harry in suit.. kind of

the royal couple say hello to their fans

16: “wow i never knew bride/groom had such a hot sibling” 

Harry doesn’t like weddings, purely because they’re a reminder of just how alone and single he is, but this one might not be so bad because there’s an attractive blonde standing by the chapel doors and Harry’s caught his eye four, five times in the past three minutes. He looks good, sharp suit and a skinny tie, tousled hair that Harry kind of wants to bury his fingers in.

Harry’s just about to build up his courage to go walk over when there’s a touch at his elbow and, it looks like he won’t have to hype himself up anymore because the blonde is there, standing right next to him.

“Hey,” the corner of his mouth tilts up. “I’m Niall. I’m from the groom’s side.” He cocks his head gently to the side, drags his eyes up and down Harry’s body like he’s sizing him up. It feels scalding. “And you?”

Harry has to swallow over his tongue and he smiles but it feels beyond awkward. He’s a bit out of practice with the flirting game, but he’ll catch up, hopefully. “I’m Harry, on the bride’s side.”

“The bride?” Niall says, smirking like something’s funny. “I didn’t see you at the rehearsal dinner.” And, oh god, what if Niall was looking at him, not because he was trying to flirt with him but, instead, he was trying to figure out if Harry even belongs here, like he thinks Harry’s crashing the wedding or something. That is nearly too embarrassing to even come back from.

“I’m not that close to the wedding party.” Harry rushes to explain, because he’s not. The bride was a girl he’d met during college, had a couple of classes with, and he’d been shocked to get an invitation to her wedding but he wasn’t mean enough to turn it down. “She’s a friend, kind of.”

“Kind of?” Niall laughs, crosses his arms, but it looks like he’s just getting comfortable. “So you’re all alone here, then?”

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A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 54 

I slowly wake up to someone knocking on the door. “Harry.” I nudge him, “Harry.” I shake his arm and he moans. “What?” He huffs, not liking the fact I disturbed him. “Someone’s at the door.” I softly say, he gets up and puts on some clothes and walks out sleepily. I sigh hearing the familiar voice of Harry’s friend, I push the sheets off my bare body, getting up and putting on the leggings that were taken off me, and Harry’s top which ended up thrown on my side of the floor. I walk out and step towards Harry and his friend. “I’m sorry if I woke you.” 
“It’s alright.” I shake my head, 
“You can go back to sleep love.” Harry comments, hinting for me to let them have a private talk. “Okay.” I nod, kissing his cheek, walking back to our room and getting in bed, falling asleep.

I leisurely wake up to the sound of the rain hitting the cabin. I sit up and stare at the time. “Harry, Harry get up, the wedding is in an hour.” I shake him, and he whimpers. “Fuck the wedding.” He mumbles, rolling onto his side. “We need to get ready, come on.” I encourage, getting myself up, Harry grunts before sitting up. “Damn wedding.” He murmurs, I hurriedly turn on the shower and have a shower, before Harry steps in after me. I very rapidly do my hair, not caring too much about how it looks, it isn’t my wedding, and it is currently drizzling. I pace into our bedroom and clutch my dress; I pull it up my body before holding it up at my boobs with my arm. “Uhm.” I sound, turning around just as Harry walks out with a towel around him. “Can you zip me up?” I gawkily ask,
“Mhm, one minute.” He nods, coming over to me and zipping up my dress. He kisses my neck a few times, before permitting me to continue getting ready. 
“Hayley I need help.” Harry diverts me from my makeup. I gaze over at him and see him struggling with his tie. “Wow, you brush up nicely in a suit and tie.” 
“I can’t wait to take this off. It’s a damn penguin shit.” He huffs, letting go of his tie. “What would you do without me?”
“Be at home and not attending a wedding that will end in divorce.” 
“Don’t say that.” 
“Whatever.” He shrugs while I fix his tie for him. “You look handsome.” 
“You look lovely.” He compliments, making me blush, “thank you.” I clear my throat, grasping a pair of heels to slide onto my feet.

