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Wedding night (Harry Styles) (requested) (smut)

A/N: requested by hopelesslyinloveornot  hope you like it <3 xx

I giggled warmly, as Harry hooked his arms under my thighs and effortlessly picked me up, stepping over the doorstep to our hotel suite. “Gotta keep the tradition alive” he chuckled, before setting me down and running a hand through my now loosely wavy hair, my fancy up do discarded during the after party. 

“Of course, of course” I smirked, wrapping my arms around his neck whilst stepping out of my heels. “Mm that´s better” I hummed, playing with some strands of his hair. “Not that any of the fancy details really matter, but today was perfect” Harry softly murmured, rubbing my dress covered back.

“Agreed, sorry I was so nervous at first though” I replied with a slightly deeper exhale, still feeling his soft curls between my fingertips. “You were perfect Y/N, just perfect” he breathed, his green eyes burning deep into mine. “I love you so much” I let out, feeling tears of happiness threatening to spill again. “I love you too, gorgeous” Harry beamed, before leaning in and closing the space between our lips. 

My eyes fluttered shut the second his pink lips crashed onto mine, the perfect synced pace of kisses quickly making me want more. I gently pushed his suit off of his shoulders, his hands finding the silky bands keeping my wedding dress tight to my body. “How does this even work?” Harry chuckled in confusion, seeming to tangle himself into the bands, more than tangling me out of them.

“Just pull it, carefully though!” I instructed, giggling at my husbands confusion. “Oh okay, like that” he murmured with furrowed eyebrows. I shot him another wide smile as he finally removed me from the dress, leaving me in my pearly white strapless bra, thong, and drawstrings.

Harry shook his head whilst biting his lip, as he eyed me from top to bottom. “I´m so lucky” he let out under his breath, before wrapping his arms around my waist again. I smiled into the kiss whilst trailing my hands down his body, unbuckling his pants and sliding them down his legs.

I went to unbutton his shirt, as Harry pulled me closer, his evident erection pressing against my hip. I felt his hands on my back, running over my shoulder blades before finally stopping at my bra clasp. He lent down and pecked his way over my entire chest, before sliding the material off of me and tossing it to the side.

He placed his hands on my backside, picking me up as he walked us to the bed. He gently placed me down on it, making sure I was in a comfortable position before starting to trail kisses down my body. I let my fingers tangle into his hair again, letting out heavy breaths as he pressed a line of kisses over my hipbones. 

Harry looked up with a gentle glance, before hooking his fingers under the lace and sliding it down my legs. “You alright?” he asked, as I pressed my toes into the crispy white sheets. “I couldn´t be better” I replied, reaching for his hand and carefully intertwining it with mine. He shot me a loving smile, before leaning down and attaching his lips to my most sensitive bundle of nerves, wrapping them around it in a sucking motion. I arched my back slightly, allowing the familiar feeling of pleasure, to spread through my body.

Harry slipped one of his fingers into my entrance, making sure I was wet enough before softly starting to brush it over my g-spot. “Aah, Harry I just need you in me” I breathlessly let out, squeezing his hand. He slowly withdrew his mouth and finger from me, before standing up and removing his boxers which I had gotten him, specifically with this event in mind. 

Harry smiled at how intently I was admiring his body, as he lent back down and interlaced our fingers, placing one of my arms above my head and holding the other between our bodies. I sighed in content, my bottom lip making it´s way between my teeth as he slipped inside of me. I moaned lowly as he started rolling his hips into mine, the beautiful feeling of our bodies connecting never ceasing to overwhelm me, in the best ways possible. 

I placed my hand on the back of his neck as he kissed me again, removing one of my senses as I closed my eyes, not letting myself do anything but feel, touch, and breathe. 

“Good?” Harry asked sweetly, making the dimple on my left cheek show as I nodded in a lust filled smile. I threw my head back as he brought his hand to my clit, his soft fingertips moving against the sensitive skin. I winced as I felt myself nearing the edge, releasing his hand and gripping the sheets. 

“I´m gonna come” I stated, burying my face in Harry´s chest as he picked up his pace slightly. “I`m right behind you, you can let it go I´ve got you” he let out, tightening his grip on my hand. I pressed my head into the pillow behind me, moaning out Harry´s name as I detonated around him. Apparently the feeling of my tight walls clenching around his shaft, was enough to finally send him over the edge. He buried his face in my neck as he came, shooting his load inside me. 

