harry hamburg

Draco Trying a Hamburger

draco: This is it? *stares at plate* I thought it’d look a little less… unhealthy.

harry: No, it’s supposed to be fun.

draco: Oh. *pokes burger with fork and knife* Okay. *begins cutting*

harry: Stop! Dear god – what are you doing?

draco: I’m eating my hamburger.

harry: No, no. Draco. You’re supposed to use your hands, like this. *picks up burger*

draco: I’m not eating like some savage, Potter.

harry: but that’s the-

draco: It’s not happening! *cuts a piece and chews slowly* Oh, that’s only a little horrid.

harry: *shakes head, smirks, and takes a big, sloppy bite from his burger* mmm… Yumm.

draco: *continues cutting his own burger and glares at Potter* You’re revolting.

harry: *sucks ketchup off his finger* SOo good…*licks his lips*

draco: *enviously looks at Potter’s burger* I think yours is better than mine.

Snippet from Ch: 18 of Pieces of What.


Fifty-five years ago today, 16 August 1960, in Harri/Beatles History, The Beatles whose lineup then consisted of John, Paul, George, Pete Best & Stuart Sutcliffe,travel to Hamburg from Liverpool to start their residency there. Manager, Allan Williams, along with his wife, Beryl chaffeured them in a green mini-van and their travel was cramped & uncomfortable.

“It was cramped. The van didn’t even have seats; we had to sit on our amplifiers. We drove down to Harwich and got the boat to the Hook of Holland. Driving through Holland, I remember we stopped at Arnhem where all the people had parachuted out to their deaths (another little Winston Churchill trick). There were thousands of white crosses in the cemetery” - George, The Beatles Anthology

Images: George and Paul, Hamburg, 1960
John, Paul, George, Pete & Stuart with Allan and Beryl Williams and Lord Woodbine at Arnhem war memorial, 16 August 1960