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“Stop being so mean to me! Or I swear to God I’m going to fall in love with you!”

— Hannibal to Will during a visitation in the BSHCI

“Harry and Uma are only friends!”

Umm idk bout yall but I don’t act like that with any of my friends unless we’re actually dating

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the kingsman gang + weddings

Roxy always found the idea of getting married completely embarrassing and revolting, until she falls uncontrollably in love with her personal trainer (who in this headcanon looks like Helen McCrory here) and marries her in a ceremony even more lavish than Eggsy and Tilde’s. She’s as surprised as anyone. Eggsy is a very helpful but very weepy bridesmaid.

Champ asks Hamish to stay on at Statesman as the new Ginger. He’s considering it until Harry, drunk and jet-lagged after four back to back missions and miserable at the idea of there being an ocean between them, proposes over Skype. Hamish gets on the next plane and they’re married as soon as possible - no ceremony, no party, no rings, it’s nobody’s business but theirs. Eggsy only finds out nine years later when Harry makes some offhand comment about their anniversary, and he yells at them for twenty minutes then stomps off down to the shops in a huff to buy them a belated present.

Eggsy/Ginger/Merlin/Harry ficlet

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Eggsy startles awake when Elizabeth slams the door behind her and scrambles to his feet as soon as he notices how angry she seems, even though every instincts in him screams at him to kneel, to soothe her somehow. But he knows that wouldn’t actually help her and she would be even more angry at him that he had put himself in a vulnerable position when she clearly wasn’t in control.

Before he can leave however, she seems to realise that he’s done nothing to deserve to get the brunt of her anger and she takes a few deep breaths to calm herself. There is something wrong in seeing her almost deflate, the curve of her shoulders becoming defeated, but at least now Eggsy can step closer and wrap her in a hug.

“Hey, what’s the matter?”

“It’s- It’s that, that man! He’ll drive me crazy!” She still sounds angry, but from how she is clinging to his shirt, she needs the physical comfort and Eggsy ain’t about to leave her when all she needs is a hug. “He was doing so good and then Harry had to leave and now he’s moping and not even trying anymore!”

If he had any doubt who she was talking about, he doesn’t anymore. Because beside him and Merlin, there isn’t really anyone to be upset by Harry needing to leave for England and them having to stay behind for the time being.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Eggsy could have followed Harry, but there was no way he would have left Merlin behind when he was still getting used to his prosthetics.

Even if he gives him his space, Eggsy ain’t going home without him. They left London together and that’s how they’re going to return.

“I can’t help him if he doesn’t want to help himself,” Elizabeth is still ranting in his shoulder, but her voice is softer now, her ire all but forgotten. “And it’s not about giving him time or space, it’s been a week now!”

He hums, to let her know he’s still listening, even though now he’s trying to think of a way to shake Merlin out of his funk too. He clearly needs a distraction, something to focus on. He’d suggest tinkering, but Merlin is so used to moving around even when he’s simply sketching his ideas that it’s bound to remind him that he’s got no legs now. No he would need something to focus on that would require to move as little as possible and…

“Oh, of course.” It’s a wonder he’s not thought of it before, but to be honest, the only time he was shown Merlin’s private room at HQ he had still been distraught from Harry’s death and everything he had done in Valentine’s lair. The hours spent in there had helped him greatly in tethering him back down to reality, but it’s not something he really thinks back on, especially not now that he’s got all the people he loves in his life, safe and just as fond of him as he is of them.


“You wouldn’t happen to have any bonsai tree lying around would you?”


Finding the tree was unsurprisingly harder than it had been finding the puppy for Harry, but, looking at Merlin’s look of utter concentration as he slowly trims it into perfection is as much a reward as having Harry return his embrace after he got his memories back.

Maybe even a bit better, since he also gets Elizabeth smiling with pride at his side, her hand a warm weight on his neck, grounding him to the moment even more than Harry’s arms around him had done at the time.

