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I was just rereading Let Your Hair Down While You Still Can, and I noticed that in the hair cutting scene harry worried that he might be like Samson, and then I remembered in Harry's Apple Music video thing Anne(I think) actually says something like 'I hope you're not like samson' anyway I just thought that was funny especially class you wrote it way before we ever knew that had happened (it's probably quite a logical connection to make really tho)(but let's pretend ur a magical Seer)

i don’t have to pretend, i am a seer 

Wife {Harry Styles Smut}


hello! this is just a quick one shot that i churned out bc i loved the concept and i was rly motivated! i hope u enjoy it! if u do, feedback is greatly appreciated (it rly motivates me) and here’s my masterlist if u want more lol :-)


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Who is that I hear in the loo?

Why, it’s Molly Pr-OH MY.

Well, you certainly have been letting your hair down this summer. I can hardly see you!

But Molly, isn’t Arthur Weasley due to arrive for a visit any minute now?

You’ll be wanting to do something about that hair. 

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Once upon a time, my dear friend Palak @stylishmuser had a dream. She told me that dream and then, within the same day, this video happened. I’m here to put that dream into words. Please enjoy.

Also, @stylesunchained…I dared. I’m sorry.


Harry was waiting patiently for someone on the other end of the phone to answer his call. He had called exactly when he always did; 6:30 on the dot in London, which was half an hour before his daughter went to bed. The nightly ritual had been the same for the past two weeks; he would call before bedtime, talk to his little girl as soon as she had her pajamas on, say goodnight before you tucked her in, and then call back after she was asleep and talk to you until his eyes started to droop. It wasn’t ideal - he would have much rather been home with the two of you - but it was better than nothing.

The familiar and sweet sound of your voice finally echoed in his ears and he saw your face pop up on the tiny screen.

“Hey you,” you smiled, “How are you?”

“Tired,” he replied, rubbing at his eyes a bit to keep them focused, “Lots of meetings and interviews today. Is she still up?”

“Of course. I’ve just had her run and brush her teeth; she should be out soon, she knows what time it is.”

Another few minutes went by as you and Harry talked about what had been going on, but you knew Harry was getting antsy to talk to someone else. As much as he loved conversations with you, he only had a limited time with his daughter before she fell asleep.

“(Y/D/N)!” you called, turning your head, “Daddy’s on the phone and he’s waiting for you!”

It was only a few seconds before the thumping of tiny feet could be heard running down the hallway. A moment later, Harry saw the wild hair of his three-year-old appear in frame and he chuckled.

“Hi, monkey,” he said, waving.

“Hi daddy!”

“I miss you. How are you?”

“I’m good. I went to Nana’s today and Auntie Gem was there!”

Harry grinned. “Was she? That sounds like fun. Did she let you play salon with her hair again?”

His daughter nodded, excitedly. That was one thing Harry was so thankful for; a sister who didn’t care if her niece wanted to poke, prod, braid or twist her hair within an inch of its life. Gemma was always game for a little ‘toddler spa day’.

“Daddy, guess how many more days!!”

“Hmm,” Harry thought, “I don’t know. Tell me.”

She held up both hands, folding two fingers down.

“Only this many! An’ then you’ll be home, daddy!”

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Miss Yeh

Harry X Reader: Smut

In which Harry has been deprived for too long.

Request? No

“’M losing my fuckin’ mind.”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Harry.”

“’M not, am I?” He glares at you, lips turned down deeply at the corners, voice rising in offense. “’S been nearly three weeks since I got to touch yeh.”

“You know why.” Your voice has softened some. You know what he means. The weeks of limited interaction have been equally torturous for you. But there’s a reasonable cause, and you really don’t want to get him into trouble.

“Yeah, I know,” he huffs, leaning back in his seat and crossing his arms. “Doesn’ mean I like it.”

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“Harry, slow down!” You giggled, stumbling over your feet as Harry practically dragged you down the hallway clumsily. Harry’s grip tightened when you stumbled once again, making him turn back to glance at you and make sure you weren’t actually going to fall over. “I can’t walk in these heels!” 

“It’s not my fault you chose the stilettos.” Harry hummed, apologizing under his breath when he knocked into someone while leading you to the guest bedroom. 

Harry had decided to throw a house party in celebration of the success of his debut album and was very much surprised by the number of people that came. He had definitely sent out more invitations than intended, but that was okay! The more, the merrier… Right? Wrong. Very, very wrong. Because now all he wanted was to kick everyone out of the house so he could get a little loving from you. (Or, a lot. He wanted a lot.) He might have gone a little crazy on the Cosmopolitans and the only thing he could think about was what he was going to do once he got you out of that slinky little dress.  

“Harry, I have to fix my shoe,” You hiccuped, stopping in your tracks and reaching down with your free hand to adjust the strap on the heel. “If I fall and break my ankle you won’t be able to fuck me at al-”

“Harry! Hey, where are you guys headed off to? We were just about to whip up a couple more of my famous strawberry daiquiris.” You looked up as one of Harry’s friends walked over to you guys, half-listening in on the small talk and half-admiring your boyfriend. God, he’s beautiful. So beautiful. Like a celestial being. Kinda like Wonder Woman. 

“Y/N’s not feeling too good so I’m jus’ gonna check if we have any panadol.” Harry hummed, smiling lightly at you as you reached over to twirl your finger around a strand of his hair. “But save some daiquiris fo’ us! We’ll be down in a mo’.” It was once his friend disappeared that he began dragging you down the hallway again, headed straight towards your guys’ bedroom door. 

You couldn’t help but laugh lightly as Harry struggled to unlock the door (You liked having it locked during house parties because one time you found Niall and some girl going at it in your bed) before he finally got it and held it open to let you in.“S’too dark, I can’t see anythin’.”