“Come here” Harry murmured once he´d pulled out, me rolling over placing my head on his chest. He started peppering my hair and forehead with kisses, making me giggle as I hugged him closer. “I love you” he breathed, squeezing me against his bare body. “That´s my favorite thing in the world to hear” I cooed, pressing a lingering kiss to his chest, my heart swelling with the realization that this man was going to be mine, forever and beyond. 


Summary: The boys make a bet. Louis loses.

Warnings: Rimming, fingering, gay sex, dirty talk, etc.


It was Harry’s idea. Obviously.

The first night, a Monday night to be exact, on the last week of the tour, they’d just come off stage. Usually, the boys would go to the hotel room and put their adrenaline to good use.

But that night, Harry had other plans.

And that’s how the bet was made.

It more or less became a rule, which was simple. 

No coming. Until Saturday.

He did state though, that if you could do it with no-one finding out, then fine. But get caught - which was a lot more easier seeing as they were together 24/7 - then prepare yourself for a punishment. 

And all the boys knew that when it came down to things like this, Harry was the master. 

But somehow, the five pulled it off. Exactly what they did to do so was a mystery, but it was a success nonetheless.

That is, you see, until the very last night. 


The Friday night sky was dark and the bus jolted here and there as they made their way back to London.

Just a couple of hours ago, they’d played their final show in Manchester.

The boys wasted all their energy at the wrap party, just so they wouldn’t be tempted. 

And now, as they were isolated from the driver’s bunk, they slept. All except one. 

Zayn , sprawled out messily along one of the small sofas, had Niall on top of him, the two snoring lightly. 

Liam had the other couch to himself, Harry being on the floor beneath him.

Louis, on the other hand, was wide awake. Stood in the bathroom, door closed. One hand wrapped around his cock whilst the other was firmly planted against the wall. 

They slept naked, all of them - which was actually another of Harry’s rules - only making it harder for Louis.

He couldn’t sleep anyway. Originally, he was lead next to Harry on the soft carpet flooring, the curly haired boy snoring the loudest, deep in a sleep-deprived state. 

But it wasn’t Harry that had kept him awake - in fact, they all quickly learnt to deal with his nostril problem - it was his cock. Having no attention for a fairly long time had built up. And tonight, it was too much. 

To be fair, they were all surprised. Not just at themselves, but at each other. Though they had their doubts. Wanking off in the shower; having a quicky in the toilet, etc. But overall, they were surprised at how long, as a group, they’d managed. Seeing as they’re used to fucking one another each night.

Louis could taste the dull flavor of blood, from biting on his bottom lip too hard. But he couldn’t moan. Couldn’t let the boys hear. Couldn’t let them get one over on him. But then again, he just couldn’t stop himself. 

Moaning or not, it was too late.

For Harry had woken.

And maybe Louis had been able to notice. He should have heard the loud, low snores die down. He didn’t.

In his own blissful world, Louis didn’t feel Harry enter the already cramped bathroom. Didn’t sense his tall presence behind him. 

“Thought you could get away with it didn’t you.” Harry’s whisper was low and dark. His breath, warm and hot against Louis’ ear. The smaller boy whimpered and jolted. His body fell forward as his hand slipped, forehead hitting the wall as Harry wrapped an arm around his petite waist to hold him up. 

And then Louis’ mind went a little fuzzy. In the midst of his minor injury and his pre.-orgasmic state. Harry pulled him close, eardrums fluttering at the noises coming from outside the bathroom.

Harry walked out. Louis, who was coming back to reality, being dragged with him. Liam was sat upright now, arms stretched and eyes lidded. Placing Louis onto the now free space of the couch, Harry shook his head.

“Guess where I found this one?” He asked Liam, eyes fixed on Louis. The much taller boy looked down at his friend, who’s skin was flushed. Taking one good look at his pulsing, hard cock, he knew.

“Shit Hazz, in there?” Liam asked. Harry nodded, a plain smirk on his lips. “Proper going for it. Thought he could get away with it too.” The curly haired lad was stood before Louis, blocking him from any other view except himself and Liam.

From over Harry’s shoulder came Niall. And soon, the other blade, came Zayn, who did not look happy. 

“It’s 4 in the fucking morning.” He muttered. “What the fuck’s going on?" 

Harry was about to speak. Surprisingly, Liam cut him off. 

"No Hazz. He can tell them.” The boy said, all four now shielding Louis from looking at anything else. 

The Northerner’s eyes were wide, his cock semi-hard. He looked at Liam shocked. 

“Go on, tell them." 

Swallowing dryly, Louis lowered his head. "I-I was-.” He whispered, the rest of his words being too quiet to be heard.

