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“Mount Fuji.” Harry answers smugly – he was the one who named him, and Y/N looks over to him with the fondest eyes he’s ever seen.

“Mount Fuji? That just made him even cuter!” She all but whines, looking down at the dog seriously, “I will give all my love to you.”

Harry slides off the barstool, walking over and crouching down besides the two of them, “Y'know usually he doesn’t like strangers. Think you might be some sorta dog whisperer.”

Y/N looks over to him, but there’s no witty quips at her mouth, only smiling at him with the softest gaze he’s ever seen her have, eyes filled with so much unadulterated love for this Pug and it makes his heart swell with warmth.

Harry vows that one day, he’s going to get her to look at him like that.


Harry is on the football team and Y/N steals a dog

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The Heater

this was born out of the idea that Harry and I would never be able to stop bickering over the cold and also that lingerie is strictly a warm weather luxury. 

You’d bought it on a whim a few weeks ago and you’re nearly surprised when the package finally arrives, almost completely having forgotten. LA had managed to drop 30 degrees overnight it seemed and now that pretty something waiting in your package seems less than appealing. Still, when you get back inside and see that Harry’s still preoccupied up in the attic you can’t help but try it on.

The soft baby pink lace feels like butter between your fingers as you rip away the many layers of tissue covering it. It’s a bodysuit, nipped in at the waist with a low low low dip down the center to showcase one of Harry’s favorite places to land more than a few well placed kisses on your body. It’s gorgeous, but it leaves your arms and legs tragically bare and even though it’s afternoon and the sun is still peeking out a bit you’re freezing. You hop with ice cold toes back across the tile floor to the bedroom and strip quickly out of the ensemble, pulling on leggings and Harry’s Packers jumper instead.

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sup. so I’m gonna post this so all my readers that use the forever shitty tumblr app can have easy access to a master list! I’ll keep this updated along with the one on my blog aka this

may your harry thirst forever be quenched. 

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straight smut
  • she bit her lip and looked down at the floor
  • took off her oversized cozy sweater and messy bun
  • put down her cup of tea she cautiously was sipping on
  • he hugs her from behind w/ boner
  • calls her “baby” 700 times
  • their tongues fought 4 dominance. he wins
  • he pinned her down on the matress. oh my she said
  • his hands roamed her curves
  • “ur so beautiful” as he entered her
  • throbbing member
  • their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces
  • “"his musky smell”“
  • no mention of protection of any kind
  • girl comes wildly from having 1 lame boy finger in vagina
Be Good For Daddy

Here is some Harry daddy kink to satisfy the thirst in all of us! I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you lovely people think! :) .xx -M


“Hello, Beautiful,” Harry says as he walks through the door, a black bag in one of his big hands.

“Hi!” I call back. “What you got there?”

“A surprise for later,” he winks, the right side of his face pulling up into his characteristic smirk. The thin white t-shirt he’s wearing hangs loosely on his frame, stretched slightly by his broad shoulders and revealing hints of the tattoos underneath. I watch him as he rummages through the kitchen, his slight muffin top revealed when he reaches into the cupboard for the box of tea.

“You wants some tea, love?” he calls.

“Huh?” I ask, shaking my head. “Oh, yeah, thanks,” I mutter, embarrassed.

“Lost in thought, huh?”

“Just a bit,” I laugh, my face reddening.

I turn my attention back to the TV in an attempt to clear my head, but can only focus on the sounds of him moving about in the kitchen. I hear him hum to himself, Gorilla by Bruno Mars, and my blush reddens. Even in the other room, he has my heart racing.

I take a deep breath as the kettle begins to whistle, knowing he’ll be in the room soon. Moments later, he walks in, two large, skilled hands gripping two cups of tea as impossibly long jean sheathed legs pull him towards me.

“Here ya go, love,” he says, handing me my tea - two sugars and a bit of milk, just how I like it.

“Thank you,” I mutter as he plops down next to me. The scent of tea combined with the clean, fresh, and manly aroma wafting from Harry makes my head spin.

As I sip my tea, my entire consciousness is focused on Harry and his slight movements beside me. The rise nad fall of his calm breath, the pursing of his pink lips as he sips his tea, the unwittingly seductive way he pushes his hair away from his face.

He sips his tea with his left hand, draping his right arm around my shoulder. My entire body tenses with anticipation and I lick my lips absentmindedly.

“You alrigh’, love?” he asks, and I hum in response, afraid that if I speak, my voice will reveal my arousal.

Harry leans in, brushing his nose against my cheek before kissing it gently. I can feel the remnants of his last sip of tea against my cheek and the slightest bit of saliva mixed in as he lets his lips linger against my skin. My breath hitches in my throat, my heart beats at an alarming rate, and I can feel my sweat glands kick into overdrive as my pussy begins to clench involuntarily.

Harry nuzzles in closer to my ear and I don’t doubt he’s caught every little change in my body.

“Why are you so tense, Kitten?” he breathes against my ear, his breath causing my skin to tingle and goosebumps to raise on my arms.

“Are you a horny girl?” he whispers, his voice deep and sultry, and this time I not only feel his breath but his lips against my skin. I bite my lip in response and I can feel his lips turn up into a smile.

“Oh, Y/N, are you a horny girl…for Daddy?” he moans and I can’t contain my responding whimper.

With that, Harry moves at an alarming speed, placing his half full cup of tea on the coffee table along with my full one. I remain sitting in a daze, blinking quickly to wipe the fog from my mind and before I know it, my arms are around Harry’s neck, my legs around his slender waist, and he is carrying me to the bedroom.