They stay like that for a long time, leaning against each other, just watching Merlin slowly settling into his own skin again and Eggsy has a smile when he gets a notification in the corner of his lense that Harry has connected to his feed. He’ll be pleased to see they’re taking great care of their lover during his absence.

And pleased he is because he opens the comms between them just long enough to congratulate him on his idea and for being a good boy, his voice warmed with affection.

It sets off the butterflies in his stomach he always get with Harry and only Elizabeth’s hand keeps him from flying away.

That and he really doesn’t want to stop watching Merlin for anything in the world.

Descendants Ships as Verses from The Club is Alive by JLS (with scenes for reference)

Jay @ Lonnie: Came to the club not looking for love. Out with my boys just having some fun. Baby then I saw you, all of that disappeared.

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Carlos @ Jane: Standing by the bar, just enjoying the view. Shawtys all around but I’m focused on you. Bodies in the way, but I just wanna make it clear.

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Ben @ Mal: Girl, when you move it’s a private show. Got me wondering how low you can go. Girl you’re the fire, come and put that heat in me.

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Harry @ Uma: Don’t tell your friends that you’re leaving now. Just push your way out through the crowd. Meet me in the corner where nobody else can see.

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girl almighty // chapter two

words: 2864
part one , part two 
a/n: enjoy :)