“That’s what the light is for, H.” You snorted, slapping your hand against the light switch and squinting as the room lit up. Both of you were pretty drunk and it was amazing that you were able to make it to the room without passing out in the first place. You definitely didn’t expect Harry to push you up against the wall almost immediately after you shut the door, your lips tugging up in a grin as you pushed at Harry’s chest lightly. “We can’t, we’re the hosts! We’re being bad hosts…” 

“S’okay, Niall’s down there dancing on our bloody table, he’ll distract everyone.” Harry murmured against your neck, his fingers already working the zipper on the back of your dress. 

“What if someone walks in?” You gasped, feeling Harry nip on your skin hungrily before sucking lightly. 

“Locked the door already.” He groaned, pushing his hips against yours while keeping you pressed up against the wall. 

“But what if everyone hears us?” At this point, Harry had already pushed your dress down to your hips, looking up at you as he kneeled down on the ground. Harry knew you were teasing him - You loved teasing him when it came to situations like this. 

“You’re killin’ me here, baby.” He puffed out playfully, planting a kiss to your hipbone and hooking a finger in your panties.

“I’m just saying I don’t want you to be humiliated once everyone hears you moaning and groaning for me.” You shrugged casually, smirking down at Harry in a cocky manner. What? You knew you were good in bed, Harry knew you were good in bed - You were telling the truth! (Not to mention, you got a 100% more confident when you had your fair share of tequila shots.) 

“You’re gonna eat your words tonight, love.” 


gif isn’t mine!

Model Material {Harry Styles Smut}

REQUESTED: nooo haha i’ve just been wanting to dabble in writing abt harry!

okayyyy so i’m super nervous abt posting this bc i used to write abt harry a long time ago and now i rly wanna get back into it!!! i rly truly hope u guys like it. if u do, feedback is definitely welcome! it only takes a second and it means a lot to me 💖


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Sweet Girl

Shoutout to @permanentcross and @stylesunchained for all the help and listening to me whine.
This is my first piece of writing, so please be nice!


You knew this was a bad idea. Going to Harry’s house this evening, when you know full well you’ve been slowly growing feelings for him. Feelings for your friend, one of your best friends, feelings that shouldn’t be there.

You’ve been friends for years, but now he’s around more and you’ve spent more time together, you’ve began to feel that warm tingle inside your belly whenever you see him. You have to suppress a smile whenever anyone mentions his name to you. When you see a text from him you all but scramble to pick your phone up and reply immediately. You’ve fallen for him. And that is why going back to his house, just the two of you, is a bad idea.

You’d been out that evening with a small group of friends for dinner and drinks. Catching up, laughing and sharing bottles of champagne. Time had flown by and you’d all been saying your goodbyes before you went to call a taxi.

“You can’t get a cab all the way back to yours at this time, love. It’s bloody miles away.” Harry mutters, leaning over your shoulder to see the taxi company’s number on your phone.

“Don’t have a lot of choice, do I?” You say, turning round to face him.

“Come back to mine, I’ll drive you home in the morning.” He says so casually, not knowing the feelings you’ve got festering deep inside. You feel your stomach twist into a tight knot that feels as if it could never be undone, no matter how hard you try. You want to say no, because you know spending time together alone in such close proximity would just make matters worse for you, make your feelings grow more, even though right now you don’t think that it’s possible. But you know if you say no that he’d fight it, and right now you’re too tired to fight anything alongside the internal battle you’re fighting with yourself.

“Alright then, cheers.” You politely smile, despite your hesitations, before saying your final goodbyes to your friends and go with Harry to where his driver is parked.

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“Flat out” - h.s. Part 1

Prepare for the domestic cuteness.



It was more your flat than it was Harry’s now, after years of living in it. Originally, it had started under the premise that you would only remain in his flat for as long as it took you to find your own place. Which was fine, because he wasn’t staying there and you needed a place as uni started and you were friends, close friends, and it was all fine and dandy.

But then you really started to get busy with your schoolwork and considering the workaholic and professional perfectionist that you were, you were constantly on the move between classes and work and more classes and your second job. And besides, Harry was really only in and out at that point. The tour was coming to an end, the band was on their final days, and Harry really hadn’t thought much of it that you had now lived in his London flat for an entire year.

And also, he felt bad. He felt bad that you felt the need to always support and provide for yourself and that you were doing nothing but working yourself to death in order to pay your tuition and then be able to find your own living conditions and so finally he had said, “Just stay here. Stop worrying about it. You’re fine here, Y/N. Really.”

Though you’d fought it originally, you knew that in order to keep your perfect grades in tact and be able to get to work on time, there was no better place to live than where Harry was. You were centrally located now considering you’d applied to jobs close to Harry’s flat so you could walk, and you only had to walk a solid fifteen minutes to get on campus. You were comfortable, Harry was comfortable, all was well.

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Break-Up Novella.



It’s quite a short part… I’m sorry! I just lost all inspiration for this one, I think. Harry’s hit with the vicious green-eyed monster in this part to the Break-Up Novella. But, he deserves to suffer, don’t you think? One step closer to them getting back together though, I can assure you. 

I can’t promise you that part four will be any better but part 5 will be so jam-packed of a whole load of things and emotions.

Thank you SO much for the feedback on the last two parts to this little novella/story. I’m stunned that Part One is getting close to 500 notes That’s insane. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you so much for that. I really do. I think that is the most amount of notes I’ve ever received on a story; and for it to happen on one that I was a little weary on? It just makes me feel even better about it.

As always, feedback would be incredible! You guys know how much I appreciate that.

Enjoy! xx

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Jealousy Suits You. (Harry Potter Imagine)

Request: Hey hi! could i request smth? A harry potter x reader like they get in an argument & she raises her hand to hit/slap him but he catches her arm, backs her to a wall and whisper, “wanna try that again, sweetheart?” thank you!! from @friceaurelia07

I feel like I always say this, but it has been a while… Please excuse my absence from writing imagines.

