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hp x voltron crossover!!

(housing based off of @klanced‘s hp headcanons)

While reading fanfic

Me, at the beginning: FLUFF! only fluff. Smut ruins everything. Gimme all the fluff. I want the cuddle and the the blushing, alllllll the soft flirting, han-

Also me, three chapters in: Sooooooo…. When are they gonna fuck?

Lance and the Mirror of Erised

Lance stares back at the mirror suspiciously, wondering why in the hell Pidge would ever want to keep that. It’s not like she would need it or anything, and Lance hold no grudges against it, it’s just…



Creepy because of the old fashioned golden frame with an inscription that said, erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi.

Whatever alien language that was in.

Suspicious because when Pidge had found it during a mission, she claimed to have seen her brother and father in the reflection, smiling at her, hoping it was some kind of clue, and thus she brings it on board to the castle.

Lance called the bull immediately, wanting to get rid of that…mirror thing…as soon as possible. He could think of all the bad things that could happen, everything he’s seen in movies come flashing through his mind…like what if one of the paladins got literally sucked in and can’t get themselves out? Or what if one of them couldn’t take their eyes off the reflection because they saw some kind of traumatizing thing that could affect their brains?

Whatever the possibilities, it’s just unlikely to find something this enchanting with their luck. But the others took Pidge’s word over his ridiculous thoughts, thinking what possible damage could a mirror do? It’s only a big piece of glass surrounded by a fancy old frame, glass for which people could check their reflection, that’s all a mirror is after all.

It was a quiet night, up until the point when Lance woke up from a nightmare, and all he could do was pace around the castle in order to clear his mind from all the horrid images that would flash in his head from the bad dream. He didn’t feel like going back to sleep any time soon, and getting some food from the kitchen to help him fall asleep wasn’t exactly something he want to do at two in the morning.


He thought about going to the training deck to help tire him out, and keep his mind busy at the same time, seeing that he wasn’t going back to bed in his room any time now.


Once he was in the training deck, he was just about to demand for a level, expecting the training bot to come out, until he was interrupted by a quick flash of light in his peripheral vision that caught his attention. He walks closer to the light, keeping his footsteps light as if he was approaching a small creature. He keeps his eyes open, thinking that if he loses his eye contact, the light would disappear in a flash.

It comes to his disappointment when the light of the object that caught his direct attention was just the lights of the training deck reflecting off that stupid mirror Pidge brought home.

However, he does look good in it.

He runs his eyes back over the frames of the mirror.

Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi.

Still gibberish, if you ask him.

Lance’s eyes drifts into the actual mirror, and checks himself out, happy to see that there wasn’t a line of worry on his face, or a break out any where in his sight. His hair was a disheveled mess, sticking up in every direction due to the twists and turns he had done in bed because of the nightmares. He didn’t bother to fix it up, knowing that he’ll just fall asleep, and it’ll still be an untidy mess when he wakes up. He does a couple of poses just for the fun of it, chuckling softly at his reflection as he was making faces for his own enjoyment.

Okay, maybe the mirror isn’t as evil or creepy as Lance thought it would be, but it still doesn’t mean that finding this during a mission, along Pidge saying she saw her brother, it doesn’t make it any more suspicious than it already is. Useful, maybe, but still suspicious.

He feels a yawn release itself from his chest and escape his lips, and he decides to leave the deck before he falls asleep on the spot. Lance was giving one more finger gun at himself towards the mirror, until he sees it.

He catches his breath, and his heart felt like it almost dropped to the pit of his stomach. Scratch that, he feels his stomach begin to churn, aching with a sense of longing and sickness. There was no way that what he was seeing was actually real, but he refuses to look away and search behind him to see if it was more than an illusion. As much as it pains him to say, he feels his tongue tie itself in a knot, wanting to say that one word he hasn’t said out loud in so long without seeing her face.


There she stood, smiling, dressed in her usual floral clothing. In the mirror, she looked just as Lance had remembered, her friendly smile, her short height, her kind blue eyes. The image of his mamá squeezed his cheeks with one hand, leaving a small kiss. Lance’s eyes widens, and he didn’t even feel a tear roll down his face until he reaches a hand up to wipe it away.

And as he wipes it away, he looks around him, the training deck still empty. Looking back into the mirror, the reflection of his mamá stood, whispering words in his ear that Lance couldn’t hear. She gives him a big hug, which made Lance open his arms up to hug her back, only to find himself reaching out for nothing but air.

