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how we started (h.s)

The first time he looks at you, you’re smiling because he’s making you laugh, his disheveled hair and own manic laughter making its way into your ears, so boisterous and filled with joy that you can’t resist joining him. He sees you and gleams with pride; little do you know making you notice him had been his intention. As you walk away, he sees you look back at him one last time, a glint of light in his eyes and a twisted smirk on his lips.

His eyes are green, you think.

The first time you get drinks together, after a particularly intense concert, he smiles because he loves the way you put words together to form intricate stories, stories that put the cherry on top of everything that had happened that evening. With you, he thinks, recounting was almost better than experiencing. Not quite, though. Living it with you, he thinks, is better than reminiscing.
His desire to live in the present motivates him to make you a permanent fixture.

The first time he calls you beautiful, he smiles with relief because it was probably the first and only thing he had said with complete certainty for a long while. He smiles because you get bashful and look down at your shoes trying to hide your turning lips. He gently places his fingers underneath your chin and raises his face to level with yours, and repeats his words. The time, when you look into his eyes, you can see that they are green, green with a hint of yellow, like the sun resided in them. So full of color, so full of honesty, so full of life. Wet tears cloud your own as you open up to him, recount your trials and tribulations with everything you have. His eyes never leave your face.
They are so sincere, the tears can’t be tamed.

His hands raise to caress your face, thumbs stroking your soft skin as he pulls you closer, the warmth of his body catching onto yours. He leans forward and kisses the salty streaks that dot your cheeks, his plush raspberry lips leaving rose petals on your face. He smells like lavender and vanilla with a strong husky undertone. His lips travel down to yours, and he presses them together, an urgent yet loving introduction into what could only be described as the first love you could feel in your bones.


Afterwards, as you lay in between the porcelain sheets, you both are quiet, the only sound being your still labored breathing. Your fingers are still twitching a little, trying to come down from the high he caused with his touch. Your head is on his chest, your fingers stroking his pecs, trying to soothe his warm body. His arms are wound tightly around you, sleepy kisses still being planted in your hair. You couldn’t move even if you wanted to. The warmth that surrounds you is too comforting for you to even entertain the thought. The outside lights shine through the window, illuminating one side of his face. He’s looking at you, and you move up to look him in the eye, arms still wound around each other.

The first time you say you love him, he weeps. God only knows what he’d be without you.

1D Hiatus: Day 434

* Louis and Niall arrive in London, meet fans at the airport

* Unseen picture of Harry and Kendall Jenner at Kendall’s birthday party last year comes out

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram

It’s Feb 19th, 2017.

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hiii, how are you kate? I would like to ask you to write some jealous Draco, please? idk, maybe Harry's getting to much attention from someone and Draco appears not to like that person

(((this takes place during sixth year and is totally not canon compliant at all)))

My Writing

Draco Malfoy was not the jealous type. He absolutely was not. That’s why, when he noticed Cormac McLaggen talking to Harry more than what seemed just friendly, especially for someone who Harry didn’t even consider a friend, Draco was totally cool with it. At least that’s what he told Harry.

Harry, of course didn’t buy it for a second. But as long as Draco tried to put on that act, he would play his game.

“Cormac asked me to get a butterbeer with him at the Hog’s Head at Hogsmeade this weekend. As friends, of course. Is that okay with you, love?”

Harry fought to conceal his smirk as Draco clenched his fists and jaw.

“Yeah. Fine. Have fun,” Draco grumbled through barred teeth.

Harry grinned at him.

“Thanks sweetheart. I’ll talk to you later.” Harry kissed his cheek for walking off.

Harry wasn’t actually going anywhere with Cormac. He hated the git and was annoyed that he started talking to him all of the sudden. He just liked to get a rise out of Draco and wanted to see how long he could keep this up.

Draco wiped his cheek where Harry had kissed him and glared at Harry’s back as he retreated.

The day everyone went to Hogsmeade, Harry found Draco, who wasn’t going, to check with him one more time.

“Draco, are you sure you’re okay with-”

Yes, Potter. I told you at least five times that I don’t care what you do with bloody McLaggen,” he spat out.

“Alright. I’ll come find you when I get back so we can hang out later, okay?”


Harry chuckled as he walked away. 

He just wandered around Hogsmeade with Ron and Hermione for a few hours before he decided to head back up to castle because he felt bad.

Harry had to force himself to hold in his laugh when he entered the Slytherin common room, which Draco had given him the password to, and saw Draco sitting in an arm char, scowling at nothing in particular.

Harry walked up behind Draco and kissed the top of his head.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“Nothing,” Draco muttered.

“Don’t lie. You’re upset about something. Tell me.”

“Leave me alone.”

Harry grinned and made Draco scoot over so he could sit with him.

“Absolutely not.”

Draco huffed and stood up, wanting to get away from Harry.

“What’s up with you, Draco?”

“Just mind your own business, Potter! Why don’t you go and hang out with McLaggen some more?”

Harry quirked an eyebrow, and Draco blushed.

“I thought you didn’t mind me and Cormac hanging out?”

“W-Well I don’t but…”

Harry stood up and slowly moved closer to Draco.

“But what?”

Draco glared at him.

“You know what! You know I don’t like it, you prat!”

Harry smiled and wrapped his arms around Draco’s waist.

“Stop smiling! I hate you, Potter!”