“You what? What was that?” Harry said lowly, reaching a hand out to pull Louis’ chin up. “You not gonna say it properly? You not gonna tell Zayn why he’s up at this time of the morning?”

A tear formed in the corner of Louis’ eye. Why it happened, he doesn’t know. Because secretly, he was in heaven. 

“I-I was w-wanking.” He said a little louder. 

Harry retreated his hand, Louis’ head falling again. 

“You see Zayn. I wouldn’t take too kindly to that. If I was woken by someone who’s only interest was them self, I’d want to get revenge.” Harry spoke.

And then Louis looked up once again. He looked at Zayn’s chest. Not his face, his chest. The raven haired boy glared down at Louis. 

Niall cleared his throat. “Think we should tie ‘im up. Make him suffer until we get back.” His accent was thick from his sleep, and it only turned Louis on more. 

“And that’s why I love you Ni.” Harry said, not following through on why exactly. And just like that, the other four were on the same page.

Zayn had taken Louis’ hands, pulling him to his feet. Liam had stood up from the couch, going with Niall to the back of the bus to find some rope. Harry helped Zayn. They put Louis on the couch he was just sat on. Though this time, his delicate, small body filled it all. His feet, which Liam soon tied, were at one end whilst his hands, at the opposite end, were done by Niall.

All Louis could do was let it happen. A) Because he loved it, and B) Because he was to be punished, after all. 

But he was excited. Louis knew this was just the beginning. And he knew that the boys would only push him so far, as they’ve done this a thousand times, and they know each other better than they know themselves. 

But then they might go too far, Louis thinks. And that just excites him more, even though it probably shouldn’t. 

Harry and Zayn disappeared for a few seconds, though when they came back, Louis’ eyes widened even more.

In Harry’s hand was a dildo, or a vibrator, both prospects making Louis’ dick twitch. It only looked about 6 inches, and wasn’t very thick. 

In Zayn’s fingers was what Louis could only make out as a cock ring. 

With a few whimpers and sobs, both items were in place. The purple dildo fitting snug inside Louis, the cock ring being a perfect fit at the base of his cock.

Liam, Niall and Zayn positioned themselves on the opposite couch, quickly letting sleep deprive them. 

Harry, on the other hand, was knelt at Louis’ couch.

“You see Lou.” He began, voice soft and low, but a tad louder than a whisper. “You’ve been naughty. And you know what happens when you’re naughty, don’t you?”

Harry said it as if it was a common thing. And it was. The boys still identified themselves as straight. But they all love all each other. They’re all best friends. And they’re all horny - some more than others - pretty much all the time. 

So when they got into this whole five-way relationship thing, they took it seriously.

Louis nodded and turned his head to look at Harry. 

“Now you get some sleep boo, yeah? Want you ready and willing for when we get home.” The curly haired boy said. Louis nodded again, and soon, they were both fast asleep.


The boys arrived at their place, a cosy, three bed apartment in central London. It was secluded and was theirs. Away from all the fame, fans and fortune. Just theirs.

Louis had been dressed in the tightest of jeans by Zayn and had one of Harry’s shirts on. His cock was still hard from the dildo and achingly pressed against the material since the moment they got off the bus to the moment they got home.

All five were inside and the door was quickly closed and locked. A whimpering Louis was pressed against the wall by Zayn. 

“What shall we do first Hazz?” Liam asked as Zayn went to town on Louis’ neck. 

Harry looked over Zayn’s shoulder, his eyes watching Louis whine. “First of all, it’s happening on the couch. Bed’s too comfortable. He is being punished after all” Harry said. “Then, Niall can suck him off, because he loves to do that.” The blonde boy grinned, nodding. “And I suppose we just take it from there. But the ring stays on.”

Liam nodded. He pulled his shirt off and kicked his shoes away. Niall followed, as did Harry. Once Zayn was finished working a very dark bruise into Louis’ neck, he pulled away. 

Harry patted him on the back. “Good work mate.” Zayn just nodded in reply and headed upstairs. 

Harry pulled Louis’ shirt off, the boy flushed and sweaty already. Niall walked over and traced over Zayn’s mark with his fingertip. That was his spot. On all four of them. Necks. Harry was hipbones, Niall was chests and Liam was thighs. 

“Ni, do your thing.” Harry said, tweaking both of Louis’ nipples, making the boy whimper. 

Niall nodded and soon had Louis pressed against the wall, teeth working on his smooth chest. 

In the meantime, Harry and Liam were in the living room, getting the couch ready and stepping out of their jeans, sharing a quick, sloppy kiss. 

