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I heard there was a Hogwarts/Mad Max AU floating around? 

Here’s my two cents for that. *throws* This is what happens when I decide to marathon the HP movies over the week and also have a “Little Witch Academia” anime poster in front of my work space.

*lies down* I have spent too much energy and time on this.

is it just me or...

did this outfit:

make ya’ll go:

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you know who else is a real big fan of Wisconsin Athletics?

I mean…I don’t know if you noticed:

and that XL?

The Deal

I’m working on so many things. SO MANY. But the FWB concept has been with me for awhile, so I spun out this short thing. I might revisit it in a different way in the future, but for now, have a short shot of it. x. 

Gentle reminder: requests are closed. I’m working on them and much more! ;) 

The deal is that he gets his action from you when he’s in town, or anywhere near.

It works out perfectly, actually. It saves him the trouble of using his hand or alternately having to up his vigilance to ten when he tries to scour through and find someone to help him stroke his need, and you… well, you get a really good, no strings attached fuck from a guy who knows exactly which buttons to push because he’s pushed them so many times before.

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Harry's pants with the rips that he has on from the pics of him walking around NY are Louis' pants. GRDUBJKPDCK@$?;!!!!!! They're so cute it literally disgusts me.

THEY’RE THE ONES LOUIS WORE W THE RIPS REALLY FAR DOWN RIGHT and we said it was because they were harry’s and now 💁

Anyone believe what Liam trying to convince the GP about being free after 1D ,& to believe their words & actions (stunts) now …

This is what Zayn said after he left 1D trying to convince us that he has more freedom after 1D :

— 💌@ Zayn : “ I guess They were only trying to tell u that full beard doesn’t grow for a 17 yrs boy” …I mean ,

Zayn (2012)

Zayn (2013)

Zayn (2014)

Zayn (2015)

(P.s: None of ot5 is free … They r now only changing their PR strategy cuz the criticism during 1D was focus on how the boys controlled by their mgms & everything is fake , & now they want to make their stunts & label ’ narrative more creadible & believable , so they push the “we r free after 1D” thing & give those silly proofs as growing a beard or each one has a personality thing or Harry start to wear high waist pants !!!! … Not their closet , not how their sexual image is presented, not their public reputation as womanizer or using drugs & drinking, not the fake girflriends (beards)& babies , not the hating rumours bet. Them ….

“Two Ghosts” by Harry Styles 2013

Drarry Au: Draco is a designer on project runway and Harry is his model

•like it’s one of the first challenges and they have to make men’s wear
•and Draco’s got this because I mean come on he’s an absolutely amazing designer come on now
•but then he meets his model
•and he’s freaking gorgeous
•and Draco introduces himself and the man just smiles and says “Hi I’m Harry”
•and Draco died a little bit
•the whole time Draco can’t stop thinking about this gorgeous man
•and then fitting comes
•and Draco get to TOUCH him now
•like intimately because he needs to finish the pants
•and Harry the whole time has this sly confident smile on his face
•and the tension between them is so thick
•once it comes time for Draco to send Harry down the runway Draco is extremely nervous
•he hasn’t done his best because of this THING between him and the model
• but Harry promises him that it looks great
•and Draco wins the challenge
•after Harry asks Draco out for dinner
•and throughout the whole show they’re dating but no one knows cause Harry still is Draco’s model for male challenges and that would be awks if people new
•but once it’s finals night Draco had Harry be the model that wears his “show stopper” piece
•all the models have walked except Harry and once he hits the stage the crowd goes wild
•not as wild as they go when Draco grabs Harry’s hand and kisses him ON NATIONAL TV
•and Draco wins the whole competition and him and Harry go to like Barcelona or something and Harry becomes Draco’s main model forever •idk I just really love this idea sorry!!

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drarry with legit any lyric from Control by Halsey would be perf!!!❤️❤️

(thank you for this suggestion and sorry it took me SO LONG to get to, and that this is only a headcanon and not a drabble. <3)

this is for @slytherdornet‘s New Beginnings challenge!

