harry is a lucky man

i am so proud of Harry. i know we say this a lot but i really am. we’ve gotten to see him grow from that tiny 16 year old, who was constantly afraid to what people would think, to this outrageously out there grown man who wears what he wants, when he wants it, and isn’t afraid to express himself through both his lyrics and his clothes - and if he is afraid, he’s still doing all that despite that fear, despite how nerve racking that is, he’s still pushing through and living up to be his most authentic self! 

if that isn’t an inspiration for everyone who grew up with him (and who are older or younger than him, but still had troubles being themselves), i don’t know who is. back when one direction started lots of us were super young as well, and to see him find himself is so super encouraging to everyone who is watching.

and we love him even more now that he’s loud and proud!! take that as a lesson that being yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself as well as the world around you <3


I started this on Monday and in light of all that we found out today… I decided to fill in some details and finish it. It’s quick, and it’s had even less proofreading than normal, but considering I wasn’t going to do anything before the pain kink one… I wanted to roll this out. Harry, please don’t throw anything else at me to inspire me? x

Gentle Reminder: requests are closed! For real. 

“Post came,” Harry calls to you as he hangs his keys on the hook by the door.

“Is there anything for me?” you call back to him, the gentle thudding of his feet as he winds his way through the hallway getting louder with his approach. “I’m waiting on a new card after mine got all scratched up.”

“Think it’s here, yeah,” he says as he comes into view. His hair is still under the beanie he’d worn outside, covering his thick curls on the unusually crisp September day. His gray jumper has one sleeve rolled up to his elbow, prominently showing off his arm of tattoos and he stretches it out to you to give you the thin envelope you’ve been waiting for.

“Thanks, love,” you tell him absentmindedly while opening it.

“Got some magazines, too, love,” he says. “Want to take a look?

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Say You Won’t Let Go - Harry Styles Imagine

*Based on Say You Won’t Let go by James Arthur.

There has never been a time in your life where Harry Styles wasn’t your best friend. Your mothers were best friends and lived on the same street. You and Harry were born only a few days apart, which meant that you two shared many birthday parties together. You did everything together from when you were born till you were teenagers. 

When Harry made it to the X Factor that was the first time that you two were apart. Then, he never really came back home again. He was suddenly this mega superstar traveling all over the world, while you were back home going to University. 

Even though the two of you were always apart for most of the time, you still were extremely close. You always texted or talked on the phone and at least a few times a week, you two would video chat. In fact, there were a few times when relationships of his didn’t work out because he always made time to talk to you, instead of them. 

There were times that you went on tour for a few weeks with him over the years, and you would spend time with him when he was off. But now, that he wasn’t touring anymore and he had a little more free time, you were able to spend more time with him. 

You were out in London with a group of mutual friends and you were having the time of your live. You and Harry were dancing around like crazy and downing some drinks to the point where you were definitely getting drunk. 

It was getting quite late, so Harry and you decided to leave and head over to Harry’s house. After the ride home, you weren’t feeling very well. Harry carried you inside and up to his bedroom. He handed you some of his clothes and you changed into them. You felt a lurch in your stomach, so you ran into the bathroom. 

Harry followed you and held your hair back and rubbed your back as the effects of the alcohol was leaving your system into the toilet. He then got a damp rag and handed it to you. 

“I’m so sorry.” You laugh. “I’m sure this is not how you wanted to end this night.” 

He shrugs. “It’s not the first time, I’ve had to hold your hair back while you got sick.” He says. 

You laugh leaning back against him. He smiles wrapping his arms around you. “You should get some rest. You can have my bed. I’ll sleep in the guest room.” He whispers. 

“No, stay…” You whisper back. 

He sighs picking you up and carrying you into the room. He lays you in the bed and then gets you some water and aspirin. “Okay, now it’s time to get some sleep.” He says

“Yeah, yeah.” You say scooting closer to him on the bed. 

He kisses your head and wraps his arms around you. It didn’t take long before you feel asleep, however, Harry was a different story. He looked down at you sleeping and felt the butterflies in his stomach again. 