Harry tosses me onto the bed, tumbling down after me and within seconds, our lips are attached in a wet, hot embrace, my hands are in his hair, and his hands begin to explore my body. His fingers trail down my neck, over my chest, until he is lightly cupping my boob, his fingertips ghosting over my nipples which can now be seen through my bra and t-shirt. His other hand grips my waist, his long fingers digging into my skin.

The kiss is a mess of teeth, tongues, lips, and hot breath and I am completely lost in his embrace. My hand wanders down his back, feeling his muscles move beneath my fingertips. I grip the hem of his shirt and tug, making it pool beneath his armpits. He pulls his hands away from me just long enough for me to remove his shirt, and then they’re back, sliding beneath my shirt, grazing along the sensitive skin of my stomach before gripping my breast again.

I shift my hips upwards, grinding into him as I whimper, “Daddy,” against his lips and I feel him harden through his jeans. He releases a low growl and bites particularly hard on my bottom lip, making me moan again.

“Y/N, baby, I want you,” he breathes as his mouth moves his lips to my neck, nibbling the skin there.

“Ahhh, I want you too, Daddy,” I moan out, stretching my neck to give him better access. His hands push my shirt higher and higher up above my boobs and I raise my arms allowing him to pull it off of me. Once it’s gone, he settles his face in the valley between my breasts, kissing, licking, and biting them as his huge hands push them together.

I place my hands on his shoulders pushing him off of me and roll us over so I’m straddling his hips. I sit up, his bright green eyes on me as I reach back to unclasp my bra, throwing it on the floor. His eyes light up in awe.

“You’re so beautiful, Kitten,” I smile and lean forward, my bare chest pressed against his as I kiss him deeply. His hands grip my ass, squeezing and spanking as I kiss him and grind my hips down, giving us both a beautiful friction. I place my lips at the base of his neck before licking up his throat until I reach his ear, nibbling and sucking on the lobe.

“You’re so good for Daddy,” he moans throatily, his accent somehow thickening with his arousal.

Slowly I let my lips travel from his ear, down his neck, down his muscular chest, over his defined stomach covered in ink, until I am kissing and nibbling the skin just above his waistband between his hip tattoos. My fingers deftly undo his jeans and I lick and kiss his considerable length through his tight briefs, making him groan. He places one arm behind his head, burying his face in his toned bicep. I tug on his pants and he lifts his hips obligingly. Though I struggle, I manage to remove his insanely tight jeans quickly and am soon settled back between his legs. I stare at his cock, it’s resting on a trimmed bed of thick dark hair, long and decently thick, slightly pink and darkening towards the tip. A thick vein travels up the bottom of his cock, slightly left from center, and I lick a stripe along it, and get a shaky moan from him. I gently cup his tight balls, running my fingertips over the soft skin. I grip his base, nuzzling my face along his length.

“Please, Baby Girl,” he moans.

I place a kitten lick at his tip before murmuring, “Yes, Daddy.”

I feel his cock flex in my hand before I wrap my lips around his red tip and suckle gently, swirling my tongue around him. He moans as he places a hand in my hair, gripping tightly.

“That’s it, Baby. That’s a good girl,” he moans as I begin to bob my head up and down his length. I bob my head faster and faster as he guides my head and thrusts up into my mouth every once in a while.

I pull off his cock, “Do you like that, Daddy?”

“Mmmhmmm,” he moans.

I kitten lick his cock, tasting the salty bead of precum that has built up there.

“What’s my surprise, Daddy?” I ask innocently.

“Oh shit, I forgot! I’ll be right back, Kitten,” he hops out of bed, his hard cock swinging between his legs and I marvel at his glory.

Once he’s left the room, I rid myself of the rest of my clothes and lie back on the bed. He walks back in, his cock having softened slightly and hanging a bit lower than before.

“I think you’re going to like this, Kaitlyn,” Harry smirks. “Close your eyes, love.”

I do as I’m told, feeling the bed bend beneath his weight. He skims his fingers up my leg, over my pussy, up my stomach, between my breasts, up my neck, and along my lips. I open my mouth willingly and he dips his finger inside. He moans as I suck on his fingers and I feel his lips against my ear.

“That’s a good girl. Keep those beautiful eyes closed, Y/N.”

The next thing I know, I feel a soft piece of fabric against my eyes.

“That’s it, Baby.”

He ties the blindfold on my, then kisses my lips. The softness of them like velvet against me. I feel his strong hands on my thighs, his fingers teasing across my skin, up and down, brushing over my pussy, making me whimper in want.

“Do you want Daddy’s fingers, Kitten?”

“Yes!” I whisper.

“Yes, what, my love?”

“Yes Daddy!”

And with that, Harry plunges two fingers within my folds, expertly manipulating my flesh. He pumps his fingers inside me slowly but deeply. As he fingers me, he explores my inner thigh with his lips, tongue, and teeth, all with their very own unique texture against my skin, and each one making me shiver. Harry curls his fingers upwards massaging my g-spot incessantly. His lips continue to travel up my thigh, gently grazing my skin until he’s just beneath my pussy. His fingers continue, but he suck my thigh vigorously, obviously attempting to create a mark. As the pleasure inside me grows, I moan out Harry’s name. Immediately he stops everything.

“Excuse me,” he asks.

For a moment I whine in confusion, then realize my mistake.