  • after the final battle, harry goes back to Hogwarts for the summer to help rebuild
    • he would have stayed with the Weasley’s, but he wanted to give them some time alone with their grief and their pain
      • grief and pain that he still feels just a bit to guilty about
    • and Hermione went to Australia and wanted to go alone
    • so Harry went to go fix the place he worked so hard to save
  • draco goes too
    • his own guilt was eating away at him, reminding him that he had spent too many years making the wrong decisions, too much time screwing up
    • and living with his mother grieving about his father’s imprisonment had been a bit too much to bear
    • and pansy went into hiding because she was terrified after her suggesting they give up potter that someone would throw her in azkaban too
    • blaise ran to italy for the warmth, and his mother
  • all of the common rooms are in shambles except for the Slytherin dorms, and Harry and Draco are two of the only students (at first) who come back
    • they end up sharing the 7th year boys dorms
    • which is just as uncomfortable as it sounds
  • mostly, they try to ignore each other
    • it kind of works
  • except. one day harry finds draco sitting on the floor of the common room
    • (because harry can’t really sleep, so he spends most nights pacing the common room and trying to figure out how he could have changed things, how he could have saved more people)
    • his knuckles are bleeding and his shoulders are shaking
    • and Harry, who has always had a thing for saving people, can’t help but crouch down and ask what’s wrong
    • and Draco manages not to cry when he explains that he can’t stand to look at himself anymore, not after everything he’s done, that he smashed all the mirrors because he couldn’t get them off the walls
    • and harry, well. harry understands
  • one night, draco has a nightmare
    • a bad nightmare
    • which harry understands too
    • he finds draco shaking and panting and shouting “they’re coming for me”
    • and harry doesn’t think about it, he just does what he always does for hermione
    • he climbs into draco’s bed and wraps his arms around the man until draco starts to cry, shaking against his body
    • when draco finally calms down, he tries to break away, tries to tell harry to fuck off
    • but harry promises it’ll help, that draco should just suck it up and try to get a good night’s sleep and ignore the fact that they hate each other
    • and… it does help
    • and draco, the next morning when he wakes up refreshed and alone, doesn’t know how to feel about this
  • harry jumps at every noise he hears
    • it’s a byproduct of living on the run, of being afraid for his life for so long on end
    • draco doesn’t realize this, at first
    • and one day he accidentally sneaks up on harry
    • and before he can blink, harry has smashed him into a wall and is pinning him there, his wand pressed against draco’s throat, and it’s all draco can do not to scream
    • but he manages to take a deep breath
    • “potter, you’re scaring me” he says, trying to shake harry out of it
    • and harry steps back, his hand shaking and his head down, and mumbles that he’s scaring himself too
  • it takes them two months before they have a real conversation
    • it’s two am and they’re both vulnerable and shaken and trying to control the villains in their own heads
    • and harry blurts out that he’s terrified, that he’s so scared he can’t sleep and so guilty he can barely function
    • and draco snaps back that he’s got his own demons, that he’s meaner than they’ll ever be anyways
    • and harry tries to convince draco he’s not that bad
    • and draco tries to convince harry that he did everything he could, that he saved as many people as he could and that’s okay too. because no one could save everyone
    • and they both try to convince each other, and themselves, that the war is over, and it’s done now, and they can maybe start over
    • and finally harry takes a deep breath and holds out his hand
    • “to new beginnings?” he asks, tentative, finally noticing the way draco has filled out in his shoulders, the way his skin glows softly in the cool dungeon lights
    • and draco, who has always noticed the way harry’s dark skin almost shimmers in the sunlight, the way his large hands grip a broom and a snitch and a wand, can’t stop himself
    • he slides one pale hand into the offered one, and manages a weak smile of his own
    • “to new beginnings.”

