harry in jumper


Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other

Draco getting his first Weasley sweater
  • Harry: Hey babe, Mrs. Weasley sent you a sweater as a christmas gift.
  • Draco: I'm not really a sweater person.
  • Harry: Shall I return it then?
  • Draco: No, I'm going to wear it. Forever. Back off!
Give me angry Pansy pining after Draco who's pining after Harry who's pining after Ginny who's pining after Dean who's pining after Seamus who's also pining after Dean

Give me Pansy who tries something new every year to get Draco’s attention and being so angry when he doesn’t notice
Give me Draco ignoring Pansy because Potter is nearby and that Granger girl is far too close to him Pansy /look/
Give me Harry ranting to Hermione about Ginny because she’s been spending a lot of time with Neville, are they dating? And Hermione patiently explaining that, no, they aren’t dating because Luna and Neville are dating
Give me Ginny ranting to Luna about Dean because he’s always with /Seamus/
Give me Dean talking to Ron in a hushed voice in the common room at night about Seamus and how he totally likes me, right?
Give me Seamus having the same conversation with Ron the next morning at breakfast and being confused when Ron sighs and mumbles something about pining idiots

Give me eighth year friendships that turn into relationships
Give me Hermione and Pansy who try and get Draco and Harry together and end up having a fling. It doesn’t work out because Pansy starts thinking that maybe she doesn’t want a relationship
Give me Pansy who gets a dog and names it Clifford because what, Hermione, I’ve watched the show
Give me Draco and Harry who are pushing into a relationship by Pansy and Hermione and are reluctant at first, but then they realize that, hey, they actually work
Give me Ginny who gets even closer to Luna after the war and when Luna and Neville break up, is confused as to why she is relieved because she doesn’t like /Neville/
Give me Dean who draws Seamus in all his free time because he has a really nice smile
Give me Seamus finding the drawings and confronting Dean about them because these are /good/ but there are so many and how long has he been doing this?
Give me Seamus getting confused when Dean gets flustered because he doesn’t like him, right?
Give me Dean who kisses Seamus on the spot because it’s now or never
Give me Hermione who is fed up with all of this pining
Give me Ron who laughs harder everyday because these gay idiots have no idea they like each other
Give me Neville who ends up in a relationship with Hannah Abbot because she shares his love of plants and he really loved Luna, but more as a sister than anything

Give me Weasley dinners with Ron and Hermione, Draco and Harry, Neville and Hannah, Luna and Ginny, Dean and Seamus, Pansy and Clifford
Give me Molly going frantic because /so many jumpers/ and how do you even make a jumper for a /dog/
Give me couples swapping jumpers

Give me happy Hogwarts kids in happy, loving relationships

Draco Malfoy and The Potter Look

I had a domestic married Drarry dream last night and in it Draco needed glasses but he’d always forget where his where and end up squinting and looking like a pug 

So one day Harry had left a pair of his spare glasses on the tea table whilst he went to work and Draco was really trying to read this book on advanced potions but his bloody eyesight kept messing up so he just grabs the first pair of glasses he sees and slams them on 

And oh wow! he can see so much better! Huh. Who knew that he and Potter had the same prescription? 

Draco forgets he’s wearing the glasses of course because he’s so intent on reading and he doesn’t even really hear the door slam when Harry gets home, all ruffled from a busy day at work and not in the mood to deal with Draco’s ‘I have a stress headache from my eyes!’ shit 

Harry spots Draco, wearing HIS glasses, and looking (he hates to admit it) ridiculously cute whilst doing so and he just melts 

Draco doesn’t even see the kiss coming but before he knows it his husband is clambering over him and pinning him to the sofa, peppering his bespectacled cheeks over and over whilst Draco shrieks about personal space and losing his place in his book 

‘Always knew you could pull off the Potter look, Malfoy’

‘Oh, fuck off you self absorbed git!’

Intersex Lily Luna Potter

My headcanons for intersex Lily Luna Potter:

While some intersex people are diagnosed later in life, Lily Luna was diagnosed as intersex at birth. The Healers immediately started debating the surgical procedures Lily Luna would need, only to be interrupted by Harry and Ron.

Harry: “is my baby healthy?”
Healer: “technically but…”
Harry *opening the delivery room door*: “so the baby is healthy?”
Healer “yes but surgery…”
Harry *steering the Healers towards the open door*: “oy Ron, does it sound like this person is saying that my baby is healthy?”
Ron *helping to crowd the Healers into the corridor*: “it does sound like they’re saying the baby is healthy”
Harry: “well if the baby is healthy I think we can put experimental, cosmetic surgeries on the back-burner, don’t you?”
Ron: *prying the Healer’s hands off the door frame* “yes that seems reasonable”
Harry: *pushing the door closed* “I think this conversation is over and…”
Healer: “Mr Potter I must insist…”
Ginny: *from the bed* “fucks sake, someone hold the baby and pass me my hexing stick”
*Molly silently hands Ginny her wand while the Healers back away from the door, hands raised in surrender*

Hermione disappeared to research intersex people in the magical world; returning a few hours later with half the Hogwarts Library and a stack of leaflets for intersex support groups. Two of which she’d actually helped found years before Lily Luna’s birth.

Harry was pleasantly surprised by The Prophet’s respectful announcement of Lily Luna’s birth (no misgendering, leaked medical details or speculation about the The Chosen One’s reaction). Harry later found out that within 72 hours of Lily Luna’s birth, Draco Malfoy had issued elaborate and terrifying threats of gender discrimination lawsuits to every magical editor in Britain.

Molly spent the next 3 months knitting the entire Weasley family bright yellow jumpers with purple O’s instead of the initials, inspired by the Intersex flag. Because there is no world where the Weasleys weren’t 110% extra about supporting their youngest grandchild.

When Lily Luna asked Aunt Fleur if wanting to know about makeup meant that they had to “choose” to be a girl Fleur stroked Lily Luna’s hair and told them that: “You know, the Beauxbaton’s boys were always so much better at applying makeup than the girls. They used to hold winged-eyeliner workshops in the Prefect’s bathrooms”. Lily Luna went home smiling and spent the rest of the afternoon teaching Al how to contour.

On their graduation from Hogwarts, Charlie invited Lily Luna out to the Dragon Reservations in Romania. They already knew that intersex characteristics were common among magical creatures but watching a flock of Scarlet Lilies at play still made Lily Luna well-up. Uncle Charlie may have also had something in his eye.


I started this post after realising that most of my headcanons for intersex Lily Luna won’t fit into my current fic. It’ll probably get a lot longer.

Please do let me know if you see anything insensitive or inaccurate in this post. It was written in consultation with two intersex people but I’m not personally intersex and welcome feedback :)

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So date night in NYC is Louis & Harry as the last people to get to their seats of the IMAX theatre to catch the last screening of Dunkirk for the night. Louis has his snacks & Harry has 2 jumpers bec Louis always gets cold on their walk home, but never brings something to keep the chill away. Whenever Harry comes onscreen, Louis sits up to attention, while Harry is watching behind his hands. Louis' smol hand reaches for him, tilting his head towards Harry's ear to whisper, 'proud of you Haz'

or whenever harry pops up onscreen louis just says “that you” through a mouth full of popcorn