Lefou, the nicest villain out there. He wasn’t supposed to end up in this prison but because of his loyalty to a man that would never love him the same way. He could’ve switched sides so many times, gone to the good side and left Gaston to his narcissistic ways but he never did. He stayed by Gaston’s side, always going along with whatever crazy plan he had to try to gain Belle’s love, which never worked out. Gatsby never understood why Lefou always stayed so loyal, he should’ve known Gaston’s ways. Now, he was stuck on this isle even though everyone knew that the man should be in Auradon with all the other heroes.
He now sat at the head of the dining table surrounded by Gaston’s children who all considered him to be their uncle, the closest thing they had a family other than each other and Gaston. Although who could really count their father who was more obsessed with keeping himself look young and the legacy that his children would leave once he was gone their family. Gatsby hadn’t remembered the last time her and her father had a real conversation. Her father cared way more about the older twins than he did for his younger twins and everybody knew it. Jr. and The Third were just way too much like Gaston to pass it up while Gil and Gatsby strayed away from their father’s narcissistic abilities.
Gatsby and Gil on one side while Gaston Jr. and Gaston The Third sat on the other side.
“Hey Gats,” Lefou asked, causing the only girl at the table to look up. “What’s up? You’re not eating your food.” It was true. While her brothers scarfed down all their food, Gatsby was lost in a trance as she continued to move the mushy potatoes around the plate.
She shook her head, putting some of the food that her uncle had prepared specifically for this night on the fork. “Sorry.” She apologized, something that wasn’t too familiar with her. “I just got distracted.” Which wasn’t a lie. She was distracted. She kept thinking about Jay and how he was back in the isle. She wondered whether or not he was going to be sticking around. She also knew that the second that this dinner was done, Gil was going to go tattle tale to Uma about who he met up with in the marketplace and that wasn’t going to be good, especially for King Ben.
Lefou looked at her for a few more moments with an eyebrow raised, not believing what she was talking about. His eyes then traveled to her twin brother. While Gatsby was lethargic in her eating, Gil was the complete opposite. Though he usually stuffed anything in his path, this was different. He was trying to eat as quick as possible to go tell Uma who he met up with. Gatsby knew how much Uma wanted revenge on Mal. After all, Mal and the other three were able to travel to Auradon while the rest of them were stuck on the isle. “Careful Gil. You might choke.” Her uncle said, still looking in amazement at how much the boy could eat.
Slurping up the rest of the food, Gil was then done with his food. “It was amazing Uncle Lefou,” He says with a giant grin. “Like always.” He was right. The food that Lefou made was amazing and if he lived anywhere except for the Isle, he could’ve really made a name for himself with the amazing meals that he made. No one cared in the isle if you could cook, you just had to survive. “I’m going to excuse myself.” Gil said, wiping his mouth clean of whatever mess he may have left behind on his face. He then threw the napkin on top of his plate and began to make his way out of his uncle’s house. “I’ll see you next week, Uncle Lefou!” He calls from somewhere down a random hallway.
Gatsby took that as time for her to leave too. Placing her napkin on top of her clean plate, she pushed out her chair and it emitted a large squeaking sound. She had places to go and people who she had to see although admittedly, she wasn’t in the biggest hurry to see them but she knew that she had to. Gil was going in one direction, a straight beeline to Uma’s restaurant and Gatsby had to go in the other direction. Gil was going to spill everything about his encounter with King Ben and the other villain kids to Uma and Uma was going to seek revenge. It’s the only thing she had been talking about ever since the kids were chosen to go to Auradon.
“Gatsby, you too?” Lefou spoke up from the head of the table, causing the brunette to look in the man’s direction. Though he still looked somewhat like the Lefou Gatsby had grown up with, she knew that he had aged on the inside. He wasn’t quick to go on just any type of adventure with Gaston, whether it be out hunting or to his tavern’s. He had grown older and matured, and maybe he realized that Gaston just wasn’t worth pining after. He wasn’t going to get near anything out of it compared to everything that he put into it before they were considered villains and thrown on this island.
“Sorry Lefou,” She gave him a quick smile. “Duty calls.” She tells him and her two older brothers as she got up from the table. Compared to the older Gaston twins, her and Gil were more involved with the rest of the teenagers on the Isle than they ever were. Sure, they went to school with most of them and spent way too much time drooling over Evie, but that was pretty much it. They liked each other’s company and spending time with their father than being evil and wrecking havoc on the isle like Gil loved to do or finding some new boy and makeup tool like Gatsby loved to do.
Her uncle let her leave with a nod of his head before he focused his attention on the older twins, asking them what they were doing with their days.
Making her way through the marketplace, she could feel people’s eyes on her. They either wanted her for whatever amount of money she had to her name or they wanted her for her body. Gatsby wasn’t planning on giving anyone either of them. She didn’t focus her attention on what was around her, as young mothers pleaded for something to be bought from their pitiful bunch of knick knacks and men argued loudly over the price of somewhat that wasn’t meant to be argued over. It was already so low, people just wanted some type of money for their goods. A lot of what people were selling were hung up high somewhere because people would steal whatever they could find. Nobody wanted to spend the money that they had because they didn’t know when the next tuft of money was going to come about. That’s why so many people created stalls in the marketplace and shops wherever else they could. Gatsby knew so many of the villain kids who’s parents had run shops. Gaston never opened a shop and he never will, proclaiming he would never work for someone or have someone work for him. People had better things to do than to spend all day in some dusty old shop, trying to convince people to buy whatever they were selling. Gaston made his money by selling whatever game he could find on the isle to those who needed it. He made a lot of money off of Ursula’s Fish and Chips.
Gatsby had reached her destination. With a quick throw of one of the rocks in the pile that was already there, she watched as the gate slowly moved upward before revealing a set of stairs that would lead to another stairs and so on until she reached the top floor of the building. The building that had been her haven for so many years but one that she hadn’t touched ever since a certain four people were sent away to Auradon.