He loved you… 


He was IN love you. 

He knew this and wanted to tell you, but he was afraid. He was scared of you not feeling the same way. He didn’t want to lose you as his best friend, even if that meant he could never be more than that. 

But little did he know, that you felt the same way.


A Year Later. 

Harry was standing at the alter, surrounded by his best mates, in front of both of your friends and families. He was nervous and his palms were sweaty. He was fiddling with the rings on his finger as he waited for you to make your appearance. 

His mom and sister were already bawling their eyes out and he was trying to hold his in. 

Then, everyone stood up. 

Harry looked down the aisle and saw you standing there in the most beautiful dress next to your father. The smile on his face had never been bigger and the tears were now filling his eyes on the verge of spilling over. 

As you walked down the aisle, you didn’t notice the flowers or who was there. All you were focused on was Harry and as soon as you saw him and the smile on his face, you lost control over your tears. 

Good thing for waterproof makeup. 

Harry grabbed your hand when you finally were at the alter. You squeezed his hand and he brought yours up to kiss it. 

“Y/N and Harry have decided to share their own vows to one another,” the minster says. “Harry, you may go first.” 

Harry sniffles and takes out a piece of paper from his pocket. “Y/N, baby, you’ve been in my life for as long as I can remember. You’ve been my side for everything. You’ve been my neighbor, my best friend, my first kiss, my first love, my girlfriend, my fiancé, and now you’ll be my wife and one day, the mother of my children. I’m so in love with you and I have been for years, but I was so scared to tell you how I felt, until one night, when you looked at me and I just knew that I had to tell you. And luckily you felt the same way, which brought us here today. I vow to love you whole heartedly until we’re gray and old. I promise to bring you breakfast in bed and take our kids to school. You look as beautiful as ever and I swear you only get better with each passing day. I’m so in love with you and I hope that you know and I think my lucky stars for that night.” He sniffles looking at you. 

You sniffle and wipe at your eyes before taking your paper out. “Okay.” You breathe out trying to get your composure. “We were little we were always together. We were teenagers we were always together until we weren’t. When you left to pursue your dream, It was bittersweet. I was so proud of you for going and I knew that you would do great things, but I was nervous about losing you. However, you made sure that didn’t happen. Even if we weren’t physically together, we were still by each other’s side. With every text and phone call, our friendship lasted and grew into something more. I have always loved you, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I was in love you. That you were the one that I wanted to grow old with. The one that I wanted to make a family with. And while I knew that we would be together, I never imagined it would be like this and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so thankful that I was able to overcome by fear of rejection and losing you to tell you how I felt about you and how ecstatic I was when you said that you felt the same. We’ve already spent our whole lives together and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives and more together. I love you more than anything and I hope you know.” You sniffle. 

Harry then puts the ring on your finger and you place his ring on his finger. 

“I know pronounce you husband and wife… Harry you may now kiss your bride.” 

Harry smiles and puts his hands on your cheeks before kissing you. You smile into the kiss wrapping your arms around him. You both pull away putting your foreheads together, just enjoying the moment. 


Two Years Later. 

The sound of a crying baby filled the air as Harry got up from the bed. He was a new father of all of week and the sleep deprivation was setting in, but he didn’t care. Whenever he held his baby girl in his arms, he was instantly awake. 

He picked her up and held her to his chest as he walked downstairs to get a bottle. He looked down at her as he fed her and he smiled knowing that she looked just her mother. He knew that he loved her as she was growing inside your belly, but as soon as he saw you in her, he loved her even more. 

And just when he thought he couldn’t love you anymore than he already did, knowing that you were the mother of his beautiful daughter, instantly made his love grow even more for you. 

You had woken up when you felt Harry leaving the bed. You went downstairs and watched him looking at your daughter. you heart swelled, something it always did when you saw Harry being a father. You were so lucky to have this man who loved you more than anything and would be the most amazing father to your children. 