We walk hand in hand towards the outside area where the wedding is being held. There are silver tents set up so we don’t get wet, flowers lace all around, making the scene look very festive and nice-looking. A red carpet separates the side of the Bride and Groom families, making an aisle for her to walk down stylishly, whenever she comes out. I take a seat next to Harry and he has some kind of grin on his face, but he’s trying not to show it. “Why are you smirking?” I promptly question, narrowing my eyes to him.
“Weddings are just lovely.” He comments, “Either you’re drunk or you’re being sarcastic.” 
“Sarcasm dear.”
“Dear?If you have anything planned, know that we have a four hour drive back home, and I’m sure you don’t want a pissed off girlfriend to go with it.” I warn him, not wanting him involved with anything that could possibly happen. “Why are you so sure I am involved?” 
“You’re smirking.”
“Maybe I’m joyful for the couple?” 
“Bullshit, you hate weddings.” 
“Shh, I’m not doing anything.” 
“I swear if you stand up when the words ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ are said, I’ll be very dissatisfied in you.” 
“I won’t Hayley.” Harry outbreaths, extending his legs out slightly in front of him. Everyone suddenly stands and the bride starts to make her way down the aisle, her dress looking half nice, half like a wardrobe malfunction, I’m not sure which one I’m leaning towards. “Can we leave now?” Harry requests but I shake my head, wanting to see the whole ceremony take place. After what feels like quite a long time, after readings, and poems are read and their vowels are said to each other, the ending nears. “Fucking boring.” Harry mumbles, as the ceremony continues. The time comes for the ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ and I wait for some random man to come running down the aisle to testify the marriage, like in movies; but that doesn’t happen. Instead the Groom opens his mouth. “We aren’t getting married.” I hear him say, and gasps fill the air. “Shit.” Harry comments.
Everyone goes quiet and the bride softy says something, I can’t hear but all I see is her mouth moving. “We aren’t getting married, we are over.” The groom publicizes, happily looking at his family. The bride stands dumbfounded for a moment, before she hurries down the aisle. “This is why I don’t like weddings.” harry states.
All the guests are ushered off into their separate cabins, leaving Harry and I in ours. “Did you know?” I softly ask Harry as I change from my uncomfortable dress. “Know he was going to not marry her?” 
“Kind of.” Harry nods, taking off his suit and tie, “is that what you guys spoke about?” I ask, observing Harry. 
“Yes Hayley.” He nods, passing me his black long sleeve top. “Thanks.” I take it from him, putting it on before gripping a pair of pants. “What happened?” I query, sitting on the bed, rubbing my hands together as they feel cold. “Well, he found out she was basically taking money from him. All she wanted was money.” Harry answers, pulling on a pair of jeans and a hoodie. “That’s sad when people do that.”
“It is.” Harry nods, 
“He should have made her sign a prenuptial agreement.” Harry adds, drawing me closer to him. “Mm I guess so.” I mumble, feeling nice, warm and cosy in his Arms. “You said earlier, this is why I don’t like weddings. What did you mean?” I question, and he huffs, “because if you make it to being married, you’re together forever, but that generally doesn’t last because you just get divorced. If you don’t make it through the day, what are you left with? Nothing but the shattered memory of a day that is meant to mean the world to you. At the end of both scenarios, you’re left with nothing but a piece of paper, showing the love and affection that was once shown, ruined by marriage- the divorce papers.” Harry comments, making me ponder. “Not all marriages are like that.” 
“That’s where they all lead too. Hayley, everyone’s generally happy and then once they get married they get separated. By marrying, they are just setting themselves up for a derelict relationship.”
“I don’t want to discuss this marriage thing any further, please just leave it at that.” Harry mutters, his arms unwrapping from around me. “Harry-” 
“Hayley-” he goes to cut me off, but I shake my head, moving out of his lap and turning to face him. “It has nothing to do with marriage.” I clarify, and he looks at me. “I’m not going to discuss this now with you, you’ve asked me not too, I respect that. Okay? Don’t be so jumpy with me. I love you.” I press, looking into his eyes as the words leave my lips. “I love you too.” He lets out, his shoulders dropping; not being as tense. 
“So I guess we drive back home now don’t we?” I ask and Harry nods.