Zayn soon came back down, just in his boxers and a bottle of lube in hand. He too shared a kiss with Harry and Liam before the curly haired boy called out. “Ni. When you’re done, bring him in here.”

And soon enough, Niall walked in, a dazed Louis following. “Where’d you wan’ 'im?” The blonde asked, his cock throbbing against his jeans. 

“On the couch.” Zayn rasped, a hand in his boxers as he locked his gaze onto Louis, eyeing both his own mark and Niall’s. 

And whilst Louis did as Zayn ordered, Harry admired the situation. He himself was always the leader in these things, even when it’s him in the center of everything. Zayn was the most dominant one, surprisingly, always treating the subject - which was mostly Niall and Louis - like the little sluts they are. Liam, well he’s the gentle, caring one. He had the biggest dick, so he kinda had to be soft. That was his thing. Niall just did whatever he was told. His specialty was blowjobs, and he gave the best. He mostly stood in the background, sliding in wherever he could. But he was still a very important part of the whole thing. He could most defiantly give a good fuck, and take one too. Which leaves Louis. To sum up, he’s the slut of the group, and fucking loves it. With his pretty face, small body, fluffy hair and his infamous bum, the boys can never get enough of him. 

Louis slowly walked over to the couch, a little confused as he expected something like 'on his knees.’ He sat down normally, swapping his gaze between the four boys. 

Zayn walked over and unbuttoned Louis’ jeans. The boy bucked his hips up to let his mate pull them off, as well as his boxers. And now Louis was naked. And hard.

Harry turned to nod at Niall, the blonde grinning and sinking down between Louis’ legs.

The northerner'e eyes widened and looked down, meeting Niall’s, which were full of excitement, as expected.

Niall placed his hands onto Louis’ thighs for support, sinking his lips around the boy’s length. 

“That’s it Ni.” Liam said, his hand palming his boxers. Niall hummed around Louis in response, his lips lowering to touch the ring. The smaller boy just whimpered, hands threading through Niall’s dirty blonde hair, bucking up. 

Zayn, the sudden co-leader of the situation, let Louis have his fun, watching as he sloppily fucked Niall’s skilled mouth. Harry, his boxers gone, lubed up his hard cock, rubbing a thumb over the tip every now and again. 

“K Ni, that’s enough.” Zayn said, rubbing Niall’s back. The blonde gave Louis a few more sucks before pulling off and climbing to his feet. “Hazz, give Ni a reward yeah?” The raven haired boy said, taking control.

“Mhm.” Harry said, helping Niall out of his jeans and boxers. The blonde took a seat on the armchair, which was next to the couch Louis was on and sank between his legs. 

As Harry feasted off of Niall’s cock, Louis had his legs in the air, Zayn and Liam on their knees before his hole.

“Eat him out Z.” Liam whispered, and Louis’ cock twitched when the words sunk into his mind. Zayn nodded, sharing a soft kiss with Liam before looking at Louis’ hole. He reached forward and twisted the dildo, pushing it in once more before pulling it out. Slowly. 

Liam smirked as he watched Louis’ facial expressions, the boy’s face lighting up and twisting at the feeling. He pushed his mate’s legs further up before latching his teeth onto his part. Louis’ thigh.

And then Zayn leant forward, licking a stripe along Louis’ clenching hole. He’s been fucked so many times by them, but somehow, his ring is always tight. (Not that they’re complaining.)

Liam was slow and gentle, wanting Louis to feel his teeth breaking the skin of his thigh, drawing a little blood. But Zayn was fast, his tongue doing wonders on Louis’ hole, making him whine highly.

And maybe this was no longer a punishment? Maybe it was the boys making Louis feel fantastic? Alive? On top of the world? Who knows?

Harry pulled off Niall, feeling that he was close, his own cock pulsing. Zayn and Liam also moved away from Louis, all the boys taking a moment to look at his current state: flushed, legs in the air, cock leaking and a good few bruises over him. 

“Li, you and me will fuck Lou. Z, you fuck Ni.” Harry ordered, regaining his leadership. All boys simply moaned in response as Niall got up to go lay beside Louis, meaning they could all be together.

All were soon in position, with Niall telling Zayn how he didn’t need any prep, leading the raven haired boy to slick up his cock and begin. 

Harry and Liam stood before a breathless Louis. Both lubed up three fingers and quickly had a couple inside him, adding another every now and again.