Also, jealousy is fun to write about but I don’t necessarily know how to … like write about it… So I just made the reader mad at something so stupid. I hope you don’t mind…

Requests are open! (just bear with me)

I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by miones

You and Hermione were walking to The Great Hall with your books in your hands. The two of you were in a playful debate about which of your favorite novels were the best. “Well, ‘Mione, The Great Gatsby a great novel and all, but it’s not my type.” 

As the two of you neared your group of friends, you felt a frown form on your face. Ginny had taken your usual spot next to your boyfriend, Harry, and had been ruffling his hair, giggling. “Oh, (Y/N), you know she means well.” Hermione whispered as you picked up your pace and plopped yourself in between the two.

“Good morning, love.” Harry greeted, leaning in to kiss your lips before you moved your head, making him kiss your cheek instead. 

“Hello, Potter.” You said in an emotionless tone. “Don’t you have some place to be, Ginny? Don’t you have a bedtime?” 

“Don’t you? You’re just a year older, (Y/N).” Ginny said, raising her eyebrows. 

“Ginny, why don’t we go for a walk, yeah?” Hermione piped up. “The sun’s setting. I’d love to compare the sky to your hair. Let’s see if the colors would… um… match.” She got up and pulled the younger witch away. 

Ron pretended to yawn and said his farewells to you and Harry, not wanting to be in the middle of a lovers’ quarrel. Harry began to put away his parchment and his quill. “You don’t have to be so rude to Ginny, love. She’s just a kid. She has crushes, let it be.” 

“So when I see another girl practically all over you, you expect me to just sit there with a smile on my face and let her?” You said, standing up when he did. Draco and his posse all smirking, hearing the two of you argue. 

“Watch out, lovers’ quarrel!” Draco hollered as you and Harry walked out. 

The two of you stopped in an empty hallway. “I’m not saying you have to just let it happen. All I’m saying is that you should trust me enough to let me handle it.” Harry explained as he reached over to hold your hand but you yanked it away.

“I do trust you, Harry. But from what I saw back there, you weren’t even trying to stop her. It was like you enjoyed her hands in your hair!” You exclaimed, your voice bouncing against the walls. 

“What if I did? It feels nice to have someone comb through your hair, you know!” Harry yelled back, putting his things down and instantly regretting it. “That is not what I meant, (Y/N). Don’t be mad, love!” 

“If you want someone to comb through your hair, then call me, not Ginny! I can’t believe you would. You are so- ugh!” You said, beginning to walk away but he grabbed onto your wrist to stop you. 

“Harry James Potter, if you do not let go of me this instant!” You screamed, bringing your freehand up, readying to slap him, but he caught it and backed you into the wall.

“Wanna try that again, sweetheart?” He whispered, looking into your eyes through his glasses. You stood there frozen but then Harry pressed his lips to yours and you felt as if you were thawing. He pulled away first and then smiling down at you. “You know, (Y/N), Jealousy Suits You.” 


padlock-ink-deactivated20170426  asked:

can you write something where it's y/n and Harry's first time making out?

You didn’t know how it happened. You both were in the hot tub having a good chat and enjoying the warm water.

But harry caught you by suprise with a small peck on your cheek. Which made you giggle.

But then he placed another peck on your lips, and slowly creeped down to your neck. That’s when You knew this wasn’t just inncocent kisses now.

You tilted your neck to allow harry more access to your neck and you moaned in approval. Harry smirked at your reaction as he kissed over your collar bone which was on full exposure in your bikini.

Wanting to be even closer harry pushed you up against the hot tub stairs. You sat down as Harry went between your legs. You missed his lips on yours so after you repositioned you connected your lips again.

This time you brought your wet hands up to Harry’s hair to deepen the kiss. He bit your bottom lip and slide his tongue between your lips making you moan in satisfaction.

“Har-ry..” you whispered out. You guys have never made out. A few kisses but not like this. Harry wasn’t holding back and you weren’t either.

Harry couldn’t resist how good you look in that swim suit and he had to let you know.

“You look so good in that Y/N.” he said between kisses as he slide his hands down to your waist.

“So good…” You smiled into his kiss because you thought the exact same thing about Harry and you couldn’t keep your hands off him.

Your hands went to his chest and suddenly you pushed him into the wall, Changing your position. Harry chuckled at how eager you were.

You sat on Harry’s lap as you leaned back in and took his mouth onto yours. The warm water surrounding you both.

Harry’s hand went back up to your neck and he slide his hands down your shoulder to your swimsuit top and slowly slide it down. But he suddenly stopped and disconnected your lips.

“Is this okay?” Harry asked you. He wanted to make sure you were comfortable.

As you looked at his now wet hair and glistening body,Your heart leaped with how caring he is.

“Yes Harry. This is ok.” You reassured him and smiled.

You’ve dated Harry for awhile now, and he would always make sure that whatever you guys did that your comfortable and ok.

You guys haven’t gone too far, this being the farthest you’ve gone.

But even your first kiss with him you remember he was centeminters away from actually connecting your lips with his.

When He asked if he could kiss you. The memory still made you feel all warm inside because that was just the type of person harry was. That’s when you knew Harry was a keeper.

You haven’t gone further then that though not because you didn’t want to. But because it just hasn’t been the right time.

Harry’s heavy breathing and kisses brought you back from your memory but you weren’t complaining.

But then you felt it. You felt the hardness between your legs, from Harry.

Harry quickly pulled away feeling the same thing too.

“I’m sorry. We should probably stop.” Harry looked embarrassed and tried to hide his hard on.

“Harry it’s ok.” You said placing a hand on his cheek. You were still sitting on his lap and you could tell Harry was growing.

“Y/N I just don’t want to make you feel like you have too-” You shut him up with a deep kiss to his lips. You knew Harry overthinks everything and he couldn’t help but be concerned about you.

You pulled away and shook your head. “Harry your not making me do anything.”

You leaned in closer and whispered in his ear, “I want too.” You tell him truthfully.

You could hear Harry’s breathe hitch after what you said. As you continue to kiss down his ear and neck.

You became bold as pushed your waist deeper in his groin.