I sit on the bed, observing Harry check his bags. “Don’t look at me like that.” Harry laments, “What?” I ask, 
“You’re making me feel bad for leaving.” 
“Don’t, it’ll be okay.” I smile, lying completely to his face. I don’t know how things are going to go, I’m moderately scared. I don’t want him to leave, mainly because I have no idea what the next few months have in store for me, for us. What am I going to do in a noiseless house on my own? Throw a massive party? Of course that’s not rational and something I’d do without Harry. “We’ll make it work.” He assures me, zipping his suitcase up. 
“Yeah.” I agree, and he sighs. He leans over to me and cups my face with his hands. “It’ll go by fast.” He comments, kissing me deeply, “why can’t I come to the airport?” I ask pulling away. 
“There will be media and fans and you don’t want all that. Plus, I don’t like the airport goodbyes.” 
“I want to though.” 
“No Hayley, I’m not doing it.” Harry shakes his head, and I look down at my hands in my lap. “I have half an hour before my ride will be here. Do you want some last hugs?” He proposes and I nod. He gets on the bed with me and tugs me into his arms. “You finally get rid of me for a few months.” Harry jokes,
“Oh score! I can finally run wild.” I chuckle, “oh yeah, you, run wild, alright.” He laughs, holding me nice and close.

It’s been three months since I last saw Harry, had his arms around me and could feel his kisses. The past three months have honestly felt like hell, no matter what there’s always some kind of issue, time differences, work schedules, appointments, arguments, always something pushing us back and getting in the way of the two of us. I don’t know why, but Harry and I seem to be down each other’s throats for any reason. I try to prevent it, but it is hard. This long distance thing is eating me alive, and I don’t know how much more I can take. I’m sick of barely getting to talk to him, and when we do talk, we end up being infuriated with each other. We both seem to have low tolerance at the moment. I’m starting to feel as if the relationship between the two of us has changed immensely, and in a bad way. I feel my body start to fall asleep, but I abruptly wake up to my phone going off. “Hello?” I wearily answer, “hi.” Harry apathetically greets, “look who decided to call.” I lament, “I’m sorry I’ve been busy.” Harry mumbles, “ah-huh, busy at a night club.” 
“I miss you.” I sigh, putting away the slight annoyance I have about the articles I read this morning about Harry being at a club and taking photos with fans. “I miss you too.” Harry’s voice echoes through the line, “What are you doing?” I question, as I get contented within the bed we share, “nothing, I just got done with an interview, erm can I call you later?” 
“Yeah, I guess.” I agree, “bye harry.” 
“Bye Hayley.” He sighs, hanging up the phone. I lie in bed looking up at the ceiling. A knock on the door echoes and my mum walks on. “Do you want to watch a movie?” She offers, but I shake my head. My mum offered to stay with me at the house for a little, while my dad is out of town. The two of us are in a way lonely, and both need the company considering both our affections are not around. “What’s got you so unhappy?” She asks, and I look down at the covers before back up at her. “You miss him huh?” She asks and I nod, “I don’t know what to do.” I croak,
“What do you mean?”
“I’m scared, all we do is argue.” I mumble,
 “Honey, he’s probably exhausted and stressed and you’re no better.”
“But things feel different, he doesn’t even greet me happily.” 
“He’s tired.” 
“I want him to come home.”
“I know, but he’s working, you can’t always have what you want sweetheart. You need to understand this is something you’ll need to get used too. Long nights, tiredness and not being able to have him all the time. He shares his life with the world. You might be his world, but he has to share himself to people who see him as their world.” 
“I know, but it’s hard, harder than I expected. I didn’t think I was so attached to him. Am I clingy?” 
“No, you miss and love him.” 
“Is that being clingy?” I question, feeling as if I am being far too possessive. “That’s love for you, you’re not being clingy. Get some sleep, I’m sure he is going to call.” 
“What if he doesn’t?” 
“He will, he usually does.” She smiles, kissing my forehead before she tucks me in like when I was little. “You know, you might be growing up, but you still need your mummy to tuck you in, and assure you of things.” My mum chuckles, 
“Will you check under my bed for monsters too?” I joke, 
“You’re funny, goodnight Hayley.”
“Night mum.” I smile, getting comfortable in the bed, and falling asleep.