“Harry…Liam…Zayn…Niall.” Louis whimpered, repeating all their names over ad over. His mind was now quite fuzzy as he began fucking himself on Liam and Harry’s fingers, the former’s being thick and the latter’s being long. His eyes were closed tight, one hand griping the sofa and the other finding its way to wank Niall. Everything was perfect.

Liam and Harry pulled their fingers out, much to Louis’ annoyance, and lubed the other’s cocks. Once satisfied, the curly haired boy gave Liam a nod. 

The taller lad pressed his thick, long dick to Louis’ entrance. “Open your eyes.” He rasped, and Harry felt a sense of pride, slowly wanking himself as he kept his eyes on Louis’ body.

Fluttering his eyes open, the small boy kept his hand around Niall’s cock, eyes swapping between Liam and Harry as the former slammed in, Louis’ whole body shaking with pleasure.

Harry smirked. “Li, stay there.” He said, nudging his own cock against his friend’s entrance. Louis’ face dropped, but he knew he had no choice. “Now you two, don’t come.” Harry said, looking at Zayn and Niall as he slowly pushed in, moans falling from everyone’s lips.

Louis’ body shook, feeling like it was being torn in two as Liam and Harry - both fairly big - rocked in and out of Louis in sync. Zayn had his teeth latched onto Niall’s neck as he fucked the boy with all his strength, the blonde holding Zayn down and moaning. 

Louis’ now free hand went to his own cock, whimpering at the pleasure his body was being given.

Harry glanced over to see Zayn pulling out of Niall. They were obviously close. Then he felt Liam’s cock begin to throb against his, stretching Louis apart even more. 

Liam’s head turned to fall on Harry’s shoulder. He mouthed at the salty skin and sobbed, moaning profanities as he spilled hard into Louis, Harry soon following as he kept his eyes onto Louis’ clouded ones. 

Louis was absolutely ruined, his voice rasped. He winced as Liam and Harry pulled out, eyes shooting open as they were replaced with Zayn and Niall. 

The two rocked into Louis just a few times, spilling hard in sync as they shared a sloppy, tongue-filled kiss.

Harry found the small dildo, sliding it into Louis when Zayn and Niall pulled out, though the small boy didn’t even notice.

The four others stood, glaring down at Louis’ body as the lad’s legs collapsed, slumping him down further into the couch. Louis was breathless, but kept his eyes open as he watched Harry reach for the ring at the base of his own cock.

Then, Louis went blank.

He found himself in a bed, held securely between all the other boys. “Did so good baby, so fucking hot.” Harry said, kissing Louis’ lips softly. “So hot, came so so much babe.” Zayn said, stroking his cheek. “Perfect.” Liam breathed,flicking Louis’ fringe from his forehead. “Best sex ever.” Niall grinned, kissing Louis once Harry had puled away.

And now, as they sat in a crumpled heap of sweat, cum and limps, there was just one last thing to do. Harry scooted between Louis’ legs, leaning forward to sink his teeth into the skin of his hipbone. Because Louis is, and always will be, theirs.

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Nonmagical AU where Draco works as a shirtless Abercrombie greeter and flusters the hell out of Harry

Harry just needed some new shirts for school. That’s all. Hermione had insisted on coming with him to shop, clearly lacking faith in Harry’s sartorial choices. When she had mentioned needing to pick out a new swimsuit, Ron had shown a sudden interest in fashion and decided to tag along as well. Between the three of them, Harry thought they could easily find some clothes and be done with it. 

He was wrong. So far, he’d been scoffed at in Burberry (but who wouldn’t freak out when they saw those prices?), mocked in Calvin Klein (yes, he’s well aware that his hair is a disaster, thanks ever so much for bringing it up), and terrified at Victoria’s Secret (what are those lacy things even supposed to be?). When Ron and Hermione became rather giggly after leaving Victoria’s Secret, Harry had made the desperate suggestion that they separate to cover more ground, to which they eagerly agreed. So now here he is, walking aimlessly around the second floor with no new clothes and no clue what he’s doing.

He’s trying to read the map of the mall when the throbbing pulse of a bass catches his attention. After peering around the corner, he finds that the pounding music is coming from a dark, heavily perfumed store called Abercrombie & Fitch. It looks pretty preppy, so he’s about to walk past it when he hears an incredulous, “Potter?” Turning around, Harry stumbles when he sees Draco fucking Malfoy, the biggest asshole in school, standing there looking very shirtless, very haughty, and very… hot. Christ, so very fucking hot. Harry blinks rapidly, unable to look away from the pale expanse of Malfoy’s chest. His body is all angles, the harsh cut of his abdominal muscles and his jutting hipbones making Harry feel a little breathless. It makes Harry want, in a way he hasn’t before.