“No! You’re the worst! You-”

“Draco, I didn’t hang out with Cormac today.”

“I can’t believe you would- …wait, what?”

“I didn’t get a butterbeer with him. I was just messing with you because you said you didn’t care. I hate Cormac just as much as you.”


Harry smiled and lightly kissed Draco’s lips.


“You’re a git,” Draco mumbled.

“But I’m your git. And you love me.”

Draco rolled his eyes but smiled back at Harry.

“Merlin knows why,” he teased.

Harry chuckled and laced his fingers through Draco’s.

“Let me show you how much I love you,” Harry murmured before pulling Draco over to his bed to do just that.

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Can you please do number 16, 36 and 37 with Draco Malfoy for the drabble, please? Thank you so so much

Prompt Request - Prompts List
16. “Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.”
36. “I don’t love you anymore!”
37. “You’re lying.”

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 380
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now,“ you said in a clear but shaky voice.

"How about the fact that you promised me you’d stay by my side no matter what?” Draco replied, his face contorted in hurt.

“That was before you decided to push me away! How in Merlin’s name was I supposed to be by your side if you wouldn’t let me? It doesn’t matter anyways. This is over now,” you shook your head.

“No it’s not! I won’t let this be over! Not without me fighting for you!” Draco yelled.

“It is over, Draco! It’s over! I don’t love you anymore! Okay?!”

You’re lying,” Draco stated, “You’re lying to me. I know you are. You do love me, and you can’t convince me otherwise.”

“Tears formed in your eyes as you bit your lip, willing them not to fall, "Please, Draco. Don’t make this any harder than it has to be.”

“No! We’re not breaking up! We can’t! I need you, I need you! Please… please don’t walk out on me. I don’t think I could take it…”

“Draco,” your voice was no more than a whisper as you took his hands in yours. You leant up and brushed your lips softly across his, kissing him gently, and lovingly.

It was a perfect goodbye kiss.

You reluctantly pulled your hands from his, though he desperately tried to cling onto you.

“Please don’t do this!”

“I’m sorry, Draco. But this,” you gesture between the both of you, “doesn’t work well at all. You deserve someone who can support you, who can love you wholly and completely. That someone isn’t me, and trust me when I say that I wish it was.”

The air was thick with tension, and you took in a trembling breath as you watched Draco collapse onto the floor, sobbing.

It took all you could to not run over to him, to hug him and tell him everything would be okay. Because you truly didn’t know if everything would be okay.

With one last glance at the broken boy, you gathered your strength and exited the room, leaving behind the one person you never thought you ever would.

But this was for the best. At least, that’s what you told yourself.


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To me Harry being on stage he's more himself like he's the Harry we know and love I mean off stage he's himself too but you know what I mean? He's just really out there for us to see 😭 like he's just that silly jokey sassy Harry we don't get from social media any more and we get that from him in interviews too when he's comfortable.. Sorry i just miss and love him so much (but when he comes back I hope we get a lot of him! The sparkly/golden boot floral print nail polish wearing boy I love)

I do hope he’s able to be whatever he wants to be during Dunkirk promo. Sassy Harry? Sure. Fashionista? Bring it on. A rainbow fluffball? Please. Just give me back my son.

Hey everyone! I’m nearing 200 followers and hope to reach that by my birthday (March 29). As before I’ll be accepting prompts from the following once I hit it:

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So please spread the word? It’d be greatly appreciated! And start coming up with ideas. Thanks!!!

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Can we please talk about how harry and Niall actually fit? I mean even their voices fit, they harmonize in a lot of song and is something perfect to hear. An Stylan album would be a blessing because they fit. They know, we know, everyone knows.


(But really, like- They need to do Stylan at some point.)

Ships Open

I figured doing ships would be a fun way to get this blog going, so feel free to send in a ship request. I will be doing ships for the following fandoms: The Avengers, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, The Hobbit, The Walking Dead, The Outsiders, Shameless, Criminal Minds, X-Men, Harry Potter, and Gotham. 

When you send in your request please address which fandom you want, you can do more than one, and what preference of gender you want. If you don’t tell me the gender I will simply pair you with whoever I feel you are more compatible with, regardless of gender. You can also add a brief description of your looks, your personality, your likes/dislikes, zodiac sign, fears, and dreams.

i feel a little better knowing harry has been in LA with louis these past few weeks (cause louis was mia alot of it) like i dont care about pap pics im convinced lol i was so confused when i heard he left LA cause they always make sure to stay together as long as they can until one has to fly somewhere and i cant imagine him leaving right before something as big as bringing that demon back into the picture so i think everything was a distraction to let them spend time together like maybe harry flew in privately a day earlier than louis or something please

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Remus please don't be mean to Sirius, I know he hasn't been the best of people, to say the least, but you need to be the better person here and being petty like that kiss comparison is really not the best course. Despite everything you guys are best friends, don't let this situation ruin even the memory of your friendship. Please.

Remus: I was only kidding.

Sirius: Are you sure about that?

Remus: Yes, because as much as I hate to admit it… you’re a pretty great kisser.


@bromanceshmomance yup only with sophia and lou t right ? and that one where her and louis look like creepy twins you would think she would post a pic with jay or his sisters or even someone from his family ?? she’s been his gf at that point for what 3 years ? idgi lol meanwhile we have HQs of jays dad hugging harry while anne looks on fondly PLEASE.