He snaps from his daze, his arms slowly going back down to his sides, but he hasn’t break eye contact with the mirror just yet.

His mamá steps aside, but Lance didn’t want her to go just yet. He wanted to remember her face, have it etched in his mind, so he wouldn’t ever forget. Luckily, she only stepped aside for another person to come in the mirror.

Another person steps into view. A taller person. With her long brown hair and similar blue eyes, her golden tan skin like the sun had given her a kiss. His oldest sister. She brings Lance in an embrace, holding him close, almost picking him up off the ground. But Lance looks up, knowing that she wasn’t really there, but still felt disappointed when he comes to see no one hugging him. He returns to indulge himself in the reflections and images that the mirror was somehow giving. Then another comes in, this one was shorter, his brown hair bouncing as he was running up to Lance’s reflection, wrapping his little arms around his leg. Came another one, joining in on the group hug. Then another, and another, until Lance sees all of his siblings, his four sisters and three brothers, drowning him in a big, suffocatingly loving, group hug.

He longs to feel all of these hugs himself, and not just look at it happening in a mirror. His heart starts to warm up by seeing every single face he comes to see in the reflection, laughing quietly to himself.

Lance brings his arms closer to him, embracing himself with his own arms to feel the hugs. It wasnt as comforting as the numerous of arms that wrapped around him in the reflection, but it’ll do.

Soon, they all stepped aside. He didn’t want them to leave yet, but he could still see them, waving to him, smiling, jumping around. Some were carried by others, the older siblings were giving the little ones piggy back rides.

Then Lance sees him.

He feels his heart elevate up, lodging itself in his throat, skipping a beat.


He jumps, catching his breath as he turns around, expecting to see Keith’s confused expression on his face.

No one.

All he heard were the sounds of his own breathing and his heart pounding in rythm. All he sees is the emptiness of the training deck.

Lance’s breathing gradually slows down, looking back at the mirror to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him. The reflection of Keith was still standing there, smiling directly at Lance.

Why would he be there?

If Pidge saw her brother and father, and I saw my family, then wouldn’t this mirror just be showing images of…family? Or…Am I wrong? What’s going on?

He watches intensively, all his attention back on the reflection if him and Keith. Although Lance feels himself gaping at the mirror, his reflection shows him smiling softly at Keith, almost a smirk.

Then he sees it.

The reflection of Lance looks down, interlacing his fingers with Keith’s. He holds it up to his lips, leaving a soft kiss on Keith’s hand. The reflection of Keith smirks, cupping Lance’s face with his other hand, and smashes against his lips with his own. The two images moves their mouths together in synch, hands moving in places Lance wished he could do, the two pulling apart only to gasp for a breath of air, and continue to kiss like the world had stopped spinning and time had stopped running.

Lance steps back, startled by the quickened pace of his pulse, his heart racing faster just by looking at the image. Never would he thought of being jealous of himself, but at this point, he has now come to a conclusion that this mirror was evil.


The voice was sudden, like it came out of nowhere, yanking Lance out of his daze. He jumps back, turning around to meet his eyes with the one and only Keith.

His mullet was all mussed up, causing him to run his fingers through it to keep it from falling down on his eyes. The bags underneath shows that he had just woken up, rubbing them with his other hand as he made an arch in his back to stretch.

“What are you doing?”

Lance hums in response, trying to block Keith’s vision away from the mirror.

“Nothing.” He says quickly, wincing at the pitch in his voice.

Keith raises an eyebrow, still unconvinced by the tone of Lance’s voice.

“Is that the mirror Pidge found?”

Lance turns to look over his shoulder, and sure enough, the reflection still showed the two of them canoodling, smiling, flirting, and hugging.

“I-It’s nothing,” Lance stutters again, internally slapping himself in the back of his mind with an invisible palm.

“C'mon, I just wanna see what I look like,” Keith chuckles, unaware of the small hoarse in his voice that really made Lance’s insides twist about.

Keith moves him aside with no effort, finding himself looking at the mirror with a small smile.

Lance panicks, attempting to explain what’s happening, and hopes Keith doesn’t get freaked out on what he sees in the mirror. “Look, it’s weird, I get it, but I saw those images–”


“–and it wasn’t like I was in control of what I saw–


“–and I don’t even know what was happening–”


He stops rambling, directing his attention to a calm looking Keith, smiling. His eyes weren’t mad, and his expression hasn’t changed. Or maybe it was just because he was more tired than Lance thought he would be.

