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Daddy Harry (blurb)

Omg can you imagine Harry being a dad. I mean of course you can. Just imagine how excited he’d be when you’ll tell him that you’re pregnant. He wouldn’t stop kissing your stomach repeatedly as he’ll whispers ‘daddy loves you’ and ‘come fast’.

And when he’ll notice your baby bump in sure he’d cry. He’d cry because of the baby that’s resting in your stomach safely which you and he created after nights and nights of making love. He’ll kneel down in front of you and will press his ear against your bump even if it’s just a tiny bump.

He’ll bring lots and lots of baby products and will spoil the baby rotten even from the very before till the baby is born.

He will read books, how to handle your mood swings. And I’m sure he’ll succeed in that. He’s gonna be one of a patient husband and a dad. Trying to be as lovely and patience as he can be.

He will run you warm baths and will give your foot massages when they’re swollen and numb. He will spoil you with chocolates and Nutella and will soothe you telling you how much he loves you when you’ll complain about how fat you’ve become or how big your boobs have got.

He will always cope with you somehow.

And finally when the day will arrive. When you’ll Go in labour, he’ll be by your side the whole time. Letting you squeeze his hand or scratch it because of the pain. He will cry with you when you’ll scream while pushing the baby out your vagina because he cannot see you in pain .

But most importantly, he’ll be the happiest man alive when he’ll see the little head out of the whole. His eyes once again will fill up with tears when the squeals and cries of his baby will fill up his ears.

He’s gonna stop dead in his tracks when the nurse I’ll walk to him carrying his baby wrapped up in blanket like a cocoon. His hands will shake when he’ll put them beneath the little bundle of joy and carries the little one in his arms.

Happy tears will leave his eyes and he’ll kiss the forehead of tiny human in his arms and then yours who’s been extremely strong through the unbearable pain.

“Welcome home bubba” he’ll whisper and will continue to pepper babies head with kisses from time to time.

And there he couldn’t be more happy. Harry styles finally will have a family of his own.


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These pictures make me feel all warm and fuzzy😊

Harry Turns Around...

He catches you looking… 

Then you’re like…


There’s just something about his half-smile that makes me wanna…