And to think, if it wasn’t for that night, you may not be here. 


50 Years Later.

You and Harry were outside in the backyard of your house in Holmes Chapel. You were drinking some tea and Harry was sitting next to you, with his arm around your shoulder. There was giggles and chattering coming from all over the place. 

Harry laughed. “Remember when that was us, love?” He asked. “Now, our grandchildren are the ones running around here.” 

“Yeah, I feel like it was just a few years ago, that it was us and then our kids.” You whisper. 

“I know what you mean.” He smiles kissing your head. 

“I love you.” You whisper laying your head on his shoulder. 

“And I love you, baby.” He smiles. “I’ve loved you for almost 73 years of my life.” 

He kissed your head and the two of you go back to watching your grandchildren laughing and playing around in the backyard. You two had been married for 52 years and you were still going strong. 

And to think, it was all because of that one night. 

Niall Horan - Harry Flirts with Niall’s Girlfriend Imagine

[I thought the gif of them fit so I decided to use it instead of a picture. haha. Enjoy, loves!]

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  • Ron: Mate, heard you scored a midnight kiss on New Years Eve.
  • Harry: Who told you that?
  • Hermione: Neville said he saw you.
  • Ron: Spill, Harry. Who's the lucky girl?
  • Draco: For your information, Weasley, I am 100% man. Isn't that right, Potter?
  • Ron:
  • Hermione:
  • Harry:
  • Draco: In case you didn't get that, Potter and I totally did it. Twice.

I was tagged a few days ago by @headbangervixen to answer these questions about me and my blog.

Name: Jeremy

Nickname: I don’t have one, someone give me one!

Age: 26

Where do you live: East coast, USA

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Star sign: Leo

Height: 6′

Sexual orientation: Straight

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite animal: Owls are super cool

Cat or dog person: Both. BRING ME ALL THE PETS

Lucky number: 13

Favorite fictional character: Dirty Harry or Harmonica Man

Favorite bands/music artists and favorite music genre: Type O Negative, Tool, Kyuss, Ghost, Alice in Chains, the Doors. My musically taste varies from old school punk, to industrial, to goth rock, to classical, and pretty much everything between

Dream trip: Not really sure. I’ve been pretty much everywhere.

Dream job: Still trying to figure that one out.

When did you create your blog: February 2017

What do you post about: Music, desert sceneries, cacti, horror, crazy shit, and other kinds of intoxicated ramblings

Why did you choose your URL: I wanted something that would fit the concept of what would eventually become my blog and a line from one of my writings seemed perfect

I’m gonna tag some people that I’d like to get to know better:

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27/09/2010 - I’m bacckk :) with @Harry_Styles again :)

28/11/2010 - Loving my bromance with @Louis_Tomlinson , hes sooooo sexy !!!!!!

24/12/2010 - On this day 19years ago….my hero was born. Happy birthday to my man crush @Louis_Tomlinson ;) Yayyy!!

1/02/2011 - Massive happy birthday to @harry_styles show the love twitter !! So lucky to have you man !!

1/02/2011 - Just finished shopping with @Harry_Styles :) hope you like your present!!

23/02/2011 - @louis_Tomlinson Have a good show tonight Sweetums :D

15/04/2011 - :) i love Harry more than you ! […]

13/06/2011 - @Louis_Tomlinson higher and faster….you feel me? :P
13/06/2011 - @Harry_Styles I feel you man.

13/06/2011 - @Louis_Tomlinson Your eggs Benedict are ready sweetums :)

23/06/2011 - @Iouis_tomlinson put me on the floor.

24/06/2011 - @Louis_Tomlinson im sitting on the sofa opposite you….you look sexy.
24/06/2011 - @Harry_Styles hahaha I am being slowly seduced by your curls
24/06/2011 - @Louis_Tomlinson i know..That was my plan.