“Daddy!” I moan loudly and immediately I feel Harry’s face between my legs. His tongue works me skillfully, lapping up my wetness before he moves on to suck my clit while he continues to finger me. My legs begin to shake and my moans get louder until I am nearing my orgasm.

“Are you gonna come for Daddy?” he asks, sensing my nearing climax.

“Yes Daddy! Can I please come?” I moan, my legs beginning to clamp around his head.

“Come for me, Kitten,” he whispers then goes back to work on my clit.

“Daddy, I’m coming!” I scream while Harry eats me with vigor and everything turns white, my entire body going weak. Harry continues as I come down from my orgasm before pulling away from me. I feel his body atop of mine and know that we are no where near done.

“You taste so good, baby! You wanna taste yourself?” he asks.

“Yes please, Daddy,” I moan and he kisses me harshly, letting me taste my sweet juices as I feel him line himself up with my entrance.

“It’s my turn to come now, Kitten,” he purrs into my ear before he plunges himself fully into my tight, wet pussy. He doesn’t give me time to adjust as he pounds into me hard and fast, but I don’t mind. I feel his teeth rake over my neck, collarbones, shoulders, and ears while he uses my body to pleasure his own.

“Feel so good, Kitten. You feel so good for Daddy,” he groans into my neck, his hips slapping against my thighs, fucking me balls deep.

I clench my walls tightly around him, loving the feeling of him filling me up. His pace increases and begins to become sloppy. I reach down to grab his tight ass, helping to push him deeper inside me. His moans fill my ears and consciousness, and I clench harder, silently begging him to come.

“Fill me up, Daddy,” I whisper.

“Not yet, Kitten,” he says to my surprise. “Wanna look into your eyes,” he grunts, the difficulty of holding back his orgasm evident.

Quickly I remove my blindfold and I see nothing but a sea of green. His eyes remain locked with mine, his breath comes in pants, and he moans loudly when he finally comes inside me with a few final sloppy thrusts.

“Fuck, Y/N! You’re so fucking good!”

After a moment, he collapses next to me, one hand draped across my waist. He nuzzles his face into my neck lovingly, his breathing still ragged.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

“It shouldn’t be snowing so soon.” Harry is staring at the sky, the snow dropping on his face before he notices her staring at him. “Hm?” His hum is higher, out of confusion as to why she’s looking she presumes, and Y/N lifts her hand to his cheek.

“Your cheeks,” she murmurs, a grin broadening on her mouth, “Oh, your cheeks Harry!” She cries out, fingertips denting the cold skin, “I’ve never seen you blush before.”

“Blush?” Harry asks, hand lifting to cover hers, “I’m blushing?”


Harry is still very smitten with this human, and Y/N loves a bunny

(PART 1)

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Do You Ever

It’s just a ghost of a taste of an idea but it was something that’s been on my mind all week. This can be read as a prequel to my other Dad! Harry writings or on it’s own. xx! 

Harry had been a real sport all day and that’s why he was currently receiving the best backrub of his life (his words) sprawled out nearly naked in your shared bed. You’d almost had to drag him out of the house today, to a birthday party for the little boy you used to nanny when you were just out of college. Though of course, once Harry had gotten there he’d had fun and charmed the pants off everyone in the process. You’d had to almost drag him away from the table of aunts and grandmas that he was schmoozing with after cake had been served.

You rub the lavender oil deep into hidden knots in his overworked muscles while you straddle his back, smiling at the soft groans of appreciation he gives in response to your attentive hands.

“Do yeh ever think about kids?” he asks you suddenly, making your brow furrow in contemplation.

“In what context?” you ask warily, it’s not so early in your relationship that it’s odd for him to bring up but you’ve never had the conversation on the table.

“Like having ‘em,” is his half-mumbled explanation, nearly muffled by the pillow his face is so conveniently tucked into now.

“Well, yes… I mean of course, you know how much I love them,” you stumble over your words, not wanting to give away too much if it’s merely a question for questions sake.

But you know it’s not, not when he softly asks “W’me?” in a slightly nervous tone.

“Do you?” you deflect, mentally berating yourself for being so childish.

“Did,” he tells you, “Today. Seein’ yeh with them was….endearing.”

“Endearing, hm?” you tease at his wording, earning a grumble from him as he attempted to buck you off his back.

“You don’t ever think about babies with me, Love? Not even a passing thought?” he teases right back, but you can hear the underlying nerves, the fear of you rejecting him in the way his laugh is just a tad forced.

“I have a little,” you mumble, feeling unnecessary heat rising to your cheeks at your admission.

“What d’yeh think about? C’mon, let’s have it,” he huffs, tapping at your thigh to get you off him so he can roll and face you on the bed.

You pick at the sheets where your knees are bent, trying to formulate a proper response to his absurdly revealing question. Even though you love Harry, and he loves you, he’s never struck you as the type who’s dying to settle down, marry, and have babies. You don’t want to scare or overwhelm him with your fantasies. 

But of course you have, you can’t think of anything you’d want more than a tiny little baby with his big round eyes and deep set dimples. Not a thing in the world could make you happier than having a couple of mini Harry’s to love and squeeze on and fill your shared home with laughter and memories. 

Of course that’s all one day, not today and you tell him as much when you finally finish spilling your heart to him. Barely able to meet his eyes as you do so. But to your surprise when you finally meet them, his eyes are warm, intrigued, filled with something you can’t quite put a finger on.

“I want tha’ too,” he says softly, ringed fingers reaching out to stroke loving at your calf that rests nearest him, “The big house and the little bugs and you massively pregnant,” he giggles.