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“I believe in you.”

I had no idea where I was going with this when I started. But, boy, did it go somewhere. Anyways, thanks for the prompt!

Draco shifted in between his bed sheets, grabbing the parchment from his nightstand for the umpteenth time and holding it over his head. The corners of his mouth twitched as he reread the letter Potter sent him.


Don’t be a git. You’re going to do great for your exams. I’ve seen you’re healing skills. Who else could have saved me from that splinter? That’s right. No one. Damn school desks.

Anyways, don’t worry. I believe in you. Just do your best. (Can you tell that Hermione helped me write this?)



Malfoy couldn’t suppress the smile that spread across his face. Of course Potter would be shite at giving words of encouragement. But even then, his letter made Draco’s stomach twist with butterflies instead of pre-exam anxiety. If he was being honest, all of Harry’s letters made him feel tingly and warm. It was easy to forget how far away from each other they were when he got at least two owls a day.

Potter was the most prominent (and permanent) DADA teacher Hogwarts ever had and Malfoy was finishing up his training at St. Mungo’s as one of the highest in his class. Draco would never have guessed that deciding to go into the medical field would bring him this close to his old nemesis and secret crush. Harry had come in on account of his students using a defense charm wrong. Malfoy was the only one available since the hospital was short on staff and he was the most capable. Surprisingly, the animosity between them didn’t show itself, replaced with banter and catching up (albeit a bit tense laughter). Obviously, there had been nothing romantic between them then and definitely nothing presently, but that didn’t stop him from hoping. It was easy to think that Potter liked him. That’s just the way he was. Always open to others and far, far too comfortable.

Draco sighed and carefully folded the letter, setting it back onto the nightstand. He rolled over to get comfy, but his thoughts roamed back to his inevitable exam the next day. He grumbled as he reached behind him and grabbed at the letter.

“I guess sleep isn’t in today’s schedule,” He muttered, smirking again as he opened the parchment.


Harry jumped at his desk, spilling ink over the homework he was grading.

“Merlin, Malfoy!” He turned in his chair to face his fireplace. Draco was climbing out of it and quickly dusting himself off. “How did you bypass the floo network? No one is allowed to get in here outside of the school-”

Draco waved him off, “It was easy. I’m amazing. Blah blah blah. Speaking of me being amazing-!” He thrusted a piece of parchment with a very formal seal on it into his hands. It looked like it had been ripped open and held so fiercely that it was almost torn on it’s sides.

Harry looked up and grinned in bewilderment, “Is this…?”

Draco nodded vigorously as he spelled the spilled ink away and hopped up on Harry’s desk. “Look!”

Harry chuckled as he unfolded the results and scanned the page. His face broke into a wide smile, “Malfoy! This is brilliant. Top marks!”

Malfoy feigned modesty as he brushed his hair back behind his ear, “Oh, I guess. It was nothing, really.”

The dark haired man rolled his eyes, resting a hand on Draco’s thigh and looking up at him. “I’m proud of you, Draco.”

Malfoy swallowed thickly, nodding curtly and turning away so as not to show his growing blush. “… Thanks.”

“Well, shall we go celebrate? I don’t have classes tomorrow so we could get a drink.”

He shrugged, acutely aware of Harry’s hand rubbing tiny circles on his leg, “Whatever floats your boat, Potter.”

“Or we could stay in. Watch another muggle movie. I know you like those.” Harry’s warm smile never faltered and made soft crinkles form at the side of his eyes. It drove Draco mad.

“I said they intrigue me. There’s a difference.” He sniffed.

“Haha, okay. Well, I guess instead we could-”

“Merlin, Potter, you’d think we were planning an impromptu date. We don’t have to go through the whole list of what we do together.” Malfoy immediately regretted his words as he felt Harry’s hand freeze on his leg. He then withdrew it and let it rest in his own lap, looking down at the floor with his expression inexplicably guilty.

