harry hamburg

Draco Trying a Hamburger

draco: This is it? *stares at plate* I thought it’d look a little less… unhealthy.

harry: No, it’s supposed to be fun.

draco: Oh. *pokes burger with fork and knife* Okay. *begins cutting*

harry: Stop! Dear god – what are you doing?

draco: I’m eating my hamburger.

harry: No, no. Draco. You’re supposed to use your hands, like this. *picks up burger*

draco: I’m not eating like some savage, Potter.

harry: but that’s the-

draco: It’s not happening! *cuts a piece and chews slowly* Oh, that’s only a little horrid.

harry: *shakes head, smirks, and takes a big, sloppy bite from his burger* mmm… Yumm.

draco: *continues cutting his own burger and glares at Potter* You’re revolting.

harry: *sucks ketchup off his finger* SOo good…*licks his lips*

draco: *enviously looks at Potter’s burger* I think yours is better than mine.

Snippet from Ch: 18 of Pieces of What.

Two tickets for Harry Styles in Hamburg, Germany next year:

hi guys, vxnyo messaged me that they have three tickets for Harry Styles in Hamburg, Germany next year because their mum bought them a ticket and their stepmom bought them two, so now they obviously have two too many. If anyone is from Bremen or Hamburg in Germany, they could take them with them. They don’t want the tickets to go to waste, so they’d rather take someone else with them who’s going to enjoy it. And if anyone’s interested their Kik is elijahadd (they are more likely to answer there than on here )


Fifty-five years ago today, 16 August 1960, in Harri/Beatles History, The Beatles whose lineup then consisted of John, Paul, George, Pete Best & Stuart Sutcliffe,travel to Hamburg from Liverpool to start their residency there. Manager, Allan Williams, along with his wife, Beryl chaffeured them in a green mini-van and their travel was cramped & uncomfortable.

“It was cramped. The van didn’t even have seats; we had to sit on our amplifiers. We drove down to Harwich and got the boat to the Hook of Holland. Driving through Holland, I remember we stopped at Arnhem where all the people had parachuted out to their deaths (another little Winston Churchill trick). There were thousands of white crosses in the cemetery” - George, The Beatles Anthology

Images: George and Paul, Hamburg, 1960
John, Paul, George, Pete & Stuart with Allan and Beryl Williams and Lord Woodbine at Arnhem war memorial, 16 August 1960

Top 112 LouisandHarry Moments During the TMH Tour

So a couple weeks ago, Kati and I were discussing our favorite moments from the TMH Tour and we were like ya know what - let’s compile the best HarryandLouis moments from the tour because so many people forget all the great stuff these two did. The moments may have been subtle and their interactions may have been more restricted, but that didn’t stop them from showing off just how in love and settled they are.  We thought we could do a top 20 moments hahahahahaaa… yeahhhh so anyway here are my top 112 moments in chronological order. In preparation for the WWAT, enjoy :)

fyi: Some of them have more than one moment linked, don’t miss any :)

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