Harry let out a quiet moan and tried stopping your hips from moving because if you continued right now, he couldn’t control himself.

“Ok let’s go inside.” Harry quickly got out of the water not bothering to dry off. As you eagerly stepped out of the hot tub.

You shrieked when Harry wrapped his hand around your waist and picked you up bridal style.

Both of you were still wet and your hair was sticking to Harry’s chest.

“Harry what are you doing! Put me down!” You giggled as he started walking towards his house.

“You were taking too long, Love.” He grinned back at you in his arms.

You wrapped your hands around Harry’s neck and brought his mouth closer to you to kiss him.

It didn’t matter that you both were completely wet and shivering. The only thing that mattered was how you felt for eachother.

“If you keep doing that I’m going to have to take you right here.” Harry teased in frustration as he broke the kiss.

“Well hurry up then.” You both smirked at him.

You both looked at eachother super excited for what was to come.
Tell me what you think! I HOPED U LIKED IT! Send me a request!

“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 1

Lemme just write this real quick lololololololol



Harry was listening to Savie only around 50% as he sat in the booth overlooking the busy London traffic as the rain fell rather heavily outside. Under normal circumstances, Harry would have been an ideal listener to his and your mutual friend, but as she continued to talk on, Harry slowly started to zone her out.

But it was for good reason as he waited once your dark blue car pulled up across the street, parallel parking before he watched as you struggled with your umbrella inside the car before opening your door and letting it out. You clutched your jacket around yourself as you looked both ways before crossing the street and then jogged over to the cafe where Harry and his friends were sitting.

He got up from the booth, mid-sentence from Savie, and opened the door for you as you bustled in. You’d come straight from work, just as Savie had, but you definitely looked more stressed than she did.

“Hey,” Harry chcukled, taking your monstrosity of an umbrella from your hands as you attempted to fix your hair and get it out of your face.

You stopped for a moment, looking up at and smiling through your windblown mess of a mop of hair as you couldn’t hold back the smile. Harry’s eyes crinkled in happy acknowledgement as he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours briefly.

“Hi,” you greeted back, biting your lip as you admired his adoring face.

“Ugh,” Savie groaned, breaking whatever cute moment you and Harry had planned to let linger. You poked your head from around Harry’s broad body and waved to Savie.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! Here’s a new story for you because I love you all immensely! It’s fluffy and it’s daddy!harry and it’s all for you guys. <3 <3


He had gotten up and left the house early that morning. It had been quite a long time since Harry had been able to go to the gym and get a decent workout in, because he was constantly busy between working on his album, finishing the movie, being a husband and taking care of your 10-month-old daughter. Going the gym had kind of been put on the back burner in favor of spending as much time with the two of you as he possibly could.

Not that he minded; before he had become a father, he never would have been able to imagine just how much he loved having a little girl. He had always liked kids, of course, and had wanted one of his own since before you had even met him, but the gross amount of love he had for his baby girl was almost unfathomable. He would be perfectly content never leaving the house again, if he thought he could get away with it.

Today was Valentine’s Day. The moment your daughter’s little voice had come over the baby monitor that morning, babbling away and finally calling out with a tiny little, “Dada?”, Harry had been up and into the nursery to get her. Hearing her say his name was still a novelty for him; it had only been a few weeks since she had learned to say it and Harry’s heart still jumped every time she called for him. She wasn’t walking yet – not without assistance from one of you - but one step at a time…literally.

His little girl was big-eyed and smiley by the time Harry got to her room. She was now able to pull herself into a standing position using the bars of her crib and she was bouncing up and down on her heels when she saw Harry enter.

“Good morning, lovebug,” he said, voice raspy from just waking up.

“Dada!” she replied, pointing at him. As soon as she lifted one hand from the crib, she lost her balance and toppled back down into a seated position on her mattress.

“Oops, careful there,” Harry laughed, reaching in to lift her up into his arms, “Can daddy have a kiss?”

She clasped her hands around his neck and gave him a very dramatic, very wet kiss on the cheek. Harry chuckled and returned the kiss, wiping the baby slobber from his skin.

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Grind. PT 2 (A Harry Styles Blurb)

If you haven’t read the first part, I suggest doing that before reading this one. Find it on here.

Happy reading, L xx

“Go on, gorgeous, cum for me, please.”

Harry cries out, squeezing his eyes shut. He’s so close. His muscles are burning under his skin and his breaths become heavier and hotter against you. His raspberry lips fall agape as his orgasm starts at the tip of his toes and travels through his entire body, but settles where his cum steadily starts to spurt from his matching sensitive raspberry tip. It’s weak little spurts at first, before it really hits him, making his thighs tremble and him nuzzle himself against your dripping wet core to try and cancel out his moans, but for nothing.

“Come here, baby.” you tell Harry, but he just looks up to you for a while, his lashes fluttering and brows together. You motion him towards you and he powerlessly slumps over your body and wraps his arms around your torso. His skin feels hot and sticky from sweat as he presses himself on you, still whimpering as he hides his face in your neck. 

“You did so well for me..” you coo at him, lightly scratching down his back, doing little circles on his skin. You kiss his shoulder ever so lovingly and he lifts his head up to look at you, eyes half-lidded and his hair over his face in a tangled up mess.

“Did.. did yeh-” Harry starts off, swallowing loudly, “Did yeh cum?” he asks uncertainly, his mind all dizzy and unable to put anything together. You shake your head at him with a smile and tuck a curl behind his ear. “No, but I-”

Harry cuts you off breathlessly, “Need to.. need to make yeh cum.”

“No, Harry you really don’t have to.”

“Shh, let me.”

First sinking down your body, kissing every piece of your soft skin he can, wrapping his lips around your nipple and sucking eagerly, Harry settles his head right between your thighs, puts your legs resting on his shoulders and licks a bold stripe down your core, tracing his tongue on your slick folds. Your hand rests at the back of his neck, keeping him still and close to you. He flats out his tongue on your clit and starts to add pressure as his eyes are locked with yours, his ones getting back at the pretty emerald green they always are, but yours just keep getting darker.