“Sorry. We just haven’t seen each other for awhile… I thought we could- Er, nevermind. I didn’t mean to make it seem date-like, I just- You did well on your exam, I figured-”

“Potter, shut up. Let’s just do a movie.” Draco rolled his eyes, trying to subdue the flush that was creeping up his neck.

“But if you don’t want to-”

“I do want to-”

“But you just said-”

“I’m aware of what I said. Now I’m saying-”

“Look, I’m not trying to force you to hang out with me-”

Harry.” Draco snatched his hand and firmly pressed it against his thigh, looking frustrated. “I want to.”

Harry stared at him, his mouth agape, as Malfoy slowly realized what he just did.

“… Watch a movie, that is.”

Potter took a moment before he grinned and flipped his hand around to hold Draco’s. “What else would we be talking about?”

Malfoy shivered at the touch, “H-hanging out…?”

He chuckled as he slowly stood up from his chair and leaned over the other. “Right. Hanging out. We’re ignoring the date suggestion, then?”

He glared up at Potter, the blush bright on his cheeks, “It wasn’t a suggestion.”

“It is now.” Harry murmured, the flirty and playful mood quickly shifting to something less innocent.

Draco gulped, then took a short intake of breath when Harry glanced down at his throat. There was a hunger behind his eyes that made Malfoy squirm. Harry glanced back up, his smile faltering as his expression turned serious.

“Do you want to?” Harry whispered.

Draco stared at him, his heart thumping loudly as he gave one small, slow nod. Potter barely gave him a chance to take a breath before he crashed their lips together. Draco didn’t mind, though, as his hands were immediately in his messy hair and his legs spread to wrap around his hips. He felt too desperate to be doing this right, but he didn’t care. It was too good and he was too hungry. Harry seemed to not care about their grace, either, as he had ripped his lips away only to suck and lick at Dracos neck. Malfoy moaned and lifted his chin up, earning a low growl from Harry.

“Ha-Harry.” Draco panted, his heart speeding up as he felt Potters growing erection through their trousers. “Merlin.

They rutted against each other, mouths clashing together once again. Harry’s hands slid around Draco’s waist to pull him closer, tugging at the blonds lower lip with his teeth. Malfoy was about to drag his hand down to Potters waistband before there was a knock at the door, making them both freeze.

“Professor Potter?” Came a small voice, muffled through the wood, “I have a question about the assignment.”

The two broke free, straightening themselves and jumping away from the desk.

“One- one moment!” Harry responded, his voice sounding hoarse and strained. He turned to Malfoy sheepishly. “Ah, sorry, I-”

Draco interrupted him with a kiss- tender, but quick- before he brushed his hair back haughtily and snatched his parchment from the desk, “Whatever, Potter. I expect you at my flat tonight. Don’t bring a shite movie.”

He turned back to the fireplace and stepped in, seeing the wide grin on Harry’s face before he was transported back to his home.

“Well,” Draco said with a giddy smirk, “I guess sleep isn’t in today’s schedule.”

Four Word Prompts

The Drug Lord Harry Styles AU

A.N. Hey guys this is my first time writing anything. I have been wanting to write for a while but have never known what to write. So I hope this is good. Hope you enjoy it! Love Zoe. xx

She walks through the smoke filled warehouse in search of him. His men counting money and evenly dividing out the product. Duffels packed full and ready to be thrown into the trunks of the blacked out vehicles parked out back. You could hear the click of her black Louboutin’s on the cold concrete floor as she struts passed her lover’s employees.

“Rose!” the large guys shout cheerfully acknowledging her presence.

“Hey boys,” she laughs, “nice to see you guys slacking off as usual! Now get back to work. You know how he is.”

