harry is too hot

shakespears asked:

okok but Eggsy absolutely loving to wake Harry up every morning with sweet kisses. like he’ll start with a kiss to Harry’s forehead, then his temples. a soft careful kiss to the man’s nose - all the while, lovingly stroking the sides of Harry’s face and by the time he finally reaches Harry’s mouth, the older man is grinning against his lips, all warm and happy and smitten, and the bastard hasn’t even opened his eyes yet! (1/3)

then Eggsy presses kisses to ~the spot~ behind Harry’s ear, that he knows is his favorite and starts trailing his kisses lower down the man’s neck, shoulders and chest in a way that clearly means he wants some attention, but Harry just smiles even wider and rolls over, trapping Eggsy beneath him, circles his arms around the younger man and starts making contented snuffling noises into Eggsy’s neck, while Eggsy yelps in indignation and tries to squirm away, complaining that it’s too hot and HARRY! YOU NEED TO GET UP WE’RE GONNA BE LA - ARE YOU FUCKING SNORING AT ME? I KNOW YOU AIN’T EVEN ASLEEP YOU SCHEMING OLD BASTARD - HARRY!! (3/3) and have a lovely day/night!xx



Too Hot

too hot: A game where two players kiss without stopping and without touching each other. If one player touches the other, they lose. The winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser. 

I don’t think I know how to play this.” Harry murmurs as Louis sits on the bed and slowly peels his shirt off. “You’ve never played too hot before?” Louis asks, feeling the way Harry’s eyes trail down his bare chest to his v-line beginning to show out of the top of his sweats. “No…I haven’t.” Harry is blushing, still, after almost a year of dating the Doncaster boy man. “Well, the rules are simple, we kiss, continually making it hotter, and hotter, but there’s no touching.” Louis grins, and Harry’s eyes widen. Louis knows just how much Harry loves to get his hands on him. “No touching? At all?” Harry stutters, and Louis nods. “The first person to touch the other loses, and the winner gets to do whatever they want to the other.” The innocent look on Harry’s face quickly got dirty. “Let’s do it Tomlinson, I bet I can win.” Harry arches an eyebrow, and Louis rolls his eyes. “Sure Hazza, we all know who’ll be on their hands and knees tonight and it’s not me.” 

Harry scoffed, and Louis moved up onto the bed, sitting on Harry’s lap and straddling it. He rocked his hips slightly to get more comfortable, and could hear Harry’s quiet, stifled moan. Louis doesn’t hesitate to tuck his hands behind his back and crash his lips onto Harry’s. Harry is quite eager to kiss him back, and Louis catches the way his hands twitch, then grip the bedsheets. 

Already…losing..eh Haz?” Louis says in-between kisses, and Harry shakes his head, kissing him back.  Louis catches himself as they tip back, and bites down gently on Harry’s bottom lip, slipping his tongue into the younger boy’s mouth. 

Harry moans loudly into the kiss, his tongue fighting for dominance along with Louis’, but Louis knows just how badly it’s killing Harry not being able to touch him. Right out of the gate, Harry’s typically got his hands all over Louis’ ass and Louis has no problem with that. So he can tell when Harry’s boxers get a little tighter that he’s getting antsy and squeamish. Louis rocks his hips against Harry’s pelvis, and that does it. 

Harry’s hands make a sharp slapping sound as they connect with Louis bum, his large hands and long fingers pushing underneath Louis’ sweats to grope and knead and grasp onto the very nice swell of his arse. 

Sitting up with a victorious battle cry, Louis raises his hands into the air. “I win!” He smiles, and Harry pouts. “You didn’t last very long now did you?” Louis teases, and Harry rolls his eyes. “I last longer than you all the time.” He retorts smugly, and Louis places a chaste kiss to his lips, then sits up and runs his hands down Harry’s chest. “Now, what shall I do with you?” 

yay sexy sex makeout boop! 

why is girl direction the best thing in the whole world, like. harry stripping off naked everywhere she goes because it’s too hot, getting pissed off when people objectify her. louis wearing flowy dresses and kicking ass at football. liam quiet and shy but the second she meets louis she lights up, starts getting more confident, more outspoken, stands up for herself.

                                                                                                       the mun’s interpretation

✘ Any unpopular opinions about your muse?

{– i don’t think there are any opinions on myrtle anyway for there to be unpopular ones– oh

maybe it’s just a crack thing but people paint myrtle out to be an extremely sexual character (which i understand, she’s kinda boy-crazy) but i don’t really see it as her trying to get a boyfriend in the afterlife so much as exploitation. myrtle is, surprisingly, very vain in that she wants people to correct her when she says she’s ugly, they just never do. 

notice how it’s only harry she flirts with? it’s because she knows he’s a fundamentally nice guy who’s more likely to awkwardly back away rather than make her feel bad about herself. 

she gets the bonus of knowing she’s flustered a cute guy and a very small confidence boost because he didn’t out-and-out tell her to leave him the fuck alone.}

Hotter than the Sun || Marina & Harris

The sun was almost unbearably hot this Opening Day. The only thing that kept him from overheating was the cool breeze coming in from the ocean. It was a good thing too since he had his new German Shepherd puppy, Kaiser, with him. Kaiser was all black and Harris feared the pup might get too hot. He’d brought a cooler of water bottles and a dog bowl to make sure he stayed cool. 

Though, before Harris and Kaiser could enjoy the waves he had to find a certain purple haired woman. He’d asked Marina to the beach as a date and he’d been looking forward to it all week. It was also his plan to surprise her with Kaiser by his side. He hoped it’d break the ice a bit since he felt like things were still a little strained since their ‘true love’ meet up. Besides, everyone loved puppies. 

It took Harris a while to find his date. (Kaiser wanted to meet everyone they passed along the beach.) Finally h spotted an unmistakable gorgeous body in a white bikini underneath the shade of an umbrella. She was stretched out on a towel in such a way it accented her curves. She almost looked as nice as the time she was lying in his bed. 

With that thought at the forefront of his mind, he approached her. “You look ravishing in your suit,” he said with a knowing smirk, but his words became less heated when Kaiser ran up to lick Marina’s face. 

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  • Name: aida
  • Gender: female
  • Hours of sleep: generally 5-7
  • Last thing I googled: “attachments by rainbow rowell” haha i’m actually reading the book rn lmao
  • Nickname: aida, dada, aida got bunz (long story lol)
  • Sexual orientation: straight
  • Height: 164cm.. dk what that is in inches haha
  • Favorite color: purple, black, dark/pastel colours actually haha
  • Places that make me happy: my bed.
  • Number of blankets: none cause singapore’s weather is too hot 
  • Favorite film: harry potter series, hunger games etc ((I DONT HAVE A PARTICULAR FAVE TBH)
  • Last book I read: can’t remember, but am reading attachments by rainbow rowell rn~~
  • First word that comes to mind: “meh”
  • Favorite beverage: iced tea!!
  • Last thing you said to a family member: “shut up” HAHAH i was talking to my sister
  • Favorite food: dont ask me this bye i love food
  • Last movie you saw at the theater: pitch perfect 2!! or avengers lol i forgot
  • Dream vacation: UK/France
  • Dream wedding: nothing too big, but as long my family and friends are there i’m good~
  • Dream pet: KITTEN. I WANT A KITTEN.
  • Dream job: journalist~
  • Last holiday: right now!! 1 month break woohoo.
  • What are you wearing: black tee and super oversized pants lol

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