But- but this is Malfoy. What should it matter what he looks like? He’s an arrogant shithead, and Harry hates him, hates everything he stands for. In fact, this- this blatant display of his hotness- it’s probably just another way to show off! Yeah, that’s it. What a dick.

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Chapter Forty-Four


Warning on this guy xx

Harry held himself back from rushing straight out the door when Anna asked him over. Now that he was there sitting on the couch with her as she explained what had happened when she’d visited Niall more than a week ago, he wished he’d come over sooner. No wonder she had kept her distance. Harry couldn’t believe the things that Niall had said to her, he was disappointed in his friend for the things said in anger to her.

“I’m so sorry.” Harry said quietly as Anna finished with a sigh.

“You don’t need to be sorry Harry. I shouldn’t have gone there.” Anna tried to shrug off her hurt.

“You still love him Anna.” Harry said.

Anna nodded sadly. “But I’m trying to move on.”

“I’m here for you, always.” Harry said reaching out and squeezing her hand softly.

“Not really. You’re going to LA.” Anna laughed sadly.

“I don’t have to go.” Harry said quickly.

“That was a bad joke. No Harry. You go it’s fine.” Anna said sheepishly.

“You could come with me.” Harry mumbled.

“Come again?” Anna didn’t believe what she’d heard.

“You could come with me.” Harry repeated more clearly. “You don’t have school or anything. It might be good to have a break.”

“Harry, No.” Anna shook her head.

“Why not?” Harry asked watching the thoughts fly through her mind.

“Because… because no Harry.” Anna shook her head again.

“You don’t have a reason do you?” Harry grinned. “Come on. Just a week.” He pressed.

“Harry, I really can’t. Thank you. I appreciate the offer. But no.” Anna smiled sadly at him.

Harry pouted, hoping that it would change her mind.

“And those puppy dog eyes and pout won’t change that.” Anna laughed as if she read his mind.

“Well the offer is there. I can fly you out at any time if you want.” Harry was still pressing, hoping that she would change her mind.

“Thank you Harry. You really are too lovely to me.” Anna sighed. Harry was still holding her hand and he felt her squeeze it gently as she spoke. “I keep pushing you away and you keep coming back.” She mused to herself more than him.

“I like you Anna.” Harry said quietly.

“I like you too Harry.” Anna replied nervously.

There was a long pause between them, not uncomfortable, not awkward, just a brief quiet while they processed what each other had said. The atmosphere shifted.

“Can I kiss you Anna?” Harry asked already leaning towards her.

Anna bit her lip and nodded, her eyes glassy before Harry connected their lips. It was like their first kiss all over again. Fireworks exploded in Harry’s stomach, as a settling calm washed over his mind. It was as if, when he kissed Anna, he knew that things were going to be all right. She calmed him down and excited him in the same breath. Her lips tasted subtly of vanilla and peace washed over Harry’s body. She liked him. She’d said it. She was one step closer to admitting what she really felt for him, what Harry felt every time she smiled, or laughed, every time her fingers lightly brushed his arm; she one was one step closer to loving him.

Anna wasn’t expecting a simple kiss with Harry to turn into something so heated, but then, it was Harry, this had happened every time they’d kissed. Soon he was covering her body with his own, supporting most of his weight on his arms and knees rather than her chest. His full lips ran across her skin, her breath catching in her throat as a result. She didn’t know what it was about Harry, but every time they kissed she wanted to tear his clothes off and have her way with him. Something that she was sure that he would be only too happy to oblige to. She didn’t want to use him. She’d made the decision that she was moving on from Niall. She’d made the decision that Harry was the one that she wanted to be with. Of course, her heart was still broken for Niall, of course, she loved him, but she knew that what she felt for Harry was genuine and so when she kissed him, it was with all of her, not just the parts that she was holding out for Niall. Anna tangled her fingers up into his long curly hair and pulled his lips back to her own. Sucking and nibbling slightly on his bottom lip, Anna heard him sigh into the kiss. If she stopped now they wouldn’t have sex. If she pulled away now they could just go on with their night. Maybe go and get dinner or go out on an actual date. But if she pulled away now she would be stopping the kiss that sent her stomach leaping about, that sent shivers down her spine and Anna didn’t want that. So she pulled back slightly and said asked a one-word question.


Harry hesitated, pulling back from Anna. Absolutely he wanted to go into the bedroom with her, but his want was different to what they needed. She was hurting over Niall, but she’d said that she wanted to move on. Was this her way of moving on? Her green eyes searched for an answer on Harry’s face.