“You do?” you say, nearly in shock. You weren’t quite expecting this and your eyes well with some unexpected emotion.

“Course, Goose. Love yeh don’t I? And you’d be the best mum.”

“Oh Harry,” you whimper, flopping over to throw your arm around his neck and tuck your head in tyoure. He’s saying all the right things and you’re vulnerable and it makes you want to be impossibly nearer to him in that moment. He huffs a laugh through his nose as his arm winds around your waist to pull you closer, snaking a long leg through yours. He whispers soft, sweet nothings into your hairline as he holds you giving you time to get a hold of whatever emotion you were feeling until you can pull back to look at him once more.

“Did I scare yeh?” he goads, poking at your cheeks that you just can’t seem to stop from pulling into a wide smile. You shake your head and rub his back again, hoping to convey what you’re a little lost for words for at the moment.

Soft lips button over yours with intention, long drawn out passes of mouths that are sticky and perfectly puckered. Hands warm against the small of your back that rub comfortingly, making it nearly impossible to stop his prodding for you to open your lips, deepening the kiss as your leg hitches over his hip. His scent is nearly overpowering, even stronger than the essential oils you’d rubbed so dilligently into his now slippery back, making it hard for your searching fingers to find purchase enough to grip. Said fingers settle instead for the curls around his nape as you moan his name into his open mouth, feeling hands slip into your panties to grab a handful of your bum.

“Gonna make…such…pretty babies,” he breathes to you, between kisses that suck and nip at your straining jaw, bucking to feel pressure where your desire swirls low in your belly.

“Not now,” you admonish, lifting your hips just enough to allow him to pull your panties down your legs, kicking them off with impatient toes.

“Have to practice though, don’ we?” he smiles into your neck, “Lots and lots of practice.”

And you can’t really argue with that logic.

“Two of the chocolate croissants.” Y/N nods toward the pastries behind the counter, where a light is shining on them from where they rest on shelves.

Edward squints his eyes a bit to see what she’s talking about.

“Hungry, are we?”

“No,” Y/N bites her lip, humming as she explains, “one’s for my friend.” And then she gestures toward Ben, who’s still getting work done on his laptop like he always does whenever they go out. He hasn’t seemed to have noticed her interaction with Edward yet, too lost in what he’s doing to bother with it, even though Y/N knows that that’s his entire purpose in being with her, to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble.

“Boyfriend?” Edward follows Y/N’s gaze toward the man across from an empty chair, her book left behind on the table. “Bit old, isn’t he?”

It’s kind of a weird thing to say, especially to a stranger, but Y/N doesn’t really dwell on it. She kind of likes that he’s bothering to ask about who she’s with, like he’s genuinely interested in her life, and maybe hoping that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Y/N shakes her head politely. “Nope, just my dad’s friend.”

or a cliche au where Harry’s the leader of a gang and kidnaps the daughter of the leader of a rival gang. 

(btw it’s explained later on, but just know that Edward = Harry)

18k+ words

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Morning Wood

A smutty story in which Harry wakes up with morning wood, but y/n isn’t around to help him. 

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Harry eyed the two from his place in the corner of the library. He’d been cranky for a few days and Zayn’s insistence that he could get Y/N’s number before Harry had simply made it worse.

Fucking prick, he thought to himself when Zayn glanced at Harry and smirked.

Y/N was running late the first time they spoke.  They shared Art History, a class Harry had been reluctant to take until he saw her.

He was sat in the front when the door to his left opened and closed within seconds. He figured she didn’t want to draw attention so she quickly took the seat next to him and glanced up at the board. Harry was staring, he knew he was.

“Erm, we’re just watching a film today. You didn’t miss much,” he finally said.

Her eyes shot to him and she nodded, “Yeah, okay, thanks.”

He wasn’t sure what to say. She barely looked him in the eyes.

“I’m Harry.”

Y/N’s attention was focused on the board. She glanced at him and smiled.

“I’m Y/N.”


Zayn was slow to return to the desk they were sat at. He looked upset. Maybe she gave him a fake number. Maybe she didn’t even give him a number. Maybe she told him she wasn’t really looking to date.

Harry hoped it wasn’t the latter.

“Bit of a bitch, mate. Hate to admit it.”

Harry frowned. “You just don’t know her like I do.”

“She didn’t look at me once the entire time we talked. As if my presence wasn’t important enough for her to acknowledge,” Zayn snarled.

“Maybe it’s not.”

“Look, Haz, I don’t think you’ll be getting a date with that bird anytime soon. Sorry, mate.”


The next day, Harry arrived to class early. He wondered if Y/N would sit somewhere different if she saw him sat in her usual spot.

She didn’t.

“Morning,” she greeted with a smile.

He felt warm all over when he returned the hello.

She set her books down and turned in her seat to face him. “So, you’re friends with that Zach kid, yeah?”

He wanted to smile, but he knew she was being serious.

“Erm, Zayn, yeah.”

“Zayn. Sorry. Can you maybe apologize to him for me?”

Harry was no longer warm all over.

“Erm… sure.”

“I just feel really bad that I was a bit of an arse to him yesterday. And I wanted to apologize to you, as well, for being a bit of an arse a couple of weeks ago. I guess I’ve just been in an arse kind of mood lately,” she chuckled.

“You weren’t an arse,” he frowned.

She shrugged her cute, little shoulders. “I mean, I was rude. You couldn’t tell, but I was thinking of how uncomfortable it must be for you to sit by the girl who looks like she’s always in a pissy mood.”