The men have grown accustomed to Rose over the last three years of her dating their boss, as she has grown accustomed to them, as well as his business. So the playful banter between Rose and the guys has grown to be a normal occurrence. She looks around for Mr. Bossy himself and realizes he must be taking care of things in his office. As she looks around she notices a few things that she knows he won’t be too happy knowing is going on. Rolling her eyes at the childishness of what appears to be a few new employees acting like kids on a playground, in the corner of the warehouse.

Rose giggles lightly at her thoughts, knowing that if her boyfriend knew what she was thinking, he would chuckle and mumble about having taught her well.

As she walks through the hall leading to his office she starts to make out his raspy voiced yells coming from behind the closed door.

“I don’t care who he thinks he is! If he so much as leaves the city without handing me the payment, I will end him myself! I will not let him get away with stealing from me!” his voice booms through the hall, even with the door closed. As she approaches his door she hears the second voice.

“Sir I-I’m sorry. I’ll get Paul and we will go get it from him,” the voice sounds so weak in comparison.

“Stop with the apologies and just go do it! Your words mean nothing while you are just sitting there!” he growls in reply. As Rose hears the exchange, she can’t help but feel sorry for whoever her lover has just griped out.

Her thoughts get interrupted by the door flying open. She looks up in shock to see his victim fleeing at the command.

“S-Sorry Rose didn’t know you were there,” the small guy stutters as he pushes passed her. Rose watches as he scurries down the hall, obviously scared by Mr. Bossy himself.

“Jesus Harry! That poor guy has probably ruined his pants because of you!” she laughs as she enters the office. Rose looks up and meets the eyes of the most addicting man in existence. Even her joking tone wasn’t enough to calm him down from the boiling rage that was set in his body from the exchange with the horrified man that just fled from his office like a bat from hell. “Haz, what’s wrong what’d he do?” Rose asked curious to know why her boyfriend, who is usually radiating with happiness every time he sees her, is so infuriated.

“Fucking idiot can’t seem to take orders. I swear if he causes me to lose money I will kill him,” he snaps like a rabid dog.

“Whoa! Down boy!” she giggles walking towards him. She grabs his shoulders once she is standing in front of his enraged body. “He went to take care of it so calm down and explain the situation to me, okay?” He looks down at her and immediately his eyes soften. He nods and grabs her hand and walks to his black leather chair behind his big mahogany desk. He sits her on his lap and he sighs deeply.

“Do you remember the deal, from about a month back, that I had to go to L.A. for?” he inquired looking up at Rose as his hand lightly skimmed over the small of her back before he planted it there comfortingly. She nodded as if to tell him to keep talking. “Well the payment for that hasn’t been given to me yet and that pipsqueak that just ran from my office was the one that was supposed to retrieve that for me,” he grumbled looking away from Rose as if he was ashamed.

“Baby look at me,” she grabbed his chin and pulled his face up to look at her, “it’ll be okay. You will get the payment it’s going to be okay. What’s the matter?” Rose asks him softly as she looks him in the eyes.

“I just hate the idea of losing money. Especially when I have a high maintenance girlfriend,” she smacks his arm as he jokes, “I’m teasing baby. I love treating you like the queen you are.” He smiles up at her with a look of pure love and adoration. The same look he has given her since the beginning of their relationship. Ever since she met this man he has adored her. He always says that he fell in love with her at first sight.

The day he saw Rose in that restaurant sitting with her friends as he was there to meet a client, he fell in love with her smile. Saw her laughing at something one of her friends must have joked about and he was in awe. At the time he didn’t know that she was laughing at what her friends had joked about him, the absolute sex god in the corner staring at her with a smile on his face.

So, that very same night Rose had glanced at him while he had a stern look on his face toward the man sitting across from him. She was curious as to why he was smiling while looking at her, a complete stranger, but looked so serious at the man he appeared to know.

The two of them had met at the restaurant’s bar later on that evening. She was ordering a round of shots for her friends on her own, since the waitress seemed to be too busy not doing her job. He had approached Rose, seeing it as his only opportunity to meet the girl he had already seemed so taken with. It wasn’t a waste of time for him. Since now she is his beautiful girlfriend of three years.

