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“The East Village …was just exploding. All kinds of new things were starting. In music, it was the punk and new wave scenes. There was a migration of artists from all over America to New York. It was completely wild. And we controlled it ourselves.” - Keith Haring 

(Rolling Stone Magazine, 1989)

Harry Styles|| The fight.

“Harry, I asked you to wash the dishes, can you do it for me please?” You sighed already frustrated as you walked down the corridor with a basket of laundry occupying your hands. Harry looked up at you from his game for a brief second before continuing with what he was doing.

“Can’t you just do it babe?” He asked while focusing on his game, you couldn’t help but get annoyed. “I’m busy washing our clothes Harry, can you please just do this for me?” You practically begged while resting down the basket on the floor and stepping in front of him.

“Are you listening to me Harry?” You sighed while folding your arms in front of your chest. “Yeah Yeah later” He replied while sticking his tongue out and giving his full attention to the game. You couldn’t help but scream out of frustration, Harry hasn’t been helping with anything for the past month and you were getting tired of having to work and then come home to do chores all alone.

He huffed before standing up and his body hovered over you because of his height. “What’s your problem Y/N? Can’t you see I’m trying to play my game? Stop being a pest for God’s sake” He said clearly annoyed of your pestering for him to help out.

“A pest? Oh so I’m a pest now? All I’m asking is that you help me out here Harry. The place is in a mess and its all because of you” You blurted out of frustration.

“So what? Nobody visits anyways, we’re barely at home anyways. We can clean up later” He snapped back angrily. You finally lost it and you couldn’t help but raise your voice at him.

“It doesn’t matter Harry. We’re barely home so I don’t understand how you manage to be so dirty. Why can’t you just clean up after yourself Harry? You’ve changed so much from when we first met” You ran your fingers through your hair as your shoulders rose and fell from your heavy breathing.

“You’re the one who’s changed,  being a pain in the ass. I’m tired too you know, I just want to relax, play my game and be left the hell alone!” He suddenly screamed at you, making you flinch at the tone of his voice.

By now you couldn’t help the tears that were streaming down your face and you certainly weren’t going to stop them. You had such a long day,only to be treated like shit from your own boyfriend.

“Forget it. I’ll wash the dishes on my own.” You stormed off into the kitchen while crying softly, totally forgetting the basket of clean clothes in the living room. You leaned onto the sink while letting the tears pour from your eyes.

Suddenly, two strong arms wrapped themselves around your stomach, Harry pressed his stomach against your back and he hid his face on your neck. You tried to push him away while angrily huffing.“Let go of me. You want to be alone, then go be alone and stop touching me” You choked on your words as you turned on the tap to start washing the dishes.

Harry turned off the tap before making you turn around to face him.“I’m sorry baby….I didn’t mean what I said okay? Work has been tough and I just wanted to get my mind off of it by playing my game. It was wrong of me to snap at you like that especially when you just wanted a little help.Please don’t cry anymore baby” He stopped talking to wipe my tears away with his thumbs as he cupped my cheeks.

 "I do want to help and I want you to be with me all the time, I promise to try my best to help you from now on okay? Now go relax and I’ll finish the dishes and laundry" He pecked your lips softly and you couldn’t help but pull him into a tight , warm hug.

“I’m sorry for pestering you Harry. We’re both tired so I guess we’re both just frustrated………I have a better idea. How about we do it together? I just want to spend time with you Harry. I love you” You smiled while hugging him closely.

“That sounds great baby and yeah, We are tired so let’s hurry this up and go cuddle okay?. I love you too buttercup” He whispered while rubbing your back soothingly. You were glad that you and Harry didn’t have to go to bed mad at each other that night.


When Art and Music Collide: 10 of the best album covers designed by famous artists

I recently met one of my favourite contemporary artists, the American painter Walton Ford, who was in London for the opening of the new Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Despite being a huge fan of Ford’s work, I had no idea that he’d designed the cover of the band’s greatest hits album GRRR!. Putting together a post dedicated to album art has always been on my ArtMastered to-do list, and this discovery felt like the final push I needed. So here is a selection of ten iconic pieces of music artwork, dating from 1967 to 2013, that have been designed by major visual artists. Read on to find out more about these inspiring collaborative projects, and please do message me details of your own personal favourites.

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Hare is a verb???

I’m officially never using “sprinting” again. Every character I write will be haring all over the place unless there has already been haring in the sentence and even then, it will be a debate I have to have with myself about whether my love of haring is more important than the penchant for avoiding repetitious word use in English writing.

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1. Relationship status?

Single af XD The guy I like most likely doesn’t like me back so…

2. Pets?

I have a dog! She is a fox red Labrador and was born on Christmas!

3. Last song you listened to?

“The Ballad of Guiteau” from Assassins the Musical (the Neil Patrick Harris/ Denis O’Hare version)

4. Favorite TV show?

I have a lot so I’ll just list them off XD Graceland, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Charmed, American Horror Story, House, and The Dick Van Dyke Show.

5. Hobby?

Drawing/Painting (As some of you might have seen my Lin painting)

Golfing. Singing (to myself), Dancing

And idk if this counts as a hobby but I like doing the school musicals and working on those every year.

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