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Harries in 2016 during Harry’s hiatus:

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The Founder of American LGBT


In 1950, in the midst of America’s most conservative decade, Harry Hay started the Mattachine Society, the country’s first successful gay liberation organization. Harry’s ideas would become the guiding principles of the US gay rights movement.

Harry began his activist life in the 1930’s fighting for worker’s rights in the labor movement. Soon after meeting fellow activist Will Geer, Harry became an active member of the Communist Party and a celebrated Marxist teacher. While later abandoned by most activists, at that time the Party was on the cutting edge of social change in the US. As fellow activist Frank Pestana says, “They were fighting for workmen’s comp, job security, medical care, social security - all the things that we have now.”

It was Harry’s experience organizing in these activist movements that gave him the tools he needed to create a secret, underground homosexual organization in Los Angeles. In a climate of extreme oppression, Mattachine provided enough safety and security for homosexuals to gather together and take steps towards their own liberation. The Mattachine Society would eventually spread to major cities across the country.

Decades later, in 1979, as the gay rights movement began losing its edge, Harry and three others called for the first Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries, reaching out to activists across the country. This first gathering launched a movement of Radical Faeries that is now active across the US and around the world. Radical Faeries often meet in rural areas, offering an alternative to mainstream queer culture. Radical Faerie sanctuaries now exist in the US, Canada and Europe.

Harry continued his social change work until the very end, speaking out, organizing, and inspiring a new generation in the fight for justice and equality. Harry passed away in 2002.

For more on Harry Hay, please see Stuart Timmons’ biography, The Trouble with Harry Hay , and Will Roscoe’s curated collection of Harry’s writings and essays, Radically Gay : Gay Liberation in the Words of Its Founder.


The Mattachine Society, founded in 1950, was one of the earliest homophile organizations in the United States. Harry Hay and a group of Los Angeles friends formed the group to protect and improve the rights of gay people. These are some of their protest signs and publications.

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Los signos como frases de Harry Potter...

Aries.: “Hay muchos tipos de valentía. Hay que tener un gran coraje para oponerse a nuestros enemigos, pero hace falta el mismo valor para hacerlo con nuestros amigos”.

Tauro.: “Tu incapacidad de comprender qué hay muchas cosas peores que la muerte siempre ha sido tu mayor debilidad”.

Géminis.: “La comprensión es el primer paso para la aceptación, y sólo aceptando puede recuperarse”.

Cáncer.: “¿Piensas que los muertos a los que hemos querido nos abandonan del todo? ¿No crees que los recordamos especialmente en los mayores apuros? Tu padre vive en ti Harry, y se manifiesta más claramente cuando lo necesitas”.

Leo.: “¡No te das cuenta de que no importa lo que uno es por nacimiento sino lo que uno es por sí mismo!”.

Virgo.: “Lo único que nos da miedo cuando nos asomamos a la muerte o a la oscuridad, es lo desconocido”.

Libra.: “Claro que esto sucede en tu cabeza Harry, pero ¿por qué eso tiene que significar que no es real?”

Escorpio.: “Llámalo Voldemort Harry. Utiliza siempre el nombre correcto de las cosas. El miedo a un hombre aumenta el nombre a la cosa que se nombra”.

Sagitario.: “Y ahora, Harry, adentrémonos en la oscuridad y vayamos en busca de la aventura, aquella caprichosa seductora”.

Capricornio.: “Ser el maestro de la muerte no es conseguir la inmortalidad. Es aceptar la muerte, esto es conquistarla”.

Acuario.: “La gente encuentra más fácil perdonar a los demás por equivocarse, que por acertar”.

Piscis.: “Los jóvenes no pueden saber cómo piensan ni cómo se sienten los ancianos, pero los ancianos somos culpables si olvidamos qué significa ser joven”.