typically 1-2 of these. This is the ship 80% (or more) of the fandom ships. It's probably gay. (E.g. Destiel; Drarry, Hermione/Ron)
  • The Unwanted Ship: This is the ship that most people in the fandom hate. It can be called disgusting or "unshippable". Not every fandom has this. And I'm not saying their bad. (E.g. Wincest, Perachel, Sherlock X Irene)
  • The Cute Ship: This ship is probably really cute but at the same time it's either super unlikely or interferes with the main ship. A lot of people ship this but at the same time they don't. (E.g. Sherlolly, Sabriel, 11 X Amy)
  • The Outcast: This ship is different. It's not completely unbelievable but it interferes with the canon ships. These ships tend (not always) to be lesbian because we sadly don't get enough of these. Not many people ship them. (E.G. Annabeth & Piper; Thominewt; Dean/Charlie)
  • The Third Wheel: This is the ship that almost became canon but didn't OR was canon for a while but then the characters split apart for some reason. Most people don't ship this because it typically interferes with the main ship. Shippers will get angry if you tag their ship name in a post that has "nothing to do with" their ship. (E.g. Megstiel, Harry/Hermione, Whoffle)
  • The Funny Ship: This is the ship that no one really ships but it's funny. I'd say it's in about 25% of fandoms as an inside joke. (E.g. Brason)
  • THAT ship: This ship is the one that was canon that EVERYONE in the fandom hated except for that like 2%. It was just gross. (e.g. Nygma/Ms. Kringle; Dean/Lisa; Molly/Moriarity).
  • The Essential Ship: Literarily everyone loves them. They are the best even if they aren't the main. Who even are you if you don't ship it? (E.g. Amy/Rory, Percabeth, Neville/Luna)
  • *In some fandoms the ships may be harder to categorize because they intertwine (like The Maze Runner & Harry Potter). Other times they will be easy (Like in Supernatural & Percy Jackson)*
  • Reblog with your fandom and ship categories!

Sherlock has been cancelled

Supernatural is now over

Doctor is really gone

Merlin is gone forever

Harry is truly dead

Phil left Dan today

Malec will not happen

Simon is dying, Clary

I still miss Max

Magnus belongs with Camille

Sherlock, John is dead

John, Sherlock has died

Will secretly hates Jem

Yuri doesn’t love Victor

Victor is using Yuri

I think that’s all the fandoms i’m willing to insult.

I love all of these fandoms but i wanted to ruin peoples lives for some reason. Sorry but i o u some pain. (props if you get the reference)