“Anna.” He murmured trying to figure out what she wanted and what she needed.

“Harry. Please.” Anna barely breathed the words making Harry’s mind up for him as he stood quickly from the couch and took her hand, leading her to the bedroom.

He was going to go slow, he was going to make sure every part of her body was pleasured before he was gratified. He was going to show her what making love was. Gently he kissed her lips, making a trail of small kisses along her jaw and back to her lips. Gently, gently he went placing small sweet kisses down her throat as she arched her back closer to him. Her hands went to the buttons on his shirt but he stilled her shaking his head. This was about her right now and what she needed to feel loved. Harry placed his large hands on her hips and slowly pulled her towards him. He flinched slightly as she made contact with his growing erection, but he ignored it and went back to kissing her full lips. Slowly his hands made their way to the hem of her shirt and he carefully lifted and dragged the material over her head and arms. He threw the shirt somewhere behind him, to obsessed with the head radiating from her body. Harry brushed his fingers lightly down her back, feeling her shiver in response before he cupped her full behind in his hands and pulled her again against his crotch. Anna moaned in response and tried again to remove Harry’s shirt.

“This is about you Anna.” Harry whispered as he pulled away from their kiss.

“I want to touch you though.” Anna blushed. Harry suppressed the grin as he allowed her nimble fingers to make quick work of the buttons of his shirt. Her nails lightly ran along his shoulders as she pushed the material from him and he shuddered in response.

“Much better.” Anna hummed and she looked over the exposed skin in front of her. Harry tenderly held her jaw in his hands as he kissed her again, only quickly working his tongue against hers before paying attention to her lips. Carefully he walked them back towards the bed until the back of Anna’s knees his the mattress.

Harry moved his hands from her face and down to the button of the shorts she was wearing. Anna jumped slightly as Harry removed the shorts in one quick motion, leaving them to pool at her feet. Harry kissed the gasp from her mouth and she immediately responded to him. Harry ran his hands over her heated skin, wanting to touch every part that he could. One hand ran over her covered breast while the other gently clasped her behind. Harry needed to remind himself to slow down and what his aim was in pleasing Anna, her pleasurable moans and gasps making it easy to forget. Carefully Harry laid her back on the bed as he began to kiss down her body. The valley between her breasts peaked his interest as they held his cheeks with perkiness. Anna lifted her hips from the bed and she rubbed herself against his hipbone. Harry continued further down her body as Anna sat up slightly and removed her bra. Harry was going to do that, but who was his to complain with a delicious and eager woman spread out in front of him. Harry kissed her hips, nibbling slighting eliciting a gratifying moan from Anna. While he distracted her with his lips he removed the final layer of cloth that covered Anna from Harry’s greedy eyes and mouth. She was absolutely stunning and Harry felt the constriction of his jeans tighten further as his eyes ran up and down her body. He could he ever get so lucky? Harry released a button on his jeans and let the zipper down to relieve some of the pressure. He was genuinely concerned he might hurt himself if his thickened further.

Harry ran his palms up her smooth calves, massaging the taught muscles as he kissed the inside of her thigh. Anna’s hands lay beside her clutching the sheets as he moved closer to her heat. Harry continued to massage her legs with his strong hands before the tip of his nose brushed against her, her breath leaving her in a huff. Painstakingly slowly, Harry didn’t know how he had the patience for it himself; his tongue darted out quickly and licked her leisurely. Harry watched her stomach contract as the contact before he went again. The salty taste of her arousal coated his tongue as he delicately separated her folds and before to kiss her deeply. He heard her breath catch in her throat before the groaned out his name. Harry freed one of her legs from his grasp as he worked his jeans off with one hand. Soon he was just left in his boxers while he pleasured her with his mouth. The temptation to touch himself while she moaned out her name was increasing. He’d never come by performing oral before, and tonight might be a first.

“Harry.” Anna’s breath was increasing and her heat was producing more liquid, showing that she was close to release. Harry moved away from her addictive center and kissed the inside of her thighs. Anna’s eyes snapped open and they looked accusingly at Harry.

“Why’d you stop?” She demanded, her voice slightly hoarse.

“Not yet.” Harry muttered against her skin as he slowly made his way back to her lips. Her breasts that were moving with her labored breathing once again distracted him. Gently placing his lips around one of her nipples he surprised her by sucking harshly and making her body arch into his bare chest.

“Harry.” Anna whined as he played with the other nipple and until it matched the stiff peak of the other he had lovingly kissed.