29/06/2011 - @Harry_Styles miss you baby cakes
29/06/2011 - @Louis_Tomlinson I miss you too sweetcheeks ;)

1/09/2011 - If @Louis_Tomlinson feels tired…he sits down to have a wee…I’ve seen it.
1/09/2011 - @Harry_Styles When harry is tired he doesn’t even lift the seat when he wees…. #weeweemess

7/09/2011 - Need some cereal @Harry_Styles I hope there is milk!!
7/09/2011 - @Louis_Tomlinson I left you some :) make me a tea please! haha .x

3/10/2011 - Always in my heart @Harry_Styles . Yours sincerely, Louis

24/10/2011 - Hello everyone, just bought my copy of the album with my love’s face on …… #welivetogetherdealwithit

5/11/2011 - Looking forward to the X Factor tonight!
5/11/2011 - @Louis_Tomlinson have fun sweet cheeks…see you at home later .x

22/11/2011 - @Louis_Tomlinson just came and got in my bed with a cup of tea. Backstreet Boys are on 4Music… Typical Wednesday.

24/12/2011 - How did people know my plan?! Happy birthday @Louis_Tomlinson ! Love you man .x

29/09/2013 - We don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall.

When us Fangirls/Fanboys go shopping for merch
  • Fangirl/Fanboy: *enters the mall* Now where is the merch store?
  • Salesperson: *sniffs air* I hear them coming...TAKE COVAH my employees that I pay low amounts of money, I hear them coming for the new merch!
  • Fangirl?Fanboy: *enters shop* 0o0 OMG NEW MERCH
  • Salesperson: just take them and don't harm us.
  • Fangirls/Fanboys: *goes crazy and ends up killing the salesperson and employees on accident*

here it is… 

a lock yourself out AU / OU drabble in which paulie is still paulie but a model and in which harry is the actual harry styles

“… and it is rumoured that Harry Styles is to attend the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Grande Palais in Paris. Will this be the long overdue confirmation of the singer’s and the first-time Angel Paulie Conrad’s rumoured relationship we’ve all been waiting for?” -Claire Roberts, Daily Mail

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Harry Styles - Comforts You During Your Period Imagine

[Mmmmm, I would love for him to take care of me. Enjoy!]

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Home (Request)

Do you think you could do a oneshot of where H and his girlfriend are spotted going to Y/N’s hometown to visit her mom?

I was wondering if you could do one where Harry go visit the family of her girlfriend  (she comes from a little village). They would hang out with her friends at a bar after or something like that!


You had expected paparazzi at the London airport. You had definitely expected paparazzi at the Los Angeles airport. But you weren’t expecting paparazzi to have followed you all the way to Canada. They must have some kind of weird, inner system where they communicate with each other all across the globe. And it annoyed you.

This was the first time that you were taking Harry home to meet your family. You had been dating for just over six months and the two of you finally had some time off at the same time. Harry had actually been the one to suggest visiting your parents; he said that he thought this was a good way to spend his time off and he had always wanted to see that part of Canada.

As soon as you got to the London airport, you heard the familiar flash of cameras as soon as they spotted Harry. London was definitely a lot less crazy than Los Angeles was, but you still felt that familiar feeling of being uneasy. Harry made sure to hold on to your hand as you made your way through the crowds and onto the plane.

When you landed in Los Angeles, you knew that you were about to enter a madhouse. You had one more flight to catch that took you from Los Angeles to Halifax and then you would be (hopefully) free of any intruding cameras for the rest of your trip. You could have just flown straight from London to Halifax, but Harry wanted to stop in to his house quickly to pick up some things and drop something off at a friend’s place.

As soon as the paparazzi spotted Harry at LAX, they swarmed the two of you instantly. Harry had hold of your hand again, but the paparazzi were so close that you were literally squeezed into his side.

“Harry, where are you guys going?”

“Are you doing any solo work lately?”

“Are you here to record?”

“(Y/N), how does it feel to be dating someone so famous?”

“Any wedding plans, Harry?”

“Can you give us a smile, (Y/N)?”

The questions continued flying at you left and right and you merely kept your head down and your hand attached to Harry’s.

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