Harry laughed, looking down at the pencil he’d been fiddling with. “I don’t know, I think it’s kind of cute.”

He caught the flush of pink in the corner of his eye and nearly swooned.


In celebration of all of the birthdays out there, Harry threw a party. He, personally, did not know anybody with a birthday that day; just wanted to get rid of all of the alcohol Zayn kept there.

By no means did he expect Y/N to be standing in his living room, speaking – and laughing – with a bunch of boys.

He hadn’t invited her, figured she’d say no. Harry had never actually seen her around campus with friends. He assumed she just wasn’t much of a people person.

However, when he saw her with a group of his own friends, he concluded that he was very wrong.

He also concluded that her smile warmed his heart.

He pushed through the crowded group of people until ungracefully stumbling into a Y/N.

Her hand gripped Harry’s bicep until he was standing straight, beer in hand.

“Oh,” she sighed, “I’ve spilled on my shirt!”

Harry glanced to her chest. He felt his cock twitch. Had he noticed the size of her breasts before, he was sure he would tell her to bundle up a bit more.

He could only imagine the amount of attention she must unknowingly receive from the boys around campus.

“I’m sorry! Erm, Niall’s girlfriend leaves some of her things here, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind loaning you something.”

“Oh… I-I think I can manage. I was planning on leaving soon anyway.”

Y/N had a slight crease in between her eyebrows that, though very cute, Harry wished not to see in his home. He wanted to rub his thumb over the skin and kiss her until they both forgot why she was upset.

He also wanted to fuck her until she couldn’t stand straight, but that would be inappropriate.

“C’mon. You’re not walking ‘round with a beer stain on your chest,” he said, wrapping his long fingers around her frail wrist.

She would have fell into him had it not been for the width of his steps.

He wished she would have.

A couple was in the midst of making out on Niall’s bed when Harry pulled Y/N over the threshold.

“Get out,” he said.

“Please,” Y/N added. Once they were gone, she scolded him for being so rude, and then apologized for scolding him.

She glanced around, picking at the books that Harry knew Niall only had to make himself look smart. He watched her until he feared she would notice and scold him again for staring.

“I’m not sure exactly what Monica leaves here but if you’re not interested in any of it, I have some shirts that shrunk when Niall did the laundry a while back.”

Her laugh was angelic. Harry wondered why it wasn’t a song. There’s plenty of ridiculous rap out there; he could see no reason why it couldn’t be.

“Harry?” she asked.


“Can I ask you a question?”

Y/N moved over to the bed and took a seat. She was fiddling with a ring on her middle finger when he peeked over to her.


She was hesitant to ask the question, Harry could tell, and when the words finally made it past her lips he understood why.

“Do you think boys around here can tell that I’m… inexperienced?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we’ve been at this UNI for about a year and half now, right? And I’ve been with a couple of guys, just kissing and stuff, but do you think they can, erm… sense that I haven’t… you know.”

Harry took a deep breath and pursed his lips. He wanted to pull her close and tell her that it doesn’t make a difference. That she makes him so excited to just talk.

“Love,” he started, “To be quite fair, I don’t think guys really care. Just want sex with the first pretty girl they see.”

“Do you?”

He wasn’t sure now to answer. Not like he was about to tell her that he hadn’t thought about sex with anybody besides her. Not like he was about to tell her that he couldn’t go through one conversation without glancing at her lips at least eight times. Not like he was about to tell her that he very nearly grew hard when he noticed the size of her breasts not fifteen minutes beforehand.

“Erm, well, I don’t… know. I- I guess not.”

“Because I’d assume it’s completely normal if you do. I mean, I wouldn’t want to take such a thing from somebody…”

As she rambled, Harry intently studied her face. Her eyes, he’d never noticed the color, were a dark brown, it seemed, in the dim light of Niall’s bedroom. How pretty. Her messy hair he found as endearing as a man could possibly find hair. And her lips, well he knew exactly what her lips would look like.

Did Y/N think the same of Harry? Did she glance at his hair and think of how nice it would be to run her fingers through it?

He hoped so. Otherwise, he would feel ridiculous for waking up extra early to style his hair every morning.

And when she wasn’t looking, Harry would bite his lips until he was sure they would start bleeding.

Harry had a problem, he decided, and he needed some time to himself to figure out how to solve it.


Harry hadn’t been to the last couple of classes and Y/N was surprised – and a bit hurt – when he showed up on Friday and sat near the windows.

She felt like he’d been ignoring her; not responding to her texts, not coming to class, sitting on the opposite side of the room.

It would be useless to get up and ask him about it now so she waited until the lecture was over.

He was in a hurry, he told her. Something about his sister, he said. Maybe I’ll text you, he lied.


“Mate, just go talk to her. You’re acting like a wank,” Zayn spoke.

They were sat in the library again, Y/N in the corner reading a book he’d never heard of whilst Harry stared. They hadn’t spoken for weeks and his feelings for her hadn’t dwindled in the slightest. In fact, they may have grown.

“I can’t,” Harry snarled. He was frustrated that Zayn did nothing but make jokes about his life all the time. He wished there was more of Zayn’s alcohol to get rid of.

“I don’t understand why this is such an issue! You like her, she obviously likes you-“

“You think she likes me?”

Zayn paused to glance at Harry then back to Y/N. “Listen to how noisy it is in here. Loud, yeah? Do you honestly think Y/N would be reading a book in here if you weren’t around?”

Harry scoffed. “Maybe she likes it here.”