Reaching the top of the floor she wanted to be on, she could hear hushed voices talking. “Glad to see that I was invited to this little reunion.” Her voice reeks of sarcasm as she walks into the old hangout area and everyone’s gaze falls over her. Even though she wasn’t looking at them, she knew that they were looking her up and down. Jay, Evie and Carlos now had a better look to see how much the girl had transformed. Her dark hair that she got from her father had grown longer and she had left her bangs to grow as she parted her hair down the middle, somewhat long strands of hair fell on either side of her oval face. She had traded out her old go to outfit, black leather pants with a black top and a green leather jacket for a new outfit everyday. Or at least she tried to put together new combinations of clothes. It wasn’t as easy as it was now without Evie being there but Gatsby would never let it slip it out of her mouth. Now, she modeled a tight green leather skirt that barely covered her butt and tucked into that, was a black top that hugged her in the best possible way and sky high platform black boots on her feet. She wore outfits that hugged the curves that seemed to have miraculously appeared in the last year or so. She knew she had a body and she knew that she could flaunt it, otherwise how was she supposed to get the guys?
Scanning her eyes over the room, everything still seemed to be the same. Memories flood every cranny of her hippocampus as she remembers each time one of them brought something new in. They weren’t incognito at all whenever they brought something big in, like the bed that sat in the corner of one of the rooms or the desk that she saw Jay and Carlos sitting at but there were a few small things that Gatsby loved to sneak in. Whether it was the blankets that were still strewn on the bed and the couches or a few bottles of spray paint when she knew that Mal was running out. Running her eyes over the several spray painted masterpieces that littered the walls, she finally found the one that she wished she never looked for. The small red spray painted heart along with a J and G that had dried paint running down it.
She turned to face her old friends and crossed her arms over her chest as she raised an eyebrow. Though their faces looked their same and they were wearing the type of clothes they would normally wear on the isle. they weren’t the same Jay, Evie, Carlos and Mal that Gatsby had grown up with. Just like Gatsby wasn’t the same Gatsby that they “forget” to say goodbye to six months ago. “What are you guys doing back here?” She asks. She realizes that one person replaced the group of four that she had seen with Gil over an hour ago. “Where’s Beasty Boy?”
“Gatsby!” Evie squeals, not answering the girl’s previous question. Instead, she bulldozed her way over to the girl who used to be her best friend. That was, of course, before Mal and her became the best of friends in Auradon. “Look at your makeup,” She gushes, her chocolate brown eyes peering at the makeup that took Gatsby way too long to do this morning. Her eyeliner pencil kept getting cold and she would have to reheat it with the lighter that she always carried with her. “You’ve gotten so much better at it.” She compliments the girl and goes to reach for her hands but Gatsby keeps them crossed at her chest as she looks at the blueberry princess with a stone cold face, something that she never thought that she would do. Whenever it was just Evie, Dizzy, daughter of Drizella, and Gatsby inside of Curl Up and Dye, the three girls loved to swap stories about their looks. Each of them had something that there were especially good at. Evie was amazing at making different types of clothes, Dizzy spent so much time at her grandmother’s salon that she was a pro at hair and Gatsby started to learn how to do makeup. She was always intrigued at the fact that you could create a masterpiece on your face, hide all your implications, make yourself look completely unlike yourself and when you were bored, you could wash it all over and start over. You couldn’t do it with hair without it taking a few months at a time to do and with clothes, you always had to change out of what you were wearing previously and put together a whole new outfit. With makeup however, it was so easy to change everything so quickly.
Evie’s face falls as she realizes that this might not be the Gatsby she knows and loves. Her perfect pink lips form an O as her hands stop mid-air, she freezes for a second and in that second, Gatsby can see that her usual regal posture is diminished and once again, she’s just a kid from the isle once again. Then, just like that, it’s gone and she’s back to thinking she’s next in line for the throne.
“Ben’s been captured,” Carlos answers the question she asked. “By Uma.”
Gatsby’s eyes widened. She had just left Gil not even ten minutes ago and he had already managed to make it to Uma’s shop? Lefou’s house and Ursula’s shop weren’t that close together. “Well, I came here to warn you to not let Uma see him but I guess I’m too late for that.” She pulls out the last few words in the sentence as she spies the drawing that Mal still had up of her. It was one of the last big portraits that Mal had created on one of the walls. She had told Gatsby that she was finally part of their group and that she was as Mal loved to put it “Rotten to the core”. It was a large black and white picture of Gatsby, complete with the makeup that Gatsby used to think was good and thick eyebrows.
“Uma wants Mal to go to the chip shop alone to negotiate.” Evie fills Gatsby in on the details and to be honest, Gatsby was a little surprised. Did they forget everything that they ever learned during their sixteen years on the isle. When they got to Auradon was everything just erased from their memory? What if Gatsby was just going to run over to Ursula’s shop and tell Uma everything that these four were about to gush to her? Did they think that everything was going to  go back to normal even though they forget to either bring her to Auradon or just tell her goodbye?
Maybe it wasn’t that bad of an idea. To go to Uma and tell her everything that they were going to tell her. She had known the four for as much of her life as she could remember and she knew some of their most secret tactics to getting what they wanted. They used to always confide in Gatsby and include her in every single plan they had and it seemed as if that hadn’t changed. Gatsby would probably still be invited to join the four of them to go rescue Ben as well.
As much as Gatsby despised the teal haired girl, they both wanted the same thing. To get off of this horrible island. If she wanted to take action and get herself and her brothers off of this island, she’s probably going to have team up with Uma but that was it. This would be the only time that she would ever think of being in cahoots with Uma.
So Gatsby let them talk. She let the group think that everything was still peachy perfect. That everything was back to normal. The way it was before they were called off to Auradon. Before Gatsby had done a complete turn around and found herself in different beds on different days on the week. Before she had heard her heart break when Gil, out of all people, was the one to tell her that her so called friends were called to go to Auradon. That neither her boyfriend nor her best friend decided to tell her goodbye and that they were going to try to get her out of there as quick as possible. Gatsby let them think that she was still their friend and when Mal went to go talk to Uma, Gatsby would wait until Mal left and then she would go talk to Uma about how they can snake their way into Auradon. Everything would work out for the leftovers on the isle.

