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harry harlow: i have made Psychological Advances

scientific community: you fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did. look at it. it’s got anxiety

I made a list of memory-aid-ish things for the AP psych exam that includes all the people that were considered terms by my teacher. I figured I would share it. NOTE: some of these were taken from user komlin’s guide (here) Best of luck on the exams, guys!

John B. Watson: watch your son’s behavior, asshole
Wilhelm Wundt: wilhelm came across a bridge (a structure), thought to himself (introspection), and decided he wundt jump
William James: james worries about the functions
Freud: psychoanalyze this cigar chomping dick head
Phineas Gage: phineas won’t be enjoying his summer much anymore
B. F. Skinner: don’t reward someone for skinning their friends

biopsych and neurosci
dopamine: “Don’t be a dope!” shouted Dr. Parkinson
serotonin: sad sarah
norepinephrine: no sleep
acetylcholine: new ace car for the mailprovider, Alzheimer (transfers messages)
endorphins: when you trip on opiates you see dolphins and are happy
CAT: x-raying a cat
PET: how do radioactive pets function
MRI: magnets
fMRI: frumious magnets
EEG: surfs up (waves) you egg
cerebellum: coordinated rebels
corpus callosum: you’ll be a colossal corpse if you don’t communicate with your other half
thalamus: message relay station
hippocampus: hippo on campus!!
pons: robots dream of electric pounds
hypothalamus: thermometer monitors homeostasis
amygdala: fear amy
reticular formation: ATTENTION FALL IN FORMATION
medulla: medusa really gets your heart going
Wernicke’s Area: understanding (another) language is only temporary (temporal) unless you practice it
Broca’s Area: some people talk before (front) they think sense and perception
bottom-up processing: their bottoms stuck out more than your memories of them as a person
Weber’s Law: if there’s a really big web in your room, you wouldn’t notice if the spider added another level. if it is small, you will notice.
Fechner’s Law: a big earthquake will be perceived as a big earthquake
Steven Power’s Law: if it’s got the power it will basically be Fechner’s Law

consciousness and sleep (you best get some)
circadian rhythm: cicadas have body cycles

John B. Watson: watched his son Albert freak out when he saw white fluffy things
Albert Bandura: observe the Bobo beat down
reciprocal determinism: we determine our environment and our environment determines us

motivation and emotion
Ekam: make expressions
james-lange: james was stimulated then had a lange emotional response
cannon-bard: when your otp is cannon you feel happy and smile at the same time you NERD
Richard Lazarus: Richard overcame his sadness bc everyone called him dick with his positive outlook
Alfred Kinsey: don’t frick frack your kin please

Konrad Lorenz: duck man
Harry and Margret Harlow: Harry the Horrible to Baby Monkeys
Jean Piaget: piglet needs some cognitive development
Lev Vygotsky: social learning gots to come first
Erik Erikson: Erik went through a lot of crises
Kohlberg: you gotta stay conventional
Küber-Ross: stages of death

OCEAN: open consciousness extraversion agreeable neuroticism
Karen Horney: horn-EYE see needs for affection, a partner, and perfection
Alfred Adler: adler = birth order
Carl Rogers: humanist and founder of pyschotherapy
Carl Jung: the jung like their MBTI

Phillippe Pinel: good guy (humane treatment) Pinel
Thomas Szasz: Tom szasz that labels are used to correct social deviants

Hans Eysenck: is therapy effective
ECT: electricity seizures
TMS: magnets (no) seizures

social psych
Theodore Newcomb: new campus norms become student norms
David Koresch: cult leader
Kitty Genovese: don’t get murdered in front of other people, they won’t help you bc bystander apathy

Signs as Historical Figures (Based of birthdates)
  • Aries: Lucrezia Borgia (18th of April. 1480) / Leonardo Da Vinci (15th of April. 1452)
  • Taurus: William Shakespeare (26th of April. 1564) / Ella Fitzgerald (25th of April. 1917)
  • Gemini: Walt Whitman (31st of May. 1819) / Anne Frank (12th of June. 1929)
  • Cancer: Frida Kahlo (6th of Jul. 1907) / Franz Kafka (3rd of Jul. 1883)
  • Leo: Amelia Earheart (24th of Jul. 1897) / Claude Debussy (22nd of Aug. 1862)
  • Virgo: Cesare Borgia (13th of Sept. 1476) / Margaret Keane (15th of Sept. 1927)
  • Libra: F. Scott Fitzgerald (24th of Sept. 1896) / Brigitte Bardot (28th of Sept. 1934)
  • Scorpio: Marie Antoinette (2nd of Nov. 1755) / Robert F Kennedy (20th of Nov. 1925)
  • Sagittarius: Walt Disney (5th of Dec. 1901) / Anna Nicole Smith (28th of Nov. 1967)
  • Capricorn: Martin Luther King, Jr. (15th of Jan. 1929) / Janis Joplin (19th of Jan. 1943)
  • Aquarius: Jackie Robinson (31st of Jan. 1919) / Rosa Parks. (4th of Feb. 1913)
  • Pisces: Harry Belafonte. (1st of March. 1927) / Jean Harlow (3rd of March. 1911)

Psychologist Harry Harlow had no love for animals, which is actually putting it mildly – he went on record saying that he didn’t care for monkeys, despised cats, and hated dogs. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the animal kingdom by subjecting his laboratory test beasts to brutally extreme methods, including such scientific tools as “rape racks” and “wells of despair” (please note that those terms are the ones used by Harlow himself to describe his own devices).

It’s theorized that Harlow’s unnecessarily horrific research techniques almost single-handedly gave rise to the animal liberation movement, so it’s probably safe to assume that we didn’t get anything useful out of this maniac, right? … While that might be partially true, there was actually a point to Harlow’s gruesome experiments – his research was crucial in the development of modern child psychology.

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