harry is fine

cole sprouse really out here serving LOOKS 

first we got the young james potter 

next is pride and predjudice lookin headass 

lastly we got the beauty and the beast “no one gets those beauts like gaston” look

damn younger me was rooting for the wrong sprouse 


those weasley kids ;

“Mr. Weasley conjured up candles to light the darkening garden before they had their homemade strawberry ice cream, and by the time they had finished, moths were fluttering low over the table, and the warm air was perfumed with the smells of grass and honeysuckle.”


1st year Slytherin!Yuuri got everyone in the house confused, how is this pure puffball got sorted in the snake’s house???

P.S. Pichit is a good friend. Treasure him.

2 years earlier before Yuuri grew into a fine Eros

-Hogwarts/Durmstrang AU-

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This isn’t what I planned.
—  Ravenclaw, with no plan and no intended plan either

Professor Lupin

ok but imagine: harry isn’t the only first year to discover the mirror of erised. draco finds the mirror too and when he stands in front of it, he frowns when all he sees is harry potter shaking his hand. imagine how he returns the next year to find that the mirror has been removed, but he keeps searching until he rediscovers it only to see himself holding the snitch with harry potters hand on his shoulder. imagine how he, after having figured out what it does, returns the next year, and the year after, how he grows more nervous with each return, the mirror only ever showing him images of potter grinning or potter nudging him or potter throwing his arm around his shoulder so that when draco returns to the mirror in fifth year, he’s all filled up with anger and anxiety, swearing to himself that this time it will NOT be potter he sees. when all he sees is potter taking his hand though, he snaps, throws a massive fit, tries to destroy the mirror with hexes, punches and kicks and starts screaming at it when he finds he can’t. he never returns to it after that