“Maybe she doesn’t. Either way, you’ve been eyeing each other for the past twenty minutes and it’s really gettin’ on my nerves. Go talk to her or I will.” Zayn’s insistency was enough for Harry to grunt and snarl once again.

“Fine,” he spat and stood to gather his things. “I hope you know that I’ve just given your birthday present to Niall.”

Y/N looked up before he arrived to her corner. She smiled whilst he frowned. They were quite opposite, he observed.


“Listen, Y/N, I want you to know that what I’m about to tell has absolutely nothing to do with me not liking you or not enjoying your company or whatever else you might think, okay?”

Her smile faded away as confusion crossed her face and she nodded.

Harry pulled out a chair and sat. When he glanced at Zayn, he was talking to a girl from their chemistry class and Harry felt even more inclined to hand the video game he bought over to Niall and his gamer friends.


“Oh. Okay, erm… I guess you might have noticed that I’ve been avoiding you.”

“Have you?” She quipped.

“Yeah, and I thought I should tell you why so, erm, maybe you could help me out here?”

Y/N wasn’t sure what to say, he presumed, as she shrugged those cute, little shoulders of hers and offered a small smile, though didn’t say anything.

“I think when you spilled beer on your blouse at that party and we had that whole conversation about sex and, well you know, I may have confused my feelings for you with my feelings for sex with you and I didn’t want to…” Harry pinched the bridge of his nose with two fingers and sighed. “I-I don’t- I can’t… To be quite honest with you, I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say right now.”

Y/N eyebrows were drawn inward and her bottom lip pulled tight by her teeth as she listened. It distracted Harry from his thoughts so quickly that he couldn’t even finish his sentence and he could not believe how ridiculous his words had become.

“Can I take a guess?” she asked, drawing his large hand between her little fingers and rubbing her thumb over the knuckles.

He shrugged.

“Well, I- I think that you’re trying to tell me that you like me? Am I correct?”

He shrugged again and glanced down to their hands.

“And I’m guessing that you think I’m not impressed by you or something? Which is absolutely mad because have you seen you? You’re… gorgeous. I mean, who wouldn’t be impressed by you?”

Harry’s lips pulled up in a small smile as she continued.

“And I’m assuming that when we talked in Niall’s bedroom, you thought about me underneath you -or above, it’s really whatever you prefer- and it was just too much for you to handle so you thought it’d be best to stay away. Which I say boo to because that’s just crazy.”

Y/N was aware that she being quite blunt and she was as well aware that Harry’s libido had grown since the beginning of the conversation. His fingers twitched in her hers before he held them tightly.

“Do you want to go somewhere?”


“How are you? Alright?”

It was the third time he’d asked since they started kissing. They’d taken the transit back to Harry and Niall’s place after which Harry suggested the activity.

Kissing was easy. Kissing was not new to Y/N. Harry, however, must’ve thought she was a virgin to all romantic intimacies because he simply would not leave it alone.

“Yes, Harry, I’m fine. Peachy, in fact.”

“Can I mark you?”

“Erm, well my dad is coming into to town on Friday so maybe not where he can see it?” she suggested.

The two lay on the couch, kissing and rubbing noses, laughing and talking and watching Parks and Rec for hours until Niall got home.

Relaxing, Harry found it. Warm, Y/N called it. Weird, Niall laughed. Fuck off, Harry snarled.

It was how they spent their afternoons and weekend mornings. And when Niall got home, sometimes they stayed and chatted for a bit, but usually they rode the tube to Y/N’s where she lived alone.

They stayed up late one Saturday, watching old sitcoms but mostly making out.

She places her hands on his bare back and he shivers. “Are my hands cold? Sorry.”

“S’okay,” he murmurs and continues kissing her.

Harry really likes kissing Y/N. Her lips are always softer than his, her cheeks just soft enough for his to seem unpleasant. Though they hadn’t yet gone further, he imagined her lower region to be just as enticing. Good enough to eat.

He would not say that joke aloud.

His hands travelled to undo the clasp of her bra; the pretty bra she sometimes left strewn on the floor when he spent the night. The pretty bra that made his prick so hard he could barely stand.

Once removed, his hands went to her breasts, squeezing, pinching and rubbing beneath his fingers. She was quiet when it came to these things, he eventually realized. Not that he minded though; it added to the mystery factor he loved so much about Y/N.

His shirt always ended up somewhere besides his body before hers did, which he also didn’t mind. He didn’t want Y/N to be uncomfortable. He wanted to see her – all of her – without the nerves that went along with it and if that meant he be nude ten times before she, then so be it.

When her hands pulled at the hem of his sweats, he was quick to shove them down to his ankles.

His cock was leaking through the thin fabric of his boxers.

Y/N’s hand neared the length. Her eyes shot to his. “Can I?”


He watched as the dark varnish of her nails made contact with his prick. Y/N jumped when he groaned louder than either of them expected.

“I’m not exactly sure what to do next,” she hesitantly spoke.

“Would you like me to help?”

She nodded tentatively.

“Well it’s really not that difficult to be quite honest. Just squeeze, not too hard, but you know, gentle. And rub, basically. Like, up and down; your palm will work, too. And… yeah. That’s about it. The head is pretty sensitive, so maybe rub your thumb over that occasionally?”

Y/N’s eyes were wide and worried. Harry could remember the first time he fingered a girl. Definitely more frightening than going down on one, since he’d done the former long before he did the latter. He just wanted Y/N to feel comfortable.