I wake up to my chest rising up and down, and my breathing getting heavy. I sit up and moan, my chest feeling tight. “Damn it.” I let out, trying to keep myself calm and to settle down. I close my eyes and try to take deep breaths, gradually starting to feel a difference. I snatch my phone and dial Harry’s number, only so I can hear his comforting voice and know things will be okay. After five calls, and hearing his voice box, I text him. 
“Please call me, I need you.”

I put my phone down and wait for a reply, but get nothing. I push myself out of bed and stumble to the guest room where my mum is asleep. I walk in and climb into the bed with her. “Hayley, what’s wrong?” She asks, propping up on her elbows. “Harry won’t answer my calls; my chest is doing its thing.” I mumble with a few tears falling down my cheek. “Come here.” She opens her arms and I receive a big hug, one of her motherly hugs that sooth me.

I wake up in the guest room, all alone, and the sun peering through the drawn curtains, I roll onto my back and sigh, my eyes adjusting to the slight light within the room. I rub my eyes before thinking about what my day holds. Basically, the same as yesterday give or take a few different things. I get out of bed, and fix the bed, making sure not to leave a crinkle in the covers. I place the pillows neatly on the bed, walking out and closing the door. I drag myself to the living room and kitchen area, expecting it to be empty due to the quietness of the house, but instead, I see my mother plating up two plates. “I made breakfast; I thought you’d want something since you were a little upset last night.” She smiles and I nod.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, Dad says hi.”
“Say hi back for me, breakfast looks lovely.” I compliment, grabbing a fork, starting to eat the pancakes. “What are you doing today?”
“I have my dance classes today; I will probably come home, clean up and wait for a phone call.” I mumble. “Is there coffee left?” I add getting up and looking in the fridge for cold coffee. “You know you’re not meant to have much coffee, and you have been drinking a lot of it.”
“I am also not meant to do a lot of things, but I do them anyway.”
“I can tell” she sighs, pushing her coffee cup towards me.
“Milk? One sugar?” I question, and she nods.
“You need to cut down on the coffee, drink tea or orange juice that is good for you.”
“Stop worrying, I am fine drinking coffee.”
“It stumps your growth.”
“I am not growing anymore, I am okay with my height.”
“It kills brain cells.”
“It also isn’t good for my heart, or really anyone’s, it is like an energy drink, stimulates people, or it just doesn’t affect some people. I am not going to live life in a nutshell. I am fine drinking coffee.” I comment, making my mum sigh,
“Enjoy.” She gives in, ending the conversation, allowing me to sip the coffee.
“Does Harry not care if you drink coffee?”
“No, he doesn’t care what I drink, he just watches me like a damn hawk when I do drink coffee.” I reply, going back to eating my breakfast.

I walk out of the house, after an hour of time spent, getting dressed, and helping mum find her car keys. I walk down the small path towards my mums’ car before I hop into my mums’ car. “Remind me again, why don’t do start driving?”
“I don’t like driving.” I shrug, making my mum take me to my dance studio.
“You are one weird child.”
“I am quite aware of that.” I nod, looking at my phone, waiting for at least a text or a call, but all I get is a normal screen.