“What are you talking about?”

Lance blinks a couple times at him, wondering if Keith didn’t see what he saw. He hesitates before he asks, catching his bottom lip between his teeth, “The reflection? What do you see?”

“Me?” Keith answers, raising another curious eyebrow at Lance, “Isn’t that what mirrors are for?”

Lance blinks to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating from sleep deprivation, but looking at Keith–the real Keith–the tightness of his chest loosens. He lets out a deep breath, his eyes drifts back to the reflection of him and Keith holding hands, embracing each other like a couple would.

Maybe it was just him that could really see it, or maybe it was just the lack of sleep giving him all these illusions.

Lance lets out another sigh, breaking his eye contact with the mirror, and smiles at Keith, “Maybe I should go take a rest now.”

Keith gives him a small smirk, brushing the bangs of his hair back, “Heh, I recommend it.”

Lance sticks his tongue out, and leads himself out the entrance of the training deck. He turns back, expecting Keith to be following right behind him. Except he wasn’t, and instead, his eyes were focused on his reflection of the mirror.

“Aren’t you coming?”

Keith rips his attention away from the mirror, and his eyes were back to Lance with a bigger smile tugging on the corners of his mouth. He sighs, running his hand through his unruly hair again, “I’m coming.”

With one last glance at the mirror, Keith drags his legs towards Lance, brushing their shoulders against each other sleepily as the two of them walked back to their rooms, which were conveniently placed right next to each other.

Keith mumbles a ‘good night’ to Lance, right before his door shuts close right in front of him. Lance catches his face heat up, a blush creeping on his cheeks. With his hand on the door, he smiles at the door of Keith’s room, muttering a ‘good night, Mullet’ as if he could hear through walls. Lance slips inside his own room, with the sound of the door sliding closed behind him.

Little did he know that what Keith actually saw in the mysterious mirror wasn’t exactly what he told him.

He did see himself, that part was true. However, it was part of the truth. What Keith saw–what he really saw–was him and the tan and lanky figure of an obnoxiously loud and hilarious person named Lance. In the reflection, he saw himself–yes–he was smiling, and he was happy. The reflection of Lance went up behind Keith, and took him in his arms by the waist. Lance’s grip on Keith’s waist looked tight, but he seemed to sink himself further into the embrace.

Keith’s reflection put his hands over Lance’s, his smile widening at the touch. Even if it was just an image, he could still feel his heart pounding out of his chest like it was about to burst, but he kept his breathing steady. The reflection of Lance placed a soft kiss on his cheek, resting his chin on Keith’s shoulder.

And what the real Keith saw that made him not want to look away, was the minute his eyes drifted back down at their hands, and saw that there were silver rings on both him and Lance’s ring fingers.

His smile widened, and he heard Lance’s voice call him back to reality, but that didn’t make his smile go away.

“Aren’t you coming?” Lance had asked in that sleepy tone in his voice.

Maybe one day… Keith thought as he took a quick glance back at the reflection and seeing the image of him and Lance disappear as he tugs himself out of his trance, dragging his legs towards the real Lance. Maybe one day that’ll be my reality…

But hey, Lance didn’t need to know all that extra information, doesn’t he?

Besides, he’s got part of the truth already.

Hogwarts AU

Ravenclaw!Lance who always wondered why the hat placed him in Ravenclaw. His self-esteem hits a downfall whenever he is reminded how he might not belong here. Like when he sees his house mates answer in class or solve the riddles at the house entrance. His companions are fellow Ravenclaw!Pidge and Hufflepuff!Hunk. He sometimes flirts spars with Gryffindor!Keith, whose brother Gryffindor!Shiro is the Headboy.