All of a sudden, he starts to flick his tongue quickly, making your body jolt and your breath hitch. Back arching, you push yourself more against his mouth and grind your hips along him, “Fuck, just like that.” and bite your lip between your teeth. The burning tension that you lost a few minutes ago is now back, lingering in your lower tummy, wanting to be released. Harry hums against you as he softly suckles on your clit, loving the sweet taste. 

“Let’s ge’ this fuckin’ off.” he curses under his breath as he takes your leg off of his shoulder, letting it fall down on his side. Sliding in a finger, knuckle deep so you can feel the coldness of his rings he left on for the night, too lazy to take them off. You let out a choked up whimper and Harry can feel you clenching around him. He slides his finger out, leaving you begging for the warmth of him, adds another finger, and curls them up, as his lips get to your clit again, but now, you’re more sensitive than ever.

“C’mon, now yeh cum fo’ m’, angel.” Harry mumbles and you can feel yourself sinking into the mattress, your breaths getting more frequent and shallow. Your shaky hands creep into his hair, and then it hits you. You go completely silent for a moment, hastily trying to get some air in your lungs. The hitting pleasure fills you up, getting into every little crevice of your body. Harry puts his thumb on your clit and starts to do quick circles, as you’re still so sensitive and over the moon from your orgasm. Your whole body jolts and your legs start shaking around his head, almost squeezing him.

“You fucking bi-” 

“Cut it, love. Or how do yeh say, huh?” 

You never thought you’d be attracted to the idea of strolling around town hand-in-hand while wearing matching Hawaiian shirts, but you’d do anything to make Harry happy. And if what made Harry was wearing similarly patterned clothing whenever possible, you’d do it! Harry had a quirky sense of style and you always admired it, and you’d pick absolutely no one else to walk around with wearing flamingo-pattered button downs. Sometimes you’d come home to see multiple bags from high-end luxury brands thinking that Harry went on a crazy shopping spree for himself, but only a quick peek into the bags would make you realize that he probably spent way too much money splurging on matching shirts and blouses for the two of you. 

“Hey, look a’ you!” Harry’s eyes popped open when you stepped into the room, a grin immediately gracing his features. “What a foxy lady…” He teased, getting up from his seat on the couch and walking over towards you. It was Day 2 of Harry starring on the Late Late show, which meant it was Day 2 of you wearing a dress that matched perfectly with his suit. 

“Never thought I’d ever wear a bloody Donald Duck patterned satin dress.” You joked, smoothing your hands over the fabric before twirling around in a circle so Harry could see the whole custom-made outfit. 

“I love it! You look amazin’ in it.” Harry purred, leaning forward to give you a quick kiss as his hands slid down to grasp at your waist. “Love the material, too.” He hummed, an arm slinking around you to pull you closer. “Nice and smooth…” His hair tickled your chin as he tucked his face into the crook of your neck to plant kisses to your skin, a smile twitching at his lips when you let out a shallow breath. 

“Cut it out, you perv.” You snorted, pushing him away gently once you rememebered there were probably security cameras in the dressing room. “Let me see your suit! Give me a twirl.” Harry beamed, taking a step away from you before turning in a circle and showing off his suit. 

“Oh, you look so pretty!” You gushed, reaching forward and fixing his collar to make sure that he was looking his best when he walked out on that stage.

You look so pretty!” Harry grinned, cupping your cheeks gently and giving you another kiss. Sometimes it concerned you how much you and Harry loved each other. 

“You both look pretty!” You turned around at the sound of James’ voice, your cheeks heating up slightly. You never liked getting caught being all mushy with Harry. “C’mon, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duck. Show’s about to start!” 


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It was one of the very rare days where Harry didn’t have to do anything. The man was always so busy, you’re convinced that he doesn’t know how to do nothing. When he rolled over that morning and asked you what you had to do that day, his bright early morning smile soon dropped when you ran down the endless list of tasks you had to complete today for work. But you couldn’t bring yourself to say no to him when he asked if it was possible for you to work from home. At the time, looking at a sleepy, glowing smiling Harry, working from home sounded like a great idea. But you should have known that when Harry said “work from home” he really meant “blow off work and let me ravish you all day long”. He wouldn’t leave you alone. Asking you questions, kissing your neck, gently tugging on your hair, playing with your bra strap, and anything else that would make you acknowledge his presence. And if he wasn’t shirtless, and if his sweatpants weren’t hung so deliciously low on his hips, you would’ve moved upstairs a long time ago. But you knew it was only a matter of time before Harry followed you up the stairs, to the bedroom, and parked himself right between your bare legs. Your laptop was sitting on your thighs before Harry moved it and you looked down at him, fighting the smile that wanted to stretch across your lips. 

“What do you want, Harry?” 

His warm lips made their way up your ankle, over your calf past your knee and to your thigh, pressing hot, wet open-mouth kisses to the skin.

“For you to pay your poor boyfriend some much needed attention. Whats it going to take?” he said. 

You found yourself relaxing into the pillows you were propped up on, and relaxing into the feeling of his lips on your thighs. He spread your legs even more, licking you over your lace panties, adding pressure to your clit.  

“Haarrryyyyy…” you moaned and let you fingers tangle in his soft hair.

He slid off your panties and let them fall to the ground, placing himself back between your legs after throwing one of them over his broad shoulder. 

“God, finally.” 

Don't bite my peach.