Harry’s p.o.v

I lie in the hotel bed after a long day of running around for sound checks and what not, along with a concert I finished about an hour ago. I rest back on the soft pillows, missing the feel of my own pillow and sheets, and my own bed. I miss the feeling of having Hayley next to me, feeling her soft kisses, and having her occupied in my arms. I miss waking up to her in the mornings. I’ve come accustomed to waking up to an unfilled bed that isn’t even mine, and it sucks. As much as I miss Hayley, there’s part of me that’s confused to what’s going on with us. We are continuously arguing over senseless shit, slowly killing the relationship between us. I have fallen in love with her, but if we can’t make things work now, we never will. I can’t put my career on hold, if we don’t make it within the next few months, we won’t make it at all. I yawn and stretch my legs out, cracking my back slightly and groaning from the shoulder pain. I was informed that I will always get some shoulder pain from where I dislocated it; people have told me that it will come and go, it’s something I’ll have to deal with. I move around in the empty bed, desiring I had Hayleys legs to tangle mine with, and her body to press against mine. My phone vibrates and I think about disregarding it but something tells me to seize it. I hastily lean over as clutch my phone, answering the call. “Hello?” 
“Harry” Hayley greets, 
“Hey love, what are you doing up?” I ask, knowing that with the time difference it has to be some dreadful hour of the morning. “I can’t sleep, am I interrupting?” 
“No Hayley, I’m just in bed, why can’t you sleep?” I ask, feeling my heart go soft and my caring side kick in. “I don’t know, I just can’t. Why didn’t you call me back?” She sighs, 
“Have you tried tea? Sorry I have been sleeping since my concert last night. Why what did you need?”
“I don’t really like tea. Nothing, I was just having trouble sleeping and breathing and wanted to just hear your voice.” 
“Do you want me to talk to you until you fall asleep? You know, to make up for not being there for you when you called” 
“I won’t fall asleep.” 
“You need to get some sleep Hayley, don’t you have your dance class?” 
“At ten.” 
“Well… How was your day?” I question, progressing to move onto my stomach. “It was alright, I had my dance class but I only did half a class.” 
“My chest was bothering me and I didn’t want to push myself.” 
“I’m glad you cut the class short.” 
“Well there’s no point pushing myself.” 
“I’m glad you didn’t push yourself. I don’t want a call saying that you’ve been hurt or something.” 
“Yeah…” Hayley trails off, seeming a little dismayed. “Are you alright?” I query, “I’m fine.” 
“I just miss you.” She gives in,
“I miss you too, there’s just over two months left.” 
“It’s too long.” Hayley sighs, 
“At least it isn’t four months.” 
“By just over two months, you mean three months, don’t you?”
“No babe, it’s two months and two weeks.” 
“Can we last that long?” She softly asks, making me think. “I don’t know, can we?”
“I don’t think so.” Hayley coughs,
“Then what do we do?” I bite my lip, not wanting to get angry again. “I don’t know.”
“Well neither do I Hayley, and I’m getting sick of this.” I snap, for the fourth phone call in a row. “You don’t think I’m not? I’m not dealing with this any better than you are. Do you think these damn articles are what I want to read? These bloody pictures of you and girls, us quarrelling every phone call? Not having you answer my calls or texts until a day later. This isn’t what I want.” 
“Well I’m sorry I can’t give you what you want. I have a career I need to continue.”
“What about our relationship?”
“Hayley, I don’t fucking know what you want me to do. My hands are tied. Don’t make me choose between you or my job.”
“I don’t want you to choose.” Hayley breaks down, “I know I will lose if you have to choose.” She sobs, and I groan. 
“It’s either you come visit me, or we are done, I can’t come to you, and I’m not going to last much longer if all we do is fucking argue over the phone. I don’t want to put you through this anymore, listening to you upset and crying, it’s fucking painful. I can’t do it. I can’t give you what you want if you’re over there and I am here. I can’t come to you. If you don’t come to me, than we are not going to make it Hayley!” I raise my voice slightly, irritated and frustrated by everything. “I have my-” 
“I don’t want to hear the excuses, it’s either you come or you don’t.” I cut her off, feeling as if she doesn’t want to make things work. I hear a few sniffles before she lets out a cough. “Can you organize things for me?” 
“Such as?”
“Well I’m going to need a plane ticket, to wherever you are.” She comments, and I sigh in relief, thankful she’s finally agreed to come to me. Maybe we might just last, we’ll have to see. “Yes I’ll organize the damn shit. When do you want to come?”
“I don’t know.” 
“Don’t yell at me, please.” She breathes and it takes me a moment to take a breath and change my tone of voice with her. “When can you come?”
“Tomorrow? My time, I’ll cancel the studio and stuff.” 
“I’ll see what I can do.” I say, moving and grasping my iPad, logging in and looking at flights. “Hayley, what time is it over there?” I ask,
“Three in the morning.” 
“There’s a flight at eight thirty.”
“Do you want me on it?” 
“Quite frankly I want you on the flight that takes off in an hour, but you would never make It.” 
“I wish I could.” 
“I’ll book you for the eight thirty flight.” I say, beginning to fill in the information that is needed. “I guess I’ll see you in like twelve hours.” I smile to myself, even though she can’t see. “I guess so, I better start getting ready.” 
“Yes you better, I need to go, I have to travel to my next hotel, and get things ready for you.” 
“Will I be landing at your destination?” 
“Yes, you’ll be landing where I am about to head too. Have a safe flight if I don’t call you.” 
“Alright, see you soon.” Hayley chimes before the lines goes dead, and my phone turns off. I sigh, putting it on charge before emailing Hayley the details for the flight. I get myself out of bed and swiftly change, placing my clothes into my bag and cleaning up the room that I have managed to mess up in merely a few days. Someone knocks on my door and I open it, revealing Liam. “Are you ready?” 
“Yes.” I nod, and he looks at me strangely. “What’s going on? You’re not moody, or cussing for any reason, you’re dressed, and seem calm.” Liam scratches his head, “I’m usually calm.” I shrug, 
“No, usually when I come to tell you, you need to be ready, you’re usually mumbling, cussing and being a jerk.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I yawn, making Liam roll his eyes. “Be on the bus in ten.” 
“Alright.” I nod, watching him stroll away before I close my door and grin, feeling rather great that Hayley will accompany me soon enough. I grab all my belongings and walk downstairs, checking out of the hotel and getting on the bus that is going to take me, us, to our next destination.

