harry kewel

new blog yo ✌️

hey friends

in light of the kilofuckton of fandoms i’ve recently joined and also the new season of sherlock i’ve decided to move all my fandom stuff from this blog to @starsstripesbloodandtea. stop judging the url okay i just wanted a fucking cliche url that would encompass all my fandoms.

probably u guys are already familiar with the stuff i like but on the new blog there will be:

sherlock (primarily bbc but with a great deal of arthur conan doyle mixed in, plus a bit of jeremy brett holmes and a tiny portion of robert downey jr)


star wars

marvel (mostly avengers tbh)

stranger things

star trek

harry potter

lord of the rings

miscellaneous other fandoms that i’m forgetting right now

that stuff will from now on be kept to a minimum on this blog (kewelhumanbean). bands and memes and shit will stay on this blog, and art will still be on my art blog @allein-art. hopefully my tags will be more sorted out on my new blog but no promises

go forth! and if ur only following this blog for the fandom aspect i wont be offended if u unfollow

thx friends