You hadn’t been able to take your eyes off of him. More specifically, off the swell of his ass. It was soft and round and followed up by thick, muscled thighs that made your mouth water, and as Harry lay on his stomach on the couch, you found yourself inching over to him. He barely noticed you straddling the back of his thighs, responding only with a quiet grunt of, “Careful, pet, don’ fall,” his eyes never leaving the television screen. You shifted your body so you could press sweet kisses to his neck, hands kneading down the smooth plane of his bare back. From how low his sweats hung on his hips, you could tell he wasn’t wearing any underwear, and your lips curled into a smirk against his shoulder. Harry sighed happily as your hands and lips moved down his back, nearing the edge of his pants. Soon enough, your mouth was right on the small of his back, and then suddenly your teeth sank into the flesh off his “sweet peach”
“Oi! Wha’ the bloody hell are yeh doin’? Tha’ hurt!” Harry yelped, his top half turning around so he could glare at you. A devilish smirk pulled at your bitten lips, and Harry knew what was coming.
“I’m sorry, baby, it’s pretty. Like a peach.” Your fingers curled around the hem of his sweats and tugged them down a little, and instead of kissing the newly revealed skin, your tongue darted out to lick a stripe on his lower back, close to the curve of his bum. Harry’s squawked in surprise, squirming underneath you.
“Wha’s gotten into yeh?” Then he was turned over, hands gripping your waist as you scooted to sit over his hips. You wiggled slightly, pressing your core down against his clothed cock, forcing a gasp of pleasure from Harry’s lips.
“Want you, please.” It was all but moaned against the column of his neck, your hands running up and down over the tanned skin of his chest, fingers pinching gently at his nipples. “Need you.” It was Harry’s turn to smirk. His cock stirred at the words, his eyes darkening. He loved when you were desperate for him.

“All yeh had to do was ask, love. No need t’ get all bitey on me.” His lips captured yours, hands gently gripping your waste as he flipped the two of you over again, his thighs coming to rest between your legs, right up against your clit. You let out a muffled moan, hands twisting in the thick hair at the nape of his neck. Warm fingers snake under your shirt, dragging it up and over your head. Harry pulled away from you, eyes lowering to gaze hungrily at your exposed breasts. “Fuckin’ perfect tits, Christ.” His pink tongue darted out to sweep over one hardening nipple, and you gripped tighter to him as his mouth enclosed around your breast. Harry’s hands worked to tug down your pants and underwear, rutting his hips into the couch as he suckled at your chest.
“Harry,” you choked out, nails digging into his shoulders, “please.” A low chuckle left his lips, and he pulled away, his hands going to shove down his sweats.
“Wan’ me t’ fuck yeh bare, sweetheart? Don’ wanna wait fo’ me t’ get a condom? Yeh need me tha’ bad?” A wicked smirk pulled at his lips as he watched you writhe in anticipation, soft mewls of need falling to his ears.
“Yes, yes, need you that bad. No condom, please, I need to feel you.” Harry chuckled lowly, leaning down to press a sloppy, wet kiss to your mouth. The tip of his cock was red as it rubbed against the skin of your belly, and you whined at the sight of it. He was fully hard, the thick length of him tapping against his own tummy as he reached down to grip himself.
“Ready fo’ me? Yeh so wet I don’ even have to get yeh ready?” His eyes rolled as the tip of him slid into your heat. Looking at where you were connected, curses streak from his lips. He thrusted shallowly forward, the bulb of his head slipping easily in and out of you, and your fingers dug almost painfully into is skin as your legs went around his waist.
“Please, no, no teasing, Harry, please.” He groaned at your words but thrusted forward, the whole of his cock sliding into you. You gasped in pleasure, every inch of him brushing sensitive nerves inside of you. Harry grunted as his hips started moving, his eyes screwing shut at the tightness of you around him.
“S'tight, baby, s'good. Fuck,” he ground out, and you cried out as his hand slipped down to rub at your clit. Swear beaded on both of your skin, and the rhythmic sound of skin slapping skin mixed with breathy grunts filled the room. Your hands slid from the broad line of his shoulders to his ass, fingers dimpling the skin. Harry took the hint and moved faster, his cock reaching deeper and deeper inside of you, rubbing against that one spot.
“There!” You gasped, eyes screwing shut and your neck baring to him. “There, there, there!” Harry growled low in his throat as his mouth lowered to your throat, teeth baring and nibbling at your skin. He loved the taste of salt and sweat on your skin. His tongue licked a bold stripe up the column of your throat, and his eyes rolled again as you clenched around him.
“I’m close,” you whimpered, and he grunted in response, fingers moving quicker against your clit.
“Cum fo’ me, love. C'mon, give it to me,” Harry rasped, feeling heat cook tighter in his abdomen as you whined pitifully against his skin. You were so wet and warm and tight around him, and he could almost cry at the feeling. Your fingers dug into his ass, and you cried out, your walls pulsing around him as you came. Harry groaned lowly, hips stuttering as he followed you over the edge, ropes of hot cum spilling into you. Harry all but collapsed on top of you, his cock soft inside of you as you sponged kisses to his damp skin.
“All right?” You wheezed, running a hand through his sweaty hair. He nodded against your shoulder, breath puffing harshly into your ear.
“Next time yeh need me, though, darling,” he began, dropping a pert kiss to your neck, “don’t bite my peach, just ask”

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Guest: Part 4

I hope you enjoy this last piece from me. And, to answer your questions, YES, I will let you guys know if I end up going to the wedding with that guy. ;) I might pop in with life updates every few months, if something major happens.

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“Doesn’t have to be more complicated tonight, does it?”

Harry raised his eyebrows. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” you nodded, quickly, “Take me home. Tonight isn’t going to be complicated.”

Harry smashed his lips against yours and you wrapped your hands around his neck, kissing him with every bit of strength you had in your body. Your fingers tangled in his hair, grasping at the shorter tendrils in the back while his hands gripped your hips.

You were suddenly angry that your house was still a half hour drive back from the wedding. You wanted Harry now and you weren’t sure if you would be able to wait.

As if sensing your thoughts, Harry pulled back and growled against your cheek.

“S’far away, your house. S’too far.”

“I know, but we can’t stay here.”

“Hotel,” he breathed, “Saw one down the road. I’ll pay.”

You had never hooked up with anyone in a hotel room before. Honestly, it seemed a bit sleazy, but that might have just been because of how many movies you had seen. Right now, you probably would have let him take you in a parked car, so a hotel sounded heavenly.