“My beautiful Rose,” he smiled as he ran his course fingers softly over the soft flesh of her cheek. She smiled back, looking him in his intoxicating green eyes. “What did I ever do to deserve you?” he whispers as he leans closer to her.

“I think I should be the one to ask that question,” she whispers as she leans forward and meets his rough pink lips with her own tender and glossy ones. His hands come up to her cheeks as he kisses her harder. He absolutely loves kissing her. It’s his addiction, the fire he feels radiating through his entirety when their lips meet has completely got him hooked. Almost like an adrenaline junky can’t stop searching for a new adrenalin rush better than the last. He can’t stop kissing her. He loves to feel that fire, each time more intense than the last. The kiss keeps getting deeper. Rose and Harry both try to make the flames grow larger by the second. Neither of them can help it. They are both addicted to the pleasure and love they feel from the other.

“Styles!” the door bursts open. Rose jumps back from the kiss as Harry growls, mad that what they seemed to be starting got interrupted.

“What?” Harry snaps at the man while looking at Rose’s face which had dropped into a scowl while she looked at the intruder. This caused him to look up at the reason for his queen’s unhappiness. His face drops. “Niall get out of my office I swear I will hurt you,” Harry glares at his best friend. Rose loves Niall to death but at the moment she would like to hurt him herself. He is the reason behind her not getting the alone time with Harry that she so desperately wants.

“Sorry mate. Didn’t know Rosie was here,” Niall’s apology is meaningless considering the smug look painted across his face. “Anyways, Harry there’s a problem with the count,” Niall’s face turning serious.

“What do you mean there’s a problem with the count?” Harry growls. Rose gets up from Harry’s lap growing tense at his tone.

“Apparently that new kid Alex lost count. Said he doesn’t know how many ounces are actually in his duffel,” Niall sighed, frustrated at the new recruit. “Fucking stupid, that kid. Swear he actually smoked what might be missing.” Harry was already angry from the conversation he had with the guy before. Now he has to deal with some new guy’s mistake, which could cost him.

“Let’s go fucking count it,” Harry stands up and walks out of the office. Rose follows close behind him. She is always right behind him when things like this occur. Maybe it’s because she is the only person that can calm him down if he gets angry. Maybe it’s because if he knows she is there it’ll keep him from doing anything stupid. The last thing he wants to do is to scare her. She has already witnessed the reasons she should’ve left him. Hell, she is in the middle of the reason she should probably still leave. Somehow though, he has managed to keep her. So he’ll be damned if he should give her any other reason to leave him.

“Which one of you shitheads think it’s okay to cost me time and money?” he shouts through the warehouse. At his question, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at him. “Alex was it?” He scolds towards the crowd of men. One man stands up and walks towards Harry.

“S-Sir I’m Alex. I-I’m so sorry I messed up I just don’t know how badly,” he stutters once he reaches Harry. “I didn’t mean to sir I really am sorry.” Harry doesn’t mutter a word towards him; he just gives him a chilling stare.

“Alex, why don’t you show us your duffel and we will find out what’s missing?” Rose asks him as she grabs Harry’s hand to keep him calm. Alex nods and walks toward his table. Harry follows him, hand still locked with yours.

“This is it,” Alex nervously hands his duffel to Harry; “Again I’m sorry.”

“Alex if you keep apologizing I will knock you on your ass,” Harry hissed at the shaking man. Rose gripped Harry’s hand tighter. Alex backed away slightly, scared to piss Harry off even more. Niall stepped in to help count the product in the duffel. As he counted it Rose looked at Alex and recognized him as one of the guys that was messing around in the corner when she got to the warehouse. She rolled her eyes and tugged on Harry’s hand.

“Haz, I need to tell you something,” she mumbled towards Harry. She knew that Alex didn’t accidentally lose count. He actually wasn’t working and when they called for count he lied about losing count. “Harry he lied,” she said a little louder which made Harry stop listening to Niall and turning to her instead.