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Harry or Jay (To Regina or Dawn): With this ring, I thee wed. To forever have you in my bed.

Oh jeez. Regina and Dawn would look so done with Harry and Jay it’s not even funny.

I somewhat think this is either with a drunk Harry or Jay, or like fresh off the Isle Jay to Dawn. Either way, these two are definitively questioning why they’re with these two 😂😂

Send me any incorrect quotes/conversations you think my OCs have! Or what conversations about my OCs are said! 💙💜💙💜

Hey. You like Lucifer? You like The Good Place? You like slightly oddball interpretations of the afterlife and those who run it? You should listen to Old Harry’s Game. It’s a seven year long philosophical debate masquerading as a sitcom. In the UK it’ll occasionally pop up on reruns (and by extension on radio Iplayer) and once that’s convinced you that you love it, you can buy it on Audible

Black Stunt woman Appreciation

Since the news about the death of stunt woman Joi Harris on the set of Deadpool 2 I thought we should big up some of the real Black Superheros

Kelsee King-Devoreaux

Professional stunt double, coordinator and author since the early 90′s. She was Jada Pinkett’s double for the Matrix. King-Devoreaux has spoken out against white stunt performers donning Blackface to double for Black actors when there are many Black performers who are capable and struggle to look for work.  

Angela Meryl

Actress, author and stunt performer extraordinaire. Who hasn’t the veteran and Taurus Award nominee doubled for Halle Berry, Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Vivica A. Fox

Natascha Hopkins

Hopkins has doubled for Halle Berry in numerous films but also Kerry Washington in Scandal

Amanda Foster

Born in Essex, this single mother of 3 was a hustling a supply teacher, model and film extra. When she was on the set of Patriot Games she heard there were no Black women stunt performers in the UK. She then started training to become the first. 50 years old and still doing YAS! 

Damita Jane Howard

Howard is the go to stunt woman for our faves doubling for Danai Gurira on The Walking Dead and Angela Bassett on American Horror Story.

Jazzy Ellis 

Independent filmaker, activist and stunt double.

Jwaundace Candece

Stunt woman, actress, writer, producer, and professional wrestler. WOW

April Weeden-Washington

She was a slayer. Nuff said. But really with skills like horse riding and martial arts Weeden has been slaying since forever.

Cheryl Lewis

Cheryl Lewis can do it all. Not only is she a pro stunt woman but she is a dancer, actor, aerialist, puppeteer and is trained in multiple disciplines of martial arts. She doubles for Simone Missick’s Misty Knight in Luke Cage.

Shellita Boxie

Started doing stunt work since 2008 and has worked on many big movies including the hunger games and Girls’ Trip