harry hipbones


thanks to group chat, we were talking about Harry’s dick and then I decided to write smut in said group chat and now they want me write so…

also thank you for everyone who has followed me since I remade my blog! You guys are awesome!!

“Didn’t you have enough of me this evening?” Harry half chuckles as he stifles a whimper. I lift my body out of Harry’s embrace, letting the white sheet expose my naked body. I lower my head and kiss Harry’s hipbones.


He’s right beside me. In the dark bedroom with only the silent TV illuminating the darkness, I can actually touch him. My head lays in the crook of his arm with my arm slouched over his torso. I trace his butterfly tattoo with my index finger; my thoughts scattered from memories of Harry and me. I remember when he got the butterfly. He wanted to be tough for me, but when the buzzing of the needle started up, he clung tightly to my hand. A moment of vulnerability and I was the one who he reached for. It was my favorite tattoo of his. The pad of my finger hits the top of the butterfly’s antenna, and Harry stirs himself. That part of him is always ticklish. When he was getting the tattoo, he squirmed around in the chair and the artist was frustrated with him, but in that moment was the cheeky Harry that I’ve always known. His dimples were present in his smile as he looked to me. Harry moans from his interrupted sleep, rubbing his green eyes awake. With squinted eyes, he lifts his head up so he can look at what awoke him from his deep sleep.

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Hartwin mutual pining

The “fake boyfriends” version

  • Harry and Eggsy going undercover as a couple at a cocktail partyEggsy playing the part painfully convincingly—calling Harry “love”; laughing warmly at every joke Harry makes; letting his gaze drift back and forth between Harry’s eyes and lips whenever Harry is talking; casually pecking the corner of Harry’s mouth before going to fetch each of them another glass of champagne; snaking his arm under Harry’s jacket and stroking the jut of Harry’s hipbone with his thumb as he talks animatedly with their hostess
  • Harry’s resolve crumbling
  • Harry following Eggsy into the corridor and seizing him by the lapels of his jacket and pressing him up against the wall and kissing him angrily, aggressively
  • Eggsy letting out a noise of surprise as he opens up for Harry’s tongue, Eggsy’s hands curling around Harry’s neck, Eggsy moaning low in his throat, Eggsy’s legs parting for Harry’s thigh to slot in-between them, Eggsy arching up into his touch, Eggsy gasping “Fuck, Harry,” into his mouth
  • And then their mark walks by and Eggsy breaks away from the kiss and whispers, mouth shining, eyes bright: “Oh, good thinking, bruv!” before smoothly slipping out of Harry’s embrace and injecting the sedative into the mark’s neck
  • Harry taking a deep breath to compose himself before he helps Eggsy drag the mark into an hotel room to interrogate himEggsy not mentioning the kiss on the drive back to HQ and Harry not bringing it up either
  • (Meanwhile, Eggsy is replaying the kiss over and over in his head, itching to touch Harry again, telling himself to stop thinking about it because it’d all been part of the act, nothing more nothing less)
  • Harry and Eggsy sitting side by side quietly pining over each other

(The “emotional angst and moral conflict” version & the “didn’t know we were dating” version)