“Who lied?” He asks confused by what she meant.

“Alex lied, Harry. He didn’t lose count, he was messing around in the corner with another guy when I got here earlier and wasn’t working,” she admits to him. Harry was confused until he completely processed what she said and he was fuming. He let go of Rose’s hand as he turned towards Alex and pushed Niall out of the way and grabbed Alex by his shirt. Alex eyes grew wide, scared of what might happen.

“You decide to waste my fucking time on a lie? You sit here and lie about losing count wasting my time and costing me money by fucking around in the corner like a kid!? You want to fucking mess around, huh!?” Harry yells in his face, rage consuming his entire body. “Get Rose out of here,” Harry mumbles toward Niall still holding onto Alex.

“Harry, mate. Calm dow—“

“Niall I said get her out of here!” Harry screams, not able to control his rage at the moment. Niall grabs Rose’s arm and pulls her out of the warehouse. Harry’s anger too much to contain, so he didn’t want her to see what was about to happen. She walks quickly to keep up with Niall.

“Niall slow down!” Rose snaps at the man who is frantically pulling her away from the building even though they are already outside. Why is he still walking, she thinks to herself as she hears a loud noise ring through the air. It made her jump when it went off. Something in her knew exactly what it was. That noise is one that anybody could recognize. Even if you haven’t heard it in person, you know what it is immediately when you hear it. The noise that rang through the air caused Rose to stop.

A gun shot.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion. Even the chills that ran through her entirety seemed to go slow. Almost as if she felt them appear one by one. Niall tried to tug her forward, but she was frozen. She turned around looking towards the warehouse. Nothing seemed different on the outside. On the inside, there was a major change.

Harry just shot Alex.

  • [Singing children's songs with Harry, to minor success. Harry babbles along to the tune. Sometimes.]
  • Remus: [after bobbing his head along] Beautiful rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider. Love the ad-lib of Harry shoving a finger up his nose at "down the water spout". The nose is a drain pipe of sorts, indeed. Genius.
  • Sirius: [resting his head on his hands] [hollowly] The book said he should be able to do this.
  • Remus: [amused] The book said WE should be teaching him songs, not that he'll burst into song like Bocelli. Isn't that right, Harry?
  • Harry: [nods]
  • Remus: Want to sing more? More songs?
  • Harry: [nods]
  • Remus: [points at Sirius] Ask Paddy. Say pleeeeaaaase.
  • Harry: Paddy pwease?
  • Sirius: [pretends not to notice]
  • Remus: Uh-oh. He can't hear you. More. Pleeeeaaaaaaase.
  • Harry: [louder] PWEEEEEAAAAAAASE.
  • Sirius: [grins] Godric's hairy pants, a toad has more rhythm than you. [pinches Harry's cheeks] I don't know why you like destroying the peace so much, but all right.
  • Remus: [sarcastic] Says the guy who ruined the microwave by running a Hunger Games - Fruit Edition. [mimicking Sirius's voice] Only one fruit can leave this microwave whole. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  • Sirius: Oi! You were just as curious as I was, Moony, don't deny it. [turns to Harry] [launches into a very animated rendition of Baa Baa Black Sheep]
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Drarry Advent Day 24 - for @sprout2012

  • I didn’t get to use your prompt but I hope you love it anyway. I’m so very happy to have met you and consider you one of my closest friends now and you’re just wonderful. ❤️

Tacky Christmas Drabble

Draco has no idea when it started. When asked, Harry claims Ron started it all and Weasley still fervently insists that it was all Harry’s doing. All Draco knows for sure is that a few years ago both of them decided it was their mission to wear the tackiest Christmas items they could find, as if it were a competition.

In the beginning Draco had thought it would be a fluke. At least until the next year when, on top of the ghastly sweaters Harry was now wearing all December, he added ridiculous elf and Santa hats.