I need to learn how to draw multiple characters together so I practiced really quick with my beautiful boys 💙💛 Tyler and Jeremy both said on their twitters that they think that hunk and Lance would be in hufflepuff and as a fellow hufflepuff myself I couldn’t be happier so I drew them <3333 this is my first time drawing hunk and i love how he turned out tbh like he’s such an under appreciated sunshine I need to give him more love 💛

Imagine Keith, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk facing the boggarts for the first time.
Hunk sees bugs. Huge bugs, crawling towards him and threatening to swamp him. He turns them into butterflies.
Pidge sees a man with a gun trained on her friends. She’s shaken, but turns it into a man handing out balloons.
Keith, interestingly, sees Lance. Lance bleeding at the wrists and the mouth and oh god it’s everywhere. He throws a hand over his mouth, shocked. Lance is almost more shocked than he is. Keith, with trembling hands, manages to turn it into Lance snoring obnoxiously, wiping his eyes.
And then Lance steps up. Everyone expects it to change, but it remains as Lance.
Except this is not a sleeping Lance. This Lance has bags under his eyes and scars on his arms, and he is spewing hate, about how worthless and disgusting he is, about how much his friends hate him, and really he cant blame them, since he hates himself more. He doesn’t realize he’s fallen to his knees until he feels Keith’s hand on his shoulder. Hunk quickly changes it into something else, and they all surround Lance, comforting him.
It ends with a group hug and Lance laughing so hard he thinks he might cry again

voltron discuss their patronus charms
  • shiro: i have a cat
  • pidge: oh mine's an owl~
  • hunk: it's great how i love dogs and have a dog patronus
  • lance: mine's a shark. cool right? *does the lancey lance signature smile*
  • pidge: what's yours keith?
  • keith: idk. let's find out. expecto patronum!
  • *hippopotamus appears*
  • all except keith: waht

This is mandatory for every fandom I’m in: I need to draw them in Hogwarts outfit.

I had it very clear that Shiro and Lance would be Gryffindor, but I struggled a bit with Keith because he fit Slytherin too… I went with Gryffindor in the end because it made sense to me that he’d be in Shiro’s “team”.

Pidge is Ravenclaw because she is the smartest, and Hunk is Hufflepuff because he’s the sweet loyal friend.

Drawn on iPad Pro using MediBang <3


a harry potter! au for vld! 

this scene was from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Harry (keith) was gawking at Cho (Lance) and Cho saw him so he spilled his drink in the process of smiling.

Everytime I see that part, i keep on laughing. HAha! 

I really love the panel when Keith is smiling like an idiot while Lance stares at him. He’s so cute! If someone made a better version of this already, please let me know and i’ll appreciate it so much! 

Voltron Characters in Hp

I already made a post about what kind of people the Voltron characters would be in the Harry Potter world [X] Here’s how the characters would interact if they lived in the Harry Potter timeline. I have a lot more head canons about this world, and if you want more just ask, but this is a basic overview. 


Lance, Hunk, Keith, and Pidge would all be in the same year as the main ‘Potter Gang’ (Harry, Draco, Ron, etc)

Allure and Shiro are five years above the rest (year sixth when Harry is in year 1)…or think two years above Oliver Wood and Percy Weasley. 

Summary of Houses:

Gryffindors: Keith and Allura

Hufflepuffs: Shiro and Hunk

Slytherins: Lance and Pidge

(for more explanations go Here)

Alright, time to get to the juicy stuff:

Allura didn’t show up at Hogwarts until Shiro’s fifth year, because her father, Alfor, became the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Before she went to Beauxbatons. Alford avoids the DADA curse by switching on and off with Coran, so the curse doesn’t recognize them as real ‘teachers’. 

Allura, Coran, and Alfor may or not may not have beautiful French Accents…I’ll leave that up to your imaginations. 

Allura quickly established herself as the leader of the Gryffindors, becoming their quidditch captain within months. And she may or may not have a thing going with the Hufflepuff’s team Keeper Shiro. After games they well sneak out the empty locker rooms to hook up. Shiro is always worried about getting caught, but Allura is like ‘Shut the hell up and get going’

Allura and Shiro HATE the new quidditch captain for the Slytherin team Marcus Flint, who is a year under them, because he cheats to get his way. Shiro and Allura switch on and off depending on who is playing making sure that he is playing fair. 

In their sixth year Shiro is super excited to have his younger brother Keith coming to Hogwarts, and Keith when Keith becomes friends with two Slytherin and a Hufflepuff, Shiro and Allura tag Along as sort of their older siblings/mentors. They help the group out with hard coursework and it’s great. 

Oliver Wood doesn’t become Quidditch Captain until Allura graduates in his sixth year, but he’s been vice-captain since his fourth year. When Allura gets pulled out of class for Potter catching the snitch she decides to hold tryouts for all the first years, because her Hufflepuff boyfriend has corrupted her with a sense of fair play. 