You nodded as Harry moved to let you hop down from the railing. He took your hand and you walked quickly across the grass until you reached the tent, quickly grabbing your things and saying goodbye to the people who were still left at your table. The short drive from the wedding venue to the hotel seemed like it took hours, but your heart started pounding even harder when Harry pulled into the dimly lit lot. Because there was a chance of Harry being recognized, you made a plan to put the room under your name and card, and then Harry would pay you back the next day “with interest”, he had added, smirking.

The older man behind the desk didn’t seem to care at all about what he was doing, and passed you the key as soon as he had your information. Harry had opted to wait outside until things were in place and then followed you down to the door of your room.

Your hands were shaking as you tried to put the key in the lock, but you finally managed to get it open. It was so late at night now that the room and surrounding area was deathly quiet and still and, as you and Harry stood in the doorway of the room, it suddenly hit you what was happening. Harry must have sensed your sudden nerves because you felt his arms wrap around your waist from behind and his chin come to rest in the crook of your neck.

“Havin’ second thoughts?”

You shook your head. “No. Just nerves. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Harry placed a sweet kiss to the side of your head and then shut the room door behind you.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do, right? Just because we have the room – “

“I want to,” you said, cutting him off and spinning around so you were facing him, “I just…want to make sure you still do? I guess?”

Harry chuckled and lowered his face until his lips hit yours.

“Nothin’ else I’d rather do, love.”

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this is goodbye.- h.s imagine

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this is the third and final part of my little mini series! thank you guys so much for reading! 

you can find part 1 here and part 2 here

After two months of constantly trying to get in contact with Harry, Y/N thought this was his way of saying goodbye. As Y/N was placing pictures of her and Harry into a box, she laughed to herself. Only for a break, he said. This is a way to bring us closer together again. You sighed and put the box filled with memories of Harry down onto your desk. After accepting defeat that Harry was going his own way and pursuing his dreams, Y/N thought it was best to move on as well. She stopped talking to his family. Anne and Gemma were sweet after Harry left on tour. Constantly checking up on her and seeing if they could help her in any way possible. Anne even stopped by her apartment and brought her homemade brownies that Y/N loved so much. Y/N felt guilty for cutting them out of her life but she felt like it wasn’t fair to keep talking to them. She didn’t want them to feel as if they had to walk around egg shells around her. She also didn’t want them to judge Harry for what happened between them. She would never want that. And to be honest with herself, she felt as though if she remained in contact with them, it wasn’t fair for Harry. It was his family. No matter how much they treated you like you were a part of it.

You plopped down onto your bed and placed your arms on top of your eyes. All of a sudden your phone started to ring next to you. “Hello?”

“Y/N! How you holding up?” Your best friend, Lucy, was by your side 24/7 during the whole ordeal. She agreed with you when you said the break was a stupid thing for Harry to suggest. She agreed with you when you were constantly calling Harry a dick for avoiding all of your calls (She even left a couple voicemails to him making sure he knew how much of an ass he was). She even agreed with you when you said moving on from him was going to be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do. You were together for years. You can’t just forget about the good times you’ve had together. It was going to be hard, but not impossible, she would tell you.

“Hey Luce. I’m fine, yeah.” you sighed into the phone.

Lucy could tell you were exhausted. It was an exhausting thing to do; trying to reach out to someone, constantly being rejected, having to pack his things, having to accept that you were no matter part of something that you would thought was going to last forever. “I’m not going to suggest going out again, promise. Just thought you might want some girl time. Clear your head for a little while.”

You sat up slowly and bit your lip while looking at the box filled with Harry memorabilia across the room. “Actually…Let’s do it. That sounds perfect right now. I just have to drop something off first..”

Harry finally had a little break during his tour. Normally he would just stay in LA rather than going back to cold, rainy London but he couldn’t bring himself to stay at that house.

Harry cheated on you in that house. Wait. Is it cheating? he thought. Technically you guys were on break. Harry tried telling himself that but it didn’t stop his guilt flooding in his heart.

Currently Harry was sitting in a cab driving him back to his London apartment. He was scared being back home. How silly he thought. How silly of a grown man to be scared of the city. He was scared because he knew that being back home meant having to face you. He was the one that suggested a break but he would’ve never thought it would progress this long. He also knew how wrong it was to not communicate with you during the break. Especially because your calls and texts were nothing but loving to him.

I miss you more and more each day.

I watched a video of you performing Kiwi in LA. You were so good, baby!

I hope you’re not forgetting to take your vitamins, you silly boy.

Harry wanted to say something. He wanted to call you on the first night of his tour. He wanted to tell you how nervous he was. He wanted you to assure him he was amazing and that everything he did people were going to love but he couldn’t bring himself to dial your phone number.

He couldn’t do anything but just read your texts and ignore them simply because he was a coward.

That’s why he slept with that random woman. Because he was a coward. Instead of facing his problems, he added to the fire. After the woman left his house the next morning, Harry sobbed while holding a pillow against his chest. He pretended it was you and whispered how sorry he was for kissing someone that wasn’t you.

The cab halted to a stop in front of Harry’s apartment building. Harry sighed and thanked the man before hurrying inside.

You set the box on top of the counter. “Hey Gale. How are you today?” You softly smiled while looking at the doorman in front of you.

Gale looked up at you, “Doing alright. What can I do for you, Y/N?” Constantly being at Harry’s apartment, the people in charge of the building started taking a liking to you.

“Just need to drop some things off at Harry’s place. Mind if I head on up?” You asked while glancing inside the box.

“Sure. But looks like he’s coming in right now. Go on up with him” Gale smiled and looked behind you at the front entrance.

You instantly froze. What the hell was he doing back? Was it the 15th already? You knew that he had a break during the tour but you didn’t think he would come back home. Crap. Did he see me yet? Maybe I can just go hide behind the-


You closed your eyes and cursed at yourself for not having the ability to turn invisible.