The following year Harry apparently found muggle Christmas hats somewhere that sang a rather crude song about a Reindeer. Draco couldn’t decide if he was more horrified it existed or that Harry had purchased it.

Then just this last year he’d found some monstrosity of a hat shaped like a tree that actually lit up and played music. Harry thought it was funny to wear it Christmas shopping just to annoy Draco.

Every year both Harry and Weasley accumulated more and more ridiculously ugly jumpers and hats as if trying to outdo each other in sheer hideousness. Instead of dying down after a few years, their strange Christmas clothing rivalry seemed to simply intensify each year.

Last year, in a last ditch effort to try to return Harry to his normal clothing during the Holiday season Draco had spelled it all away in a fit of annoyance. In retaliation though Harry had insisted Draco wear one of the many new jumpers he’d gone out and bought the second he realized what Draco had done. The new ones were, if possible, twice as horrible as the previous ones. And he was rather disheartened to discovered he even found a replacement for the bawdy reindeer hat. When Draco had refused to wear one though, Harry had told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t wear a tacky Christmas jumper to Ron and Hermione’s Christmas party that night he wouldn’t be getting any sex for the rest of the month.

Draco wore the hideous jumper.

He had also learned his lesson and this year he made extra sure not to touch or insult any of Harry’s horrible Christmas things again.

Except as Draco stands in the doorway and watches Harry get dressed he can’t help but think that no matter whose fault it was originally, he is the only one suffering the consequences. Well him and Granger. He can’t even imagine what Weasley will be wearing to the party tonight.

“Harry, must you wear all of that at one time?” He asks, even though he knows the answer.

Draco watches with growing amusement as Harry looks down at himself. “Too much?”

“Well that depends on if you’re trying to win the award for worlds ugliest Christmas sweater. Where on earth did you get a jumper that horrible anyway?”

Rather that look insulted Harry looks immensely pleased by his comments. “Brilliant! I’m sure to beat Ron this year! Mrs. Weasley made it for me, only don’t tell Ron he might get a bit sore I asked her for help.”

Draco just snorts. He’s pretty sure Weasley will recognize his own mothers knitting a mile away, besides who else would make Harry a sweater that looks like Christmas threw up; covered in little father Christmases and gnomes in elf suits and what looks suspiciously like a dragon in a Santa hat. There are even tiny presents made of glittery yarn and when Harry turns around Draco has to cover his mouth to stop from laughing because the entire back is covered in a rather accurate depiction of Harry’s face but with a Santa Hat and a large white beard.

“I think the sweater is enough, Harry. Are you sure you need the giant Reindeer hat, and that strange necklace made out of plastic fairy lights?” Draco does his best to maintain an even tone, deciding now is definitely not the time to risk any sort of repeat of last year.

“I think it all adds to the look. Besides I’ve got a secret back up plan just in case Ron manages to top me this year.”

“Do I want to-”. But before Draco can get the rest of his question, Harry has dropped his pants and Draco’s mouth falls open because then Harry is standing there with his jeans around his ankles and wearing a very skimpy thong made of red satin with tiny bells. It leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

“Ah…I think you might give Weasley a heart attack,” Draco coughs out, and despite the fact that the underwear is ridiculous and tacky, his own cock gives a jump of approval at the sight.

Harry just gives Draco a crooked smile in response, reaching down to tug up his jeans when Draco stalks over and stops him, moving his hand down to cup Harry’s half hard cock with his hand, flicking the bells with his thumb.

“Don’t I get to play with my present first?” He whispers, leaning down and dragging his tongue across Harrys neck.

Harry’s loud, appreciative moan is all the permission he needs.

Maybe, Draco thinks, as he drops to his knees and nudges his face against Harry’ cock feeling the silk dampen as he mouths the material, the bells jingling softly, not all of Harry’s Christmas clothes are horrible.