Keith Kogane becomes the second first year to break a centuries old record by becoming the other Gryffindor beater. Him and Allura make an unbeatable team. 

In Lance’s second year he becomes a Slytherin Beater just to try and take down Keith, but halfway into the year he figures out he’s much better as a chaser and switches positions. 

Speaking of Lance, he’s on a mission to erase Slytherin prejudice. Remember Lance has the share a room with…Draco Malfoy. He would go crazy. Lance and Pidge (who is pretending to be a guy…explanation Here) would form a Coalition against Blond Bitches. 

Lance refuses to make fun of other house, and his friendship with Hunk is  reminiscent of how close James Potter and Sirius Black were (This has the side effect people being wary, because Slytherin prejudice is alive and well).

Pidge gets away with hiding their gender until their second year when Lance sees…the ever feared red sheets. At first he thinks his roommate Pidge was sliced open in the night, but when he checks…he finds out they are just on their period. Luckily, since he has three older siblings who went to Hogwarts he knows a lot of spells, and since he hates most other members of their dorm (except for Blaise Zabini, Blaise is too hot to hate) he keeps it a secret. 

Apparently, everyone else in their group already knew. Shiro was even best friends with her brother Matt. 

Keith and Lance have an almost Ron/Hermione relationship. Keith is always trying to correct Lance, and Lance is always trying to prove Keith wrong. There is a large betting pool set up by the Weasley twins and Pidge to see if Keith and Lance or Ron and Hermione will get together first. 

Pidge walks away with a gold mine when Lance takes Keith to the Yule Ball in fourth year. 

Now, Hunk is a lot like Harry Potter. He just wants to help out where he can, and find himself stuck between two arguing friends a little two often. Pidge is no help either, because they just laugh and grin. Sometimes in the Great Hall when Ron and Hermione and Keith and Lance are both arguing, Harry and Hunk will just give each other looks across the great hall in solidarity. 

Harry and Hunk actually have a good friendship, and they like having out together, because they are pretty similar. 

In Harry’s fourth year when Ron is ignoring him he goes and joins up with the ‘Paladins’ (Harry can’t decide if it’s better or worse than the ‘Golden trio’). They are a kind and friendly lot, and it makes Harry re-evaluate his position on inter-house friendships. During the Twi-wizard tournament everyone always says that Cedric Diggory is a lot like a younger Takashi ‘call me Shiro’ Shirogane. When Cedric dies, Shiro goes to his funeral. The kid had been only two years below him, and Shiro had helped the younger Hufflepuff out a lot during his O.W.L year. 

When Shiro and Allura graduate In Harry’s second year they go off to get their masteries. Allura gets a mastery in Ancient Runes and becomes a professional quidditch player. Shiro gets a mastery in DADA, Potions, and Transfiguration. Alfor decides to ‘retire’ from teaching in Harry Potter’s fifth year so he can focus on the research aspect of Defense against the Dark Arts, and Shiro becomes the new teacher alongside Coran. 

Of course, when Allura hears about some Umbridge lady making a new position in Hogwarts called the High Inquisitor she takes a break from professional quid ditch to become Madame Hooch’s teaching assistant. 

When Harry starts up the DA, he can’t help but invite the Paladins. Unfortunately, the second the rest of the DA (*cough* Zacharias Smith *cough*) saw that there were Slytherins invited, them didn’t want them there. The whole thing was going to fall apart, so the Paladins decided against joining. They started their own defense group that was overseen by Shiro, and Allura and Coran would come by every practice to help. 

Lance and Keith would stand up everyday in Umbridge’s class to defy her. they have matching scars that say, “I will not defy authority’. (When they are older they get a tattoo that crosses out the not so it says I will not defy authority). 

Harry stills trust the Paladins, so when he goes to the ministry he invites them, and Shiro and Allura come along, because ‘these are children!’ (They never joined the Order). 

At the ministry, Keith comes face to face with his worst fear. In this AU, his mother is Bellatrix Lestrange (mirroring his Galra heritage..more on that Here). He freezes, but when he see Lance beside him he feels brave, and goes into eh battle with everything he’s got. 

In this world, Zarkon, Haggar, and Sendak are all high ranking Death Eaters, like inner-inner circle, and Zarkon is actually Voldemort’s co-Dark Lord. 