You turned around slowly and avoided eye contact with the man that broke your heart a million times these past two months, “I dropped off your things.”

You quickly started to walk away but was stopped when Harry grabbed your arm softly. “Love, wait please. I haven’t seen you properly in two months. Let me explain-”

This time you scoffed. Suddenly something in your brain shifted. Instead of feeling sad and blaming yourself for what happened between you and Harry, you were furious. You harshly pulled your arm away and jabbed your finger into his chest, “How dare you. You don’t talk to me for months and waltz in like nothing’s wrong. Go to hell, Harry.” You quickly turned back around and stormed off.

Harry quickly dropped his duffel bag he was carrying and ran in front of you. “Love, please-”

“Stop calling me that!” You yelled while walking away.

“Y/N stop!” Harry screamed while grabbing you yet again. “Please just hear me out!”

“What! What could you possibly say!” Y/N screamed back at him while trying to pry his hands off her.

Harry started to notice people stopping to see who was yelling in the middle of the lobby. “Please..Please just come up to my place. Please, let’s just talk.”

Y/N looked around and began to notice the stares as well. You sighed. Might as well end it officially tonight and get your stuff back. "Fine.“ You shook Harry off and began walking to the elevators.

Harry quickly picked up his bag and the box you left on the front desk and followed you.

The elevator ride up was filled with silence. Harry was thinking of what he could possibly say to make things alright with you guys while you were thinking of how exhausted you were.

I need a drink the both of of you thought.

What felt like a lifetime for you and the shortest two minutes to Harry, the elevator finally stopped at Harry’s floor.

You crossed your arms and stepped out while Harry rubbed his sweaty palms on his pants and stepped out as well.

Harry pulled out his keys and shakily tried unlocking the door. Wondering what was taking him so long to open the door, you then noticed how much he was shaking and placed your hands on top of his. "Let me..” you mumbled quietly. Harry nodded quickly and gave you the key. You unlocked the door and stepped inside his apartment. Slowly you walked over to his couch and sat down, looking down at your fingers.

Harry shut the door and walked in front of you. He stopped and stared at you. This was the first time in two months that he’s seen you. You had your hair in a ponytail and weren’t wearing any makeup. God, you looked so beautiful. Harry knelt down in front of you and placed his finger on your chin so you would look at him, properly. “I missed you so much, beautiful.”

You stared into his eyes, the anger quickly fading and the sadness you felt for the past two months came rushing back. “Please don’t say that.”

Harry sat next to you and grabbed your hands, “No. I mean it. I’m so sorry, lovely.”

You looked down at your fingers that were now intertwined with his. “If you missed me as much as you said you did..Why did you leave so suddenly. Why did you leave things the way you did.”

Harry sighed out, “I was scared that I would say something that would make things harder than they already were. We were already fighting so much and when we agreed to the break, we were already so vulnerable. I was scared, love.”

“I was scared too! But I still tried to make things somewhat better! I reached out to you! I made the effort! You didn’t!” You argued while tears brimmed your eyes. “I know! I just didn’t know what to do!” Harry could never come up with an excuse for his behavior. You did make an effort in the relationship but he never did. He let the negative thoughts conquer his mind and that got in the way of your relationship.

The both of you stayed silent. It was confusing. Y/N thought it was the end of the two of you but somehow, sitting next to him with his hands intertwined with yours, you didn’t want things to end.

Suddenly Harry whispered, “I slept with someone.”

You quickly looked at him and pulled your hand away. Harry visibly winced, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, love!”

“What? Is that..Is that why you wouldn’t speak to me? You were afraid I would find out?” You whispered.

“Yes..No..Yes.” Harry argued with himself, “We were already in a bad place when I left for tour and that just made it harder..”

“Harry, I-“ You began but Harry interrupted you, “Love, I will never forgive myself. I ruined our relationship in the worst way I possibly could but please..please don’t give up on me. I’ll make it up to you everyday. I’ll cancel my tour. Move in with me. Please, I’ll make it up to you.”

Y/N shook her head. Right from the beginning, she knew that when they were taking a break from their relationship, she knew something like this would happen.

“It’s best if we broke up.” You whispered.

Harry shook his head quickly and constantly. “No. No. We’re going to get past this. But no. We can’t break up. We’re getting married. love. We’re going to be with each other for the rest of our lives. We can’t do that if we’re broken up!” Harry knew he was sounding like a maniac but when it came to you, he was insanely in love with you. He made a mistake but you guys will be able to get over it. You guys were the couple everyone admired. Everyone was envious of your relationship. If you guys couldn’t make things work, what does that say about love?

“We’ve been apart for months. Even before the break..we were constantly fighting. The simplest things, we fought about. You just sleeping with someone else..It just shows that maybe we really aren’t meant to be..” You sighed. You climbed onto Harry’s lap and looked into his eyes, “Maybe the fire blew out a long time ago. We were going to end sooner or later.” Harry stared into your eyes that were filled with nothing but tears and hurt. “I refuse to believe that. We’re meant for each other.”

This time Y/N shook her head. “I’ll always love you, Harry. But I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted with the fighting and not to mention you’re still on tour. And..after this, I couldn’t even imagine myself for forgiving you for sleeping with some random girl.”

Harry buried his face into the crook of your neck. He was exhausted as well. He was tired of the fights and the accusations. But he didn’t want things to end. He knew in his heart that you guys were meant to be together. But he couldn’t let the relationship if you couldn’t forgive you. He knew that whenever he looks into your eyes, he’s just going to remember the mistake that he made. Every time he’s going to look into your eyes, he’s going to remember how heartbroken they looked when he confessed his mistake. “Okay..”

You pulled Harry closer together to you. This was the last time you would be able to hold him like this. This was goodbye.

and that’s it! thank you guys again so much for reading! honestly the feedback on part 2 was so amazing that i just couldn’t wait to write part 3! let me know what you guys think! and remember, requests are always open!