“We can leave the pants on, if you’d like,” he offered.

She shook her head. “No, s’okay.”

After a struggle to remove the tight underwear from his hips, Y/N was sat between Harry’s legs with her hands on either of his knees.

“Hey, look at me. Don’t be nervous; you’re beautiful and you’re about to give a really great blowie.”

Y/N chuckled and took a deep breath as Harry patiently waited.

She finally took his cock into her hands and tugged. Not hard, but gentle, like he told her.

Harry threw his head back and moaned. He knew she wouldn’t have to worry about it too long since nobody had touched him in nearly six months. He’d be exhausted in a matter of minutes.

Her thumb ran over the precome spilling from the tip of his cock and dragged it back down, just as he’d advised.

“S’big. You’re big,” she said.

He smiled, eyes hazy and glancing down at hers; huge, blown and intently pointed towards his prick.

A couple of minutes had passed when her breath crossed his shaft and her tongue ran over the head. Harry’s body shuddered and his hand gathered Y/N’s hair into his palm.

Her tongue felt divine on his length. His mind, clear of all concepts except pleasure, could only picture Y/N’s mouth on him over and over. She moaned onto him and he felt it throughout his spine, causing his hand to tighten in her hair.

He forced himself to pull away from Y/N’s mouth and tug at himself quickly until he was coming in spurts. He’d never felt such intense pleasure in his cock. He wanted to believe it was partially because of Y/N, and it probably was, but it was most likely due to the fact that he hadn’t come since October.

He pulled her up and lovingly pressed a kiss to her swollen lips. “Will you let me do something for you now?”

She nodded, running a hand through the hair that Harry had tangled and frizzed up.

Harry grabbed a tissue from the table and cleaned himself off, pulling his boxers back on and getting settled to the side of Y/N on the couch.

“Tell me if I go too far. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

“Okay,” she whispered.

Harry ran his hand down her torso and casually left a mark on her cute, little shoulder.

“Erm, I’ve never… put anything in the hole, just- just”

“Your clit?”

She bashfully nodded and hid her face into the side of the throw.

“Hey, don’t be  embarrassed. It’s female anatomy. It’s normal. It’s literally the most interesting thing a man can ever see.”

She snorted into the blanket and he smiled.

“Just relax, baby. Let me make you feel good.”

His hand wiggled past the waistband of the cute pair of panties he loves; the panties he bought for her.

“You’re very wet,” he acknowledged.

She whined and lightly shoved his head from her chest, where he’s pushed her shirt past her breasts and was gently sucking on her hard nipple.

“Stop it.”

He laughs and flicks his tongue for good measure. Harry’s very good in bed; he knows how to make the ladies scream, swoon and surge with pleasure. He’s very hopeful that Y/N will allow him to properly taste her.

Y/N has never felt so good. Harry was certainly more experienced than her. She’d read somewhere that boys typically have trouble pleasuring a girl; Harry didn’t. Harry rubbed perfect figure eights into her clit, occasionally flicking in tune to his tongue on her nipple.

His eyes were shut, as were hers. When she lightly moaned, his flashed open and he smirked. How pretty, that sound. Do it again, he thought. C’mon, do it again.

She came with a gasp, tugging at Harry’s hair and moaning as his fingers helped ride it out.

They sat for a bit, Parks and Rec playing in the background as they both thought about the events that just transpired.



“Do you think it’s too early to say… you know?”

He flashed his bright eyes to her and smiled. “No, why?”

“No reason.”

Harry tsked and pulled on a section of her hair.

She giggled and pulled his arm around her. “I guess because I do.”

“Well what would you say if I said I do too?”

“Erm, I’d probably say we’ve got to be an official couple now.”

“Good choice,” he admired.

“I thought so too.“


okay but brand new daddy Harry out with you for the first time since you’ve had the baby. And its been months since either of you had gotten a chance to get out and be with friends. So when he gets a call from one of the old London crew you both jump at the chance, leaving your precious bundle with Gramma Anne and promises to be back before lunch the following day. You both make a pact, squished together in the back of the cab on the ride over it’s a baby-free night, because you need it and because you don’t want to be those annoying new parents that can’t shut up about their baby. 

And when you’ve finally made it to the bar, with freshly shaved legs that haven’t seen the sun in 3 months and the one shirt you currently own that doesn’t have a baby related stain on it you both feel like kids in a candy store. You order the strongest drink you can remember from your college days, because you already pumped enough for baby tomorrow and because it’s been far too long since you’ve gotten a little tipsy. The loving doting husband that Harry is, has pretty much stuck with you in abstaining from alcohol through your pregnancy/nursing  so as not to make you feel left out and he’s got the biggest, toothiest grin when he asks the bartender for not one but two long island iced teas. You giggle conspiratorially when both of your faces screw up with the first sip of the strong, strong, strong drinks. 

And next thing the majority of the group has arrived and there’s hugs all around and all your and Harry’s friends asking after the newborn. It’s with smug satisfaction you both manage to keep from gushing too much as you politely answer with adjectives like ‘perfect’ and ‘wonderful’ and ‘sweet’. 

You should’ve known it wouldn’t last long though. Because not long after Harry’s second trip to the bar you can hear him, his slurry, sloppy, tipsy voice carrying over to where you’re standing feet away. He’s got his phone out now, with an arm around one of his friends, trapping them and scrolling through pictures of your baby with the dreamiest look on his face. Loudly recounting a story about the day before, when she gave her very first laugh. “She’s a genius mate, I tell yeh.” And you’re not better off unfortunately, warm and giggly and tingling in your fingers and toes. Waltzing over to join in on the baby praise much to your friend’s dismay. But neither of you notice, because you just love her so much and you say it at least a hundred times with the same shmoopy grin plastered on your faces. 