Throughout their sixth year, the Paladins run interference with the Slytherins and Ravenclaws, trying to make sure no one else joins the Dark Lord. They recruit people like Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass, Tracey Davis, and Adrian Pucey to help them fight against Voldemort in the future. When the Deah Eaters take over the school, they prepare for rebellion. 

In their seventh year they run a rebellion in Hogwarts. Aided by Nevill Longbottom and Ginny Weasley they protect the younger students and teach others how to fight. 

Shiro and Allura left Hogwarts to join the Order (they wouldn’t have been allowed to stay anyway, Shiro is a muggleborn) where her father Alfor has been running operations since Fifth Year. Coran stays on staff, even though he knows that the curse will hit him since he doesn’t have anyone else teaching. He needs to be there. 

Halfway through the year, Shiro is captured by Zarkon when he was on a mission with Alfor. Allura finds her father dead, the dark mark floating above. When the news of Shiro’s capture reaches Keith, he’s angry and distraught. He decides to leave Hogwarts to look for him and for Pidge’s family. 

Lance goes with Keith and they infiltrate the Death Eaters base. They find Matt Holt and Pidge’s father kept a prisoner much like Ollivander was, button sign of Shiro. When they do find Shiro in the dungeons of Malfoy manor, it’s with his arm missing and a silver one (like Pettigrew’s) in its place. He has a scar running across his face now. 

It takes a while for Shiro to recover, but Lance lets Pidge know her family has been rescued through the underground network. 

Shiro can’t cast spells anymore. He can only shoot bursts of energy out of his arm that are similar to stupefy. When the final battle arises the Paladins all fight. In the middle of the battle after seeing the carnage Shiro propose to Allura, she accepts while blowing an arm off of a Death Eater. 

Hunk is the one who takes down Haggar. She knew these ‘Paladins’ would be a threat, but targeted Hunk as the weak link, and see made quite the mistake. To this day, Hunk is the most feared Healer in the wizarding world. Shiro and Allura tag-team to take Sendak down. He was the one who had experimented on Shiro, and they finally get their revenge. 

It takes all five paladins to defeat Zarkon. They surround him, and after a brutal battle he lies defeated. They go to continue in the battle, when Zarkon sends a final curse at Allura, meaning to kill her. 

Coran leaps in front of it and saves Allura’s life. He falls to the ground unmoving. 

Then Voldemort falls the ground dead, and the battle is over. 

Throughout the coming months the Paladins are instrumental in rebuilding the wizarding world, Coran lived, after spending four months in a coma, but suffers from bouts of memory loss. 

Allura and Shiro get married in the fall next to newly rebuilt Hogwarts, a week before the school year starts. Two years later, another wedding is being held for Lance and Keith. Hunk ends up marrying a professional quidditch player he met in his fourth year from Durmstrang named Shay. Pidge spends most of their time catching up with their family, and is going to Muggle university to become a, as Lance calls it, ‘A science nerd’. They casual date a few people, but Pidge doesn’t have anyone serious. 

The Paladins are hailed as war heroes, and remain close friends with the so called ‘Golden Trio’. In fact, Allura is planning to run for minister in a year, and Hermione has joked that soon Allura will have to run against her

They had fought their battle, and made a better world for it. 

All was well. 

More of the Hogwarts AU (because I’m trash like that and will probably turn this into a fic) have you ever noticed how well their colors correspond with houses?
Lance would be Ravenclaw, smart and curious and constantly questioning. Keith would be Gryffindor, hotheaded and daring, always ready to do anything.
Hunk would be Hufflepuff, kind and loyal (and so pure I love my son ok)
Pidge would be Slytherin, cunning and ambitious and daring, ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish what she wants.
(Shiro, Allura, and Coran would probably be professors)
Anyways just imagine them meeting on the train in their first year and deciding to stay friends.
Imagine the powerful house unity that ensues.
Imagine the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws teaming up because ‘oh my God if I have to hear any more of this stupid pining I’ll tear my eyes out’ and they get Keith and Lance together finally. Imagine Hunk cooking for everyone, and teaching anyone who wants to learn. Imagine Pidge teaching self defense classes to everyone, especially those who feel small and weak, and those who are targeted a lot. Imagine everyone in all the houses banding together to get Shiro and Allura together, and calling Shiro space dad (he’s the astronomy teacher)
Just imagine this huge interhouse family, no bigotry or house discrimination.