harry is too hot

interviewer: so i heard you kissed caroline flack

harry: *stares at louis* 

harry: no it wasn’t like that

harry: *continues to stare at louis*

interviewer: so you don’t have a crush on her

harry: *stares at louis* she’s really hot

harry: *stares at louis again* louis too

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*drinks the whole glass* another! lol no, but for real, he is too pretty... too hot... too Harry!

He is very.. very, very gorgeous. And soon we’ll get to see him in HD motion again. *slides another glass of wine towards you* 🍷


It’s sad….   but enough about that, HOW HOT DOES HARRY LOOK??!!  and he’s funny too!

Rereading Harry Potter: Chapter Sixteen - Through the Trapdoor

EEEEK I can’t believe we’re already here LETS GO

- “In years to come, Harry would never quite remember how he had managed to get through his exams when he half expected Voldemort to come bursting through the door at any moment.” lol that text post about voldemort being considerate and waiting until the end of the school year to attack comes to mind

- whoa whoa whoa so after their finals, they get just a whole week to do nothing at hogwarts when they wait for their results? think of all the shennanigans!!!!

- also forever sad that professor binns and history of magic wasn’t in the film

- “Hermione always liked to go through their exam papers afterward, but Ron said this made him feel ill.” the perfect couple.

- “Ron couldn’t get worked up, it was too hot.” hahahha he’s just like chill harry im sure your scars fine

- “ ‘And Neville will play Quidditch for England before Hagrid lets Dumbledore down’ “ both insulting and adorable to my faves, but i’ll take it.

- I SHOULDNT A TOLD YEH THAT - forever my fave catch phrase

- like ok if snape is such a good guy, why does he act so fuckin guilty and shady all the time? like he WANTS harry to suspect him and hate him

- damn i never realized or i guess really thought about how much shit is going on with harry and hes only 11. like he’s putting himself in charge of saving the world from voldemort and hes literally a child like in 6th grade who is bestowing this great responsibility upon himself. he’s like ‘if i get expelled so what, i’ll die at the dursleys a little bit later whatever idc’ LIKE DAMN HARRY hes so savage

- “ ‘ Flitwick told me in secret that I got a hundred and twelve percent on his exam. They’re not throwing me out after that.’ “ YAS HERMIONE SLAY

- neville :’(

- “But leaving Neville lying motionless on the floor didn’t feel like a very good omen.” yeah good observation harry

- also forever salty that peeves was never in the movies

- “ ‘ So light a fire!’ Harry choked.  ‘ Yes - of course - but there’s no wood!’ Hermione cried, wringing her hands.  ‘HAVE YOU GONE MAD?’ Ron bellowed. ‘ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?’ “ hahahaha deaaaad.

- interesting that the winged keys have like feathered bird wings instead of the sort of delicate insect wings in the movie - never noticed that

- dude im getting legit anxious reading this chess part; FUCK i know how it ends and im still nervous

- baby ron knocked THE FUCK out. 

- i always wished they would have included snapes challenge or whatever in the movie; like this part was my favorite when i first read it. plus i love that like harry wouldn’t have been able to get past the chess pieces without ron and he wouldn’t have been able to get past the potions without hermione; THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP

- you know im also just now thinking that if they didn’t want anyone to get to the sorcerors stone, they should have made these challenges things that the person couldn’t get through; like the potions, a smart person could get past that riddle easily, like 3 children easily got past it; they should have made it like enchantments that no one could pass through except the enchanter; but i guess that’d be a pretty boring book lol

- “ ‘Well, I was lucky once, wasn’t I?’ said Harry, pointing to his scar. ‘I might get lucky again’” and again. and again. and again. AND AGAIN.

- “There was already someone there - but it wasn’t Snape. It wasn’t even Voldemort.” 

DUN DUN DUNNN one chapter to go! if you liked this, follow me for more chapters! 

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There is something about that come on h that just makes me imagine what they are like together like Jeff is indulgent of Harry's whims to a pint but then he's like okay you've had your fun lets get back to our plans and Harry just smiled at him and tosses his hair and Jeff rolls his eyes and just shakes his head as he grabs his hand and pulls him away from whatever was keeping him

honestly i 600000% believe this, jeff hasnt had a pal that much younger or been around people that much younger in a willing capacity (like not interns or fam friends or whatever) so like he gets it, and harry’s a whimsical eccentric popstar on top of that, so i can see him joining in on it sometimes, staying out til 4 even though he has a meeting at 10 just because, but other times i can see him putting his foot down. yknow, things like, ‘no harry its too hot to spoon’

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Okay so I have this thing where I just really love men in panties? And I would love to try to strap one on and fuck a guy with a dildo in panties but I have yet to meet a guy who would ever be into that and I wouldn't even know where to find like a subby straight guy who would let me fuck him in panties (im a girl btw) and I just don't know! Harry in panties is just what gets me going ugh

Harry is hot wearing anything (and probably nothing too) and id love to peg him! but idk where you can meet a guy who wants to try i mean, sexual fantasies are not obvious things… you never know tho!

sexual night