I keenly wait at the airport with Niall beside me to keep my company; I shift my weight from foot to foot as I get more and more nervous. “Keep still, you look so suspicious.” Niall laughs, elbowing me as security roam the airport. “I need my fucking girlfriend to hurry up.” I mutter, starting to pace apprehensively, as if I am a fifteen year old, waiting for their first date. “Here she is.” Niall chimes and I gaze around, “where?” I instantaneously jump and Niall laughs. “Kidding.” 
“Jackass.” I huff, 
“I’ve never seen you so restless for a girl.” 
“Shut up.” 
“You’re probably whipped.” He chuckles and I nudge him. “I’m not, now sh, keep a look out.” I instruct, darting my eyes across to the group of people walking with their luggage. “Are you sure the flight is right?” 
“Yes Niall, I made sure the flight was right.” I reply, fretfully waiting to see Hayley. “Hmm, I don’t see her.” 
“No shit, I don’t either.” I groan, looking down at my phone, viewing the time. “Where is she?” I drone, incapable of containing myself. “Lad, she’s coming, be patient.” Niall pets my back and I sigh. I look away from my phone and stare up at the high ceiling before Niall prods me. “What?” I huff, moving my eyes to glower at him. “I believe your girlfriend is in sights.” He comments and I roll my eyes. “I’m not falling for that again.” I moan, looking back up. “I’m serious.” Niall chimes and I scan the area for Hayley. I unexpectedly see her coming over to us, a smile appears on my face, and my heart beat quickens, butterflies arising in my stomach. Hayley gets closer and I walk closer to her, she lets go of her suitcase eyeing me. I open my arms and she bounds into them, I hold her tight, my arms wrapping around her body, holding her up. Her arms wrap around my neck, tighter than I could ever imagine. I hold onto her securely, blissful to see her, never wanting to let her go. I carefully place her down, she loosens her grip that we made a hug before I kiss her passionately, not caring about the people around us, or that there are fans and paps possibly taking pictures. I don’t care. All I care about is the girl in my arms that I am deeply in love with.



Harry is a lonely agent after V-Day (because saving the world doesn’t exactly get you a long-term relationship), and Merlin and Roxy are about 400% over his loneliness. They make an account for him on Tinder and he freaks the fuck out when all these perv-o guys start sending him right swipes and trying to send him dick pics. He basically ignores it for eternity after sending a massive amount of scathing replies to every single inboxed message, and several months go by.