“Please. Please take off your boxers.” Anna panted her hands moving to the material containing Harry’s straining erection.

Harry quickly rolled off her and removed his boxers as he watched her lick her lips in desire. Could this woman be any sexier? He settled back over her, between her legs, feeling himself brush with her delicately. Harry began to kiss her again and again and again. He wanted her to know how much she was loved. This wasn’t sex; this was sharing love, making love and creating love. This was how Harry loved her. Anna lifted her hips to rub against Harry and he knew that it was time for him to bury himself deep in her.

Capturing her lips once more, Harry wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her hips up to get a proper angle. Slowly and carefully, Harry lined himself up and sunk into her easily, her satisfied moan echoing in his ear.

“Are you bigger than before?” Anna breathed as Harry continued to sink into her.

“I don’t think so. Are you tighter?” Harry voice was strained as her warmth enveloped him.

“Don’t think so.” Anna gasped as Harry’s full length settled.

“Harry.” Anna’s fingers grasped at Harry’s back as he reveled in the pleasure her body gave him, he could feel each breath she took, every time a muscles flinched or contracted, he could feel it. Slowly he extracted himself from her before thrusting back into her carefully. A moan started low in his chest and bubbled through his lips as her body worked to accommodate his.

“You feel so…” Harry didn’t know how to finish that sentence.

“Keep going.” Anna gasped as he repeated the motions of pulling back and pushing back into her. Harry could feel the sweat pattering his hairline as he pumped into her slowly. It was agonizing but indulgent.

“Anna.” He moaned, his voice gravelly.

“Tell me Harry. Tell me what you feel.” Anna wrapped her ankles around Harry’s hips as he rocked into her, driving him in deeper.

“You feel so…” Again Harry was stumped. “Warm.” It was lame but it was all he could describe. Anna let out a puff of desire before Harry connected their lips. He just wanted to be connected to her as much as possible.

Harry’s body was speeding up with the desire for his release and he could hear Anna’s breathing grow more rapid each time he sunk into her. He didn’t want to finish; he wanted to keep feeling this feeling for as long as possible. Anna was leaving scratch marks down his back and it only added to Harry’s pleasure.

“Right there.” Anna suddenly gasped when she twisted her hips slightly. Her body was gripping his so tightly he didn’t know if he could pull out so he pushed in deeper, if at all possible and she squealed in delight.

“Harry.” Her voice was husky and Harry felt himself grow in her.

“Harry, I’m… I’m…” she hummed as Harry pulled back minutely before pushing harder into her. Her hum was cut off with a gasp as she tightened around him again. Her muscles were being pushed to the limit and Harry wasn’t sure how long he could stop himself from coming.

“Harry, just please… faster.” Her sentences were cut short as he stopped her words with his mouth, kissing her hungrily as he picked up his pace. Driving into her with errant want and need, needing to feel all of her, wanting her to fall apart beneath him.

Her hand worked into his hair, sweeping the sweaty curls from the back of his neck and tugging slightly, not hard, but enough to make Harry moan into her mouth.

Suddenly her muscles gave in and she couldn’t hold it anymore as her orgasm waved through her body. The slickness of their bodies increased as she harshly sucked in air and Harry pumped into her, finally able to let himself go. Her body was still contracting and shuddering around him as he came, hard. Harry felt himself spurt into her, much longer than any previous orgasm he’d had. It just kept going and he couldn’t stop the movement of his body in hers as she gasped for air.

Slowly Harry came down from his high, opening his eyes to see the loving gaze of her green eyes meeting his. Her lips were plump and swollen, her cheeks flushed with exertion.

“You are so beautiful.” Harry mused before kissing her sweetly.

“So are you.” She replied when they separated, Harry still buried deep inside her.

Harry shook his head as he carefully pulled out of her, their mixed essences coating him and spilling out behind him. Harry, although spent, stiffened at the sight.

“That… was amazing.” Anna finally said as Harry pulled a blanket from the end of the bed over their naked and sweating bodies.

“Definitely beyond the best I’ve had.” Harry hummed as Anna curled into his side.

“Harry?” Anna’s quiet voice betrayed nerves.

“Yes Anna?” Harry shifted his head so that he could see the top of her head.

She tilted her head up, her eyes searching his face before saying something that Harry was not expecting, something he couldn’t believe she was saying, something that made Harry’s stomach drop to the soles of his feet and blush spread across his cheeks.

“I love you Harry.”

harry/zayn after the brits (inspired by that lovely gif)

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