He’s got a grip on your hand that’s casual except it’s not because you usually refrain in public but you’re among friends and too rum-warm to care. And because when he looks at pictures of his perfect little girl he can’t help but also think about his other perfect girl who he’s seeing for the first time with makeup on and hair brushed in a week and a half. And so he’s pressing sloppy kisses into your cheek intermittenly and not letting you get too far away even when you tug a bit at your joined hands. And he’s following you to the bathroom for some unknown reason and standing guard outside until you emerge. He’s got a key in his pocket that he keeps flashing at you with wiggling eyebrows. A hotel room key that holds with it another sort of promise. 

And he’s warm and sturdy and charming as ever though you both can’t stay away from the topic of baby for too long. Huddled together while you coo and gush and nearly cry over pictures of your baby. “Harry, I miss her!” through slightly blurry eyes and his aren’t all that dry either. 

You’ve started to stumble a bit as the night wears on and he’s catching you with deep chuckles and fumbling hands. And there’s sloppy goodbye kisses and calling for taxis when all your friends decide to depart. There’s moaning and groaning as you wait for one because “Harry, my feet hurt!” He’s got a forehead kiss for you and a promise of a footrub and a steady arm that rubs circles into your back. 

There’s a hotel room with a cheeky bit of kissing and touching but ultimately sheets that feel too inviting and a room that’s too quietly peaceful to do anything other than rest your exhausted, drained, first time parent bones. But it’s okay, with soft sleepy smiles and “Should we call your mum?” and “Love, it’s 2:30 in the morning”. With a head that burrows in the crook of your neck and an arm that winds around your waist and no thought of the retribution in the form of a hangover that tomorrow with will bring. 

“Easy there, Love.” He tells her, lying a hand gentle on the arm closest to him and she doesn’t know if she’s shivering because she’s sick, or she’s dead, or if he’s just really pretty, but it’s a shiver all the same.

Squinting up at him, Y/N moves her other hand (though it requires some effort) anyways to pat at his, “I’m dead right?” She asks him seriously, sniffling, “Are you an angel?”


Y/N is stressed and sick and Harry is her nurse

(20k+ words) 

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Dry Spell

A smutty (with a touch of fluff) story in which y/n and Harry find themselves in a 24-day dry spell….and so she buys a vibrator. Things get fun.

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“When’s the last time somebody touched you, Darling?” And it catches Y/N off guard, he thinks because she thought they were having an unspoken agreement to not bring up how hot n’ bothered he’d gotten her without touching where it counts.

“S'been a while…” she trailed off, coming back with a, “…like a year, maybe.”

The car swerved under Harry’s hands, head snapping to her, “A year?!”

“Watch the road you idiot!” She cries out, and Harry looks out the windshield with a look of desperation on his face.


Y/N is Harry’s personal assistant 

part 1

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So when he talks to her next late at night, the conversation had only been at ten minutes long when he said, “Alright Love, I’ve got to cut these shorter. You’re expensive.”

“But,” she had started, and Harry could hear the pout in her voice, “, you’re my favorite call of the night.”

Harry’s heart did this thing that it really shouldn’t with a girl he’s never actually met.

“Okay,” he murmured low, “We can talk for a little longer.”

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Grinning, Harry grabs for her other hand, messing with the bracelets on her wrist, “This is absolutely riveting, tell me more – what is your preferred detergent the one with the bear or Tide?”

“Oh be quiet,” she shushes him, “And the one with the bear is called Snuggle.”

part 1

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Little Spoon

A smutty story in which Harry had a bad day, so he wants to be the little spoon.

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He wasn’t ecstatic to see her, per say, especially with how things went last time they’d met – but she did look rather cute, Harry would admit. The country club uniform didn’t make her dull any, only gave her a chance to appear even brighter. A smile stretching at her lips, blindingly happy as she makes way towards them. Harry can already see the look in Niall’s eyes, and hopes it doesn’t stay around long. He actually wants a game today – surprisingly – and Niall being distracted by a sickeningly sweet caddy would not fulfill that wish.

“So, I’ve never really done this before,” Y/N admits, stepping up to Harry, “Like, do I carry the ball hitters?”

“Ball hitters,” Harry repeats unamused, “You do. Where are they?”

Y/N looks at him confused, “I thought you had ‘em?”


Harry mistakes the twist in his belly for loathing

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She slides into the wall when he finally does, the cat coming out of nowhere and it makes her jump before unintentionally gliding into the space besides the pantry and between the set of cupboards. Squealing when Harry slides himself right in her way, trapping her in between his arms before kneeing at her, “Gotcha!” He chirps and she sighs heavy.

“No fair,” she huffs, “The cat just appeared in front of my feet, you lot are plotting against me I bet. You jerks.”

Grinning, Harry leans forward and nudges at her cheek dotingly, “Bunny, you’re just slow.”

or Things aren’t as easy as Harry would’ve hoped

part 1

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And he wants so badly, right now more than anything, for Y/N to just – to just try and fuck him. To give him the tell tale signs he’s so used to seeing from everyone he comes in contact with (even Niall sometimes, he’d think) that gave him some clue they wanted to fuck him.

But Y/N – Y/N seemed quite content with just studying.


Harry is used to people paying attention to him 

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