In the meantime, he’s been slowly but surely falling head over heels in love (from a respectable distance) with the cute blonde barista at the coffee shop that just opened half a block from the tailor shop. Of course, to him it’s a completely inappropriate and unattainable match, but that doesn’t stop him from daydreaming about sunny smiles and rough accents in his ear. Of course, the barista is never anything but professional towards him, despite the huge tips and subtle, gentlemanly flirting Harry does.

So Roxy accidentally spies on him during one of his coffee jaunts, and discovers the golden adonis that Harry is drooling over. She waits until Harry heads back and then goes to confront the poor boy on his break. They strike up a rather easy rapport, and become pretty good friends. Of course, she hides this from Harry, and neglects to mention that she knows the older agent to Eggsy. Eventually, she catches Harry at the coffee shop flirting with Eggsy as usual, and she asks Eggsy directly about it.

“He’s fit as fuck, and he’s nice enough here, but he was a massive twat online a few months back so I don’t really want to get involved, y’know? I got the message clear.” Eggsy spills the entire story, about how he’d seen Harry in the shop a few times before he got matched up on Tinder with the older man. He sent a message, but was summarily dismissed with what Eggsy figures must be the politest “fuck off” that he’s ever read or heard. Roxy all but facepalms, knowing the kind of overwhelming creepy response Harry had gotten, and the asshole-ish response he sent to every message he received. She swears to herself to make it right, and enlists Merlin to help.

They hack back into Harry’s phone, and reactivate his account to send Eggsy’s account a message asking for forgiveness, and for a date. They write (as Harry) that he sent this wave of shitty replies to all the jerks who were sending porn and come-ons, and that he never meant to disregard Eggsy’s first message as one such salacious message. They go on to say that Harry has been coming into the shop all this time, not because he likes coffee overly much, but because he has been trying to work up the nerve to ask Eggsy out on a date and to apologize for being so rude online. They ask him for another chance, either a dinner or a cup of coffee, just to give him a shot. Of course Eggsy accepts, feeling completely flabbergasted that this incredibly attractive, posh as fuck bloke wants anything to do with him. Merlin and Roxy accept on harry’s behalf and arrange a dinner at a nice restaurant not too terribly far from the tailor shop. They tell Eggsy to come dressed casually, because they know he can’t afford the kind of suits that Harry normally wears, but that Harry secretly lusts over the roughness of the young man’s daily wear (Merlin has hear him wax rhapsodic over winged tennis shoes of all things, and thus figures Harry won’t mind a bit of chav at dinner).

They send Harry to dinner thinking he’s meeting a contact, and he gets the shock of his lifetime when his golden god is sitting there, smirk on his face, snapback on, plaque jacket and slouchy jeans and those bloody winged shoes. It’s awkward at first, Harry trying to keep his composure, and Eggsy trying to flirt shamelessly. But it develops into a softer, more natural rhythm as the dinner progresses, both having finally realized that Harry must have been set up, but not caring. They talk about everything, from Eggsy’s tour in the Marines (because he decided that the paycheck to send home was worth more than getting beat on if he quit), to Harry’s “it’s all classified” job, which gets Eggsy frighteningly aroused.

The night ends well, some heavy snagging on the sidewalk before they part for the evening, and a promise for another date that weekend. And if Harry stops off to get Roxy flowers and Merlin a bottle of scotch to accompany the official reprimand for misuse of Kingsman property, well… that’s just good leadership.

anonymous asked:

I've tried searching through tags I felt were relevant, but couldn't find the video I'm looking for. I was wondering if you could help.. The video where paps call Louis and Harry "fags," and Louis steers him away. Thanks in advance.

Oh, I know which one you mean. When they all are dressed up in suits, walking some kind of red-carpet and Harry stops, turns around, looks bothered/hurt and Louis gets next to him, puts his hand on his waist and pulls him away. It’s obvious that Harry heard something BUT I don’t know if it has been proved or challenged if that’s what really happened.

Can someone who remembers help us out?